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10 Things That May Drive A Gemini Man Wild In Bed

Are you really into a Gemini man and would like to take the next step with him? Perhaps knowing what he likes in bed will help you prepare for what to expect from him or with him.

How can you find out what the Gemini man in bed is like? Lucky for you, I’ve got the scoop that will absolutely help you learn more about Gemini man sex and what you can do to please him best. Keep reading to absorb the knowledge! 

The 10 Things That May Drive A Gemini Man Wild In Bed – Crucial To Know

What do Gemini men like in bed? I’ve got a list of things that will astound you and help you get closer to your Gemini lover. Here is the list you’ve been waiting for:

1. High Energy

This man is a ball of pure energy. This is what enables him to have many irons in the fire at once. This is also what will keep him moving and may possibly be hard to keep up with. He has a large sexual appetite and plenty of energy.

Keeping him excited and interested may prove to be difficult. However, if you are able to pull it off, he may want to find out what else there is to know about you. They bore very easily. Boredom something they avoid like a disease.

The Gemini man in bed is like the energizer bunny. You had better be able to keep up in the race. You probably should do a bit of cardio daily. It just may help you. 

2. Intellectual Conversation

gemini man in bed

While you’re getting to know your Gemini guy, you can smooth talk him by talking about things he’s interested in. He will enjoy it immensely as he is a cerebral lover and is turn on more by thought.

While he may love to talk about sex a lot, you may have to just go ahead and initiate it otherwise he’ll keep droning on about it. He won’t at all mind the spontaneity of your action. In fact, it will probably turn him on that much more which is great!

He will not mine one iota if you shut him up by pouncing on him like he’s dinner. In fact, he’ll rather enjoy it. It makes him feel desired and he’ll certainly reciprocate the sentiment as he’s not a selfish lover.

3. Dirty Talk

The Gemini has no problem at all with you talking dirty to him. In fact he rather gets into it if you’re up for the task. Telling him what you want and where will thrill him.

He’s likely to be very aroused should you start to discuss what you really like in bed. Be descriptive as possible. If you spare details he may become bored. Keep it exciting and sexy!

You could call him up one day and initiate phone sex. While he’ll at first blush, he’ll get into it and that will provide him excitement for the rest of his day and/or night.

Gemini man sex is always worth it when you tease him a bit. It makes it more thrilling and tantalizing for you both. It’s worth it for you to learn how to talk dirty to a Gemini man. 

There are plenty of sexy stories in books or magazines that fill your mind with fantasies. Use it! 

4. Variety is the Spice of Life

Remember that this man gets bored easily. This is also partially why Gemini has a hard time settling down. He really likes to have a variety to sample. If he’s going to stay into you, he’s going to want things to be different each time.

If you cannot provide him with a third party to have even more fun; you can at least try to make each sex session interesting and exciting. When you try to do it the same way every single time, he will get bored.

Give role playing a try if you haven’t already. He’d absolutely love it as it would make it seem like you are a different woman or that he’s a different man. That is a big turn on for him.

He’s the type that will not have a problem tying you up or handcuffing you. Naughty school girl or bad girl cop, he’ll eat it up! Free your inhibition because he will certainly enjoy Gemini man sex to the fullest.

5. Adventure

How to Talk Dirty With A Gemini Man

Gemini men love adventurous spontaneous women. Rattle his cage and don’t be afraid to really let loose. He wants you to relax and be spicy. Doing spontaneous things like sex in the car at the grocery could lead to excitement.

You could also try public sex as in going to clubs where people are open to have sex around and in front of other people. Yes these places exist. You could also take him to a naughty bookstore where there is a room in the back to use.

Sex while camping outdoors is lots of fun with the Gemini man also. Haven’t tried it, add this to your list. You’ll feel free and open and he’ll feel like a very lucky porn star. Keep your mind open.

6. Pornographic Movies

It may sound a bit cliché, Gemini men LOVE porn. If you were to indulge with him watch some kinky flicks, he’ll find it very exciting and spontaneous. I wouldn’t recommend doing it often though as he’ll get bored.

The lesson here with the Gemini is that he gets bored very easily and so you’ll need to do things that are exciting for him so that he’ll stay interested and not cheat on you. Gemini man sex is filled with naughty fun.

I know that may sound bad but Gemini can tend to have a wandering eye and if they find there is no more excitement in the bedroom, they will want to find it somewhere else.

If you haven’t watched porn before, you may actually find it exciting. If you have and it’s not your thing, don’t fret; you can pretend and just watch him as he reacts to it. That part may actually turn you on.

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7. Sexting

Because your Gemini man is a sucker for talking; maybe you can randomly send him a sexy text with a picture of your naughty bits. If not, you can send a racy photo that makes his imagination go wild.

This man always responds to stimuli so as long as you can keep providing him with a variety to work with, he’ll remain turned on and forever your servant. If you are not comfortable with sending photos that are racy; you can simply send him a sexy statement.

Be bold and go big! Failing to try new things or moving past your comfort zone may find you problems with your Gemini. He likes to be thrilled and captivated sexually.

Remember that to learn how to talk dirty to a Gemini man will help you with the sexting process. Give it a chance. You’ll be very well rewarded with Gemini man in bed. 

8. Be Flirty

drive a Gemini man wild in bed

Whether you’ve been with him for a week or for years, he wants to feel good about himself and how you feel about him. Flirt with him relentlessly. Send him a sexy text or leave him sticky notes on the mirror about how sexy he is.

When you go out on a date, grab his buns! It will not only surprise him if you haven’t done it before; but he’ll also be aroused that you find him that hot. You can also smack his buns and have the same affect.

Just do what you can to make sure he knows that he is still very sexy to you and that you want him all the time. Even if it’s not logical to do it all the time, you want him to feel wanted.

9. Consider an Open Relationship

Not all Gemini men are going to be forthcoming with their desire where having threesomes or orgies are concerned. I assure you though; most Gemini men want this. They very much want to have sex with multiple partners.

While they may still want their main steady partner that they can live with forever or even marry, they still may want to be open to try new cuisines. I’m not saying he HAS to have it but he definitely wants it.

Even if he agrees to be with just you per your request, he will always be thinking and fantasizing about being with more than one person at once. If you are open enough to indulge in this type of lifestyle then this man is a great match for you.

If not, you may have to just be understanding of his fantasies while he will have to respect you for your decisions as well. This just may make sex with Gemini man even hotter. 

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10. Research His Desires

Gemini Man Desires In Bed

What do Gemini men like in bed? It’s not that big of a mystery. All it takes is a little bit of reading and looking things up. Use your search engine OR do the simple thing of ordering my book “Gemini Man Secrets”. 

If you don’t already know what he really likes, craves, or would like to try; ask him. It’s that simple! Talk to him and get to know what it is that really turns him on. He may be a Gemini but he’s still a man.

Each Gemini may get into different things and it’s better to know for sure what he may be into. He will still appreciate spontaneous attempts from you whether he was into it before or not.

He will be up for just about anything you want to try if it’s new and not the normal missionary position in bed. That has got to the most boring situation for a Gemini. Keep it hot and tasty and he’ll stick around!

Sex with Gemini man is something that you’ll absolutely long for. One of the things to research of course, is how to talk dirty to a Gemini man. I can definitely help you in my book “Gemini Man Secrets”. 


Just to mention it again, Gemini men in bed are hot and fun. If you haven’t experienced one yet but plan to, don’t delay if you don’t have to because sex with Gemini man is something you’ll never forget.

Hopefully after having read this article, you’ll have learned “what do Gemini men like in bed” with great joy. Get to it and enjoy your guy! 

Speaking of hot and tasty, did you know that amazingly talented Johnny Depp is actually a Gemini man? Whoa sailor! Blow me down anytime! 

If you would like to know more secrets about the Gemini man’s appetites, you may want to check out Anna Kovach’s book. The Gemini Man’s Secrets will give you some amazing insight to help you explore your potential life with this sexy open minded sign.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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