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Why Hasn’t My Gemini Guy Made a Move Yet?

Some women write in to me from time to time frustrated that the Gemini guy they like or have been flirting with still hasn’t asked them out. It’s confusing for sure and here are some reasons why he may not be moving forward yet.

He Isn’t Emotionally Available

If you don’t see a ring; it doesn’t mean that he isn’t already involved. If you don’t know him well but he flirts with you endlessly; he may actually already be in a relationship with someone.

He could even be married. Some Gemini men do not like to wear a wedding band as they don’t want the masses knowing he’s married. He’s a bit ego driven and wants every woman to think he’s available.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat though. The thing is; Gemini men are HUGE flirts. They will go to their graves flirting with as many women as they possibly can.

It takes a strong woman who understands this about him to be able to tolerate his behavior. He just cannot seem to help himself. Even when he is out with his lady love; he may still have roving eyes.

He appreciates women in their entire splendor. When I say he’s emotionally unavailable; he’s either married, in a relationship, or he’s been hurt so much that he has a wall up preventing him from moving forward with anyone.

The only way you can possibly know this is to get to know him better over time. Start asking him questions that would force him to reveal to you what his case may be.

Be friends with him. His flirting is typically very harmless but can be heavy. If he doesn’t pursue you once you flirt back and let him know you’re interested; he’s probably not available.

He’s Not Sure

Portrait of a Young Man Thinking in city park - Why Hasn’t My Gemini Guy Made a Move Yet

In the case that the Gemini man isn’t sure if he should get to know you more or not; he will seem reserved. He’ll still flirt with you but he may not yet be ready to ask you out.

If you’ve let it be known that you are interested in him and still he hesitates; it’s possible he’s been very hurt before and isn’t sure if he wants to proceed or not. Give him a little time.

Now when you’ve talked to him and you’ve figured out that it’s not the first thing I mentioned; it simply means that he isn’t sure about you or he isn’t sure he wants to initiate a relationship that he cannot fully immerse himself into.

Gemini men are notorious for starting things they cannot finish. Relationships can sometimes be the same. However; most Gemini men are very leery about commitment anyway.

They tend to take a good long while before they will commit to anyone. If he dives in too quickly; he’ll likely end up bailing out because he realizes it was a mistake to hop on in too soon.

That means if he’s holding back; he may be trying to get a feel for you and trying to see if you’re someone he’d like to try to form something a little more with.

He’s Asked You Out Once or Twice

There are some Gemini men that will ask a woman out maybe once or twice and then start backing off. This leaves a woman frustrated as she believes that there was something forming.

He may see it that way as well which can potentially scare him. Again; he’s one that likes to take his time and if he senses that you’re getting too serious too quickly; he’ll want to make sure that things slow down.

He really should just tell you that he’s trying to slow down because it’s going too fast but he doesn’t know how to deal with emotional situations very easily. Instead he’ll just give off that “cold” behavior instead.

When you’ve already gone out with him at least once; he could also be back peddling. Gemini loves the thrill of flirting. If he feels things are headed down a road he isn’t interested in; he backs off.

The only real way to get at the heart of the matter here is to ask him what he sees your situation as. Ask him if he’s interested in getting to know each other more or if he’s unsure. He should be able to tell you.

He Isn’t Into You Like He Thought He Was

Man ignoring woman and reads a newspaper - Why Hasn’t My Gemini Guy Made a Move Yet

Gemini men change their minds often. They also change their mood often. As such; he may really like you one day and then the next; he isn’t into you at all. Gemini men have complicated personalities.

They are dual in nature which means that their two different ways of thinking constantly go back and forth. This makes it hard for him to process the way the other men do.

Sometimes he will seem as though he’s really into it and wants to take things further. Then he becomes cold and you don’t hear from him for awhile. You may not even hear back from him at all.

If you’ve gone out with him and you’re sure he’s not in a relationship, not married, and not afraid; then it may just be that he’s not as into you as he originally thought he was.

Sadly the way he changes his mind can cause a whole lot of confusion for the poor woman that thought she was getting somewhere with her Gentle Gemini man. However; he’s changed his mind and likely moved on.

So when he’s endlessly flirting with you and yet it seems to be going nowhere; why don’t you try asking him out? Maybe he isn’t totally sure you like him. Ask him for coffee or dessert. You’ll figure out at that point if he does like you or not.

Take that opportunity to find out what his deal is. Get to know your Gemini man! Click here for more clues about the Gemini man’s personality.

I hope this helps you find out why he may not be moving forward with you or if you need to go ahead and make your own move.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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  1. So I’ve been talking to a Gemini man for 4 months and we literally clicked instantly… only thing he hasn’t asked me out yet he’s mentioned before how he wants to see me but doesn’t make the move so have I but sometimes he dodges it sometimes he says how we’re going to be together and how I’ve mentioned my family he doesn’t dodge that .. when we first started talking he did mention how he was looking for a girlfriend I find it weird how we haven’t seen each other yet and us being so interested into each other

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