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Do Gemini Guys Like to Be Chased or Do They Do the Chasing?

Are you finding yourself interested in an intriguing Gemini man but not sure if you should be trying to chase him or if he’d rather be the one to chase you. Do Geminis like to be chased?

The Gemini man can sometimes seem confusing and he can be hard to read. I do want to share some information with you that I think will help you answer your questions. Keep reading to learn what may help you with your Gemini crush. 

Gemini Men are a Different Breed

The Gemini men are not excited and turned on by the prospect of commitment. He knows that takes a great deal of work and it also takes a whole lot of compromise.

They don’t like giving up personal time or space to anyone else. This makes them pull back a bit when it comes to getting serious. The other thing is; they prefer women who are independent.

He tends to look for a woman that doesn’t really NEED him. He’d rather be with a woman that wants him but doesn’t need him to make her life complete. As such; if you were to try to chase him; he may not respond well.

Do Geminis like to be chased? That’s a complicated question now isn’t it?! I have some advice for you to figure your guy out though. 

All Gemini men react differently but many of them will tell you if you asked them; they prefer to be the pursuer. A woman who chases them comes off as clingy or that she doesn’t have other things going on in her life.

The idea of a woman that makes her Gemini man her top priority scares him. He wants attention but he wants her to have her own dreams, goals, and times where she’s going to go do her own thing without him.

When a woman tries chasing him; he feels like maybe she has nothing going on and therefore is trying to make him her main object of affection. There are a few Gemini men that may enjoy the thrill of playing hard to get but most do not.

Gemini guys can be quite frustrating at times but man when they are good, they are fantastic! Just throwing that out there for you. It’s something that should give you a bit of hope and desire. 

Eagerness Kills It

do gemini men like to be chased

The Gemini man wants more of a balanced situation. He’d rather do it the old fashioned way where there is courting involved rather than one chasing another. Not to say he won’t chase you but you’d have to be pretty special.

When you seem overly eager to be with him; it will turn him off. Again, it’s that mentality of wanting a woman who has her own life going on and doesn’t need him to complete it.

There is nothing wrong with letting him know that you’re interested and even maybe asking him for a coffee. However; if you come on too strong or make it seem as though you’ve got to have him; he’ll run in the opposite direction.

Treat the situation as though you’re alright with letting time dictate how things will play out naturally. Be more spontaneous and open to what may come your way. That will be far more refreshing and exciting!

Do Gemini guys like to be chased? It depends on him and it depends on what he has going on in his life. It may also depend on his moon or rising sign as well. 

I tell you what, try to let him know in some way that you’re interested in him and then let him do the rest. If he’s interested; you’ll know it as he’ll make it fairly obvious to you that he wants to know you more.

Remember to not give yourself away. Be mysterious and intriguing. He wants to figure you out over time and there is no better way than by being friends first. He’ll ask questions to know you over time. 

Be Friends First

The best approach to getting a Gemini man to come calling is to be his friend first. This way you are able to get to know him, know his likes, know his dislikes and get the “inside” information you want.

Since not all Gemini men are the same; this will help you to figure out which type you’ve got and what you can do about it. You can figure out if he’s the type that would prefer a woman be bold with him or if he prefers a woman for him to chase.

Having some of that information is definitely helpful. Also forming a friendship first will actually make things far easier communication wise. You two can get to know each other and figure out if you’re actually compatible or not.

Gemini men are slow movers and will prefer to be friends first with you until he can fully assess if you’re the type of woman he wants to try dating. He isn’t thinking about marriage or commitment.

He’s thinking about whether or not he can DATE you. Only after he’s dated you for what he feels is a significant time will he decide whether or not it can go further than that.

While you’re still unattached to each other though; just be friendly. Keep things light and airy with him. Be funny and show him WHY you would be a good match for him.

Do Gemini guys like to be chased? Well, that depends on a few things and you’ll need to learn who he is and what he likes. 

If you are able to find out what he’s looking for then you’ll know whether or not you’re what he wants. If you are then you can start slipping him hints that you’re interested in more than friendship.

After he’s made aware you like him; allow him to handle it from there. After all; he has to decide whether or not he actually wants to pursue you. If you are what he wants; he’ll make you pretty aware of what he’s after.

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Pay Attention To His Moods

do geminis like to be chased

I cannot mention this enough because truly it plays a HUGE role in who a Gemini is and how they act at any given moment. Gemini men are moody and you never know what mood you will get.

He could be the type that likes to be pursued one day but then a day or two later he decides he doesn’t like it. That means that what he chooses could go either way. That being the case; the best thing to do is let him pursue you.

While it may start out cool and fun to pursue him; he may decide via mood that he isn’t into it and then you end up hurt when he lets you down telling you he’s not into that.

He may not even tell you anything. He may just disappear altogether thus leaving you very confused. So it’s best to do it his way and let him come after you so. 

The guy that swings back and forth can be hard to read. However, with time you can absolutely get to figure out what his moods are and what you can expect from him during that time. 

There may be days where he wants to be the one coming after you full throttle and wants you to be mysterious or quiet. There could also be days where he plays the mouse and wants you to be the cat.

It’s all in who he is as a whole and what types of things he’s into. It’s fairly simple but it does require you to do a little bit of detective work. If you’re not afraid of that then go full speed ahead with seeing who your Gemini is. 


So, does a Gemini man like to be chased? It depends on the woman and the circumstances. It also rather depends on what mood he is in at any given moment. 

One mood may dictate a good chase from him and in the opposite mood, he may expect you to reach out to him and do the initiating. This is something you have to learn about your Gemini guy.

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Speaking of whether or not a Gemini man likes to be chased, you probably didn’t realize that the superstar and super cute actor Joshua Jackson is a Gemini! How do you like that?! 

Hopefully this article helps you figure out what you can do to try and get the Gemini man’s affection.

Did you chase a Gemini man and actually win him over? What did you do and what did he respond well to? Please tell me! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Do Gemini Guys Like to Be Chased or Do They Do the Chasing?

  1. I am in love with a gemini man. We are not in a relationship yet. He too had feelings for me at first but after few serious fights he started ignoring me. Whenever I go out with other men he becomes angry on me but still behaves as if he does not care. Even after the fight he was there by my side at my hard times. He denies the fact that he still has feelings for me but he told me he will think about me later. Still he flirts with other women and hangout with them but he gets jealous whenever I go out with other men. He is making me wait and I am confused should I wait or not. I don’t know is it true or not but I still feel he has feelings for me. So please help me out.

  2. As an evolved Gemini man I have to say I agree with your take on how Geminis see dating. Yes we are a different breed not by choice but by design. Our brains function differently and while everyone is unique, Geminis see dating a lot of people as a need to accommodate physical needs… If you do happen to show a side to you that invigorates the gemini you don’t have to worry we know when we want to go all the way with you, but you have to be special, real special

    That being said it is not wise to let a gemini chase you, Geminis see chasing as a silly game played by the socially conditioned. If you like a Gemini be direct. Say ‘hey let’s meet for coffee and chill sometime’ don’t make it a question. Make it a statement. This enables the Gemini to appreciate your directness in getting to know the gem. Playing the chasing game will only put you in the long list of people waiting for Gemini to chase them

    1. Hi Rishu!

      Thank you for chiming in as a Gemini man. It’s very refreshing to see one pop on here and confirm that what I’ve written is very sound. I really appreciate you chiming in. Thank you for the additional tips as well!

  3. I am in love with a heartless gemini man, he had a very bad breakup and since been lonely, said it’s harder for him to feel in love again. We are not in a relationship yet. He too had feelings for me at first but after the second date he started ignoring me. He wasn’t smiling as often and wasn’t prompt in replying my text. The conversation got lesser and awkward. I asked what happened and he said he wants to pull back as he hasn’t develop any feeling for me and didn’t wish to hold me back. I really like this man, and wanted to give it a shot, asked if he could give us a chance to get to know each other and asking him to open up to me before we decide to stop contacting. He agreed to it but said I’ve only have less than 2 months time to get him falling in love with me. I’m not too sure what I should do to avoid losing him. Please advice

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had to experience heartbreak due to a Gemini man’s carelessness. I do want you to know that they are not all like that. See Rishu’s description above you and you’ll see that some care very much. Falling in love is not a quick easy thing for them typically. You’ve got to have patience. Love should never have a deadline as far as when someone should feel the same for you. Communication has to be in order and you need to be very straight with him on how you feel. You can still salvage this sweetheart!

  4. I am a capricorn woman so I’ve always set my own rules (as most capricorns do) and have been very patient when it comes to love. The first time I ever truly liked a boy was in the second year of my uni and he was a gemini. I fell in love with him immediately not just because of his looks, but he had a serious personality just like me and he was intelligent and appeared well-groomed. though we were in the same class, we never talked yet as we had different friend groups but i would catch him observing me and he would catch me doing the same! lol. i noticed him being a completely different person outside classroom, a hot shot, a showstoopper, all girls had a crush on him! he was soon famous in the class while i was the quiet one but it is so funny that we continued locking our eyes with each other from a far, judging each other because he stood out in the class due to his playfulness and looks and i stood out out because i was simple, modest, quiet but at the same time a class topper and smart. one day he texted me for notes, i started talking to him but he responded immediately that we were poles apart. i couldn’t quite understand his indirect indication (i was too straight-forward and naive), i kept showing interest in just knowing him. finally, he called me out to introduce himself, i thought maybe he is finally interested in me now but he directly said after a little conservation that he isn’t interested in me. I was a little heart broken but I had always believed that waiting for the guy to admit he loves/doesn’t love you is always better before you do the same. I went home that day and thought it was fine that he didn’t like me, that I will find someone better. the next day i went to class and acted all normal and went to my seat. he was surprised by my calm attitude, that i didn’t chase him or show any reaction. Can you believe it? he called me to his seat, said I should sit with him. after a couple of days, no text, nothing. our class groups became friends, we hung out. then he started texting me, within a few weeks we both were laughing in class, our thoughts aligned, dated. everyone noticed that two people who look poles apart are suddenly gigling, we didn’t go on any further private dates because we both were too shy with everyone noticing us, and also because i belong to a conservative family so my mom didn’t allow me to date. unfortunately, some strange events happened in my life due to which we both separated but he didn’t give up on chasing me and proposed me in the final years of my university. i rejected because i had some family issues going on. we parted ways, three years later, we reconnected through a mutual friend and we both admitted that we have the same feelings for each other. down the road, i see our wedding bells ring. but the point is, wait for the guy and get to know him first before revealing yourself i would say! and like Anna Kovach said, give it some time, don’t rush into assuming that you both love each other. true love is built on trust and friendship and mutual understanding. if we had nothing in mutual internally, we would have never had long text conversations and felt that “zing:. Also, he had been just out of a fresh break up while it was my first date ever! but we zingedd after a few months!. So be smart, play a little hard to get, be mysterious and see how he reacts 😀

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Wow what a story! Thank you for sharing it. I love when women share their stories with me. I absolutely thing happy endings are so beautiful. I’m glad that it’s working out for you so well sweetheart. I wish you nothing but the best!

  5. I’m an Aquarius woman dating a Gemini man. We’re both in our 30s and I was immediately smitten. He’s incredibly hard to read but we’ve been dating for just over a month now. From the day we matched, he’s been consistently texting but had made it clear that he wants to get to know each other naturally versus asking a million of the hard hitting questions from the get go. He’s incredibly busy, often with only 1 day off a week, and he’ll still make time to take me on a date or at least see me for something more low-key. I always make it a point to thank him for making time for me and to communicate the things I appreciate about him. I’ve recently noticed that he’s started to do the same where he tells me the things he likes about me too. I’ve never been with anyone who’s made dating feel this fun and easy. I’m a little worried his Gemini self might pull a 180 randomly — I have yet to experience all the moods/personalities. Even if that were to happen though, it’ll have been worth the heartbreak. Until then, I’m just enjoying the ride.

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