10 Things A Gemini Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are the things that a Gemini man definitively digs in a woman? Here is a list of things that a Gemini man likes and dislikes in a woman.

Do you find yourself totally into a super-sexy Gemini man and wondering what he may be looking for in a woman? Maybe you’re afraid to upset him, so you need to know what a Gemini man likes and dislikes in a woman in order to keep things running smoothly.

The most important thing to know about a Gemini man is that he’s a free spirit. He lives in the moment and has a hard time waiting for things to happen. He isn’t one for thinking about the past, as it stirs emotions he doesn’t want.

Gemini men are always looking for more excitement in their lives. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure that boredom never hits them. Having an exciting woman in their life will help them keep boredom at bay.

A Gemini man grounds himself with information and facts. He likes to communicate a lot. Occasionally, he can be irritable and moody. He is after mental challenges and is best suited with a partner with whom he can communicate openly.

Gemini men are always interesting people and generally well-informed. He has no problem talking about his inner sentiments and often tends to rationalize his feelings.

These are 10 things a Gemini man likes and dislikes that you need to know to better understand what he may be searching for in a woman.

Gemini Likes And Dislikes In A Relationship

Please note that Gemini men are dual in nature. Sometimes they are carefree and playful; other times they are a bit pragmatic and restrained. One day he is all over you, and the next, this feeling starts to fade away. You’ll never know where you stand with a Gemini man.

If you are spending too much time with a Gemini man or if you frequently text or call him, note that he can slowly lose interest in you. A Gemini man is independent and wants a woman who values her personal space. He wants time apart and wants you to have friends separate from each other.

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A Gemini man wants an equal match that will stimulate his mind, his body, and his heart. These guys have intensely insatiable cravings, and in order to understand what makes them tick, you’ll need to know what lies beneath these particular personality traits.

Hopefully, this section helps you better understand what a Gemini man wants in a woman.

What Does A Gemini Man Like In A Woman? (5 Traits A Gemini Man Loves In A Woman)

A Gemini Man Adores Attractive & Social Woman

The Gemini man is one who seems to always blend in with whatever crowd he is thrust into. He’s adaptive to his surroundings and will be the life of the party no matter what may be going on.

He likes having a woman who likes to look nice and be social with him. He likes to see a bit of skin but not too much. Sexy rather than slutty will be the better option. Class is important to him.

She Needs To Have An Exciting Personality

Gemini men are always looking for more excitement in their lives. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure that boredom never hits him. Having an exciting woman in their life will help them keep boredom at bay.

He’ll want to always find fun things to do and explore. He prefers a woman who is actually on board with doing lots of exhilarating things with him. Stay open to ideas he may have and provide some yourself.

She Has To Daydream With Him

Gemini men live with their heads in the clouds. They are logical but they still daydream quite a bit of the life they’d like to have. This is what makes them so very creative and talented in the arts.

As such, he’s going to want a woman who can dream right along with him. He isn’t much into planning but he’ll discuss what might be nice to do sometime in the future. He’ll just leave it open without a “due date”.

Talking about dreams and aspirations really turns this man on. Not only will he want to share with a woman who matches his taste, but he will also want her to talk about her own dreams and goals with him.

He’s a complex man who has a need for a woman who can mentally keep up with him. Sometimes this means he cannot handle a woman who is very emotional. He prefers cool, calm, and collected.

Sitting around thinking about the possibilities of the future will no doubt, excite his brain thus exciting him into a possible relationship. Appealing to his intellectual side is always a winner.

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A Gemini Man Likes A Woman Who Is A Good Listener

While he’ll want to hear his intelligent lady talking about her goals in life, he will also want to do the bulk of the talking when possible. He has a bit of an ego and therefore will want to dominate the conversation.

He needs a woman who will get this about him and be alright with it. She’ll need to be able to let him bend her ear a bit when he’s got something exciting to discuss. It makes him feel understood and appreciated.

Even if you don’t care about what he’s talking about, if you act enthusiastic and allow him to tell you all about it, he’ll appreciate your time. If you can give him a candid response or solution to a problem he has, it’ll be that much better.

Gemini men are fabulous at coming up with solutions to problems but sometimes even he needs a little help. If you listen to him and let him bounce ideas off you, he’ll see you as the anchor he needs in his life.

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She Needs To Be Calm And Less Emotional

This guy isn’t the best with emotions and does well with a woman who is either reserved or a bit aloof to emotional situations. He’s logical and would prefer someone logical like he is.

However, if she isn’t, perhaps she can at least see reason and avoid discussing emotionally driven conversations. It’s easier to get through to him by using a rational explanation than by accusing him of anything or being overly anxious.

Gemini men need a calm environment in which they can grow and thrive. A woman who feels too much will not be a good match for him most of the time. He isn’t good at responding to such behavior.

This is also why many Gemini men seek out women that are a bit more relaxed and spontaneous. Going with the flow is a far better approach with the Gemini man. He doesn’t like to be fussed at or given expectations.

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Gemini Man Dislikes In A Woman — What Do Gemini Men Hate?

Being Needy & Clingy

The Gemini man isn’t going to do well with a woman who needs him. While he is loving and can sometimes be the caretaker type, he would rather be an equal partner than anything else.

He wants a woman who can take care of herself, pave her own path, and have a life outside of him. It’s too much pressure for him to worry about your needs. So keep it simple and be self-sufficient.

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A Gemini Man Dislikes A Jealous Woman

Gemini men are not naturally jealous or possessive therefore he isn’t going to understand a woman who is this way. He needs to feel he is free at all costs. Even within a relationship, he needs to feel as though he isn’t tied down.

If you act jealous about anything he does, he’ll respond with silence or he will exit the relationship. He doesn’t do well with deep emotional difficulties. Never try to make him jealous either, he will not play that game.

He Doesn’t Like Introverted Women

Typically the Gemini man will not want to get involved with an introverted woman. However, there are exceptions to the rule such as if his moon sign is a more introverted personality.

If you ARE introverted, you’ll need to be understanding that he isn’t and he will want to go out and enjoy time among the crowd whether that is with you, with friends, with family, or on his own. Let him have this and he’ll be grateful.

Lack Of Intelligence Puts A Gemini Man Off

Gemini men like women who are smart, witty, charismatic, and basically have a great deal of knowledge. He isn’t one to go for a woman who is all beauty and no brain.

A Gemini man will naturally be more attracted to women who can flex their brains than their physical appearance. You won’t fool him when he talks to you. It may be time to brush off some books and gain better knowledge in life.

A Gemini Man Hates Arguing 

Gemini men love a good debate, but what do Gemini men hate? He will not deal well with arguing, however. Emotions are very hard for him to cope with. When you get upset with him, it’s better to calm yourself and talk to him rationally.

While he can be stubborn, if you’re able to show him the pros and cons of your plight, he may be able to think about it better and thus be able to compromise. Just never go at him yelling and screaming. He will walk away from you and may not return.

So as you can see, there are many turn ons and turn offs for a Gemini man. He’s actually reasonable but picky. He wants a woman who has it all together or is at least working to be that way in her own life.

Unlike some of the other men, he isn’t into a woman who has to be taken care of. High maintenance doesn’t work well with him. He prefers a woman who works hard at everything that she does.

What Attracts A Gemini Man To A Woman?

Geminis usually have quite a vibrant energy about them; there is a liveliness that is unique. They tend to be extremely expressive, and you can tell exactly what they are thinking from their faces.

A Gemini man is attracted to a woman who is intelligent, pursues her passions, and doesn’t put him in the spotlight.

She needs to enjoy time without him; he must not feel her breathing down his neck. He simply needs to decide whether he wants to commit or keep looking.

She can expect him to change his mind a lot, and I know this could become really exhausting for her, but if she has a life outside of their relationship, she will win his heart for sure!

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FAQ On Gemini Man Likes And Dislikes

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about what your Gemini man likes and dislikes in a woman? Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship.

Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Gemini man.

What Does A Gemini Man Find Physically Attractive In A Woman?

A Gemini man loves when a woman knows how to take care of her mind, body, and soul. She doesn’t have to be a fitness fanatic or star athlete, but if she enjoys walking, is not lazy, and appreciates clean air and healthy food, then a Gemini man will be naturally drawn to her.

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How Does A Gemini Man Act When He Likes A Woman?

A Gemini man, when he likes a woman, will engage in meaningful conversations with her and notice everything about her. He will be overly generous toward his partner.

He will show that he loves her through small and practical gestures and by displaying affection in public, regardless of who is watching. Geminis are not shy. They are bold and outgoing men.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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