How To Handle A Gemini Man Mood Swings (5 Helpful Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’ve met a Gemini man but have noticed that he has mood swings sporadically and rather often. Why does he do this? What are a Gemini man’s moods like?

Gemini men are fascinating specimens. These guys have a lot going on so I am not surprised that in my role as a relationship Astrologer I often get clients asking me about a Gemini man mood swings and how to handle them. 

These guys are super smart and intelligent. They are curious about life and want to understand EVERYTHING. When you have a conversation with a Gemini man it becomes very clear that they know a little bit about a lot. 

Their minds are filled to the brim with information and this leads them to have a bit of an anxious disposition. If you have dealt with a Gemini man then you have probably recognized that he can be somewhat moody at times. 

This may lead you to want to know how to handle a Gemini man mood swings because one moment they seem to be up and the next moment they seem to be down. The truth is you never quite know what you are going to get with a Gemini man, and sometimes this is exactly why being with him is so exciting. 

However, dealing with his duality can be frustrating and leave your head spinning because a Gemini man mood swings are very unexpected. This may lead you to feel insecure about your relationship with him. 

Although Gemini men are moody, understanding this part of him and learning how to deal with it can lead you to have a really great relationship with him. Here follows my guide on how to understand Gemini men and their mood swings:

Why Are Gemini Men So Moody?

Gemini men are moody, this is a fact, but if you want to know why you will have to understand the Astrological principles of his personality. The first thing you need to understand is that Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury

Mercury is the planet that rules things like information, communication, messages, skills, and thoughts. As you can see there is a certain element of busyness that comes with this planet. 

The second thing you need to know is that Gemini is also a Mutable sign. Mutable signs are known for their versatility and ability to adapt to any given situation. This is what makes him so changeable aka moody!

And then lastly, the sign of Gemini is also an Air sign. Air signs are known for there astute communication and thinking skills. They can jump from one subject to the next in a heartbeat!

Because there is so much going on in a Gemini man’s head he can often feel overwhelmed and anxious because he doesn’t truly understand how he feels or who he is. If you think it is frustrating, imagine being him!

One minute he likes something, the next he absolutely cannot stand it. This kind of inconsistency can drive him crazy and this is one of the leading factors causing his moodiness. 

Gemini Man Mood Swings — 4 Key Reasons

Gemini men are definitely known for their mood swings and this can often lead him from one extreme to the next. This has quite an unsettling impact on his life and sees him struggling to build meaningful connections with people.

As the woman dating him, I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you because you probably never know where you stand with this chap and it makes it difficult for you to know what to expect.

While some Gemini men have the ability to maintain relatively healthy and sustainable relationships with women, some simply really struggle and find themselves feeling bored and uninspired. 

Other Gemini men really struggle with this and unfortunately, this can lead to the inconsistencies and moodiness that you may very well know comes with a Gemini man. Here are 4 of the reasons why this happens:

1. Dual Nature — He Has Split Personalities

As I mentioned before, Gemini men have a lot going on in their heads and often find pretty much everything going on in their lives fascinating. Often these interests don’t even connect well with each other. 

He might be totally interested in something like making cheese at home while being just as interested in politics and conspiracy theories. None of this makes sense, but to him it does. 

He is ungrounded because of all the thinking he does and he knows that this is difficult for other people to understand about him. Trust me, his own duality is something that drives him crazy. (Just remember, I am a Gemini myself — I know these guys very well.)

2. Strong And Intense Emotions

Gemini men may be inconsistent in nature, but they feel quite deeply about the things that are interested in. This sign can get pretty obsessive about certain things and this obsession often leads to anxiety.

He may feel that no one truly understands him and because he gets so bored so quickly as well, it can very difficult to truly get him or accept him for who he is at his core. 

One moment he is up and the next moment he is down, and of course, this is totally unexpected usually. When he feels, he feels passionately, but this can also wind down within an instant.

Because he is so detail and mind orientated, feeling strong emotions can really freak him out and set him off. This is why you will find that he processes his emotions through communication, especially one-on-one conversations. 

If he doesn’t have this outlet he can get extremely moody as he may feel he has nowhere where he can properly express himself and this is what frustrates him most of all.

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3. Constant Need For Mental Stimulation

You’ll hear this time and time again when reading up about Gemini men, but this sign can get bored very quickly. This is why he is always on the lookout for mental stimulation. 

He is so smart that he will quickly grasp a concept or have a deep understanding of something in an instant when everyone else seems to struggle to get the hang of it. 

Learning comes really easily to a Gemini man and this is why you will see that he is always on the lookout for something new to occupy his mind. He honestly never feels satisfied and this can really steal the joy from his life and lead him down a road of depression.

4. He Can Be Very Indecisive

Unfortunately with the frequency of the Gemini’s mood to change comes the problem with making choices. He becomes rather flaky when it comes to having to make a decision.

He’ll keep tossing the choice back and forth but cannot seem to come to any sort of conclusion. He’ll likely mull it over for quite some time before he’ll finally find the answer he’s looking for.

If you’re his mate; he may lean on you a little bit to help him weigh the pros and cons of the situation so that he can finally have an actual solution. He’s excellent at helping you with solutions but with his own choices; not so much.

His moods will no doubt make him second guess things he’s already decided as well. You may watch him flounder and have issues with himself for something he decided and now isn’t sure is a good idea.

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Loving the Gemini man means knowing that he’s like this and helping him through difficult times. He’ll certainly return the favor and be there for you when you need him.

Gemini is the Twin and as such; he very much displays different actions, reactions, and different moods. It’s important you know who your Gemini man really is before you commit to this dual man.

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How To Handle Gemini Man Mood Swings? 5 Ways To Deal With Gemini Man Mood Swings

You might not know how to deal with a Gemini and his mood swings and this can be really frustrating if you want to build a relationship with this man. Here are some of my tips:

1. Give Him Space To Breathe

Negative feelings do not occupy a Gemini man’s mind for long. Give him time to sort himself out when he’s in a funk. His upbeat, refreshing nature will return after a few minutes or hours. When he’s feeling down, don’t force him to open up—he’ll let you in when he’s ready.

Don’t call or text him too much if he’s distant during a mood swing. If he feels closed in, he will be moodier for longer.

When a Gemini man is sour, there’s little you can do to change it. It won’t take him long for him to lighten up and because he is so moody, this usually changes quite rapidly for the better.

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2. Stay Calm In Trying Situations

It is very easy for Gemini men to throw in the towel when the going gets tough so don’t be surprised if he threatens to call it quits. The stability of a drama-free partner is more important to him than dramatic arguments. 

When you express your feelings to him, be straightforward, calm, and rational. His fragile trust will be destroyed by big confrontations or mind games.

This does not mean you cannot express your feelings to him. If you want anything, just tell him in a calm, genuine tone of voice, with relaxed body language, and strong eye contact.

Geminis are not susceptible to mind games or manipulation. In fact, he might even turn them against you if he sees through them. He is much smarter than the rest of us.

3. Go With The Flow (Follow His Lead)

It is common for Gemini men to be easy-going, non-committal, and resistant to pressure. Keep your focus on your relationship with him as it is and don’t worry about what’s coming next as too much planning will stress a laid-back Gemini. Relationships should follow their natural course, if they move too fast, the Gemini man may feel pressured to give up.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t reach those relationship milestones right away. It will be worth the wait once you realize how secure your relationship has become. He might be even more afraid of committing if you put too many expectations on him.

The desires of Gemini men in a relationship can be unpredictable. It is important to remember that he will never intentionally hurt you.

4. Try To Accept Him For Who He Is

You must be prepared for the good and the bad when you date a Gemini man. Depending on how you look at it, a Gemini man can be a fun-loving, energetic, and charming intellectual on the one hand, and at the same time moody, distant, and distracted on the other. 

It is his dualistic nature that makes him such a dynamic individual. You need to accept that. Trying to change him or chastise him may weaken your bonds with him in the long run. It is generally believed that Gemini men are proud of themselves and respect themselves for who they are.

It is important to keep in mind that a Gemini man’s mood swings are not usually a result of their relationship with you. Basically, it’s just a part of his natural cycle that he has to go through.

In making a Gemini man feel accepted, understood, and appreciated, you are going to be rewarded with mutual respect, fierce loyalty, and a fun-filled relationship.

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5. Remember Your Own Needs And Your Independence

A 24/7 relationship style isn’t for most Gemini men. It is gratifying to him to have a partner whose life does not revolve around him full time. Make sure you spend some time apart so that he can miss you. The next time you’re together, he’ll want to hear all about what you’ve been up to. Show him you’re independent.

Go out with your friends and plan social engagements that don’t involve him. Make your life as busy as possible by doing fun things for yourself by getting involved in projects and hobbies that speak to your soul. The relationship with your Gemini man should be the cherry on top of an amazing life already.

Why Are Gemini Men So Depressed — And Tips To Heal His Emotional Issues

Gemini men can be the type that can easily become depressed. The dual nature helps him cope with life but it can also make him depressed at times. It depends on what they are dealing with and when.

The tough side of Gemini can only take so much before he can crack. While anyone can develop depression; Gemini is a bit more susceptible to his inability to deal with emotional situations.

It’s almost as though when he becomes sad or something is too hard for him to deal with; he calls the other side of him out that will be more hard or thick-skinned to deal with it.

Their living environment needs to be one of peace, and beauty and filled with plenty of things to keep their brain stimulated. He equates depression with boredom oftentimes. So this is one reason why he will do anything he can to avoid it.

He may also possess the ability to be empathetic to others. This being open to other people can mean other people’s energy or moods rub off on him when he goes out to mingle.

He will often try to choose a mate that will give him stability and a sense of peace. This is also why he avoids emotional types of women as he already has a hard time processing his own.

If You Listen To Dating Coaches, You Can Lose Your Gemini Man Forever…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Gemini man. And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with a Gemini.

You see, Gemini men are VERY different than men of other signs. And if you use standard dating advice with a Gemini, it can backfire.

He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

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So… for heaven’s sake… DON’T listen to normal dating coaches! They give out the same advice for ALL men… which is absolutely insane.

Because your wonderful Gemini is NOT like other men… at ALL.

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