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What are Gemini Man’s Moods Like? Why he changes daily

You’ve met a Gemini man but have noticed that he has different moods sporadically and rather often. Why does he do this? Here are some things you may want to understand about how a Gemini man operates.

He’s a Twin Zodiac Sign

This alone makes him have dual personalities. He really is two men rolled into one. One day he’ll be happy and bubbly and the next he could be angry and in a bad mood.

His moods can actually change even more frequently than day by day. In fact; you never really know what to expect with the Gemini guy. You may go to bed with one personality and wake up with an entirely different one.

When talking to him; he may respond one way and then when you talk to him about it again; he responds very differently. The man operates on a dual personality and doesn’t mean to.

His sign dictates that he be versatile with who he is. It’s almost sometimes as though he’s living two different lives as well. This can actually be frustrating for him every now and then.

It can’t be easy to not ever have absolute stability. It’s a bit like being bi-polar. You have ups and you have downs. Most people have this. Gemini man has it that much more.

He Has Trouble with Emotion

Young man is looking at the sunrise - What are Gemini Man’s Moods Like

When a Gemini man becomes emotionally vulnerable; he may flip a switch and bring the other side of him out to deal with it. That other side is going to be the opposite so this may make him either aloof or cranky.

Whatever he has to do in order to get through the day is what he will do. Of course his Moon sign will play a role as well. It can either help him cope better with his moods or it may make it worse.

Gemini man with perhaps a Scorpio Moon would be highly emotional and could overreact to simple things whereas a Gemini man with a Capricorn Moon may be a bit more stern and stable.

So there is always that element of what else he’s got going on in his chart as far as how far his moods will swing him.

Possible Depression

Gemini men can be the type that can easily become depressed. The dual nature helps him cope with life but it can also make him depressed at times. It depends on what they are dealing with and when.

The tough side of Gemini can only take so much before he can crack. While anyone can develop depression; Gemini is a bit more susceptible with his inability to deal with emotional situations.

It’s almost as though when he becomes sad or something is too hard for him to deal with; he calls the other side of him out that will be more hard or thick skinned to deal with it.

Their living environment needs to be one of peace, beauty, and filled with plenty of things to keep his brain stimulated. He equates depression with boredom often times. So this is one reason why he will do anything he can to avoid it.

He may also possess the ability to be Empathetic to others. This being open to other people can mean other people’s energy or moods rub off on him when he goes out to mingle.

He will often try to choose a mate that will give him stability and a sense of peace. This is also why he avoids emotional types of women as he already has a hard time processing his own.

Often Is Short Lived

When a Gemini becomes upset; he’s likely to pull that other side of him out and quickly get past whatever it is that got him ruffled up in the first place. He doesn’t stay angry long.

Even if he has passing depression; it’ll typically move in, he’ll do what he has to then end up overcoming it. As long as he stays away from dramatic situations; he should be alright.

Gemini men will avoid drama like a plague. They know that if they do not; they’ll get sucked in and dragged out. He knows better and probably learned at an early age that drama isn’t something he wants to cope with.

His moods are like the wind; ever changing. If you don’t like the mood he’s in; just wait. It’s likely to change fairly quickly and he’ll get back to the bubbly man you are used to being around.

Indecision Issues

Man relaxing in his chair and enjoying the view from office window - What are Gemini Man’s Moods Like

Unfortunately with the frequency of the Gemini’s mood to change comes the problem with making choices. He becomes rather flaky when it comes to having to make a decision.

He’ll keep tossing the choice back and forth but cannot seem to come to any sort of conclusion. He’ll likely mull it over for quite some time before he’ll finally find the answer he’s looking for.

If you’re his mate; he may lean on you a little bit to help him weigh the pros and cons of the situation so that he can finally have an actual solution. He’s excellent at helping you with solutions but with his own choices; not so much.

His moods will no doubt make him second guess things he’s already decided as well. You may watch him flounder and have issues with himself for something he decided and now isn’t sure is a good idea.

Loving the Gemini man means knowing that he’s like this and helping him through the difficult times. He’ll certainly return the favor and be there for you when you need him.

Gemini is the Twin and as such; he very much displays different actions, reactions, and different moods. It’s important you know who your Gemini man really is before you commit to this dual man.

To do this; you may want to read more about the Gemini man by clicking here. It may help you to learn all you can so that you aren’t blind sighted by his mood swings.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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2 thoughts on “What are Gemini Man’s Moods Like? Why he changes daily

  1. I found myself reading this article today because I am a Gemini and am admitting that oftentimes I do wake up one day seeking, Desiring, or searching for other things wholeheartedly while on different days it’s quite the opposite. It’s very frustrating at times because we don’t know exactly what we want especially when we are in situations we cannot leave or change and we get confused on trying to discover what exactly is best for us.

  2. I just finished Reading This Article and has Me Understanding more about What it Means being a Male Gemini. I’m currently going Through a Divorce after 11 Yrs of Marriage and 3 Beautiful Girls Later. I’m Going through alot of Depression and Ups and Downs and just don’t where to go or what to do about My Life so any Advice would Greatly Appreciated.

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