What To Do When A Gemini Man Is Mad At You? (10 Ways To Calm Down A Gemini Man)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Gemini man being rather icy toward you? Find out what you can do when a Gemini man is mad at you but won’t tell you why.

Have you ever had a Gemini man angry at you? It is quite an experience to go through because Gemini men are known for their dual nature and can have intense emotions. You never know which side they will show when they are mad at you.

Knowing what to do when a Gemini man is mad at you can really help to keep the relationship on track and resolve any conflicts. You need to know how to calm a Gemini man down and restore harmony in your relationship.

A Gemini man when angry can be really intense, but if you know what steps to take to make things better then there is hope for a peaceful resolution. It is easier than you think, don’t worry!

Are you currently dealing with a Gemini man who is mad at you? Then you have come to the right place. Please keep on reading to find out my secret tips to calm a Gemini man down.

How Does A Gemini Man Act When Angry?

When a Gemini man is angry, he may exhibit several behaviors that are indicative of his dual nature. He may become argumentative and aggressive, engaging in heated debates or lashing out with hurtful words. He may also become distant and non-communicative, preferring to withdraw rather than confront the issue directly.

Gemini men are known to have a quick temper, and their anger can flare up unexpectedly. One moment, they may be laughing and joking around, and the next, they could be seething with anger. It’s important to understand that their anger is often a result of feeling misunderstood or emotionally overwhelmed.

What To Do When A Gemini Man Is Mad At You

To calm a Gemini man down, it’s crucial to approach the situation with empathy and understanding. Take a moment to assess the underlying cause of his anger.

Is it something you said or did? Or is it an external factor that has triggered his emotions? Understanding the root cause will help you address the issue more effectively.

When dealing with a Gemini man who is mad at you, here are five ways to calm him down:

1. Appealing to his Ego

This may sound a bit strange, but if your Gemini man is upset with you over something, you can try stroking his ego a bit. If you flatter him enough, he may actually forget that he’s mad.

Of course, this will only apply if he’s not deeply hurt or justifiably angry over something that was seriously done or said. So keep in mind that this will likely only work if it’s something that’s not a big deal.

Send him a text telling him how hot he is or how sexy he makes you feel. That’s a text he won’t be able to resist. If he does, send him a racy picture of yourself. He’ll respond to you.

If you live together, walk out to talk to him completely naked or dressed in a naughty nurse uniform. Sex will distract him, and he’ll lose his sense of being upset with you.

Now if he does mention that he’s still upset about what happened even after you’ve gotten him to calm down, you’ll need to go ahead and talk it through. If it was your fault, then by all means apologize and promise not to do it again.

2. Giving Time and Space

Some Gemini men will actually want personal space and some time to think things through. Unless it was something severe, he should get over it fairly quickly, as long as you express your apology if it was your fault.

Gemini men do not hold grudges. They don’t have the time or want to waste their energy on such a powerful emotion. That being said, he’ll work past whatever this is, unless it’s something unforgivable.

Whatever it may be, it will always depend on what specifically happened between you two. Trying to coax him into talking if he isn’t into it will probably only exacerbate the situation.

So if he goes quiet after getting upset, let him have a little wiggle room to go think about stuff. Chances are, he’ll get over it quickly and start focusing back on other things that are going on in his life.

While you’re still getting to know him, you can actually go for the gold and ask him how you should respond should he ever get angry with you. That way, you sort of have a heads-up on what to do.

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3. Do NOT Confront Him or Be Aggressive

The worst thing you can do when you’re upset with your Gemini is be aggressive toward him. This will definitely upset him and maybe even turn your Gemini man off from the relationship.

Also, if he’s already upset, going at him aggressively will make him shut down or make him want to leave. He isn’t into drama or deep emotional turmoil. He doesn’t deal with it very well.

It will cause him to absolutely run in the other direction, which is something you do not want to happen. If you really love him, you’re going to need to calm yourself down and wait.

It’s not just about getting him to talk; it’s about giving him time and giving yourself time. This will naturally cool things down between you. If you’re still upset with him, you’ll need to go at it intellectually.

He far better responds to intellectual conversations that are calm and collected. That’s the only way that communication works with this Mercury-ruled sign. If you yell at him or belittle him, do not be surprised if you get the silent treatment, if he even stays.

Here’s more on how to deal with a Gemini man after a fight.

4. An Alternative Method

If he insists on being stubborn because he’s upset, you can always try giving him the silent treatment. When you’re quiet and not talking, he’ll start to wonder and miss you.

This may make him come running after you, wanting to work on things. If you feel bold enough and sure of your love, go ahead and give it a try. Sometimes it’s a good thing to get a Gemini man to run after you.

It may help to teach him how he should treat you. Perhaps it’ll help communication be opened up further than it was before. Again, each Gemini man is different, so you’ll need to be sure he isn’t the type that will leave.

There is always a risk that if you give him the silent treatment, he may think you don’t care or don’t want him anymore, thus leaving the relationship. You have to be sure of how strong you both are before you try something like this.

If you want to learn more about a Gemini man’s love language, check it out here <<

5. Patience and Understanding

Ultimately, Gemini men will require maintenance. No matter how you slice it, you’ve got to have patience with him, and you’ll have to give him time or space. Depending on what happened, you’ll need to step back.

Get to know your Gemini man better, and you’ll eventually learn exactly what he needs and what you need him to be as well. It has to be a compromise and a two-way street, or it will not work well.

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Few More Ways To Calm A Gemini Man Down When He’s Upset

Here are a few additional ways to calm down a Gemini man when he’s mad at you:

6. Engage in Open and Honest Communication:

Express your feelings and concerns calmly and clearly, allowing him to share his perspective as well. When you are vulnerable and open in your communication with a Gemini man, it can help diffuse his anger and create a space for understanding and resolution. Let him know how you feel and listen attentively to his point of view without interrupting.

7. Show Empathy

Try to see things from his point of view and validate his emotions. Acknowledge his feelings and let him know that you understand why he is upset. By showing empathy, you create a connection with the Gemini man and demonstrate that you are willing to see things from his perspective, which can help calm him down and foster better communication.

Things To Say To A Gemini Man When He Is Mad At You

8. “I understand that you’re upset, and I want to work towards a resolution together.”

When engaging in this conversation with your Gemini man, it’s important to approach it with sincerity and a genuine desire to find a resolution. Be open to hearing his side of the story and be willing to compromise if needed. 

Remember that communication is key in any relationship, and by approaching the situation with empathy and a willingness to work together, you can help calm down a Gemini man when he’s mad at you.

9. “I’m sorry if I did something to upset you.”

This statement acknowledges your awareness of his upset and takes responsibility for any actions that may have contributed to it. Apologizing and taking ownership of your role in the situation can help to defuse tension and show him that you value his feelings. 

When you apologize sincerely, it shows that you respect his emotions and are willing to make things right. Sometimes the easiest and most effective way to calm a situation down is simply to apologize.

If you are constantly arguing with your Gemini, here are some useful ways to make up with a Gemini man after a fight.

10. “Let’s take a break and give each other some space to cool down.”

Taking a break and giving each other space can be an effective way to calm down a Gemini man when he’s mad at you. By suggesting a break and giving each other space, you allow both of you to collect your thoughts and emotions before discussing the issue further. 

It is always a good idea to take a bit of a break when issues arise in a relationship. This way you can calm down and center yourself, without getting too heated or angry about the situation over and over again.

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24 thoughts on “What To Do When A Gemini Man Is Mad At You? (10 Ways To Calm Down A Gemini Man)

  1. I am dating a Gemini man, he and I clash as far as attitudes at times and he doesn’t feel apologetic where I feel remorseful because he gets upset and will say leave him alone. This is the first of a few times that he is ignoring my messages and is cold hearted. Fact remains I don’t know if he is trying to teach me a lesson. Or if he is really done he isn’t telling me anything. Instead he doesn’t reply but keeps me in his social sites. I don’t know what else to do or say, and I’m afraid if I back off I may not come back or he may not want this to work. I’ve apologized and he said he heard it before, then I sent a video and he ignored it. He reads my messages but doesn’t say anything in return….what should I do next?

    1. I’m going through the same thing. It was my fault and I have apologized but he’s still ignoring me. He wouldn’t break up with me either. Is this a lesson or what? I don’t what to do.

    2. Hi Fancy!

      I’d ask him straight up what is going on with the two of you. Tell him how you feel about him and what you want then ask him what he feels and what he sees for the two of you. It may swing in your favor but then again he may admit he wants out but at least you’ll have answers instead of stressing yourself out with speculations of what may or may not happen. Do what is best for you!

  2. I think my Gemini man has been fake to me for 8 months. He always want to have sex in the car. We used to do hotels but now all he talks about is moving in apt. And wanting me to pay for it. I asked him to meet my family he said no. I met all his family what wrong. And he so selfish. What should i do?

    1. Even if he is a Gemini, if he loves you nothing will stop him not even being a Gemini. So wait be patient every one needs time. Talk to him when he is calm, talk wisely and he will surely respond is a positive way. If he is being selfish and not ready to spend he is probably not into you and wants to check if you can give him the best before falling for you or maybe he is not strong enough financially. So talk him through you can share the expenses as a relationship is a partnership in love and you both are equally responsible and have a equal share in a relationship. If it’s not working don’t stick around, if you cling he run in the opposite direction.
      So give yourself time, post pictures on social media instead of hanging on to him. When he finds you enjoying life alone and being independent he will be interested in you even more than before. Also last but not the least improve your intellectual skills by reading about topics that interests you.
      You can also join dance, singing, yoga classes, etc to improve yourself and distract yourself from this monotonous relationship.
      You can grow in life by doing this and also be the best version of yourself.
      All the best for your future life
      Love Love ❤️

    2. Hi Debra!

      I’m sorry to say but it sounds like this guy is using you and not feeling any remorse for it. If he truly loved you he would do anything for you and wouldn’t be expecting you to do all the work. He doesn’t sound like he’s treasuring you as his mate. I cannot claim this is a Gemini problem but more of a person who is using someone else. I think you deserve better and should probably cut this guy loose to find someone else who will bend the Earth to give you a wonderful partnership.

  3. I understand how you ladies feel ive been with my Gemini man for 11 months and he is very selfish and he can go off at the drop of a time he snaps at me and its not my fault and he never apologies he rather send a text saying he loves me and play around I’m like we too grown for that .

    I don’t know what to do with this man ..I love him but I love myself more ..

    1. Hi Desie!

      Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. Gemini men are complicated but if you figure out a formula that seems to work for you then you can definitely have success. Yep, they’re not good at apologizing but as you pointed out, they find other ways to make it up. It’s a matter of really learning him and knowing what his intention is even if you don’t get his original issue. Love can overcome just about anything if you can accept your lover for who he is.

  4. Ladies i had the same problem, im chatting a Gemini man for a weeks and i made a joke and his not happy about it.. and whoaaahh he didn’t showed up for 1 week and even i called his phone he keep on rejecting my call… When he’s online in viber.. he only explained and no idea if he’s likes me because he still chatting with me. So strange lolz

    1. Hi Angel!

      If he is still chatting with you then he probably does still like you. His behavior is mystifying no doubt. I would talk to him though and tell him that you really dig him but aren’t sure how he feels about you. Let him actually tell you. If he can’t or he gets flaky then you can start blowing him off. He’ll hate it and he’ll try to chase you and win you back if he really does like you. If he doesn’t, he’ll drop off the earth and you can find someone else.

  5. I’m in a relationship with a Gemini man and we got in to an argument. He said he was done. But then a few days later he says he wants to work on things. But now it’s been 5 says that I haven’t heard from him. Almost all his things are at my house still. I don’t know what to do. Any tips?

    1. I’ve been in a long distance relationship 5 months now I’ve known him 30 years but fell out of touch at 14 until July of this year and immediately fell in love over the phone I sometimes think it was a big mistake an I should have let the past stay the past but I loved him then and do so now he’s said he loves me and really had me convinced At 1x we have had 3 big misunderstandings I say that because he made me feel he didn’t want a relationship with me anymore he’s single im unhappy married he apologizes every time he’s hurt my feelings and it’s always due to him taking his frustrations out on me he at first said he’s in love now it’s just I love you but it feels different or is it just me he says he doesn’t wanna lose me I kind of believe that some we just reconnected but I’m hesitant and not convinced his feelings for me are genuine I guess I’ll have to ask when I see him

    2. Hi Kenzie!

      If his things are still at your place then chances are you will hear from him again. He may be going through some things that have nothing to do with you and it’s sidetracking him. I would gently message him and remind him that you’re supposed to get together and see what happens. Otherwise you can try ignoring him and seeing if that brings him around as it does most often than not. If he really cares, he won’t want to lose you and will step up to make sure that you’re taken care of.

  6. I “was” dating a Gemini man, who prefers long term relationships, for almost 2yrs, but seems like we’re over. He was hiding something from me (living with ex) and I forgave him for not being honest with me about it. He told me I’m the one he wants to be with. The love we had was amazing. We connected mentally, then physically. He use to text a lot, but became very busy. We went out once in 2 yrs, I guess because of his living situation, but I would still see him at work sometimes and that’s where we would spend time together. Sometimes I would drive to work on my day off just to see him and talk, but I still gave him his space. He would make sure to let me know he missed me, he wants me in his life or that he loved me very much….can’t forget about the hugs lol.
    Whenever there was an issue or I felt hurt we always talked. Last week I said some horrible things, now he won’t talk to me. I know I hurt him. I left him messages and sent a “I’m sorry” Marvel meme…. 2 days later he responded with “we’re still good on my end” and that he’s been busy getting much needed rest. I responded to the message, but he never replied.
    Two weeks ago he told me he got a new job in another city 3 hours away and will be moving, he said he wanted me to visit on the weekends and spend time with him.
    I apologised via text again, but wanted to tell him face to face. Haven’t heard from him in 3 days. There was one time he didn’t talk to me for almost 2 weeks and that was after I found out he was living with his ex, but we eventually spoke. This time I fear I’ve lost him. I feel like this is different since he’s the one who’s hurt. My mother and brother are Gemini’s. She told me to leave it alone and my brother said forget him and that he’s odd. He has a slight dark personality at times, but I still love him. I won’t send him anymore messages since Gemini’s don’t seem to like that. Don’t want to bother him.

    1. Hi Fi!

      I would agree with your mother and brother. They have more of an idea of what a Gemini really is since they have this sign themselves. They know what this guy is doing is weird and probably not worth the effort. I think they’re right as far as just ignoring him and blowing him off. If he really loves you he will definitely chase you. That’s a guarantee. If he doesn’t then you’ll see him fade away which you’ll be a better person for not having tried to pursue something that wasn’t meant to be. I hope you find what you’re looking for sweetheart!

  7. Gemini men are problematic any way you slice the cake. They truly believe they are above average intelligent because of all the horoscopes online that provide supporting material on their “logic” meanwhile, they are mostly overly emotional, irrational, suffer from various forms of amnesia, and don’t go very far in life without someone giving them handouts. Don’t fall for a Gemini man’s BS, just like you wouldn’t fall for a child’s temper tantrum…

    1. Juliette kean finally leaves a response worth noting! I was trying to prevent my eyes rolling out of my head at the description on how to be with a Gemini man. How bout they man up or you move on? Be very careful and secure in your love before ignoring their BS? No, have some self respect on what you’re willing to put up with and stop taking all the blame enabling this crap.

      1. Hi Me,

        As I mentioned to Juliette, not all Gemini men are the same and should never be assumed they are. Example, we all have Gemini in our birth chart which means we are all part of each other since we all have the 12 signs in our lives. Everything is more complicated than you would imagine. Each man should be judged by who they are rather than what sign they are. I’m only here to help!

    2. Hi Juliette!

      They are complicated men to be certain. Gemini can be hard to figure out since they have two different personalities. You never know what you’re going to get with them. Although, depending on their moon sign or rising sign, their personalities could be altered to make them more solid or to make them more flaky. On that note, they are not all the same and should never be assumed they are. Don’t close yourself off to one sign because of one or two bad eggs you’ve experienced.

  8. This is the best thing I have seen today
    I learnt alot, some of which I already knew was true
    Thank you so much Anna

  9. I have been with a gemini for past 7 years. In the start everything was good and smooth. But with the passage of time i started to realise how complex he is. I have done pretty much everything that you have mentioned here but can you tell me why do they make you upset and then turn the tables as if you have hurt them? I love him but i am seriously worried for the future now. Help please.

  10. I’m a gemini dating a gemini man, when he is angry and he
    don’t want to talk about it allow him to be be quiet he will miss you and come back to you. I had an argument with my gemini man you know how hot it is because we both gemini. At a time i stop talking and keep mute. He continue doing what he was doing and ignore me i slept off seeing that im not talking about anything to him he came to meet me cuddle me and apologize said he missed me. We forget about the argument. I’m a gemini the secret is, keep quiet when he is angry and dosen’t want to talk about be calm a lot is going through his mind as we gemini are complicated most of the time, and don’t repeat words like if you are apologizing and he said it’s alright don’t stress about it again. Gemini are fun to be with enjoy your relationship❤

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