Are Gemini Men Perverts? What Makes Them So Flirty?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are Gemini men perverts? Sometimes he may come across as a total pervert while he’s staring you up and down and making a comment on how sexy you are.

Upon meeting a Gemini man; he will be very charming and probably flirty. Sometimes he may come across as a total pervert while he’s staring you up and down and making a comment on how sexy you are. Here are some things you may want to know.

The Short Answer

Yes, some Gemini men; if not all; have a perverted side. The good news is; it’s totally and completely harmless. While he talks the talk, he is actually careful with what he says and to whom.

Gemini man isn’t going to tell a strange woman that her boobs are flattering. He may stare at them while he’s talking to her but he won’t say anything until he gets to know her. Flirting with his eyes is something that is a bit harder to control.

What is funny is that; they really aren’t that sexually motivated. They will have sex for sure but they are more mentally stimulated than they are by the act itself. So having sex with a woman mentally is more exciting for him.

If he sees a really sexy woman in person; he’ll be more excited by daydreaming about what he could do with her rather than actually going home with her to do it. This is what makes them notorious flirts.

He will be especially excited if she is actually flirty back. Banter back and forth will have him heading for a shower where he can “rub one out” while thinking about his encounter with her.

He Isn’t a Threat

sexy macho man kissing woman breasts in nature - Are Gemini Men Perverts

While the Gemini man is a huge flirt; he will not ever try to cross lines that aren’t meant to be crossed. Only a woman he’s gotten to know and is even good friends with will hear his real thoughts.

He’s not a predator by any means so you never have to worry about things like this. Unless he’s a mental case; he’ll be absolutely harmless. In fact; he tends to like lifting women up by telling them how beautiful they are.

If he knows a female friend that feels down; he may tell her how desirable she is and how he’ll think about her later when he goes to relieve his tension. He’s not doing it an offensive way though. He’s doing it in a flattering way.

Of course; it’s all in how the woman receives the information as far as what she thinks about it. He’ll normally get to know that woman first to know how she may respond to his gestures.

When he realizes a woman is uncomfortable with such type of banter; he will certainly not talk that way to her. He also will not betray his wife if he is married by crossing any lines.

Any wife of his had better understand that he has a hard time not flirting though. If she isn’t worried or jealous about it; that’s the very best approach to take when being married to a Gemini man.

Cerebral Sexuality

Again, the Gemini man is turned on intellectually. While he can appreciate a woman’s body; he’s more into who that woman is. He wants to know how smart she is, how confident and independent she is.

When he thinks of those things; he looks at her true inner beauty and finds her far more attractive than most other men. He’ll be wildly turned on by a woman he knows who is very confident in herself.

These are the types of women he has a hard time resisting and not flirting with. His female friends that he has a bond with will be the ones that “get” that he isn’t a threat at all. They realize he’s just a bit of a perv and leave it at that.

Truly seeing a woman thrive in her element will turn this guy on big time. Especially if she’s a writer, poet, or creator of some other type of art. Since he’s also in tune with the artistic side of life; he’ll appreciate her approach to the topic.

His brain will be in tune with his nether regions and will help him become more excited about a woman. If you do not mind him becoming incredibly turned on by listening to you talk about what is important to you; you’ll be just fine.

Do not be surprised if you’re sitting there with a Gemini guy who suddenly becomes erect simply by you talking about your goals and passions in life. Watching you become stimulated by what you’re talking about will stimulate him.

Most men think with their other brain and that doesn’t end well for them. Gemini men think with the correct brain most of the time. The two can tie in together of course but the sex will not be nearly as hot without mental stimulation first.

He’s an Open Book with Sex

Close up portrait of romantic attractive sensual couple in love hugging - Are Gemini Men Perverts

The Gemini man isn’t afraid to tell you what he likes or doesn’t like when it comes to sex. This is what makes him so kinky and yet thrilling to be with sexually. What woman doesn’t want a sexy man whispering in her ear what he’d like to do to her?

Also if you’re into trying new things like bringing in other partners, watching, or even making your fantasies come to life; the Gemini is the guy that will give you what you want.

He’ll be up for whatever you can think of. He may not repeat some of the things but he’s always willing to give it a try. He is one of the most sexually aware men of the Zodiac but he does prefer you go through his brain first.

What else turns a Gemini man on? Click here to find out more if you’d like to give him the best you can. Perhaps you’ll get your fill with a Gemini man in more ways than one.

I hope this helps you discover that the Gemini man is not only harmless but really sexy!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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3 thoughts on “Are Gemini Men Perverts? What Makes Them So Flirty?

  1. I need to know will i ever get my gemini man back were still friends and have a good realationship and tell each other everything have sex were bestfr i need to know please we been through everything i went to jail with him everything

    1. Hi Keena!

      There is no way to know that through Astrology sweetheart. It sounds like you need to look up a Psychic or Tarot card reader than can look to see if there is still a possibility or not. Astrology is based on facts but there is still always free will involved. Life is very subjective. Getting back together relies on both of you having the desire to do so. All you can do is talk to him and ask him if there is a chance. If he is wishy washy or won’t give you an answer then it means no and you should move on. I hope this helps!

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