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Biggest Turn Offs For A Gemini Man

Are you involved with a Gemini man or trying to? Here is an article written to let you know what turns a Gemini man off so that you can avoid getting into a void with him.

Not Having Freedom

The Gemini man thrives on freedom. This doesn’t mean he wants to be single the rest of his life. It simply means that he likes having his own personal time to himself or with friends.

The Gemini man likes to do many different things typically and he doesn’t want someone to stand in his way and not allow him to do what he really enjoys. This will feel like prison to him.

Gemini men need a partner who will allow them to spend time alone to do their own thing or to be with their friends without worry and jealousy. He wants to feel that if he wanted to randomly go for a beer with his buddies; that his partner will not put their foot down in protest.

He wants to come and go as he pleases within reason. If he lives by himself then he wants to spend time with you when it doesn’t interfere with his projects, work, or personal time.

Though this may sound callous, Gemini men really do love their alone time and will do whatever they have to in order to get it. So if you know this up front, don’t expect him to change because frankly, he won’t.

If he feels you limit him too much, he will be out the door very quickly. So as long as you are open-minded and allow him to have time to himself, he will appreciate you.

Boredom or Monotony

Biggest Turn Offs For A Gemini Man

Gemini does not like to be bored. They will seek out new adventures, new fun, new projects to work at, new jobs, and new relationships if they feel as though things are going stale.

If you are trying to date a Gemini, you’re going to need to be patient and make sure that you’re open minded as well as spontaneous to win him over. If he perceives you as drab, he will walk away.

If you are already dating a Gemini man, you have to keep him stimulated within the relationship because again, if he perceives boredom, he will find ways to fill the void. Even if leaving is his solution to the boring, he will do it.

Being someone who enjoys doing things at random, you may be able to keep him engaged in the relationship. If you are good at coming up with something out of nothing, he’ll stay interested.

Try new things often and perhaps even try new hobbies that you can then share with him to show him that you yourself are not into being bored and doing the same thing day in and day out.

This man is not a routine type of man. Doing a 9 to 5 job, going home, eating dinner, then watching TV is not how this man gets down. In fact that would bore him quite a bit.

He likes jobs that provide him excitement and doesn’t mind working overtime because it gives him a variety. Some Gemini men have multiple jobs for the same purpose. Even if they are juggling, it’s exciting.

You’ll have to be understanding when he calls you to tell you he’s working late and maybe you can do something afterward later in the evening.


This man can hold a debate like no one’s business. However, if you decide you disagree with something he finds to be important or true, he may take it personally and come back at you.

Gemini men do not like to feel criticized at all. So if you do even a simple gesture like rolling your eyes at him, he may take it personally. He wants his partner to believe in him and believe in how awesome he is.

He may not really be that awesome but he feels he is and so he wants to be treated as such. The problem is, he can often switch from one mood back to another which can make it terribly confusing at times.

The Gemini man may very well take it personally if you do not believe in what they do. The thing is; it’s hard to tell how serious they are because they joke around A LOT.

If you can figure out when he’s serious and when he’s not then you’re already ahead of the game!

Being Emotional

Biggest Turn Offs For A Gemini Man

Gemini men are typically not very emotional and do not particularly care for potential partners that are emotionally driven. He will have a hard time with it and just feel awkward.

If you are driven by your emotions then Gemini may not make the best match for you. However, if you know when to control them, you may just make it. Just be aware that he’s the type that doesn’t know how to comfort you when you’re freaking out.

These men can themselves be very cool and aloof. Again, it’s hard to tell what mood they are in or what mood they will be in later or even in 5 minutes! If you are a drama seeker or creator, this man is not for you.

Trust me when I tell you that if you are drama oriented, he will drop you in 2 seconds flat without a second thought. He will try to avoid drama like a plague.


If you are an open book or a creature of habit, this man will lose interest. He likes his partner or potential partner to be a bit mysterious. If he knows everything up front, he’ll become bored very quickly.

Remember he gets bored, he bolts! If you’re normally someone who tells everything there is to know about you up front, you may re-think that when it comes to trying to draw in a Gemini.

It may not be easy but you have to have a bit of mysteriousness and excitement. It’s more interesting for him to figure you out a little at a time.

Also if you are not spontaneous in the least, he may bore easily from this as well. He wants excitement and randomness at all times.

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