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The Ugly Truth About Gemini Men: What He Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are you considering dating a Gemini man? Perhaps you’ve started dating one already. Either way; here is the ugly truth about Gemini men and some things you should be aware of that he doesn’t want you to know about.

Lots of Mistruths

The Gemini man is dual in nature which means he’s two different men combined into one body. This means to completely different personalities can come out at very different times.

These are the guys that one moment can seem very sweet, funny, and interesting to be around. Then the next moment, he can be pissy, yell at you, and say hurtful things.

Not all Gemini men are horror stories so I don’t want to paint that picture for you. However; there are many Gemini men who are effectively hurting women throughout their lives.

They may not mean to be this way but it does tend to happen because of his dual personality. He will promise you the moon and stars then when it comes time for him to provide it; he will look at you like you’re crazy.

So often times; Gemini men do tend to tell lies. By lies, I mean making promises he never intends to keep. He has no conscious when he does lie on purpose. If it means he gets what he wants; he’ll do it.

ADHD Type of Guy

the ugly truth about gemini men

This guy is never content, never sits still, and wants to continuously keep going. Focusing on one person or one situation is very difficult for him. This also makes him seem very flaky or flighty.

He doesn’t understand how to pay attention and not be so concerned with so many other things at once. Until he learns how to balance his two sides; he’ll have troubles throughout his life.

Relationships are difficult because he doesn’t have an easy time committing. He loves having lots of different women around him at all times. He’ll often have plenty of female friends (they’re often more than friends).

If you meet one of these Gemini men; you’ll be able to spot if he’s one of these darker side Gemini men. Again, not all of them are this way but many are. Watch out for the red flags so you don’t want your time or heart.

Unpredictable and Unreliable

There is no way to ever know what he’s thinking or doing at any given time. He’s distracted very easily and this could change his behavior or mood. One minute he may be sweet to you and then another moment, he may be very sarcastic.

Sometimes he’ll be there for you and then other times; he’s nowhere to be found because he got distracted by one of his buddies coming by or calling him up.

Anything can distract this guy which will make you unable to really rely on him and even more difficult for him to be predicted as far as his moods go.

Insensitive Actions

the ugly truth about gemini men

Gemini men sometimes come off as very funny. He likes to make you laugh but when his dark side comes out, he can come off as very rude and insensitive.

He could try to make a fool of you and honestly doesn’t care what you’re feeling about it. Also, he will want to do what he wants whether or not you care.

This is also the side of him that tends to be a cheater. After all, if he doesn’t care what you’re feeling about his actions; he’ll go ahead and do what he wants and when he wants to do it.

I can’t stress this enough; not all Gemini men are this way. However; there are plenty of them out there that are. I’m just trying to help give you some ample warning so you don’t get tangled up with one of them.

Some Gemini men are very worthwhile but it’s being able to tell the difference at the beginning instead of wasting time that’s important.

Psychotic Tendencies

There are many women that have talked to me about their Gemini guy experiences and some of them would easily tell you that these men are psychotic at times.

They’ll pretend to be the typical Gemini but then if you decide you’re not into them; they get offended and start going to retaliate by being very nasty toward you. They can become stalkers and they can read you the riot act for not liking him.

Again; this has a lot to do with his dual personality. Some Gemini men have a docile and tender side and then a cheeky side. However; some Gemini men have an even darker side than that.

It’s a matter of really paying attention to his actions. If you notice one minute he’s acting cool and calm but then the next; he’s talking about marriage; you need to get out of it quick.

Most Gemini men aren’t ready for commitment after going on a first date. Any sign of that nonsense should tell you that he’s not right in the head and you need to run away fast.

The REAL Gemini man will want to wait before he commits. If you see some variance of this; be very careful with what you say and do with any other type of Gemini.

If you notice darker signs from your Gemini guy; you may need to go ahead and bail before things become too chaotic and you end up really hurt. Now; if you’re one of the lucky ladies that don’t have this type of Gemini then hold onto your guy.

Truly there is nothing scarier than a potentially dangerous man. The dark side of Gemini can be this way. Just watch the red flags and you’ll know what type of Gemini you’re dealing with.

Click here to learn more about the Gemini man. There are some good points about him also. Some Gemini men are very endearing.


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21 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Gemini Men: What He Doesn’t Want You To Know

  1. This paints us gemini men as crasy. The real problem is that Gemini loves deep and strong. Its very hard to detach from love feelings. So we need to get away from the person because we love them and its all in our head. So we have to have a stronger detach to truly get over them.

    1. I second that. Truth be told though, I do go a little nuts if I get too attached and the break up is sudden BUT it’s not crazy like stalker crazy. It’s more like block her number, delete all of her pictures and destroy everything I have that reminds me of her. Yes, this has happened more than once.

    2. Why would you want to get away from someone you love? Other than being they don’t love you. Lots of Gemini men seem to walk away from love because they think there may yet be something they miss out on elsewhere…

    3. I’m going through this right now with my Gemini….. I love him so much and never know what to expect from him…… he just all of a sudden stop talking to me texting me but he claims to love me….. I love him and want to be with him I just need to understand him…. how do I get him back

  2. Omg I totally get the crazy now! Thanks so much for posting this bc I definitely hang out with one of the dark ones. Seems like he only lies cheats and steals. Completely saw the crazy come out and that is truly scary. I’m a Taurus and I don’t need that type of person around me.

  3. not thrue ,
    we gemini men are just uber dominant,
    there is nothing more to it .

    our love is real and when we ignore you or hurt you then it is your fault .
    you fucked up one way or the other .
    we love our women very hard core so do not mistake that for being rude or sarcastic or dark at times .

    we feel best when we all are happy ..
    it is only when one is testing us or call us a dumb ass ..

    gemini ,s are smart and sly people especially when they have no other option then being smart or sly .

    so , do not test us and the dark twin will not come out .

    we love people , we forgive , we are not jealous , we even cook for you and in the bedroom we can be a pornstar or a romantic kisser .

    all the negative shit about us says more about those people then it says about us .

    the fact that we are dual can be very possitive and has nothing to do with being unreal or unreliable .

    we are very real , and we tell you the truth even when it not sounds like it .
    if you pick out a dress and it just look not as it suppose to be .. we tell you .

    we are proud people and we like it when our women look great ..

    sarcasm is often liked by women as long it is not there to put down others on a serious level..

    the best players are sarcastic ..

    so tell me .. why do players have the most beautifull women ..

    thank you .

    no woman wants a dry , simple, average fake serious man who sneeks to his little room upstairs to watch porn when you are out ..

    we gemini are not like that , we wait for you .. we will surprise you when you come home .

    we are good with women , and the reason for that is that we really love women .

    we are women crazy .

    not ment as as much as possible or
    to have sex with or to kiss ..

    no , we love the whole package of a woman . we really love to interact with them .

    still surprise me how much hate there is told about us .

    it is false .

    give it a shot , give us some space ..
    love real , and we will show you how we love our women.

    if you read something bad about us written by a woman then she fucked up herself ladies ..

    we are sensitive as %%%%.. for sensing bullshit and lies .. we feel negative moods or testing from miles away .

    yes , then we do not speak for days ,
    or we go sarcastic XL .

    we like to debate but a real gemini is one of silence .

    we never open up , even when we are married with you for 10 years .

    mysterious ?? we ?? never !!

    mysterious people do not excist.
    mysterious people ” choose ” to be mysterious and therefor it is fake .

    a good example is pisces , scorpio , capricorn , and cancer .

    they have a manipulative manner / way to me mysterious .. they want to be like that so bad .

    fake .

    we just cannot open up because it is too much work with 2 souls .

    we do not invest in that .
    we think all day , 24 7

    people in the gym work their body rhat much .. we our brain so do not blame us for being smart .

    everything is in our head .
    and it is there to stay.

    meanwhile just enjoy life with us ok

    bye .

    1. Contradictions. Gemini are the most selfish, self absorbed signs I ever met. Yea yall can be cool at time but then go off over the pettiest shit then have the nerve to blame the other person for your lack of self control and tact. Yall could be good people if yall actually take the time to get out of ur own head and consider others over your self once and a while. You don’t get credit for the good side because even your good side is selfish as hell and self seeking. That’s what’s wrong with yall not all these women that yall trample over along the way.

    2. Good answer even if it was kinda rude. But I liked it cuz I am a real Gemini too and I agree with 100% of your points, that makes me feel that Gemini people are alike 🙂

      People will never understand our brain and this is bad for them and good for us. So for this reason explaining who you are will always sound selfish to them. They don’t understand that you are just an investigator that never fully trust a person and that you are always looking for the bad before you can see the good. They consider it negativity, when it’s a great way to read a person. We are usually right when we give our opinion about someone. Because we see what normal people do not see. They think we are jealous of that person or something. And we know what they think about us when we give an opinion but we let it go cuz that is probably what we really want them to think.
      Yes we got different personalities, and we only show them the one we want them to see. We got a personality for every person. They call that fake lol. Because their simple mind cannot get why we do that.
      They call you selfish and I understand why but they should understand that when you are tired of being the smartest, you get sick of being modest about it. So you just let it show. And then you enjoy seeing the simple minds calling you selfish because of your ”crazy” mind that´s usually right about almost everything.

      They get jealous because they see us smile all the time but they do not know that we just hide our emotions and pains and sensitivity behind the mask of humor.

      Women like us, but most of them cannot keep up with our rhythm so they f*ck up one way or another so they get smacked by our surprising behavior. And then they start to talk sh*t about us. Forgetting the beautiful days we had them have, and everything, they just remember the last smack on the face lol. Well don’t f*ck with a Gemini, cuz they already predicted your behavior, and the right answer is on always on the tip of their tongue.

      When we are focused, nothing will stand on our way, it will be our two minds against yours, and odds are not on your favor.

      Have a great day simple minds 🙂

      Peace out brother

    3. First of all,

      After all of the self defense you just did, how can you dare put down other signs. Such as me, a scorpio women who is cuffed my a Gemini man.

      I would go on a rant to defend myself but there’s no point. And in defending myself I’m not going to put other signs down because that’s an unending cycle of bullshit.

      All signs are beautiful in their own way!! Dont feel bad because us Scorpio’s have it worse. We are judged, including by yourself, in the worse way possible, but you don’t see us on here pointing fingers. Grow up!!

    4. I am sure than even you dont believe what you are saying!!!
      Gemini is
      Most importantly however they are smart enough to understand the consiquences of the actions have been done of one.
      They are f*ck*ng nuts.
      Women pls see a gemini, asc gemini

  4. I am in love with a Gemini man. But, I am a Gemini woman and I feel we are like identical little snowflakes…loving passionately, deeply yet with a certain superficiality. We are the same. I am a flirt, I like men but there is always only one man for me when I am in love. I would never be unfaithful. But I do wonder about him sometimes. Neither of us is entirely free and I wonder if that is exciting to him On the other hand I have been married to a Sagittarian and a Libran and never been loved as I am now. Don’t give Gemini men a bad rap. Men in general have the tendency to stray and be thoughtless. But this Gemini man is kind and thoughtful, always. WTS.

  5. Scorpio woman here with a Gemini man. I’m in love with him just having a hard time completely trusting bc he is so secretive. It was like pulling teeth just to get him to intro me to his friends and it had been yrs! I think he had something going on with his friends live in sister but of course I cant prove it but I think she was the reason he didnt want me to meet them just yet. She is someone he was always complimenting online, so I am suspicious. Now everytime he goes over there I will wonder if she is there as well. Anyway I’m not giving up! The love is real even if some ppl think Scorpio is fake! Lol

  6. I have been dating a gemini and I am a virgo…he was so sweet kind and caring then he flipped a switch because he didnt get his way. I have honestly never seen someone intentionally hurt someone like that. Because I was not with him he sent me a picture of his a girlfriend in his bed and called me all kinds of nasty horrible things. It was a completely different person. I love him and didnt understand the behavior until now. He wants to try and work it out…but me being the virgo and I am very hurt and analyzing every scenario, because I am definitely pondering the thought of what he would have done to me had I been standing in front of him that night. He was very narcissistic, rude, abusive and told me things that were horrible. Not all are like this I dont suppose but I swear for that few hours he was possessed and I did not know him at all. Sad thing is I still love him and I know it’s not going to work out because you cant be terrified of your mate…

  7. I am married to a Gemini 20 plus years. We ran a business together very successful. At one point he fell out of love with me, I didn’t know. He began to blame everything that happened in the business on me. He let employees walk all over me. He let clients yell at me. He ran money through the business for his mistress, he has accused of ruining him after I found out about his affair. I was out of the business at this point. Retired due to health reasons. Which do not affect me sexually. He withdrew all types of intimacy about 2 years ago and has tired to alienate his family, friends and step children. I am attractive educated loyal many men in my community admire me. The whole community has seen us as the power couple. Behind my back for the 11 years he has been telling everybody that I am dying or that I am crazy, meanwhile I am working 10 hour a day. The affair started 11 years ago, she is an Aquarius he given tons of money over the years that I found out about. I am trying to save our marriage we are in counseling he has done nothing the counselor has asked him to do. He just wants to divorce me period but has not left the house. His bad side has gotten worse lots of aggressive behavior towards me. In the midst of this his new employer said he needed to talk to HR a complaint had been filed against him for sexual misconduct for other things now the affair. The next day they fired him. I am a Pisces a good one loyal not a liar not a quitter. So divorce is now on the back burner. He is the love of my life, do these guys ever pull their heads out of their ass. He says he will never touch me again sexually. He loves me but he is not in love. Now he is in big trouble with out a job meanwhile it’s still all my fault. Will he ever take responsibility.

    1. If a Gemini yells at you or shows you how mad he is at you, it’s because he still cares. When he is silent about it, it’s because he’s decided you are not worth his time anymore.

      When he gets mad, and doesn’t apologize, it’s because you messed up. And he rarely gets mad at someone if it is not really their fault.

      So just meditate and see how u can fix that and start over. And he lets the dark twin out, it because his patience is over.
      And it takes time and effort to bring the nice twin back to life.

  8. My gemini man perused me, was kind, charming, passionate, attentive. very expressive but mostly during intimacy. Each time I began trusting him he would suddenly pull away, within 3 to 4 months. The cycle has happened 4 times over two years. He is secretive!. He tells me virtually nothing about his family, friends, job, or what he does during his free time. This makes me not trust him. What is he hiding.. I have tried everything to try to get him to talk to me about these subjects. If I was looking from the outside in I would say he is seeing other women cause there is no way he can go on so long as he does not seeing me and not having sex. There is such a connection and fun when we r together. He says he likes having me all to himself without having people interfere with us. He says he wishes he could see me more often but it never works out. The last thing he told me when I asked why cant we officially be together he said if I can always be the person that I am when I’m with you then we could be together. But he didn’t explain, wouldn’t explain what he meant. I know he has mood problems cause I saw he takes the natural Patric vitamins that stabilise mood swings. He looked at me and thought long and hard how to give me an answer and that’s all he could say. He does usually have a calm manner but he has sparked in anger when I tried to push him to communicate on the phone but then he always felt bad about it later and apologized. I want so much to believe in him as a good sensitive person who is just so conflicted inside and has no clear direction. I always tell him what great potential he has.. he has pushed me away again a week ago after another month of our relationship getting back together which was spectacular in our connection. He accepted to see me to talk about it and he spent the whole time hugging me and giving me compliments and how much he cared and thought I was special. So contradictory cause since then he refuses to see me but still answers my calls. He has pushed me to the edge and I can’t handle it anymore. He asked for some time space and I said fine have a good holiday and new year. I usually give hi. So much space . We never see each other more then once a week and sometimes less. He knows it means I am giving up and will not contact him again. I have decided to never give in to him again cause he is sooooo good at seducing me ! I hate him and love him and these feelings make me so eternally sad. I have no family where I live except my two kids, I wish I could have more with him cause he is unlike any man I ever met. But I know if he is not willing to commit then I deserve better. I pray god will watch over him cause I won’t be around anymore… I release you to the Univers beautiful gemini butterfly… off you go. Bless you always …

  9. Stop wasting your time. Why would you want to stay with someone who’s doing nothing to keep you? Imagine finding yourself again, and finding someone worthy of your love. Love yourself! Time is valuable, stop wasting it on someone who appears he could care less.

  10. I have a guy friend that is Gemini we been friends for 3 months now. when I first met him everything was fine he was taking me out and coming to see me. one day he told me I was aggressive and he don’t see no relationship with me. I don’t know if I came on him to strong or what. now it’s different he don’t hardly text me he stop calling will he come back and start this friendship over?

  11. Gemini men are all woman abusers period! They get off on beating on a woman it makes them feel like a man period! They are alcoholics, liars, cheaters, physical abusers, p**sies, fake chicken sh*t mf period! If you ladies meet one RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! SERIOUSLY i dnt care what any1 says about them i speak 100% truths! They will never stand up to a man thats forsure they are very affraid of men! Real talk! They all need to die period!!!! They are worthless no good for nothing they use woman they always try to come up on woman bcuz there lazy asses wont get a real job period!!!!

  12. Me myself don’t believe Gemini men are all the same but yes they have similar traits as I hear and see. I think they could be good if they are taught how to treat you. Always beware though, men are liars and cheaters because it’s in their DNA unfortunately!!

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