What Attracts A Gemini Man: 7 Things To Pull Him Closer

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
To understand what attracts a Gemini Man you should always consider the things from his perspective. Read more tips in today's article.

To be able to attract the Gemini man you should always consider the things from his perspective. This is the sign which represents the air quality and therefore everything related to him has to be light, breezy and joyous. Let’s see what attracts a Gemini man and what he enjoys most.

‘Sell’ Yourself

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The sign of Gemini is all about marketing and communication, and the men from this part of the Zodiac just love that kind of approach. You should be talkative and funny, just like the voice coming from the infomercials. Nothing should ever be hard, too dramatic or unsolvable. Know that this will attract a Gemini man.

Gemini man needs to “flow” in life, so if you show him that you are easy to be with, then he will love you more. This doesn’t mean that you should be easy to get, of course, but once he expressed his interests about you, then it’s your time to shine, showing your witty mind and curious childlike spirit, letting him know that you are like no other girl.

Act Like a Genuine Diva

What Attracts A Gemini Man

The third house of communication for the sign of Gemini is placed right into the sign of Leo. This means that a Gemini guy falls for grandiose and even theatrical types of speech and appearance. He loves to know that the woman he had chosen is better than all the rest, because her body, face, style and the energy she emanates is something special.

You have to look expensive if you want to attract a Gemini man. This surely doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to give this impression. However, your outer appearance, and especially the way you talk, have to give the glance and glamour of a Hollywood star. 

Be That Glamorous Diva, but With Class

All that glitters is not gold. Of course, you should look expensive and talk like a great actress, but you will also have to be classy. Your clothes, shoes and all accessories you keep with yourself need to look marvelous, but the style and the sense of the proper measure are what counts in the mind of a Gemini guy. 

If this season promotes plastic fabrics or transparent plastic shoes, this might seem edgy and interesting to some other guys around you, but a Gemini man won’t like it at all, even if you had to spend the fortune on that pair of shoes, or what’s worse, a pair of high plastic transparent boots. This is not classy in his mind and please, don’t try to cross the border of a good taste.

The same applies to your style of communication. You need to be witty and breezy and often funny, but no dirty words are ever allowed and the same goes for some meaningless phrases or words you use frequently. Remember that ladies don’t speak like that, so don’t make these types of mistakes.

Give Him the Scent of Mystery

No, not too much and not related just for intimate moments. You see, right on the other side of the sign of Gemini in Zodiac, there is the sign of Sagittarius. And this sign is known for its spirituality, love for travels and exploration. And Gemini man simply can’t resist, but to be closer to a Sagittarius type of a woman.

Surely you must have traveled somewhere. No matter the place or the distance you had to cross to get there, you should be able to describe your experience in some “higher” type of sense. Your thoughts about religion, the meaning of life, the purpose of karma o anything similar will have a magical effect on the Gemini’s mind. He won’t be able to resist your wide knowledge and the path you have chosen for your soul. Knowledge attracts a Gemini man.

Have a Purpose

What Attracts A Gemini Man

Naturally, you have the purpose of your own life. But the purpose one Gemini guy will respect the most in you is your social, environmental or justice consciousness and willingness to actively change the outcome for whatever cause you are fighting right now.

There is nothing more appealing than the woman with the mission in her life, in the eyes of one Gemini man, because the sign of Aquarius which signifies the noble and social battles represents the area of spirituality and education for him.

He will simply start to adore you if he finds out that you are fighting for the oppressed people here, endangered animals or plants there, or you are taking some actions to change your environment.

This doesn’t have to be anything too serious, heavy or, for goodness sake, dangerous, but if you just show yourself as one guerrilla gardening girl in front of him, for instance, your value will instantly be sky high.

This doesn’t have to be anything too serious, heavy or, for goodness sake, dangerous, but if you just show yourself as one guerrilla gardening girl in front of him, for instance, your value will instantly be sky high.

Gain Some Basic Skills

Men in general love to help women and to feel superior when it comes to technical issues. However, there is nothing more insulting in the mind of one Gemini man than a girl who doesn’t know some basics about electronic devices or simple machines.

There are no excuses for you if you don’t even show the effort to learn how to switch on or off some devices, how to do some small and easy fixes, or at least, how to think when you are analyzing what might go wrong with your machine. Don’t just look pretty, think pretty and in a logical manner and he will be amazed by your qualities.

Show Him How Strong You Are

There is no doubt that you should be a feminine type of woman because the majority of men fall for that. On the other side, Gemini man loves to see the girl with the courage and initiative.

There is something intrinsically sexy and appealing in a woman who can ask freely for assistance and speak her mind. As said previously, Gemini man hates drama the most and a woman who is straightforward and doesn’t play games is a huge gain in his life.

However, I would just love to read your comments about Gemini men? Have you noticed what attracts a Gemini man the most and what are your thoughts about this issue?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “What Attracts A Gemini Man: 7 Things To Pull Him Closer

  1. We have been in a relationship for twelve years and have two buys we want to make things work and well I feel like he has totally distanced his self from me and does not love me and he says he does but he does not show me in actions but we always have a disagreement that we don’t see eye to eye and we use to I just want his loving side back how do I get it back

  2. I am a Gemini man and happened to come across this posting, and I will tell you that in my 56 years of experience on planet earth, you have precisely hit the nail on the head!! Every detail that you give explains exactly how I fell in love with my spouse. And the details also expressly lay out the reasons that we failed together. I am amazed to know this about myself. I know I have disliked drama, but not I did not know that it wired this deep into my soul. Thanks for all the explanations.

    1. Hi Rob S.!

      Thank you for writing in and giving me some insightful feedback. I really appreciate it. You are so very welcome for the explanations. I’m glad it not only helps women but you as well. That’s definitely good to know. Wishing you all the luck of the Universe!

  3. I have recently (after almost 45 years) talking, to my old Gemini boyfriend… I was married for 40 yrs and lost my husband in death 4 1/2 yrs. ago… To my surprise I find myself having the same old feelings… not sure where his mind is, but he has been divorced for 14yrs. I sooo want this to go further but not sure if he does. I am still in great shape (with some added weight of course… at 63) He is 66
    and recently retired. I am a Libra… so the dress, conversation, spontaneity, and adventure are all good!
    I am used to most all men feeling very attracted to me however I do NOT know WHAT he is thinking! Hard to figure him out…. He is always game for going to lunch/dinner or concert and seems to have a great time… and says so. However, he isn’t saying much more than that…. do I allow him to do most of the talking? Confused….

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