Gemini Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Gemini Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Put your Gemini man cravings for sexual variety under control and keep him satisfied in bed. Check here what do Gemini men like in bed.

The Gemini man in bed is something that you need to experience. This air Zodiac sign is a God in the bedroom! With Gemini men, sex can be exhilarating and exciting—they’re definitely not boring!

Forget all of your assumptions because I can guarantee you that a Gemini man in bed has a lot to offer. He’s pleasing, energetic, and very interested in making you the happiest woman in the bedroom.

Gemini men are always looking for more excitement in their lives. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure that boredom never hits them. Having an exciting woman in their life will help Gemini men keep boredom at bay.

How can you find out what the Gemini man in bed is like? Lucky for you, I’ve got the scoop that will absolutely help you learn more about Gemini man sex and what you can do to please him best. Keep reading to absorb the knowledge!

Gemini Man In Bed — Why Are Geminis So Good In Bed?

A Gemini man will always be looking for adventure in the bedroom. He bores easily and looks for various experiences to behold in order to find full satisfaction. This means he wants to find creative ways to explore some new territory.

Since the Gemini man does love variety, he will want you to be someone who will be up for just about anything. Being spontaneous and provocative will make him feel as though you’re really stimulating his senses.

Doing things such as role play, talking about your own fantasies in great detail, or talking to him explicitly about what you want to do with him will definitely help push that button you’re looking for to get his motor really running.

Remember that diversity is what the Gemini man truly craves in the bedroom and in his life in general. Whatever you can do to appeal to his senses will turn him on. Then you have to keep going and keep him guessing so he doesn’t get bored.

Gemini Man Sexuality Traits

  • Bold and pleasing
  • Craves excitement all the time
  • Not so emotionally connected
  • Enjoys role-playing
  • He is very energetic in the bedroom
  • Enjoys dirty-talk

Gemini Men Sexual Desires — What Do Gemini Men Like In Bed?

A Gemini Man Wants To Please You

While he loves being the observer in a way, the Gemini man also wants to make sure that he pleases you first and foremost. He wouldn’t feel whole or complete if he didn’t do his job of making sure you were happy in bed.

With the voyeuristic side of him, he may want to perform oral while looking up at you to see how you are reacting to the various methods he may be trying. He really does want to get it right and makes sure your experience is highly satisfying.

He may want to make sure that you enjoy yourself more than he does. Many times they will make sure you go first, then he can join in. He isn’t doing it for an emotional bonding reason, though. In fact, he’s doing it just for pure sexual energy.

If you are looking for things to be full of passion and soul-touching, this man isn’t into that sort of sexual experience. He just really enjoys the act, and when he’s done, he’s done.

A Gemini Man Is Into Kinky Sex

This man is into just about anything you want to dish at him. He will enjoy watching you use toys, and he may also enjoy you using toys on him. It would be even better if you played with toys with another woman.

Even if you do this with another man in front of him, he’ll really eat it up and turn on quite a bit. Keep in mind that there isn’t much you can do to make this man jealous.

If you want to turn a Gemini man on in bed, you’ll need to be adventurous, or he will quickly get bored and look for it elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you have to have orgies or three ways. However, if you want to play out a fantasy like this once or twice, he’s totally OK with it.

A Gemini man is a thrill seeker in bed, and if you want to keep up with him, you’ll need to be able to free yourself of inhibitions.

He Likes Sex As A Stress-Reliever

Just as with many men, Gemini men sometimes use sex as a stress reliever. So if you notice that your guy is a bit tense or even angry, pull him into the bedroom and do something wild like masturbate in front of him.

He will soon forget whatever he was stressed about in the first place. He’ll also really love how spontaneous you were in taking care of his needs. It will turn him on and keep him wondering what you will do next.

Don’t be surprised if he pretends to be upset just so that you drag him off into the bedroom to do wild things. It’s not just limited to the bedroom, either. If you want to take him to a park and give him orals there, he will not mind one bit.

Playing with each other in a movie theater isn’t a bad idea either. He’ll enjoy trying all sorts of different explorations that provide him with the ultimate stimulation. If he notices someone is watching, he’ll be even more turned on.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Remember that this man gets bored easily. This is also partially why Gemini has a hard time settling down. He really likes to have a variety to sample. If he’s going to stay with you, he’s going to want things to be different each time.

If you cannot provide him with a third party to have even more fun, you can at least try to make each sex session interesting and exciting. When you try to do it the same way every single time, he will get bored.

Give role-playing a try if you haven’t already. He’d absolutely love it, as it would make it seem like you are a different woman or that he’s a different man. That is a big turn-on for him.

He’s the type who will not have a problem tying you up or handcuffing you. Naughty schoolgirl or bad girl cop, he’ll eat it up! Free your inhibitions, because he will certainly enjoy Gemini man sex to the fullest.

Are Gemini Men Big On After Sex Cuddling?

Geminis are not so affectionate, sweet, and caring. Some Geminis like to cuddle more than others, but don’t hold your expectations high if your Gemini man is not into cuddling.

A Gemini man wants an equal match in bed that will stimulate his mind, his body, and his heart. These guys have intensely insatiable cravings, and in order to understand what makes them tick, you’ll need to know what lies beneath.

They would much rather have a strong connection with the person they are having sex with than just be with someone completely random, but they do not consider cuddling to be as important. This is why I would say that Gemini men are not big fans of cuddling after sex.

How To Please A Gemini Man In Bed — 7 Hot Ways To Drive Him Crazy

1. Understand His High Energy Levels

This man is a ball of pure energy. This is what enables him to have many irons in the fire at once. This is also what will keep him moving and may possibly be hard to keep up with. He has a large sexual appetite and plenty of energy.

Keeping him excited and interested may prove to be difficult. However, if you are able to pull it off, he may want to find out what else there is to know about you. They bore very easily. Boredom is something they avoid like a disease.

The Gemini man in bed is like the energizer bunny. You had better be able to keep up in the race. You probably should do a bit of cardio daily. It just may help you. 

He can go all night long as long as you can keep up. He has loads of extra energy that seemingly comes from nowhere.

2. Engage With Him Intellectually

While you’re getting to know your Gemini guy, you can smoothly talk to him by talking about things he’s interested in. He will enjoy it immensely as he is a cerebral lover and is turned on more by thought.

While he may love to talk about sex a lot, you may have to just go ahead and initiate it otherwise he’ll keep droning on about it. He won’t at all mind the spontaneity of your action. In fact, it will probably turn him on that much more which is great!

He will not mind one iota if you shut him up by pouncing on him like he’s dinner. In fact, he’ll rather enjoy it. It makes him feel desired and he’ll certainly reciprocate the sentiment as he’s not a selfish lover.

3. Consider Watching Porn Together

It may sound a bit cliché, but Gemini men LOVE porn. If you were to indulge him and watch some kinky flicks, he’ll find it very exciting and spontaneous. I wouldn’t recommend doing it often though as he’ll get bored.

The lesson here with the Gemini is that he gets bored very easily and so you’ll need to do things that are exciting for him so that he’ll stay interested and not cheat on you. Gemini man sex is filled with naughty fun.

I know that may sound bad but Gemini can tend to have a wandering eye and if they find there is no more excitement in the bedroom, they will want to find it somewhere else.

If you haven’t watched porn before, you may actually find it exciting. If you have and it’s not your thing, don’t fret, you can pretend and just watch him as he reacts to it. That part may actually turn you on.

Brace yourself for a fun-filled erotic fantasy come to life. For him, the kinkier you are, the better your relationship will be. If you want some hot tips to drive your Gemini man crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Gemini Man <<

4. Research His Desires

What do Gemini men like in bed? It’s not that big of a mystery. All it takes is a little bit of reading and looking things up. Use your search engine OR do the simple something of ordering my book “Gemini Man Secrets”. 

If you don’t already know what he really likes, craves, or would like to try, ask him. It’s that simple! Talk to him and get to know what it is that really turns him on. He may be a Gemini but he’s still a man.

Each Gemini may get into different things and it’s better to know for sure what he may be into. He will still appreciate spontaneous attempts from you whether he was into it before or not.

He will be up for just about anything you want to try if it’s new and not the normal missionary position in bed. That has got to be the most boring situation for a Gemini. Keep it hot and tasty and he’ll stick around!

Sex with a Gemini man is something that you’ll absolutely long for. 

5. Try Role-Playing Games

Sex with a Gemini man can be exciting. If you aim to keep your guy all to yourself, he’s ok with that as well. He will still need other forms of sexual excitement, though. He is probably already a gamer of sorts anyway, so why not integrate games into the bedroom?

Try role-playing in bed. This can include feathers, masks, or other items that make sex seem more taboo and risky. Perhaps you can have sex in one room while a bunch of other people are unaware in the other room.

A Gemini man does not mind kinky behavior whatsoever. He may not like public displays of affection, but if that door is shut, he doesn’t care who is on the other side of it as long as they cannot see what is going on.

On the other hand, you could try voyeurism. This would be where you have sex with someone while he watches, or he has sex with someone while you watch. Perhaps you can make a homemade video.

Being able to rewind and watch himself do all the things he does to you and with you will excite him like none other. Let him throw that in before intercourse one night and watch how turned on he gets.

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned French maid’s uniform or naughty nurse appeal either. He’d definitely love it.

6. Be Thrilling And Experiment A Lot

The more risk involved, the more thrilling sex will be between you. He’s willing to try just about anything, as long as you’re game. The thing is if you’re not into doing all that, you may not be a good fit with him.

He isn’t the type of guy who will be happy doing the good ole missionary position in bed. That’s boring and outdated for him. In fact, he may not even want sex in bed.

He may want to do it in a chair, in a tent, in a hot tub, in a swimming pool, or in other locations that haven’t already been tried. Acting out romance scenes from movies or acting out fantasies he has never tried are more his thing.

To keep up with the Gemini man, you’ve got to have little to no inhibitions. His only thing is that it’s not in public. He’d prefer to keep his business between the two of you or whoever else is actually involved.

Other than that, you can try just about anything with this guy. He isn’t the jealous type, so if you tell him that you’d really enjoy trying sex with someone else, he’ll tell you he’s ok with that.

He may want a video or want to watch it, but then again, he may not. He may tell you to go for it and just get offended by your doing it. He’s super open-minded when it comes to sexual activity.

7. Include Toys In The Bedroom

This guy isn’t adverse to you owning various sex toys for pleasure. In fact, he will want to watch you play with them or use them together. This is the type of thing he really likes and can get into.

He likes to enjoy pleasure in any way that he can. He’ll be up for just about any kinky type of toy you want to play with. You can wear costumes or even masks.

Let your inner freak out; he’ll love it! He has to have a high level of interest in order to keep interested in what he’s doing. Play with his erogenous zones as often as possible and in different ways.

Buy toys that are for him; he’ll have no problem letting you use them on him. Even better, grab a mirror so that he can look at himself being pleasured or watch him pleasuring you.

You can let loose, and he’ll be the one who gives you anything you want in bed. If you’ve normally held back, don’t hold back with him. He can take it, and he can dish it out.

You’ve just got to let him know what it is that you want him to do. The only thing he cannot and will not do is boredom. So keep that in mind if you’re into just regular sex in bed with the lights off.

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man

The Gemini has no problem at all with you talking dirty to him. In fact, he’d rather get into it if you’re up for the task. Telling him what you want and where will thrill him.

He’s likely to be very aroused if you start to discuss what you really like in bed. Be as descriptive as possible. If you spare details, he may become bored. Keep it exciting and sexy!

You could call him up one day and initiate phone sex. At first blush, he’ll get into it, and that will provide him with excitement for the rest of his day and/or night.

Gemini man sex is always worth it when you tease him a bit. It makes it more thrilling and tantalizing for you both. It’s worth it for you to learn how to talk dirty to a Gemini man.

There are plenty of sexy stories in books or magazines that fill your mind with fantasies. Use it! 

Do Geminis Have High Sex Drive?

Gemini men have a high sex drive. You may find yourself wondering if you can borrow some of his drive in order to make sure you can keep going. He isn’t into fast and furious passion. He likes to take his time and watch what is going on.

Remember that Gemini is dual in nature, so part of him wants to participate while the other half wants to watch. This allows him to preserve his energy and make it last longer.

Even if the connection is not entirely there, a Gemini man sex drive is very high.

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