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Do Gemini Men Like Being “Friends With Benefits”: Will He Want More?

Are you a woman who has gotten herself into a precarious situation with a Gemini man and now not sure if he’ll want a relationship or not? Is he into “friends with benefits?” or will he ever want more with you? This article may help you.

Does he get into “Friends with Benefits?”

Absolutely he will undoubtedly allow himself to take on a friend with benefits. In fact; he may have more than one if he’s able to pull it off. Gemini men don’t really like to jump into commitments.

He would prefer to have a “friends with benefits” type of situation or have an offer to have an open relationship. Gemini men prefer Poly Amory if they can have it. It gives them the variety and excitement they crave.

So yes, he definitely enjoys having these types of setups. He can have sex with a friend of whom he has some trust in while he flirts around with other ladies. He has no consequence or ties to worry about.

Gemini will want to get what he can without having strings attached so a situation like this would make him feel pretty great, actually. The problem is; most women are not into this.

They sleep with the Gemini guy and then expect that there will be more with him; only to find out that he isn’t into wanting anything more. Many times the woman he chooses to have a relationship is someone he hasn’t yet slept with.

So keep in mind; if you don’t clarify what you want or don’t want up front; he’ll try to have a “friends with benefits” situation with you. It’s up to you to set him straight.

If you get into bed with him, beware!

Attractive young people lying on the bed and smiling - Do Gemini Men Like Being Friends With Benefits

Women often confuse feelings and sex as being all in one. There are many men that feel this way also. However; Gemini is not one of those signs. He can and will separate sex and love.

If he’s trying to get you into bed upon just having met you; he’s only trying to get into your pants. It does NOT mean he wants to have a relationship or even date you. So please be careful when you try to form some sort of bond with a Gemini man.

Not all of them will just dive into bed with anyone but many of them actually will. They love having a variety of women to choose from to feed their ego and to keep themselves from being bored.

If you meet a Gemini guy or have met him already and you’re really into him; hold off on the sex if you can. I know it will be difficult because he is so mouth watering but; if you can wait; you’ll have a better chance at an actual relationship.

Taurus men are notorious for doing this very same thing. They will commit to the woman they fall for but in the meantime; they do not mind at all in having a “friends with benefits” type of situation.

Sadly, they will assume that because you got into bed with them; that you’re aware of their intent and are ok with it. So you have to be VERY clear about what you want otherwise; you could get hurt emotionally.

If you DO want a Friend with Benefits…

The Gemini man makes the perfect candidate for this. He won’t expect more from you and he’ll be open to you being with other people. Even in a relationship; he isn’t jealous at all.

So when he’s in a “friends with benefits” relationship; he really isn’t jealous. This gives you freedom to basically do just about anything you want to do. Though I’m sure he’ll want to make some kind of agreement with you.

An agreement would mean maybe exclusivity with sex but date anyone you want or it can mean that there are other “rules” to your set up. Unlike most of the other signs; this guy will be very open to ideas you’ve got.

If you are looking for a situation where you can sleep with whomever you choose or want an open relationship; the Gemini man is great for this as well. Again; he has no jealous bone in his body.

He loves variety and feels that you should want it too. It’s more exciting and taboo that way. If you’re alright with swinging that way; he’ll be more than happy to oblige you.

When you want something more serious

attractive sensual couple hugging and lying in white bed - Do Gemini Men Like Being Friends With Benefits

You need to let the Gemini guy know upon getting to know him that you’re reserving intimacy for a future possible relationship. That way nothing is misunderstood.

It may be very hard to resist him but if you want more from him than sex; you’re going to have to hold out a bit. I suggest this where Gemini, Aquarius, and Taurus men are concerned.

If you give your body up to them willingly at the beginning; they will assume that they can keep having sex with you and not have to commit. Why get involved when they don’t need to?

So tread very carefully if you find yourself caring very much about any of these signs. Gemini men will typically need you to tell them what you want. Assuming he’ll commit to you once he is intimate with you is a huge mistake.

This is a red flag and you need to watch yourself when you are involved with a Gemini man in any way. If he starts spending more time with you and showing you signs of wanting to date you; then you’ll be alright to let loose.

Otherwise, hold off and reserve yourself for when he’s ready to actually go somewhere with you. If you do not; you may very well end up hurt and be like some of the women who write in to me broken hearted as well as confused.

It may help you to get to know Gemini man a bit better. Click here for more information so that you are armed with knowledge about him.

I hope this helps you to see that if you jump too fast and give in too quickly; you could end up hurt. Watch yourself and get what you deserve instead!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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8 thoughts on “Do Gemini Men Like Being “Friends With Benefits”: Will He Want More?

  1. I’m a leo woman married to an aquarius man but I really like my male gemini coworker. He has been very vocal to me and our surrounding coworkers that he likes me even want to take me on a date. He has even told our coworkers he knows I’m married and that its okay if he still takes me out. Is this typical of a gemini to feel no type of way about going out with a married woman? Is all he want physical? He is a flirt, a charmer and very sexy and by the way we are not of the same ethnic background and the sexual chemistry is VERY strong. I would have never thought I would ever be interested in another man and on top of that I feel no guilt. I kinda want this to be a whirlwind romance even if it is temporary like a deep passionate secret I’ll always treasure. Please advise.

    1. Hi “I really like him”!

      While it’s exciting that this Gemini guy likes you, you have to keep in mind what your situation is. Gemini will go out with whomever he’s attracted to. My guess is that yes, he will only want to be physical with you because you’re already taken otherwise. This may prove to be more exciting to him due to this. It’s like an exciting game. Once he gets what he wants though, he may bail out. The chemistry may be strong but I wouldn’t give up your marriage for a quick fling. Be very careful about your motives and weigh the risks before you take that chance.

  2. I met a gemini man who was an acquaintance and the other day we randomly went out. The outing turned romantic he was cuddling with me st the movie theater, hugging me and kissing my forehead. He than told me after we got out the movie that he is celebate. I couldn’t control myself because we had an instant connection and we had sex. I texted him today asking if we are good and he said he didn’t see why we couldn’t be friends. So I’m confuse as to if I hurt my chances with him and if I should make it clear I’m not looking for a FWB.

    1. Hi Jazmin!

      It would seem that since your Gemini guy told you he was trying to be celibate that he was trying to save himself for someone special Since you couldn’t help yourself though, you dove in and he accepted it. The thing is, he may now see you as a friend only and not someone who can be more. Only time will tell you for sure. Go ahead and be friends with him and try to flirt with him to see if you get any reactions that indicate him possibly being alright with trying to form something stronger. I wouldn’t engage in sex with him again though unless you two have discussed exclusivity.

  3. I am a married woman to another woman who is in a sexless marriage. I met a Gemini/Taurus cusper man and I am attracted to him. He knows of my situation but began flirting with me. I flirted back and eventually expressed that I would enjoy an FWB with him. He expressed that he NEEDED a friend more than an FWB type of friend. However, we have been hanging out together and engaging in heavy four play and flirting, but no SEX. He is a huge turn on and I have told and showed him how sexually attractive I am with him. Aside from this, I genuinely enjoy his company and we have let’s talk about, although he is a bit reserved due to his previous heartbreak. Every time I think he is not interested or doesn’t want to be bothered, he sends a cute text. I don’t want what we have to end, but the lack of sex from him or the heavy fourplay is keeping dangling on a string. I am beginning to compare my sexless marriage to this sexless but heavy fourplay friendship. I am also learning to give him his space and not be first or quick to text or call first. This is confusing and frustrating as well as mysterious. Please help.

  4. I’m a Virgo woman in love with my Friend of 13 years (4 years fwb) and I’m wanting more with him but so scared to tell him . I did ask him 4 years ago to be more but he said he was happy with the way it was. 3 years later I feel we have become closer and I know he has feelings for me but doesn’t admit them. Says he isn’t jealous but shows it very well he is.. Iv been told it’s best to have him uniate if he wants anything more. Or should I just let go and move on? I’m scared of losing him as I do enjoy the FWB .. So hard

    1. Hi Dee!

      Well if you sit around and wait for him to give you the signal then you’d be waiting a long time if not forever. Go ahead and check in with him. It’s been years since you’ve asked so it’s not like you’re pressuring him. Ask him what he wants and how he feels. If he still doesn’t want to give you more then you may need to let go and move forward with your life. If you want to know more about Gemini man, check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets!

  5. Help! I’m in love with my gemini friend 13 years of friendship and 4 years ( FWB) Now When I separated with my ex husband I got with him (fwb) after 4 months I asked if we could take it further. He stated he was happy as it was. We didn’t speak for afew weeks as was so upset but I thought ok it’s early stages don’t push. Fast track 3 years later, we have become closer. We are in contact everyday if not it’s one or two days or not talking . He has shown very much his jealousy even though admits he isn’t. Questions me about other men, says i’m free to sleep with them etc. Mind you his the only man iv slept with since seperating. I don’t want to. I have found he definitely has feelings but holds them in a lot. His actions everything comes across we are together but we aren’t. he has told me in general convo that his happy to have someone but not get married etc . It’s come to a point now where since the first time I met him laid eyes on him he has taken my heart. Iv fallen deeply in love with him and don’t know what to do anymore. Do I ask again for something more or let him make the move and if he does. He does always say great friends great sex but I know deep down there’s more for him. Even friends say it .. I’m happy as we are but I know iv he wanted more he would have asked me out already. Not sure confused and in love..

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