5 Little Ways To Show A Gemini Man How Much You Appreciate Him

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I have plenty of tips and tricks for making your Gemini feel loved! Keep reading to get the scoop on how to appreciate a Gemini man.

The Gemini man is a bright and vibrant force in a relationship and he’s tons of fun to be around! However, sometimes they feel totally overlooked for all that they being to the table. The Gemini likes to talk but also doesn’t command attention, so it’s no wonder that he can often feel unappreciated. 

So how can you assist your Gemini man in feeling loved, seen, and appreciated? 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I have plenty of tips and tricks for making your Gemini man feel totally gassed up! Keep reading to get the scoop on how to properly appreciate the Gemini.

5 Little Ways To Show A Gemini Man How Much You Appreciate Him

1. Laugh At His Jokes

How To Show A Gemini Man You Care About Him

Gemini men are lighthearted and full of laughs, so it’s no wonder he is always cracking jokes and being the class clown. He’s the comedian of the friend group – no question about it! He has no qualms about being the guy to make everyone laugh at a funeral, cause, you know, why waste time feeling bad? 

A Gemini thinks of himself as a funny guy and prides himself on it. When you reinforce this by laughing at his silly jokes then you are making him feel seen and totally appreciated for what he feels is the best part of himself. He will also find you that much more appealing because we tend to appreciate the people who appreciate us! 

The Gemini can make pretty witty jokes, but sometimes they’re not the best. I encourage you then to laugh more at what a silly guy he is more than the joke itself. It’s a joy to be around a Gemini who feels his best. You’ll notice that he lights up when he feels appreciated and he’ll be happier than you’ve likely ever seen him before. 

2. Party Up!

When it’s time to go and be social, the Gemini is your guy. He feels good in a social setting and he likes to be around other people. He’s totally in his element when he’s balancing the energy of multiple people. He’s happy to do this on his own, but at the same time he would love if the person he’s involved with could see him being his most charming. 

Think about showing your appreciation for the Gemini by going with him to parties he invites you to and/or inviting him to parties that you’re going to! This is going to make him feel like you’re interested in showing him off, first of all. Then of course he will become excited to have you see how witty and funny he can be in a group. 

His Gemini nature is going to shine the brightest in a social scenario, so he will be thrilled to have you see this side of him if you don’t see it much. The Gemini will feel totally appreciated when you’re on his arm at a party, so make sure to incorporate plenty of social scenarios in your relationship to keep the Gemini feeling his best. 

3. Ask Him to Tell You Something New He’s Learned

How To Show Love To A Gemini Man

Gemini’s love to share information. They’re the connectors of the Zodiac, drawing new links between people and assisting in building communities. They also love to make sure that everyone in those communities is informed of goings on. So, they love to share the new things that they know far and wide. 

Ask your Gemini to tell you all about anything they’ve recently learned. If they texted you that they were watching a documentary one day, follow up on that! Ask what they learned and if they thought it was interesting. If they finished a book, ask to hear all about it. 

Gemini’s, being suckers for information of all kinds, are semi-notorious gossips! So, if the two of you know the same people, then ask for any juicy details that they might have heard recently about them. This is going to make the Gemini simply gleeful since they enjoy little more than a good gossip fest! 

4. Ask Their Opinion

The Gemini came into this life with a lot to say. They are masters of expression and they will always have an opinion on any important topic. So, it’s a good thought to always give the Gemini space to express themselves in your relationship to make them feel ultimately appreciated. 

The Gemini is very intelligent and they have a quick mind, so forming opinions on the fly is easy for them. Being the open communicators that they are they are always ready to share their thoughts with anyone, but if someone asks them for their thoughts on a topic first, they will likely be touched! 

So, incorporate the phases “What do you think?” “What’s your opinion?” and “Can you give me your two-cents?” into daily conversation with your Gemini man. They will be thrilled with your interest in what they think. Frankly, having someone wait to hear exactly what the Gemini has to say is a total dream come true for them! 

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5. Let Him Know He’s Not Alone

The Gemini who is lonely is not a pretty sight. Sure, he might get lost in a documentary or two or dive into a good book when he’s alone, but who does he have to share it with? So, if you know your Gemini is having a day alone, think about giving him a call so he knows that he’s on your mind! It makes him feel connected to those he loves. 

Geminis are not the type to choose to hang out alone. Even the ones who do need some alone time will likely promptly report what happened during that time to the first person who will listen. So, if you know your Gemini is feeling alone, make sure to let him know he’s not. 

If he’s on a solo trip far away, give him a ring to let him know he’s on your radar. If he’s just feeling alone, make sure to invite him out to events or just be a shoulder to cry on privately. 

A Gemini wants to know that you’re on his side and that he’s not forgotten, even when he draws back a little. At least let him know that you want to be there for him. If you make him feel seen even at his lowest, then he’s going to appreciate you and feel appreciated for a long time to come. 

Are you dating a Gemini man? How do you show him that you appreciate him? Let me know down in the comments! 

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