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How To Get a Gemini Man to Commit to you; 5 Tips To Follow

Have you been seeing or dating a Gemini man but want to get more serious with him? Perhaps you’re ready to take the plunge but aren’t sure if he wants the same thing or not. Here are some helpful hints for you to consider.

1. Be Open and Go With The Flow

The Gemini is easy going and wants to let things move forward at a natural pace. This is typically why he doesn’t want to be pressured or forced into a relationship. He would rather get to know you for awhile first.

The more you operate on his level; the more successful you’ll be with getting him to commit to you. He wants to make sure you’re the right woman. Show him how right you are for him.

Try not to panic or get angry with him if he texts you a bunch and then suddenly doesn’t for a period of time. On one hand he’s testing you and on the other hand (Gemini is a dual personality); he could just be testing his freedom.

Only when he feels free with a person will he feel it’s Ok to commit to her. Many women make the mistake of getting upset and giving them a hard time when they haven’t responded within a certain amount of time.

2. Keep Being Exciting and Enticing

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If you’ve managed to draw a Gemini man in with your charms, intelligence and wit; you’ll need to make sure you keep up with that. He gets bored easily and so if you don’t continue being who you were when he met you; he could disappear.

He will need you to be exciting, spontaneous, and lots of fun. This keeps his interest and keeps him moving forward in getting to know you. The more time he spends with you; the more he’ll get to know you.

Always be truthful with him but try not to be emotional about it. Tell him what you need to in a more logical approach. He’ll appreciate it and be able to relate to you much more than he would emotionally.

Try to find lots of fun things to talk about or things that you can actually go out and do together. He’s always looking for ways to really enjoy himself and cut loose. If you can help him with that; he’ll be grateful.

3. Keep Flirting!

I cannot stress this enough; always flirt as much as possible with your Gemini man. If you quit flirting with him; he’ll feel that you don’t care for him anymore or are bored which will lead him to become bored himself.

It may seem tiring at times to keep up with him but if you keep the flirting going as much as you can; it will keep him around for the long haul. He wants to feel good about himself and who he is when he’s with you.

This gives him reassurance also that you’re someone that he wants to spend lots of time with if not forever. So turn up the heat a bit and keep things spicy with your Gemini guy.

Touch or hold his hands, kiss him, if he’ll allow it; grab his rear end (or slap it). Just keep the passion alive. Things will go much more smoothly if you can learn to keep the flirty side of yourself up for him.

4. No Expectation

Nothing will kill a relationship faster than expectations that are not met. It’s especially true when it comes to a relationship with a Gemini man. If you have expectations; throw them out the window now!

If you expect certain things from him; I think you’ll find frustration, disappointment, and perhaps a break up. Gemini man lives his life every single day as it comes. He doesn’t plan things out.

When you come in and try to plan his life for him; you may find lots of resistance. He sees this as pre-meditation and that’s never a good thing. Expectation means that if he doesn’t do what you want when you want; you will be hurt or angry.

The last thing you want to do is open the door to your own feeling this way. It’s typically better to only expect him to be himself. If you allow the relationship to be what it is without labeling or trying to hurry; you may have great success.

No amount of pushing or expecting him to go faster will help you in your quest to get commitment out of this man. Be very careful and try to let the relationship develop each day at a time. You may find that this way will make you less vulnerable.

5. Give Him Space

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Gemini man will always want a bit of wiggle room in which they can spend some time alone or with friends without you. It’s not that he is sick of you; it’s that he wants to be himself by himself from time to time.

It’s a way of checking in with himself and stretching his freedom. If you allow him to do this without giving him a hard time; he’ll really appreciate you. In fact; it would be even better if you want to spend time without him as well.

Spending some time with your own friends or alone doing your thing will give him the security that you’re not going to be jealous and possessive of him. Maintaining trust in him will make him feel much more willing to commit to you.

This is one of the things he looks for when he’s trying to decide if he wants a full committed relationship with someone or not. It may help to make sure that you keep yourself busy. Laziness is a turn off for him.

Gemini has a taste that can be hard to match. To find out more about what he may want; click here now. This may help you to figure out if you’re what he’s looking for.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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2 thoughts on “How To Get a Gemini Man to Commit to you; 5 Tips To Follow

  1. I’m friends with a Gemini man.He was in a 5 year relationship and I was in 2 year relationship.We broke off with r companions and around last November we decided we wanted to be friends with benefits. Everything was going well until yesterday,when I was asking him is everything okay, and that we’re friends first,so I want to make sure we’re honest with each other.And I feel like when sometimes we can’t hangout is because he’s hanging out with another girl.And lately all we do is meet up late at night,chill, fuck, spend the night,and leave early in the morning.He explained to me he’s always tired from work, he’s always moving,and that he enjoys my company,but need to chill and just take it day by day and don’t put expectation on anything.Eventually he said he just want to be friends and no longer friends with benefits,because he value r friendship and he know how I am and know how he is and that I will be sick,if we continue to fuck around.And that naturally I’m going to feel a way,if we’re fucking around.I eventually persuaded him to come to the conclusion, where we take it day by day.We might meet up later to chill like we always do.How can I get him to see me more than just a friend and eventually commit?

    1. Hi Keyisha!

      Ok so he cares enough about you to cut off the sex. That’s actually a good thing. Friends with benefits typically ends up nowhere. He wants to keep your friendship which means he wants to keep you in his life without hurting you. I agree with him. I think you should just keep going slow day by day and see where things lead. There is no need to hurry or push him. The last thing you want to do is make him resent you. You can’t “get” him to do anything he doesn’t want. Do what he asks and take your time and you just may win him over.

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