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7 Signs a Gemini Man Is Falling In Love with You – How to Be Sure

Are you really into a Gemini guy and not sure what he may be feeling for you? Perhaps he’s giving off some signs but you don’t know if he’s just being flirty or if he really actually is falling in love with you.

Here are the 7 signs to look for to know what he may be feeling for you. Keep reading to find out what you need to know so that you can do the right thing with your Gemini guy.

7 Signs a Gemini Man Is Falling In Love with You:

Alright, so you know he’s a lot of fun to be with and he seems to really like you but you aren’t sure if he’s this way with all the ladies or if it’s just you that he’s giving all this attention to.

That being said, let’s get right into it! Below are all the major signs a Gemini man in love is pursuing you with vigor. Gathering all this information for you should help you explore a great love with an easy natured guy.

1. More Exciting Fun with Him

Like many other men; the Gemini man tends to start getting very silly when he’s in love. He makes every moment with him lots of fun. He’ll do anything to make you laugh.

He’s very much the type that will walk around with a grin on his face when he’s in love. He will glow, he will laugh a lot, and he will make it really amusing to be around him.

In this way; he’s rather obvious that he’s in love. He already has an extrovert personality and is highly entertaining. However; with you; he has an extra dose of goofball type of humor.

He will pick on you, make jokes, play pranks, or do other hilarious things in order to show you his silly side. He doesn’t do this with most other people. Though he’s a social guy; he reserves the really hilarious stuff for when he’s in love.

Singing you songs or serenading you may be something he tries to do as well. Even if he doesn’t normally sing; you could find him singing to you. He’s a big kid when a Gemini man is falling in love.

2. He Opens Up To You

Beautiful loving couple flirting in the park on beautiful sunny day - Signs a Gemini Man Is Falling In Love with You

Gemini men aren’t the emotional type. They don’t try to be hard but they just have difficulties processing anything that they don’t perceive as logical. As such, it takes love to coax a Gemini man to open up.

He takes his sweet time when he’s getting to know a woman before he’ll finally figure out he would like to commit to her and make it something more long term. While going this route; he isn’t likely to talk about his feelings much.

When a Gemini man is in love; he will begin to feel things he’s not used to feeling. He will start talking to the woman he’s into and telling her things.

That means if you’ve been with your Gemini guy for awhile and he starts to open up to you; you can consider him as good as in love. He doesn’t talk like this with anyone else. He doesn’t even talk to family about his feelings.

If you’re looking for long term love when your Gemini man opens up to you; you’ll know that you’ve got him. He is yours and you can finally make something special out of the relationship.

A Gemini man in love is a rare guy indeed. When he feels he can absolutely tell you anything then you’ve won him over and he’s all yours. A Gemini man weakness in love is opening up and telling you lots of secrets.

3. Asks To Spend More Time with You

If your Gemini man starts falling for you; he will start giving up more and more of his free time. I don’t mean all of it though! He will still require some personal time here and there to maintain his sanity.

However; when he’s falling in love; he cannot stand to be away from you for too long. He’ll want to get together and enjoy the romance. Whether it’s spending a night together indoors or going out on the town; he’ll want you by his side.

He can be very romantic and yet spontaneous all in the same swoop. He may want to spend time with you, picks you up, and randomly takes you off somewhere for a mini vacation.

As long as you are open to whatever he may bring your way; you’ll do just fine with the Gemini man. He isn’t one for planning too much so being spontaneous is much more viable.

Just know that when a Gemini guy falls in love; he actually does think about his partner more and he will want to spend more time together in some way. This means giving up some of his free time but at that point; he’s good with it.

Trying to get every little minute with you is a Gemini man weakness in love. He just can’t help himself. Enjoy and bask in his love!

4. Checks In On You

He isn’t above checking with you to see how you’re doing; especially if you are ill. The Gemini man cares about you and wants to make sure that everything is going well for you.

When he’s not with you; he’ll likely text message you or call you to “check in” and make sure things are still good with you or if you need anything. He’s very endearing this way.

If you find that your Gemini checks in on you more and more; that means he definitely has got it bad for you. Making sure his lady love is good and has all she needs makes him feel better.

Some of them will check up on you multiple times in a day. This can seem to be a little obsessive but really it’s just because he cannot get you off his mind and wants to make sure you know it.

Gemini men are typically not the jealous type but when he calls a lot or asks you a lot of questions; it gives you the impression that he’s being possessive or jealous. The truth is; he’s just like a kid in love and cannot stop thinking of you.

You’re in his blood and in his heart so he wants contact with you as often as he can. Even if it’s just to hear your voice for a few minutes; it’ll make him feel like a million bucks.

5. Lots Of Affection

Affection With A Gemini Man

Gemini man isn’t above giving you lots of tender loving care. When a Gemini man is falling in love, he will want to spend lots of time kissing, touching, and being physical.

Holding your hand, giving you neck nibbles, or licking your ears. Whatever he can do physically that shows you attention, he’s not above doing it. He loves it and he loves making you feel good too.

When a Gemini man is in love with you, he will go above and beyond with how he treats you in a physical sense. He may also send you heart or cute flirting emojis via text message.

He has a poetic way of showing you he cares for you. Take notice and know that you’re very special to him. A Gemini man falling in love is something very special and not too common.

6. Surprises You

Young couple in love - Signs a Gemini Man Is Falling In Love with You

Gemini man loves to live for the present. He is spontaneous and you never know what he’s going to do. He may show up on your doorstep with flowers or a treat for you.

He may also want to take you somewhere really fun out of nowhere. Perhaps you had plans to go to a movie but instead he takes you on a very romantic weekend getaway to a beach house.

A Gemini man falling in love will definitely be something you’ll really appreciate experiencing. He’s very romantic and doesn’t like to plan too often. He also likes catching you off guard to see the cute look on your face.

It’s more romantic and exciting if he plans on the fly instead of letting you know what is going on ahead of time. Be adventurous for your Gemini man in love.

7. He May Tell You He Loves You

It takes a whole heck of a lot to get a Gemini man to open up but once he’s sure that he loves you; he may very well just go out and tell you what he feels. He may come right out and say “I’m in love with you”.

This is the most obvious approach a Gemini man can make. When a Gemini man is in love with you, he will open up and verbalize it when he feels the timing is right.

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Now that you’re aware of the signs a Gemini man is falling in love with you, you can definitely show him how much you care about him as well. Always be honest and up front.

He is a tough nut to crack as far as giving him your time, patience, and understanding. Click here for more information on how to learn about the Gemini Man’s behavior.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

25 thoughts on “7 Signs a Gemini Man Is Falling In Love with You – How to Be Sure

  1. I just started dating a Gemini man he well guarded very busy but try very hard to spend time with me he tells me thank u for being patient understanding he texts once in a while or calls talks about really nothing I really like him is there a chance he starting to like me we’ve kept low side his two sons only knows were friends no one else does

    1. Hi Janet!

      I’d say that if you two are dating then yes, he likes you. He wouldn’t date someone he doesn’t have any interest in. If you need to know where his head is at regarding what the two of you are, you should just be bold and ask him so that you know for sure and can plan your future accordingly. Don’t waste time wondering and worrying.

  2. He found me on snapchat before christmas, and we’ve been talking since, he texts me when he wakes up, when he has free time at work he’ll send me funny random snapchat vids, and he will text me when he’s off work. Then from there he’s super silly and goofy, there’s never a time he doesn’t make me laugh, he’s so sweet! The first things he said to me were that he wants to kiss me so bad, and on new year’s eve we went on our first date he’s so random, and he does act like a kid, but that’s ok cuz I too have a childish side. After the date he drove me home and our first kiss was at midnight! How special??? and oohh did I melt like ice, he also tickled me, laid his head on my lap and let me mess up his hair, he’s like a teddybear I already love him a lot …although he says that he doesn’t know if he’s ready to be in a relationship yet, he said he doesn’t want to break my heart, but he’s also willing to see if it will go anywhere. What are my chances?

  3. First off..I have been seeing a guy now for over 5 months. A gemini to be exact. I am a virgo! This has probably been one of the most confusing relationships I have ever had. At the start, he was up my the months passed he became more distant. I was getting mixed signals. I have just about had it..I started ignoring him, and now he started to become clingy again. I guess he is freaking out now that I have started to play his game. Honestly though..if he keeps this up, I am quitting..I do not have the time nor the energy for games! I love him, but I can live without the bs.

    1. Your Most likely a Narsisit. Gemini Are Empathic. It’s confusing because you make it that way. Even if it’s Indirectly. Im a Pure Gemini born on the 7th of June. I Married a Virgo 3rd of Sept. I dated her on and off for 6 years then finally married her. To now be looking at Divorce. She led me in so deep that I let her behind all my walls and she began to use my secrets as knifes to deal deep Mental wounds. In short if you are one of the damaged by your dad or someone very young you’ll Most likely end up with a BPD and become Cold Piece of work to a Sincere Gemini Male in love.

  4. When he really like you he will call text and wanna see you all the time. They are like butterflies they leave and show back up just to see if they still got it and their off again because you havent capture their full attention yet!

  5. Okay so yes the Gemini I like is a girl but to be fair, she is more like a guy than a girl! Anyways, everything was going good and she would open up to me and always want to call but now, she seems more distant and it was hard to build that relationship. It took 10 months, and now she just doesn’t open up as much. I don’t know why.

  6. Leo woman here having the most amazing 2 months with my new love interest, a Gemini man. He’s been like this article from the very start and hasn’t changed at all. We have so much fun together! We hang out and make new friends together. We went on a road trip together. We talk for hours about everything. He’s perfect!

    He does seem to be afraid of having conversations about relationships. He says that he wants to be in a relationship with someone soon but he never mentions me. He also says that he isn’t in a rush but does want to be in a relationship. The only good thing is that he does say that we are dating. I just assume that he is definitely considering me but isn’t comfortable with saying those words yet which is OK.

    This is the only thing about him that makes me feel like our situation is unpredictable. He doesn’t speak about me being that someone at all. But he does spend every weekend with me, introduces me to his friends and he is romantic and thoughtful and doesn’t go a day without talking to me. I don’t ask him much about us and our relationship status because I’m waiting for the right time. It’s still early.

    Right now, I just want us to keep getting to know each other and keep building on this lovely foundation that we are creating. I’d be in total shock if he didn’t make me his girlfriend. It just wouldn’t make any sense. We are so good together. I’m sure that if he lost me, he’d instantly regret it. So I feel confident that things are moving in the right direction.

  7. I’m Aquarius and Gemini male about a year ago received a friend request from him have been off and on with him since teenager’s we are now going on 50 I can hardly keep his attention and when I do it’s not for long I don’t know what I am to him I don’t know if he loves me or hates me he’s so confusing so why does he feel the need to know what’s going on in my life I am married by the way.but yet he still won’t unfriend me and I am crazy about him what just what does he feel

  8. I am a Libra, my Gemini and I are perfect for each other! He always checks on me, makes sure I have everything I need, and I know without a doubt he is in love with me too. He has told me and showed me. I even heard him tell somebody… “That’s my future wife”! Its important to communicate with anyone, but especially a Gemini.

  9. I’ve been dating a Gemini man for almost a year. I read up on the Gemini personality a lot so I can better understand him. When I do that I read that he will not usually jump in a relationship right away but I live above him in a duplex and we have been with each other every day since we started dating that includes sleeping together. He was in a 30-year marriage and got divorced about 15 yrs. ago. He doesn’t tell me he loves me but he shows it for the most part, in fact, he told me he is not ready to commit saying “I love you” because he was taken for granted when he was married. I will sometimes say “I love you” to him and I asked how it made him feel, he said he likes it when I say it but he will not say it to me. Because of their personality to want change. what if I run out of ideas to keep him interested in me, I might be boring to him one day and that scares me so I try real hard to be exciting. I just wondered if a mature older Gemini man has room to love again and commit after being hurt from a previous marriage. I also have been hurt in a 20-year marriage which he is aware of it, I just wish I can hear the words ” I love you” from him just once. I know actions speak louder than words but it would still be nice to hear it. I thought maybe if you know of anyone that has been in a similar situation you could tell me how it worked for them and if it became something good or bad.

    1. Hi Renee! It sounds like for the most part that things are going quite well with you and your Gemini man. I know you want to hear those words but you also want to hear them when he knows for sure he really means them and wants to say it otherwise it’s a shallow statement. You’re going to have to be patient and wait for him to be ready to say it to you. Otherwise, keep learning everything you can about him. I personally do no know someone who had this particular situation but I think you’ll find success with time and patience. You might also want to read my book “Gemini Man Secrets” as it could help you get closer to him.

      1. Ok so I don’t get my gemini I have known him for along time we had a affair with each other it was wrong felt right at the time 2 year affair he made me the happyest that I have ever been I got pregnant shocker it all ended then had baby he came back around wanted rights to baby had another affair with each other was pretty different since baby alot has happened with us biding married he’s there for his daughter now after many fights so things have settled down so he does all the things that supposly gemini men do with they live a girl but dosent say it and when I go to hug him it’s like a family hug and we no longer go kije to eat are hang out just sex and he calls me and we talk for hours while he works so not really sure what to make of all this

    2. Have known Gemini male for over 15 years on and off through work…last few years we have caught up for coffee from time to time even after we stopped working together…we get along amazing and talk for hours, he always buys coffee hugs and kiss on cheek and then most time hardly hear from him till months later or I text for a catch up…most recent thought just having coffee like normal but instead hung out together with some of his family…was unexpected but lovely…he was always aware of me, refused to say my “friend” to his family and just used my name even when they asked further…took his time to show me natural fruit in the ground he’d researched and then just bye again catch up later kiss and hugs 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do I even bother?

  10. I am a Older Sag in Love with a Younger Gemini Man. He and I where Friends in 2004-2008 in that time we both were having difficulties in our spouces his was being taken for granted and demanding of his time. Mine was infidelity which he sensed and flirted but I would never cross that Line. In end of 2015 he walked into a Store I was working at exclaiming with utter joy in his face ” Its You ” His Presence still took my Breathe away. On his next meeting he announced he was leaving his wife and wanted to know if I was interested in getting together handing me his phone number saying call me anytime. My life went into a turmoil – My husband wanted me dead and to be with The Russian Discovered his affair after then I lost my Mother. I texted my Gemini and
    said I would enjoy getting together with him after my return from out of town no set date. He seemed to know I was back when I took a break and informed
    him of the Lost of my Mother He wrapped me protective in his arms. My husband had not even done this and chose to stay with his Mistress.
    My Gemini texted me as often as possible due to working in remote locations. Then he told me that he had fallen in love with me and my morals in 2005 and was still in love with me.
    He then told me he would make me fall in Love with him. I was scared due the age difference. Our relationship grew him always saying and showing he loves me, told his children about me and have met his best friend.

    Mid 2017 he was getting a divorced and prior she left with her current lover and cleaned out the accounts. He disappeared and no contact for 5 months I was worried more of his mental health But I knew he needed Space and time
    his Pride and want to take care and provide for me I knew he needed Time

    He came back and was surprised at my reaction of Happiness. He said all he has ever gotten is Hell for when he disappears. I was dealing with Multi Issues that caused a Health Issue and delayed my Leaving my Common Law Husband. I know my Gemini is concerned that I have not left but is being understanding. Then in Sept of 2018 my Gemini truck caught on fire, he managed to find an older truck, the economy has been harsh the last two years and work is harder to find and greater distance between us.

    In January he needed financially help – I assisted due to again major mechanical issues. After he called angry, not at me, but life and was leaving town to go work north with his brother, that was seven months ago
    His private line has been cut off yet still had business line, I texted him in June and July. I do not know if still his business line. So t stated I would assume if I did not hear from him by Aug 17 that Iwould stop trying to contact him.

    I am Patient and he is worth the wait, The thing that scared me is he also finally remember in Dec that we had been lovers in 1990. I am praying its his foolish pride not the realization of his strong attraction was based on our past.

    I feel he is a Sincere and truthful Man but I am very unsure of OUR Future and how I can make him understand that Silence drive me crazy with worry, This Sag Horse is ready to run away, How can I make him understand I cannot do this length of time ever again

  11. Gemini man approach me. Wanted to take me out. I didn’t know him and I said no.

    We continued to talk. Finally agreed to go out. Had a blast. He brought me candy the first date.

    We talked a lil every day after that. He wanted us to have a date and spend the weekend together. I agreed. He spoiled me. Buying things, taking me places, opening doors…..

    We have a LDR. I only got to see him every other weekend. But he wanted to see me. He told me he loved me within a month of us dating. It was all good.

    Around the 6 month mark, he got sick and ended up having an emergency surgery to take out his gallbladder. He recovered quickly. It was then I finally told him I loved him.

    That’s when he started getting distant. He didn’t text or call but once a day. Then it got to every other day.

    I point blank asked if I had done anything wrong. I asked if he was done with me. He said that was not his intentions. He was busy trying to get caught up with work since he had been off sick.

    But his contact went to once or twice a week. I asked if I could see him. He told a mutual friend that I had caught feelings and he didn’t want to hurt me.

    I’m so confused. I thought we both had “caught feelings.” Is this relationship over? Should I just give him space? I truly love him but I’m at a loss as to what to do. Any advice would be welcome.

    Leo lady, 48
    Gemini guy, 60

    1. Hi KG!

      I think when you told him that you loved him, it scared him. Not that he doesn’t want to be loved but rather he’s terrified of what commitment means and how he could get hurt. It could also be that he doesn’t want to hurt you either. If he wasn’t ready to hear it, it through him off. I would continue on but take it nice and easy. If you try to push things he’ll clam up and exit. Take it with patience and you could win him for a long lasting love. Wishing you the best!

  12. I’m a Virgo dating a Gemini man. Yes he can be frustrating. It is as if I am dating two people! We have been dating just over 4 months and I see him once a week spending Saturday nights with him. He calls and texts every day, and he has started to open up to me more, telling me some very personal things about his family and past. He has also become more attentive, holding my hand even on the couch, forehead kisses, making funny faces, singing and making me cry with laughter. We talk for hours on the phone and when we are together. He has told friends and family about me, although I am yet to meet his parents (his mom and dad are not in the best if health). With COVID we just want to be careful. I almost gave up on him, but patience and understanding seems to be what he needs. I hope this finds us going in the right direction?

  13. Sooo confused…

    I’m an Aries (through and through) and I’ve been friends with my Gemini for 10 yrs. We can talk about anything for hours. Have always been attracted to each other. Hes been seeing someone for about a year. About 4 months ago he told me he loved me. (He’d been drinking) the next day I asked if he still loved me now that he was sober. He said yes. We message almost daily. He likes to send jokes or memes (a lot of times sexual), things he thinks I’ll like and asks what I’m doing. He loves letting me know what he’d like to do with me sexually. We’re quite open about those feelings. I tell him I love him and he says it also. However, we’re or I’m on a roller coaster. He does all these things and then gets distant then starts again. I feel like part of a game or something. Is he really into me? Does he really love me? He says he can’t make promises or guarantees, but is always talking about when we get together. We live in separate states, but I’m getting ready to move closer. I just don’t want to make a mistake.

    1. Hi Callie Latimer!

      Alright so he’s made it clear how he feels for you. He wants to give it a try but is saying he cannot say for sure that it will work out in the end. He’s taking it as it comes which is actually pretty normal for a Gemini man. I think he means what he says but because of his pull backs, he’s flexing his independence and personal freedom. If you know he does this periodically and can accept it then this may work out just fine. You can try backing of a little yourself and see if he doesn’t step forward. As a Gemini, I can tell you that routine gets really boring really fast. We like to mix it up and if our partner doesn’t know this, they are left wondering if they did something wrong or if we’ve changed our minds. Take it nice and easy and I think you’ll find success with him. If you’d like to learn more, check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets.

  14. I have a HUGE crush on a Gemini man who runs a bar that I go to regularly with my husband. I have been married for 34 years and I do not love my husband anymore, we are best fiends and that is all and have had no sex for 2 years.

    The Gemini I have a crush on has shown me lots of attention …gives me little glances, turns up at my side to talk to me often, is tactile at any opportunity, loves making me laugh and has now started whispering sexual innuendo in my ear in front of my husband. I am crazy about him but do not know what to do. Do you think he fancies me or is playing me?

    1. Hi Alison!

      Ok Gemini men flirt like crazy but it doesn’t mean that he wants to full on have a bedroom rumble. Even if he does, would you really do that while you’re still married? Gemini men love to flirt and they love to get a woman excited about them. It doesn’t mean that he wants more than that. Please be careful. If you’re not happy then get out of your situation. Don’t dive into bed with a Gemini man. You’ll end up hurt when he doesn’t necessarily want anything more than to bed you down… a conquest. What you feel for him is pure and simple chemistry and infatuation. Trust only your intuition!

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