Being Friends With Benefits With Gemini Man: What To Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What does friends with benefits mean to a Gemini man? With these explanations, you should be good to go with your no strings attached sex friends agreement.

Being friends with benefits with a Gemini man definitely has its perks, but have you ever considered the negatives? It takes a lot of strength to be friends with benefits with a Gemini man and it may not be everything it is cracked up to be. 

I think most women go into a Gemini men friends with benefits scenario because they secretly hope that the Gemini man will develop feelings for her. Unfortunately, most of the time, this just doesn’t happen. 

Are you sure you want to get into a friends with benefits situation with a Gemini man? What do friends with benefits mean to a Gemini man? With these explanations, you should be good to go with your no strings attached sex friends agreement. Continue reading to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Do Gemini Men Get Attached Easily?

Gemini men are a lot of fun. These guys are so charismatic and likeable for a reason. They know how to have a good time and being with one of them can feel like you are on top of the world. 

However, when it comes to love and romance, Gemini men aren’t exactly the most committed. These guys will have multiple girlfriends if they could because variety and excitement are so important to them. They just really hate being bored. 

This is probably the reason why Gemini men like being in a friends with benefits type of situation. It suits their personality perfectly because they get to date multiple people because there is no talk about commitment. 

The options are endless for a Gemini man when he has a friends with benefits. He will feel like the top man because he can do whatever he wants with whoever he pleases. And because you might have agreed to this scenario as well, he won’t understand why you might want more from him. 

Absolutely he will undoubtedly allow himself to take on a friend with benefits. In fact; he may have more than one if he’s able to pull it off. Gemini men don’t really like to jump into commitments.

He would prefer to have a “friends with benefits” type of situation or have an offer to have an open relationship. Gemini men prefer Poly Amory if they can have it. It gives them the variety and excitement they crave.

So yes, he definitely enjoys having these types of setups. He can have sex with a friend of whom he has some trust in while he flirts around with other ladies. He has no consequences or ties to worry about.

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3 Signs A Gemini Man Just Wants To Be Friends

You might have feelings for a Gemini man, but it is possible that all he wants from you is friendship. You need to know what signs to look out for to recognize that a Gemini man just wants to be friends:

1. He Brings Up Other Women In Conversation

When a Gemini just wants to be friends with you, he will have no problem mentioning other women in conversation. He’ll let you know all everything about who he is interested in and who he has been going on dates with. 

He might do this unconsciously because he just sees you as a friend and figures you’re just having a conversation, or he knows that you have feelings for him and he is trying to deter you from letting you subtly know that he isn’t interested. 

2. He Never Gets Jealous Around You

A Gemini man who just wants to be friends with you, will never get jealous if you mention other men. He’ll have a very blase reaction or feel happy for you because you are dating someone else. 

Jealousy is usually a good indicator that a Gemini man has feelings for you, so when there isn’t any jealousy, chances are good that he doesn’t really have feelings for you and just wants to be friends. 

3. He Doesn’t Flirt With You

A Gemini man is one of the biggest charmers around. This guy definitely knows how to flirt and use his words to make you weak in the knees. You’ll definitely know if a Gemini man is flirting with you.

So when a Gemini man never flirts with you, then you definitely know he only wants to be friends with you. He is putting major boundaries between the two of you to let you know he’s only interested in being friends. 

What To Do If A Gemini Man Just Wants To Be Friends?

It can be pretty heartbreaking when you come to realize that your Gemini man only wants to be friends when you want more. There are a couple of things you can do. 

You can accept this and try to move on and forget about your feelings for him because your friendship with him is more important to you. Or, you could always try your best to seduce him, but this may lead to you feeling even more heartbroken. 

Gemini Man Just Wants To Hook Up — How To Know For Sure

All men are the same, even Gemini men and there are always a few signs you can look out for to help you understand that a Gemini man just wants to hook up with you and nothing more. Here are the signs to look out for:

Attractive young people lying on the bed and smiling - Do Gemini Men Like Being Friends With Benefits

He Tries To Get In Your Pants Without Getting To Know You First

If he’s trying to get you into bed upon just having met you; he’s only trying to get into your pants. It does NOT mean he wants to have a relationship or even date you. So please be careful when you try to form some sort of bond with a Gemini man.

Not all of them will just dive into bed with anyone but many of them actually will. They love having a variety of women to choose from to feed their ego and to keep themselves from being bored.

He Isn’t Willing To Wait To Sleep With You

If you meet a Gemini guy or have met him already and you’re really into him; hold off on the sex if you can. I know it will be difficult because he is so mouth watering but; if you can wait; you’ll have a better chance at an actual relationship.

It will be very easy to tell that he only wants to sleep with you if he isn’t willing to wait for it. This just shows he really isn’t interested in making an investment by getting to know you. Gemini man only wants sex, and doesn’t care about the rest. 

He Tells You Directly

A Gemini man is really great at communication. He will tell you directly about how he feels about you and what his expectations are for his connection with you. If he only wants sex, he is going to say so. 

He’ll let you know that he isn’t interested in anything more and he won’t be able to give you what you want if you are looking for a relationship with him. He can be very direct and honest. A Gemini man just wants to hook up when he tells you straight. Believe him!

You Only Hear From Him When He Wants To Hook Up

As I mentioned above, a Gemini man is great at communication. Usually, he is stuck to his phone constantly texting and keeping in contact with people. He loves to chat and communicate. 

However, if you only hear from your Gemini man when he wants to hook up, chances are, that is all he is interested in getting from you. He is keeping you at arm’s length for a reason. This is the classic case of a Gemini man friends with benefits scenario. 

You Don’t Have His Number

If a Gemini man is only contacting you on social media then chances are he is only interested in one thing. This shows that he doesn’t really care to invest his time in you. 

He might be extremely flirty and drop many hints, but if he isn’t asking for your number, then he probably only wants to hook up, or even just have flirty conversations with you. He isn’t interested.

When He Sends Mixed Signals

A Gemini man who is unsure about what he actually wants will always send very mixed signals. This is because he trying to figure things out and isn’t exactly sure if you are the right fit for him. 

One minute a Gemini man might be hot, the next cold. This is the classic sign that maybe he just wants to hook up, but he isn’t even sure of that himself. Give him some space to figure it out.

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What To Do If A Gemini Man Just Wants To Hook Up?

If a Gemini man just wants to hook up then it would be a good idea for you to evaluate what you actually want. Would you be okay to find yourself in this type of scenario?

It is important that you listen to your own gut, don’t let him fool you into thinking you would be okay with this when you aren’t. Do what feels right for you. It is okay to not to want this. When you get clear about what you want it will be easier for you to make a decision. 

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What If Your Gemini Man Is Falling For You? 3 Signs A Gemini Man Likes You More Than Friends

There is always the chance that a Gemini man might realize he actually has really strong feelings for you and he wants to be more than just friends. Here are some signs a Gemini Man is falling for you:

1. He Gives You A Lot Of Affection

Generally, Gemini men are very communicative, and they are not shy when it comes to expressing their feelings to the woman that they care about. When a Gemini man kisses you often, you know he has a lot of affection for you, and you know he is in love with you.

There’s no doubt he’s in love with you and thinks that you are amazing, but the fact that he is using his mouth more to kiss you than to talk is a pretty good sign that he loves you and thinks you’re amazing! There is no doubt that you are one lucky girl, for sure!

Actually, Gemini men have one of the most specific love languages of all Zodiac signs. I covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Gemini Love Language guide << I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his Love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

2. He Has Pet Names For You

Men with the sign of Gemini usually have cute little pet names that they like to use for the woman they fancy. The intent of this gesture is to let you know that he adores you and that he is falling in love with you. 

As far as he is concerned, he is not the type of guy that goes around calling anyone baby. It is obvious to him that the words he speaks will have consequences in the long run!

His way of telling you that you are really special to him is to call you baby. It is his way of telling you that he appreciates you and that you are an important part of his life. There is no doubt in my mind that he is falling in love with you!

3. He Checks Up On You

You can count on him to check in on you every once in a while to see how you are doing; especially if you are feeling sick. You can be sure that the Gemini man cares about you and wants to make sure that everything is going smoothly for you.

There is a good chance that when he is not with you he will text you or call you to “check in” with you to make sure that everything is still going well for you or if you need anything. This is one of the things that makes him so endearing.

When you find that he starts checking in on you more and more, then that is a sign that a Gemini man has got it bad for you. It makes him feel better if he can ensure that his lady love is in good health and has all she needs.

It is not uncommon for them to check up on you more than once a day. The way he goes about it may seem a little obsessive, but it’s really just a sign that he can’t get you off of his mind and wants to make sure you are aware of it.

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Pros And Cons Of Being Friends With Benefits With A Gemini Man

There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to going friends with benefits with a Gemini man. Here are some things you need to think about before making this decision for yourself:

Pros Of Being Friends With Benefits With A Gemini Man

  1. You don’t have to put any romantic effort into the relationship because expectations are low
  2. You can focus on other things like your career and aspirations whilst still having your physical needs met
  3. You don’t have to wonder when you will have sex again because it is available when you need it

Cons Of Being Friends With Benefits With A Gemini Man

  1. Either of you might fall for each other and this could ruin your friendship
  2. He isn’t going to be there for you emotionally when you need him
  3. You might lose a really good friend

Will You Get Out Of The Friends With Benefits Phase And Get Serious? — Based On Your Sign

Every sign reacts completely differently to a friends with benefits situation. Some signs prefer relationships, while others hate commitment. Who is the most likely to change a friends with benefits set up with a Gemini? Keep on reading to find out who is most likely to get serious:

Aries 8/10

Aries, you’re not too bothered about a commitment. You are one of those people who can happily live in the moment and appreciate a situation for what it is. You’re unlikely to want something more, usually its the men who keep chasing you because you are so exciting! 

You have minimal expectations and don’t really mind fooling around. However, when you put your mind to it you can make anything happen. So if you want something more from your Gemini man, you’re the one to change his mind!

Taurus 3/10

Taurus, relationships are really important to you. You want commitment and longevity from someone. You hate relationships that have no long-term goal in mind. You’re the type to want to settle down. 

However, this will sound totally nightmarish for a Gemini man who needs change and versatility as often as possible. The fact is, you’re probably the last person to ever find yourself in a friends with benefits situation because you know it’s just not for you in the first place.

Gemini 10/10

Gemini, if there is one person who completely understands where their Gemini man is coming from, it has to be you. You totally get his need for change, excitement, and variety. The two of you can keep each other on your toes. 

Because you both have similar needs in your relationships it is quite likely that something deeper can grow from your connection with each other. If you both agree on becoming more serious, the two of you can really make it work and have a lot of fun together. 

Cancer 6/10

Cancer, you’re the type of girl who needs a lot of emotional support and a strong connection with your sexual partner. However, you are also a fixer and you might find yourself in a friends with benefits relationship with a Gemini man because you believe you can change him. 

This will only lead you to get quite hurt, so you need to be careful of falling for your Gemini man. Just remember he isn’t super emotional and you might not get your needs met if you continue. Best to stay away!

Leo 7/10

Leo, you’re fun and flirty, but when you fall for someone, you usually fall quite hard! You are the type of girl who thinks she is good and chilled when it comes to a friends with benefits situationship, but you’re actually really vulnerable when your heart is on the line. 

You can definitely bring the excitement and energy your Gemini man is looking for in a partnership. If there is anyone who can make him go crazy and want something more, then it is you. Just be careful with your own heart!

Virgo 8.5/10

Virgo, you’re extremely practical and pragmatic. You know what you want in life and tend to be extremely realistic. When a friends with benefits situation presents itself in your life with a Gemini man, you are likely to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You are one of the very few women who could possibly handle this and reap all the rewards because you kept your expectations low. You get everything you need and probably don’t want to get serious with your Gemini, but if you did, you could make it happen.

Libra 9/10

Libra, you love being in love, but you are also a flirt and a charmer. Until you make a commitment with someone you are likely to have a string of suitors on your doorstep. So a friends with benefits situation suits you perfectly. 

You also have enough charm and beauty to make any man weak at the knees, so if you really wanted your Gemini man to commit to you and become serious. You could probably make it happen!

Scorpio 6/10

Scorpio, you are deep and intense, when you fall for someone you fall hard. However, you are also extremely sexual and you like to have your physical needs met. You’d prefer to sleep with someone you have a connection with, but sometimes you just need sex. 

Your depth could be quite intimidating for your Gemini man, so he might be a little frightened at your intensity. However, if you can remain relaxed and laidback, there is definitely a chance that he could fall for you and want something more serious. 

Sagittarius 10/10

Sagittarius, you and your Gemini man are very similar. The two of you are basically two peas in a pod. You both approach relationships very similarly, and you are unlikely to ever want something more. 

The two of you can have so much fun together, and enjoy the friends with benefits for what it is. This really takes the pressure off the relationship because you both know where you stand with one another. 

Capricorn 4/10

Capricorn, you are as serious as they come. Everything you approach in life has a serious and stern quality to it. You are the type of person who is unlikely to ever find herself in a friends with benefits situation with a Gemini because the two of you have very little in common. 

However, if you do find yourself in this situation, you are no fool and know exactly what you are getting yourself into. A relationship with a Gemini man is not really what you want out of life, so you’re unlikely to pursue it. 

Aquarius 7.5/10

Aquarius, you and your Gemini man are a very good match when it comes to a friends with benefits situation. You are both a little detached and not overly emotional at all. 

If you wanted something serious with a Gemini man, you could probably make it happen. But, you aren’t the type of girl who is overly interested in committed relationships. Your freedom and independence are very important to you!

Pisces 6.5/10

Pisces, you’re a very emotional person, but there is a side to you that can be quite non-committal and go with the flow. This means that being in a friends with benefits with a Gemini man could be very well suited to your personality. That is if you don’t develop feelings for him…

You’re unlikely to want more from him though because he might be a little too in his head, and you like it most when you can connect to someone on a deep emotional level. 

Is Your Gemini Man (Still) Avoiding Commitment?

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Gemini men with an Avoidant Attachment Style may struggle to commit due to childhood trauma, making it difficult for them to form deep emotional connections.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

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8 thoughts on “Being Friends With Benefits With Gemini Man: What To Expect?

  1. I’m a leo woman married to an aquarius man but I really like my male gemini coworker. He has been very vocal to me and our surrounding coworkers that he likes me even want to take me on a date. He has even told our coworkers he knows I’m married and that its okay if he still takes me out. Is this typical of a gemini to feel no type of way about going out with a married woman? Is all he want physical? He is a flirt, a charmer and very sexy and by the way we are not of the same ethnic background and the sexual chemistry is VERY strong. I would have never thought I would ever be interested in another man and on top of that I feel no guilt. I kinda want this to be a whirlwind romance even if it is temporary like a deep passionate secret I’ll always treasure. Please advise.

    1. Hi “I really like him”!

      While it’s exciting that this Gemini guy likes you, you have to keep in mind what your situation is. Gemini will go out with whomever he’s attracted to. My guess is that yes, he will only want to be physical with you because you’re already taken otherwise. This may prove to be more exciting to him due to this. It’s like an exciting game. Once he gets what he wants though, he may bail out. The chemistry may be strong but I wouldn’t give up your marriage for a quick fling. Be very careful about your motives and weigh the risks before you take that chance.

  2. I met a gemini man who was an acquaintance and the other day we randomly went out. The outing turned romantic he was cuddling with me st the movie theater, hugging me and kissing my forehead. He than told me after we got out the movie that he is celebate. I couldn’t control myself because we had an instant connection and we had sex. I texted him today asking if we are good and he said he didn’t see why we couldn’t be friends. So I’m confuse as to if I hurt my chances with him and if I should make it clear I’m not looking for a FWB.

    1. Hi Jazmin!

      It would seem that since your Gemini guy told you he was trying to be celibate that he was trying to save himself for someone special Since you couldn’t help yourself though, you dove in and he accepted it. The thing is, he may now see you as a friend only and not someone who can be more. Only time will tell you for sure. Go ahead and be friends with him and try to flirt with him to see if you get any reactions that indicate him possibly being alright with trying to form something stronger. I wouldn’t engage in sex with him again though unless you two have discussed exclusivity.

  3. I am a married woman to another woman who is in a sexless marriage. I met a Gemini/Taurus cusper man and I am attracted to him. He knows of my situation but began flirting with me. I flirted back and eventually expressed that I would enjoy an FWB with him. He expressed that he NEEDED a friend more than an FWB type of friend. However, we have been hanging out together and engaging in heavy four play and flirting, but no SEX. He is a huge turn on and I have told and showed him how sexually attractive I am with him. Aside from this, I genuinely enjoy his company and we have let’s talk about, although he is a bit reserved due to his previous heartbreak. Every time I think he is not interested or doesn’t want to be bothered, he sends a cute text. I don’t want what we have to end, but the lack of sex from him or the heavy fourplay is keeping dangling on a string. I am beginning to compare my sexless marriage to this sexless but heavy fourplay friendship. I am also learning to give him his space and not be first or quick to text or call first. This is confusing and frustrating as well as mysterious. Please help.

  4. I’m a Virgo woman in love with my Friend of 13 years (4 years fwb) and I’m wanting more with him but so scared to tell him . I did ask him 4 years ago to be more but he said he was happy with the way it was. 3 years later I feel we have become closer and I know he has feelings for me but doesn’t admit them. Says he isn’t jealous but shows it very well he is.. Iv been told it’s best to have him uniate if he wants anything more. Or should I just let go and move on? I’m scared of losing him as I do enjoy the FWB .. So hard

    1. Hi Dee!

      Well if you sit around and wait for him to give you the signal then you’d be waiting a long time if not forever. Go ahead and check in with him. It’s been years since you’ve asked so it’s not like you’re pressuring him. Ask him what he wants and how he feels. If he still doesn’t want to give you more then you may need to let go and move forward with your life. If you want to know more about Gemini man, check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets!

  5. Help! I’m in love with my gemini friend 13 years of friendship and 4 years ( FWB) Now When I separated with my ex husband I got with him (fwb) after 4 months I asked if we could take it further. He stated he was happy as it was. We didn’t speak for afew weeks as was so upset but I thought ok it’s early stages don’t push. Fast track 3 years later, we have become closer. We are in contact everyday if not it’s one or two days or not talking . He has shown very much his jealousy even though admits he isn’t. Questions me about other men, says i’m free to sleep with them etc. Mind you his the only man iv slept with since seperating. I don’t want to. I have found he definitely has feelings but holds them in a lot. His actions everything comes across we are together but we aren’t. he has told me in general convo that his happy to have someone but not get married etc . It’s come to a point now where since the first time I met him laid eyes on him he has taken my heart. Iv fallen deeply in love with him and don’t know what to do anymore. Do I ask again for something more or let him make the move and if he does. He does always say great friends great sex but I know deep down there’s more for him. Even friends say it .. I’m happy as we are but I know iv he wanted more he would have asked me out already. Not sure confused and in love..

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