5 Positive Traits Of Gemini Men Women Love So Much

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What exactly is it that makes us so attracted to the seductive Gemini? Here're some of the best positive traits of Gemini men that us women love the most.

What exactly is it that makes us so attracted to the seductive Gemini man? Is it their charm or their amazing physique? Here are some of the best positive traits of Gemini men that us women love the most.

1) Physically Attractive

One of the first things you’ll notice about a Gemini man; is that he’s unusually attractive. You look at him and immediately you’re almost hypnotized by his whole demeanor.

You cannot help yourself but be seduced into his playing field. His ability to flirt will just intensify your experience with him. He has a way of saying things or even just looking at you that will make you quiver.

Truly this man is naturally blessed and can use his charm for good or for more nefarious activity depending on which side of the coin he presents to you. At first though; he’ll always show you his seduction.

Sometimes he does this with little to no effort at all. He’s naturally gifted with the talents of persuasion. He’s likely had years of putting this ability into practice so when he uses it on you; you’ll fall for it immediately.

He may be wearing his very best or he could be dressed very casually. What he’s wearing seems to not matter so much when his piercing eyes meet yours. The look he gives you makes you want to drop your panties right then and there.

This is what can also potentially make him a heartbreaker. Be careful ladies. Being seduced is fun but if it leads to the dark side of Gemini; you may have a problem on your hands.

2) Makes an Excellent Friend

positive traits of gemini men

Before you start to date a Gemini man; you may notice how amazing he is at being your friend. He has outstanding advice for any problem you may be having and seems to have empathy for you.

The problem is; he only seems to have empathy for you. Gemini isn’t good at expressing his own inner feelings. He often won’t discuss them until he’s been with you for many years in an intimate relationship.

This can tend to make some Gemini men charlatans. However; the same thing remains to be the same and that is that they are a good rock for you. They will be there when you need them.

If he’s true to himself; he’s selfless when it comes to others. This would be the valiant side of Gemini. When he’s dealing with friends; he tends to be the type that will give you the shirt off his back if you need it.

Don’t let the amazing friendship fool you into thinking that he’ll make an excellent mate because that may not be the case. Once more I tell you; be careful with your heart ladies.

Do not confuse friendship with a relationship. He doesn’t because he knows the difference and while you may not think it proper to have sex with your friends; he seems to have no issue with it.

So unless you want to be a “friend with benefits”; you may want to make it very clear that you’re not into sex with friends. He’ll respect your feelings and continue being a good friend.

3) When in Love, He’s Attentive

While it’s true that Gemini men can become bored very easily; while he’s in the throes of hot passionate love; he will be very attentive to his lady love. He’ll bring her gifts to remind her how special she is.

These will be small yet important gifts that show her that he was listening to her when she said she prefers the chocolate without pecans over the chocolates that have pecans in it.

He pays attention to the small details when you think he isn’t. Many guys are not good at retaining things like this. This only works if he’s really in love with you though.

If he isn’t serious; he’ll tend to only remember things that somehow involved him. Like if you two shared a Snickers bar once and you said “it’s ok”; he’ll translate that into the fact that he loved it and you liked it so he buys you another one.

So there is a difference for you to look out for. But again; when he IS in love; it’s a glorious thing. He’ll shower you with lots of affection and gifts. It’s something truly special to behold and one of the reasons we ladies; love this guy so much.

4) Not the Jealous Kind of Guy

positive traits of gemini men

There are some women that like a man to be jealous. However; most women are tired of being with guys who are the jealous controlling type. Gemini men are not typically jealous.

They are closet “freaks” therefore they have no room to be jealous. When they are; it’s a rare occasion and likely due to a moon that projects such behavior such as Scorpio.

Otherwise; Gemini men feel very confident about themselves and aren’t too worried about any woman cheating on them or leaving. This can make them seem too self-involved but at the same time; who needs that stress?

Having a man not worrying about your whereabouts or what friends you’re out with is a refreshing quality and one that makes us ladies swoon. Who doesn’t want to hang out with their friends and not be grilled?

Heck, I raise my own hand as I type this. I want to feel free while I’m committed to a man who I am certain is treating me with the utmost respect. Gemini men are special and show you just how much when they’re in love with you.

5) Kinky Souls

Ladies can agree with me, there is something so attractive about a man that will try anything at least once. Also, a good thing when a man wants to help you fulfill your deepest dirtiest fantasies.

Gemini man is more than willing to help you out with any fantasy you’ve got. He will even do it if it involves other people. Click here to learn more about what a Gemini man wants in bed.

I hope this has helped inspire the Gemini lover in you ladies. Just be careful not to catch one of those dark sided Gemini’s. They can be dangerous.


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