How To Get A Gemini Man To Commit — Important Things About Gemini Man Commitment

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you been seeing or dating a Gemini man but want to get more serious with him? Find out how to get a Gemini man to commit to you.

How to get a Gemini man to commit to you is one of the most frequent questions I get as an Astrologer. These men are very popular for a reason, but they are often quite impossible to tie down in a relationship. 

However, there are some signs a Gemini man is ready to commit and that may very well be with you! But you need to know if a Gemini man is testing you or if he is actually ready to enter a serious relationship with you. 

If these are some of the concepts you have been wrestling with, then this is probably the right place for you! Keep on reading to find out more about Gemini men and how to get a Gemini man to commit to you once and for all!

Gemini Man And Commitment — What Makes A Gemini Man Want To Commit?

There are a few golden rules Gemini men follow in their life, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships. Commitment isn’t the thing that comes that easily to these gentlemen, so you really need to blow them away if you really want to get him to commit to you.

Here are some of your need to knows:

Why Are Gemini Men Slow To Commit?

A Gemini man taking things slow is definitely not an uncommon experience. These guys will run away at commitment every chance they get, but when a woman makes an impact on them, he might start to see things differently. 

However, he is still going to take things slow, especially because this is such new territory for him and he might be afraid of what might happen if he truly allows himself to be vulnerable, so you need to be very patient with them. 

Having feelings for a woman can really freak a Gemini man out and if you put more pressure on him than what he can handle, he will disappear sooner than you expect!

5 Clear Signs A Gemini Man Is Ready To Commit

You might wonder where your Gemini man’s head is at, but here are some of the definite signs a Gemini man is ready to commit:

1. He’s Stopped Looking For Other Interests

He has been around long enough for you to realize that in his natural state, he is always seeking new hobbies, new interests, and even new friends. 

A Gemini man is ready to commit when he stops looking outside of you for novelty to satisfy his need for commitment. There is no doubt that he has found everything he needs in you!

His social butterfly nature has always led him to flit from flower to flower. In addition, he’ll likely still be social, but now he’s not looking to other people to fulfill any needs, just to live out his true, talkative nature. 

Additionally, these talkative guys won’t pause their conversation with you if they get a text while talking to you, or worse, ignore you while you speak. The moment he’s ready to commit, he’ll be completely absorbed by what you’re saying and won’t look at anyone else. 

2. He Talks To You A Lot

You are the target of all the internal chatter that a Gemini channels outward when he is in love. The one he loves the most is the best person to speak to about everything going on inside of him. 

Throughout the day, he will bombard you with texts. You will find that your Gemini has been chatting with himself in your text messages after a few hours! Whenever he has something to say, he can’t wait to share it with you. 

Due to a Gemini’s tendency to spread his thoughts everywhere, this is the highest honor. You are the only person he has chosen to share his inner thoughts with, and this is just about the biggest sign of dedication you’ll ever receive from a Gemini.

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3. He Wants To Be With You

Typically, Gemini men are eager to speak with as many people as possible, and they wish they could be everywhere at once, if they could. In contrast, a Gemini who is ready to commit will be by your side more often than in the past. 

Committed Gemini will not leave you alone. Rather than being jealous or possessive, a Gemini man genuinely wants all of his new and exciting experiences to also be yours.               

Generally, he wants to be in the middle of the action, so who’s with him isn’t necessarily as important as just having people around. It’s not the case with Geminis who are committed!

Geminis are always looking for interesting and new experiences to share with you. You are the person they want to share it with and talk with about it. It’s important to him that you know everything about what you’re into, too! 

4. He Gives You Lots Of Compliments

A Gemini who isn’t committed often talks a lot, but doesn’t always mean what they say. It’s just that they enjoy working with words, and if they can fix the situation with a few pretty words, why not? 

You will receive truly authentic compliments from a Gemini who is settling into being your companion. You’ll likely be able to learn more about them from them, and they’ll be genuine in their explanations. 

A person complimenting your intellect is a very cerebral sign that you have their heart. Gemini men are addicted to smart women.

If your Gemini guy says this compliment repeatedly, you can tell he’s sincere. When something is deeply meaningful to them, they tend to repeat themselves, so keep an eye out for that!

5. He Involves You With His Friends

Since Geminis are talkers and movers, it’s no wonder they’ve gathered so many comrades along the way. You see, he needed a lot of confidants before you came along!

Once he asks you to hang out with him and his friends together, you’ll know he has accepted you. The social connections he has are his bread and butter, so he values them highly. You know you’ve made it when he invites you to join him and his friends for drinks. 

When his friends approve of you, you have him really pinned down. In the case of a positive reaction from his friends, he will open up quickly.

The friends will ask for your number, ask him to bring you to hangouts, and make sure to check on you regarding you when they are asking for your number.

How To Get A Gemini Man To Commit — 5 Must Follow Rules

There is one thing to know what signs a Gemini man displays when he is ready to commit, but how to convince a Gemini man to commit is definitely a different story.

Check out these surefire ways to get a Gemini man to commit to you:

1. Be Open and Go With The Flow

Geminis are easygoing and prefer to let things move at their own pace. The reason he doesn’t like to be pressured into a relationship is because he doesn’t want to feel forced. The first thing he would like to do is get to know you better.

You will be more successful in getting him to commit to you if you operate on his level. It’s important to him that you’re the right woman for him. Demonstrate your suitability for him.

Whenever he texts you a lot and then stops for a while, don’t panic or get angry with him. As a dual personality, he could be testing you on one hand and his freedom on the other.

It is only when he feels free with a person that he will feel comfortable committing to her. In many cases, women get upset and give them a hard time when they don’t respond within a certain time frame.

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2. Keep Being Exciting and Enticing

Make sure you keep up your charms, intelligence, and wit if you’ve managed to attract a Gemini man. You might lose him if you don’t keep being the same person you were when he met you.

Having fun, being exciting, and being spontaneous will be important to him. He will continue to get to know you this way as long as you keep his interest. He will get to know you better the more time he spends with you.

Don’t be emotional about it, but always be truthful with him. Using a more logical approach, tell him what needs to be said. He will appreciate it, and you will be able to relate to him on a deeper level than he might have been able to on an emotional level.

You can talk about a bunch of fun things or you can go out and do stuff together. Whenever he’s free, he’s looking for ways to enjoy himself. That would be a great help to him if you could help him.

3. Keep Flirting!

Never underestimate the importance of flirting with your Gemini man. By quitting flirting with him, he will feel that you don’t care about him anymore or are bored, which will make him bored as well.

You may find it tiring to keep up with him at times, but if you keep flirting as much as possible, he will stick around for the long run. The more comfortable he feels with you, the more he feels good about himself.

As a result, he feels reassured that you are someone he wants to spend a lot of time with, if not forever. You can spice things up with your Gemini guy by turning the heat up a bit.

Get his attention by holding his hands, kissing him, or grabbing his rear end (or slapping it). Keeping the passion alive is all that matters. Keeping the flirty side of yourself up for him will make things much easier.

4. No Expectations

Unmet expectations will kill a relationship faster than anything else. In a relationship with a Gemini man, this is especially true. Now is the time to let go of any expectations you may have!

You might find frustration, disappointment, and possibly a breakup if you expect certain things from him. Every Gemini man lives his life as it comes. Unlike most people, he doesn’t plan ahead.

He may resist your attempts to plan his life for him. Premeditation is never good, and he sees this as such. Having expectations means being hurt or angry if he doesn’t fulfill your desires when you expect him to.

Opening the door to your own feelings is the last thing you want to do. Expecting him to be himself is usually the best course of action. You may achieve great success if you allow the relationship to be what it is without labeling or hurrying it.

In your quest to get commitment from this man, pushing him or expecting him to go faster won’t work. Don’t rush the relationship, and try to take it day by day. There is a possibility that you will be less vulnerable this way.

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5. Give Him Space

A Gemini man will always want a little wiggle room to spend some time alone or with friends without you. His reason for wanting to be alone from time to time isn’t that he’s sick of you; it’s that he wants to be himself by himself.

It’s a way for him to check in with himself and stretch his freedom. He will really appreciate you if you let him do this without being hard on him. Ideally, you should also spend some time without him.

When you spend some time with your friends or do your own thing, you will give him the assurance that you won’t be jealous or possessive of him. The more trust you have in him, the more likely he is to commit to you.

When he decides whether to commit to someone, this is one of the things he looks for. Maintaining a busy schedule may help. His biggest turn off is laziness.

Gemini Man Commitment Issues — Why Are Geminis Afraid Of Commitment?

I often get asked why can’t Geminis commit, and the answer is quite simple, they have a massive case of FOMO going on. They think if they don’t try everything out at least once, they will miss out. 

For a Gemini man it seems to be that the grass is always greener on the other side. A Gemini commitment phobic man is a real issue and this is why they are always pursuing casual relationships. 

It is much easier for these men to stay unattached than actually discover the beauty of a committed relationship. They are the ones missing out. Here are a couple more reasons why Gemini men are afraid of commitment:

He’s Easily Distracted

In the Zodiac, Gemini men are associated with the third house, the house of communication, siblings, and daily happenings. There’s a lot of focus on what’s happening right now in this house. 

Think of the Gemini’s mind like a daily newspaper. It heralds a new big headline every day, and every day he spreads himself far and wide to make sure the public is informed about today’s big news. And the next day, he does it again with something totally different (perhaps even contradictory).

Basically, he’s too focused on what’s new, hot, and up and coming to stay with one person all the time. Despite the fact that you’re the ‘it’ thing today, he doesn’t know if it’ll be Emma down the alley tomorrow. 

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The fact that he is so easily distracted makes it hard for him to commit to one person – since he won’t be able to think about them for too long, usually.

He’s Super Social

Mercury, the planet of communication and exchange, rules the Gemini man. Moreover, it is the fastest-moving planet in our Solar System.

Having these characteristics trickles down to Gemini, one of the most social signs in the zodiac. It is impossible for him to tolerate loneliness, and he can’t deal with introspection. 

Because of this, he tends to meet many more people than the rest of us. Like a hummingbird, he flits from one person to another, sharing gossip and stories along the way. 

As a result, he may question the need for a long-term relationship. In general, Geminis are pretty comfortable with hook-ups and they are able to meet their social needs easily. As a result, he might wonder, why bother?

For him, it is harder to have one deep relationship than many shallow ones. He’s far more comfortable catching up for a bit then moving right on to the next friend in line.

He Craves Freedom

Among the Zodiac signs, Gemini is known as a mutable sign. Signs that are mutable need the freedom to react to life as they see fit at the time. 

Since they are so reactionary and inconsistent, they need to feel like they aren’t going to upset anyone if they want to make advances. In my understanding, being in a relationship changes that. 

When they sense a flirty vibe between themselves and someone new, they should feel free to pursue it without worrying about their girl. 

Are Geminis a players? Many of them meet the criteria. Since they have very little anchoring, they turn wherever the wind blows, even if it’s in the direction of multiple different women in a day or week.

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He’s Aware Of All His Options

Since Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental processes, they have the quickest minds. There is a constant consideration of every possibility in their minds.

Because of this, they have difficulty making decisions and sticking to them. It can be fearful for them to settle into one single thing because they know what they’re missing out on if they do.

They sometimes struggle to remain loyal to their partner because of this in the relationship realm. They know that their partner has some great qualities, but they also see the great qualities of Megan, Lauren, and Ashley. 

The Gemini cannot be satisfied with their situation. This is one of their most agitating qualities! It might help to know that the Gemini isn’t always the biggest fan of this aspect of his personality either.

He Intellectualizes Too Much

Unlike most people, Geminis don’t follow their heart blindly. On most days, emotions aren’t his strong suit, so it’s hard for him to trust their gut. 

In other words, even if they are in love with you, their overactive minds are beating all the potential scenarios regarding pursuing you to death… it sucks all the enjoyment and intrigue out of the conversation.

Often, he dwells on the “what ifs” – what if it doesn’t work out, what if she’s different from what I think, what if I find something better? 

It is for this reason that they have difficulty committing in the first place. Rather than truly experiencing their emotions and all the joy they can get from loving you, they are thinking way too hard about other options.

When A Gemini Man Is Testing You — What Does It Mean?

Gemini men are known as being the trickster of the Zodiac and they will do many different things to test you to see if you can keep up with his ways and how you respond to his behaviors. 

A Gemini man will do this to see if you want commitment or want to be in a relationship with him. Gemini men are notoriously known for their commitment issues and their unwillingness to stick to one partner.

They are deathly afraid of relationships because this means that they might be missing out on something or someone better. A Gemini man is the first to tell you that he isn’t interested in a serious and committed relationship. He wants to play the field!

However, these men do have the capability of maturing and growing into a different version of this when they finally get tired of playing the field like this. This is why I would like to encourage you to be patient with him and possibly wait it out to see if he makes this change with you.

Give your Gemini man time to figure things out on his own, he may want to be in a committed relationship but it might take a while for him to come to this conclusion on his own. 

It is important that you respect his wishes and that you don’t force him into a situation he isn’t ready for. This will only end up working out negatively for you if you do so. 

Just remember that Gemini men are able to commit, it just has to happen on their own terms and his own rules for him to feel comfortable enough to do so. Let him come to you when he is ready for it.

FAQ On Gemini Man Commitment

Are you still looking for more clarity on Gemini men and their views on commitment? Keep on reading for the answers to all of your burning questions:

Are Gemini Men Scared Of Commitment?

Gemini men are terrified of commitment. It is probably one of their greatest fears as commitment means feeling trapped most of them. And if there is one thing a Gemini man hates, then it is being trapped.

They can heal and work through this, but it is a process and it has to come from him being sick of his single life and looking for deeper meaning. 

Do Gemini Men Fall In Love Easily?

I wouldn’t say that Gemini men fall in love easily, however, they do get infatuated and obsessed with whoever the flavor of the week is. This is why it can feel really hurtful when a Gemini man is all over you one minute, and the next he has disappeared.

What A Gemini Man Needs In A Relationship?

A Gemini man needs a lot of freedom and space to feel truly happy in his relationships. He also needs to be with someone who understands his need for an active social life and always needs to keep busy. 

It is very important to a Gemini man to be with a woman who is intelligent and who knows how to keep his mind active and interested or else he might become bored very quickly!

Are Geminis Faithful In Relationships?

Gemini men unfortunately have a wondering eye and aren’t the most commitment centered in their relationships. They get bored very easily and often think that someone else is going to fill that gap for them.

This can lead to them being unfaithful unfortunately. 

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4 thoughts on “How To Get A Gemini Man To Commit — Important Things About Gemini Man Commitment

  1. I’m friends with a Gemini man.He was in a 5 year relationship and I was in 2 year relationship.We broke off with r companions and around last November we decided we wanted to be friends with benefits. Everything was going well until yesterday,when I was asking him is everything okay, and that we’re friends first,so I want to make sure we’re honest with each other.And I feel like when sometimes we can’t hangout is because he’s hanging out with another girl.And lately all we do is meet up late at night,chill, fuck, spend the night,and leave early in the morning.He explained to me he’s always tired from work, he’s always moving,and that he enjoys my company,but need to chill and just take it day by day and don’t put expectation on anything.Eventually he said he just want to be friends and no longer friends with benefits,because he value r friendship and he know how I am and know how he is and that I will be sick,if we continue to fuck around.And that naturally I’m going to feel a way,if we’re fucking around.I eventually persuaded him to come to the conclusion, where we take it day by day.We might meet up later to chill like we always do.How can I get him to see me more than just a friend and eventually commit?

    1. Hi Keyisha!

      Ok so he cares enough about you to cut off the sex. That’s actually a good thing. Friends with benefits typically ends up nowhere. He wants to keep your friendship which means he wants to keep you in his life without hurting you. I agree with him. I think you should just keep going slow day by day and see where things lead. There is no need to hurry or push him. The last thing you want to do is make him resent you. You can’t “get” him to do anything he doesn’t want. Do what he asks and take your time and you just may win him over.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I’m very impressed with your work on Zodiac traits and personality types. Just from reading your information about Gemini Man, I’m curious to know if a Gemini Woman shares similar traits, as I highly interested to learn more.
    If so, have you information and reading materials or courses that you’ve done just like you’ve done with the Gemini Man Secrets. The reason I’m asking is because I’ve been best friends with a Gemini Woman for quite a while and I’m developing feelings for her and wish to be able to better understand her and what makes she tick.

  3. I’ve been dealing with a gemini man for about 6 plus yr he was in relationships an I was2 that ended bad 4u both he was caught from keeping my messages in a phone from 2in half yrs later. We been through a lot we never committed but we act like we in a relationship we close he tells me he loves me it took some years but I’m ok with that when we get in2 it he say he don’t want me 2go he will treat me better and I’m the best thing that has happened 2him but he don’t want a relationship because he been hurt so I’m cool with it sometimes but when we have been 2the point of whatever this is 2 being over I found out he took a girl out and to the room has sex I found out the same night after he came an sleep with me then the next day after the room he reaches me an say I miss u so much an love u he text me every morning an through out the day first my family crazy about him I just don’t know if he playing games an using me or if he really love me we do some things 2gether but I hear things but he say they lies he always claiming he sleeping but don’t get enough rest he a late nighter like me I just don’t understand him I give him space I don’t bother him but when he talk about his friends I get jealous and tell him he a liar an I don’t trust him cause he is but he also treats me sweet when we together an if I don’t respond he gets upset an say he needs 2 no I’m ok he is so confusing he doesn’t want a relationship but he treats our friendship like one but when I act out he turns it on me i don’t understand I no he is a flirting man but I feel he mess with a lot of women and b lieing 2me that he don’t cause he picky gemini r confusing individuals he don’t want a relationship but when I get tired an tell him I’m done he blows me up apologize an saying he don’t want to lose me I just don’t no what 2 believe

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