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The Ugly Truth About Gemini Men: What He Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are you considering dating a Gemini man? Perhaps you’ve started dating one already. Either way; here is the ugly truth about Gemini men and some things you should be aware of that he doesn’t want you to know about.

Lots of Mistruths

The Gemini man is dual in nature which means he’s two different men combined into one body. This means to completely different personalities can come out at very different times.

These are the guys that one moment can seem very sweet, funny, and interesting to be around. Then the next moment, he can be pissy, yell at you, and say hurtful things.

Not all Gemini men are horror stories so I don’t want to paint that picture for you. However; there are many Gemini men who are effectively hurting women throughout their lives.

They may not mean to be this way but it does tend to happen because of his dual personality. He will promise you the moon and stars then when it comes time for him to provide it; he will look at you like you’re crazy.

So often times; Gemini men do tend to tell lies. By lies, I mean making promises he never intends to keep. He has no conscious when he does lie on purpose. If it means he gets what he wants; he’ll do it.

ADHD Type of Guy

the ugly truth about gemini men

This guy is never content, never sits still, and wants to continuously keep going. Focusing on one person or one situation is very difficult for him. This also makes him seem very flaky or flighty.

He doesn’t understand how to pay attention and not be so concerned with so many other things at once. Until he learns how to balance his two sides; he’ll have troubles throughout his life.

Relationships are difficult because he doesn’t have an easy time committing. He loves having lots of different women around him at all times. He’ll often have plenty of female friends (they’re often more than friends).

If you meet one of these Gemini men; you’ll be able to spot if he’s one of these darker side Gemini men. Again, not all of them are this way but many are. Watch out for the red flags so you don’t want your time or heart.

Unpredictable and Unreliable

There is no way to ever know what he’s thinking or doing at any given time. He’s distracted very easily and this could change his behavior or mood. One minute he may be sweet to you and then another moment, he may be very sarcastic.

Sometimes he’ll be there for you and then other times; he’s nowhere to be found because he got distracted by one of his buddies coming by or calling him up.

Anything can distract this guy which will make you unable to really rely on him and even more difficult for him to be predicted as far as his moods go.

Insensitive Actions

the ugly truth about gemini men

Gemini men sometimes come off as very funny. He likes to make you laugh but when his dark side comes out, he can come off as very rude and insensitive.

He could try to make a fool of you and honestly doesn’t care what you’re feeling about it. Also, he will want to do what he wants whether or not you care.

This is also the side of him that tends to be a cheater. After all, if he doesn’t care what you’re feeling about his actions; he’ll go ahead and do what he wants and when he wants to do it.

I can’t stress this enough; not all Gemini men are this way. However; there are plenty of them out there that are. I’m just trying to help give you some ample warning so you don’t get tangled up with one of them.

Some Gemini men are very worthwhile but it’s being able to tell the difference at the beginning instead of wasting time that’s important.

Psychotic Tendencies

There are many women that have talked to me about their Gemini guy experiences and some of them would easily tell you that these men are psychotic at times.

They’ll pretend to be the typical Gemini but then if you decide you’re not into them; they get offended and start going to retaliate by being very nasty toward you. They can become stalkers and they can read you the riot act for not liking him.

Again; this has a lot to do with his dual personality. Some Gemini men have a docile and tender side and then a cheeky side. However; some Gemini men have an even darker side than that.

It’s a matter of really paying attention to his actions. If you notice one minute he’s acting cool and calm but then the next; he’s talking about marriage; you need to get out of it quick.

Most Gemini men aren’t ready for commitment after going on a first date. Any sign of that nonsense should tell you that he’s not right in the head and you need to run away fast.

The REAL Gemini man will want to wait before he commits. If you see some variance of this; be very careful with what you say and do with any other type of Gemini.

If you notice darker signs from your Gemini guy; you may need to go ahead and bail before things become too chaotic and you end up really hurt. Now; if you’re one of the lucky ladies that don’t have this type of Gemini then hold onto your guy.

Truly there is nothing scarier than a potentially dangerous man. The dark side of Gemini can be this way. Just watch the red flags and you’ll know what type of Gemini you’re dealing with.

Click here to learn more about the Gemini man. There are some good points about him also. Some Gemini men are very endearing.


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2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Gemini Men: What He Doesn’t Want You To Know

  1. This paints us gemini men as crasy. The real problem is that Gemini loves deep and strong. Its very hard to detach from love feelings. So we need to get away from the person because we love them and its all in our head. So we have to have a stronger detach to truly get over them.

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