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5 Obvious Signs That A Gemini Man Likes You

Gemini men are some of the most versatile characters in the Zodiac! Their hallmarks are their active minds and their great ability to communicate with others… this means what you may think it means: Gemini men have a hard time staying focused on one person!

Despite their reputation for having wandering eyes, I’ve noticed some specific signs that the Gemini man is totally hooked on just you. Thank goodness the signs are easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for!

If you’re interested in finding out if the Gemini that you’ve been talking to has eyes only for you, then I’d love to give you some insider tips on how to tell where his attention lies! Keep reading to find out how you can tell if the Gemini guy on your mind is crushing hard on you!

5 Obvious Signs That A Gemini Man Likes You

1. He Chats You Up

A Gemini man is a sign ruled by Mercury, the speedster planet that rules communication. With this connection, it’s no surprise that he’s the type of guy whose love language is, well, language! 

You likely met the Gemini man in the first place due to his extroverted nature and his ability to make friends super quickly. He is a connector and he loves to meet new people as much as a puppy in a dog park.

When he’s around you, he’ll be recounting his daily activity and discussing things that he’s interested in. He will be happy to talk for hours with you since this is his comfort zone and where he knows how to best show himself off. You may begin the conversation talking about your days and end up discussing the life cycle of tapeworms… you never know with a Gemini!

He has endless topics of conversation and you won’t get bored by what he says since every word is injecting with liveliness and vitality. Gemini men know how to spin a yarn and so you may come to love his ability to tell stories as well!

2. He Asks You a Lot of Questions

Gemini Man Asks Lots Of Questions

A Gemini, being a connector, is always looking for things to associate you with so he can link you with others and others to you! I have a few friends that I met through a Gemini, in fact!

Not to mention the cold truth… Gemini men are nosey! They want to be up to date on all information available to them… which is also likely why they’re total Gossip Guys. 

He’ll want to be in on all the juicy secrets you’re willing to share, even if it’s just to satisfy his own curiosity! The good thing is, if he’s crushing then he’ll also be among the first to check in and ask how you’re doing when he finds out you’re ill or not doing well. 

The other bright side is that if he likes you, you’ll be the first to know all of the details of what’s going on and who’s doing what. If you’re someone who appreciates being in the loop, the Gemini man is your guy since it’s like dating a news anchor!

3. He Always Texts You

Ever heard of emails mysteriously evaporating, lost mail, and connection problems during Mercury Retrograde? That’s because the planet Mercury rules technology that can communicate with others… remember who else Mercury rules? If you said Gemini, you’re correct!

He won’t just chat with you when you’re physically around! The Gemini whose caught feelings will be in your DMs all the time, always hitting you with a “what’s up” or “wyd.” 

Gemini feels at home in the land of messenger, tags, and instant messaging. Speedy, easy, communicative, and informative? Totally perfect for a Gemini!

A Gemini man who is crushing on you will be messaging you day and night, just hoping you’ll talk to them. This is them trying to communicate how much they love talking to you. Every text back is a win for the Gemini, so he’ll really appreciate any time you’ve got to talk!

4. He’ll Hit On You

Gemini Man Likes You 5 Obvious Signs

Geminis are extroverted and typically pretty confident in themselves, so you’ll definitely find a Gemini man who is smitten flirting with you like it’s his job! He’ll turn on the charm in an attempt to win your love.

A Gemini doesn’t need to know you for a long time to become obvious with his flirting. If he feels that you’re receptive, he will continue on until you’re totally enamored with him. 

He’s a smooth operator who has a way with words, so you may find yourself flirting back with ease. You’ve played perfectly into his plan… and that’s not a bad thing! 

Just remember, Geminis just say things that sound good sometimes. It’s not that they’re trying to play you, but sometimes their mouth gets ahead of their brain. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify. Keep him on his toes!

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5. He Pays Attention To What You Say

In my opinion, this is the ultimate indicator that a Gemini guy is interested in you! Geminis have an active mind, so often they are thinking of how they’ll respond before the other person is finished talking. They have difficulty focusing at times. 

If he can repeat details of what you’ve said to him or reference prior conversations with ease, this means that he’s really tuning in to what you say enough to carry it with him and remember it. No small feat for a Gemini who have a reputation of cherry picking the information they find useful and discarding the rest. 

A Gemini who is immersed in your words is not thinking about other things while he’s listening to you. He’s laser focused and hanging on your every word. 

If you’ve noticed that he is not easily distracted while you’re talking and seems to be listening to you instead of prepping his response, it’s a good sign that you’ve got him on the hook! 

Are you dating a Gemini man? How did you know that he was interested only in you? Let us know in the comments below what he did that let you know he was legit!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “5 Obvious Signs That A Gemini Man Likes You

  1. How did I know?

    He held my face in his hands, looked me in my eyes and said, ” you’re my person”

    1. Hi April!

      I am so glad you reached out and shared this. I am so happy to hear that it was that simple for you and your Gemini guy. When he wants to be with someone, he makes it pretty clear. He obviously did that with you. How wonderful! If you ever need any more help, check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets.

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