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How To Get a Gemini Man to Chase You

Are you crushing on a Gemini guy but don’t know how to appeal directly to him? Have no fear, Anna Kovach is here! 

A Gemini man can be difficult to get the attention of. His mind is simply going every which way, at all times. It makes it hard for him to concentrate on any one person for too long. 

Despite this, I can help you about by pointing you towards techniques that will be sure to hook a Gemini man into the idea of you to motivate him to pursue you. 

A Gemini man is a slippery creature sometimes, so just be vigilant when you engage with him! It’s not an easy thing to do, but with my help, I have no doubt that you can get this twin sign to remain interested in you! 

Be Witty

Witty Woman - How To Get A Gemini Man To Chase You

Gemini’s are the most talkative signs of the Zodiac, and they have a wonderful way with words. You won’t meet a better joke teller!

The way that they speak is so highly characteristic of them and so they are likely to search out somebody with similar ways of thinking and speaking. 

So, one way to encourage a Gemini to chase you is to engage him in any manner of mental connection. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication and how each one of us thinks. Since Gemini has such close ties to Mercury, we can reasonably assume that Geminis have similar qualities to the planet Mercury. 

They really enjoy a flirtatious meeting of the minds. They go nuts for someone who can intelligently banter with them as flirting. 

Going this route will ensure that you stay on their minds. One thing a Gemini cannot ignore is someone who can match them in mental prowess. 

So, make sure to flex your critical thinking skills around a Gemini. And remember, Mercury is also the fastest planet in the solar system, so your mind better go as fast as theirs does – if you want to keep them interested!

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow - How To Get A Gemini Man To Chase You

A Gemini will head in eight different directions before breakfast and will need the room to freely explore every direction, so it is important that they feel empowered to do so.

A great way to open up a Gemini to pursuing you is to stay open to any new possibility they may come up with throughout the day. 

In the morning they may want to take a road trip to their favorite restaurant two hours away and by lunch time they may want to stay snuggled in bed. And you need to be okay with that. 

Finding someone who is open to letting a Gemini pursue any avenue they find interesting that second is going to have a much better chance at winning their heart

The key is to not be threatened by a Gemini’s roving mind. If you are solid enough and have enough substance then the Gemini will come on back to you with time. It just takes them exhausting every avenue first. 

Be Social

Getting A Gemini Man To Chase You

If you know anything about Geminis you know that they are hyper social! In most cases they are the most social sign of the Zodiac. 

One can imagine that a Gemini is not typically too interested in hanging out with someone who is very introverted. It just works against who they are at their core. 

They will be most open to being with someone who will be comfortable going out and meeting and greeting with them. 

So, if you want to encourage a Gemini to chase after you, then show that you like to talk to people and actively engage in social scenarios. 

Make sure that you let your Gemini in on the times you expect to go out and about. Make sure that they see pictures on social media or better yet, invite them to go out with you! As long as it is clear that it is just to hang out and that it isn’t a date then they will be on board. 

The idea is to hang out with them enough outside of a romantic context to entice them into a romantic situation with you. 

Don’t Try To Commit Too Early

We’ve established that Geminis move fast, and that their minds are always active and running. But what else does this mean for the person who is looking to be pursued by the Gemini?

A Gemini always likes to keep his options open. He doesn’t like feeling married to one decision forever, unless he has evaluated all other options and has decided that one option is superior.

As a result, do not make the Gemini man feel like he has to commit to have a chance with you. This can be difficult, but it is important to note in order to recognize how a Gemini man operates. 

A Gemini man is going to feel most free to explore you and who you are when they know that you aren’t the only option. When they have all the options open to them and they still choose to go after you, that is how you know a Gemini is ready to commit. 

This can be a frustrating process but hopefully one that doesn’t last for a long time after they recognize that you are the one that they really want. 

Just be on the look out for signs that they are letting go of all the other options and committing to you.

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Ignore Them

This is going to drive them insane. Like I have covered, a Gemini man is all about keeping his options open. So, when you ignore him, it is like he is losing an option. 

The Gemini man cannot resist the urge to open up all pathways of thinking and perceiving the world. And people fall under this umbrella. 

So, when you shut them out a little, they will begin to increase their efforts to open up the lines of communication again. 

They will not be able to stop thinking about losing you as an option when you push them away. As a result, you’ll see them become hyper flexible to attempt to meet any need that will help you stay with them and in their life. 

The important thing to remember here is to close him out a little bit, but do not completely ghost him. If he feels there is no chance at all he will just discount you as an option to pacify his need to feel that he still has all the choices he wants. 

Like I said, a Gemini man is not one to pursue another unless the conditions are perfect! As a result, it is important to stay consistent in your approach. 

Don’t be afraid to pull back some! Sometimes Geminis need to be reminded that you aren’t just going to stay freely available to them forever. They need to pull the trigger if they want to cash in on your affection. 

Has a Gemini man ever pursued you? How did it go? Did you use anything on this list to make it happen? We all are waiting to hear your story in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe, 

Anna Kovach

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