Is Gemini Man Jealous When In A Relationship? Find Out Here

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you wonder if Gemini men are jealous, let me tell you something important - jealousy to a Gemini man is like Drama. He doesn’t do it...

So, you’ve noticed that your Gemini man is a bit uncomfortable when you’re around your male friends. Maybe your Gemini man is jealous, possessive, or just plain controlling. So, are Gemini men jealous?

As a relationship astrologer, I get plenty of questions from my clients on how to handle jealous feelings, either from their partners or within themselves. Most of the time, I remind them that these emotions are normal and often just come from feelings of insecurity.

A Gemini man being jealous is a mystery that makes you wonder why he is behaving this way.

Gemini men are not typically the most jealous guys in the zodiac. But the green-eyed monster is capable of showing up in anyone. Here’s a little guidance on what to do when your Gemini man starts showing signs of jealousy.

If your Gemini man is acting weird when it comes to your time, then keep reading…

Are Gemini Men Jealous?

The reality is that the Gemini man is probably the least jealous sign in the zodiac. He isn’t possessive and doesn’t feel the need to be dominant over the woman he’s dating or in love with.

The man himself is a huge flirt and loves to be the life of the party. This would be very hypocritical of him if he were to give you a hard time for flirting with other men or other men flirting with you.

There is a matter of trust and if he is with you, it’s because he does trust you. As such, he feels he has no reason to feel threatened by other men and their desires for your attention. So, mostly, a Gemini man is not jealous.

Do Gemini Men Ever Get Jealous?

Jealousy to a Gemini man is like a drama, he doesn’t do it. Simply put, he will avoid drama as much as possible. He doesn’t act like a caveman waiting to drag his woman off to his cave.

He simply respects his woman too much and he respects himself to know that you would never cheat on him. A Gemini man has confidence in you both and will not fall victim to feeling less than what he knows to be true.

You could try to make a Gemini man jealous, but it will likely backfire. He’ll end up upset with you that you would want to do that to him rather than be angry at the guy you flirted with. If you allow another man to flirt with you on purpose, he’ll also see this as your doing rather than getting jealous of the other guy.

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Is Your Gemini Man Jealous? Signs To Look Out For

When A Gemini Man Ignores You

A Gemini man might ignore you because he feels uncomfortable with the feelings he has for you. He may not be ready for something serious so when he is faced with his feelings it can be overwhelming. That doesn’t mean a Gemini man is jealous.

He may think that if he ignores you, it will be much easier for him to step away from the connection because he doesn’t have to delve deep into what he is feeling any longer. Remember, a Gemini man trusts his mind a lot easier than he trusts his heart. 

He can literally think himself out of an emotional situation. When he ignores you, he is depending on his analytical side to get himself out of these uncomfortable feelings he doesn’t seem to trust. He needs to be ready for this connection or else he will sabotage the relationship. 

He Acts Like He Doesn’t Care About You

Unrequited love is one of the most painful experiences any person can go through, and sometimes we meet people we have a connection with and they just don’t seem to feel the same way. If he believes you have no interest in him, he may pretend he doesn’t care about you too.

A Gemini man may feel this way about you; he may sense that this relationship is going in the right direction but not see your effort and emotional investment. He may pretend like you are at the bottom of his priority list. It is very immature of him to just act this way without an explanation.

But hopefully, seeing him treat you like this will make you realize that you are worth so much more than a man who has lukewarm feelings for you and who doesn’t have the respect to just tell you he doesn’t feel the same. So, once he realizes his strategy is not effective, he will change it in order to keep you in his life.

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He Pretends Like Nothing Is Wrong

Due to his inability to accept what is, he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing or appear weak. He will not want to talk about what is wrong when you ask him. He’ll pretend like everything is good. This is the most common way Gemini acts when jealous.

It is unlikely that you will be able to pry information out of him about what he was upset about or why. It won’t take long for him to open up and tell you, but there’s nothing you can do to force him to do so. And don’t force him; this will only irritate him.

What To Do When A Gemini Man Gets Jealous

Don’t Buy Into The Drama

When you’re dealing with a Gemini man who just loves his drama, the wisest thing you can do is simply not buy into it. 

He may push you to your limits, but if you allow yourself to fall into his games and tricks, you’ll end up just feeling bad about yourself. 

The next time he starts acting jealous, don’t even make it a big deal. Stick to the facts, explain what really happened, and leave it at that. He’ll respect you for standing your ground, and although he might try and manipulate what you’re saying, he can’t argue with the truth! 

Have A Conversation About It

Because they’re air signs, Gemini men need to talk more than anything else in life. 

His mind is so busy and crazy that it can become a problem if he doesn’t share his ideas with you. 

Maybe he’s obsessing about something that happened in the past, and all he needs to do is have a heart to heart with you in order to get his facts straight. 

Sitting down to chat will probably go a long way toward helping him overcome his jealous feelings. 

Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Gaslit

Do you know the term gaslighting? It happens when someone turns your own words against you, making you doubt yourself or feel crazy. 

Unfortunately, even if he has a heart of gold, some Gemini men tend to do this—sometimes without even realizing it. It’s possible that he could have been the one flirting, and he’s now projecting it onto you. 

You have to be on top of your game to spot it—and not be afraid to stand your ground and point out when you think he’s out of order! 

Point Out The Flaws In His Thinking

Gemini men love facts. They love details, thinking, and talking. They’re always looking to learn more. 

Maybe his perception is skewed, and you’ll be doing him a favor by pointing out where he’s going wrong in his thinking. In fact, he’ll appreciate you even more when you show him how he’s gone wrong.

Distract Him

Finally, you can turn your Gemini man’s attention away from jealousy by simply distracting him. His attention is very easily diverted, and it’s possible he’s just having a strange moment. 

You can distract him by planning fun date nights, staying up late with interesting conversations, picking up a hobby together, or sharing a passion. He may just forget all about his jealousy once he’s focused on something else entirely! 

Remember, Gemini men are not naturally jealous. It’s likely he’s just bored, wanting to play games, or projecting his own problems onto you. Or he might just be creating drama. Do your best not to buy into it or get your buttons pushed! 

Will A Gemini Man Try To Make You Jealous?

A Gemini man will undoubtedly try to make you jealous if he feels insecure. Sometimes it takes a trigger to make him start to feel insecure. This trigger could be the fact that he feels you’re too good for him and doesn’t deserve you.

Another disturbing possibility is that you see him conversing with other women. Whether it’s in person or online, he seems to be trying to make you jealous by keeping his options open.

It’s not something he does often, but it’s possible, so beware. If a man becomes jealous, you never know how he may react, and it really depends on what or who caused it. It is impossible to know what anyone’s trigger points may be.

Furthermore, when you are friendly to others but not to him, you are directly detaching your energy from him, so he misses you more. Seeing you not positively interact with him riles him up and makes him angry and jealous.

He wants to do what he wants to do, but if you do what you want to do (out of his “reason”), he doesn’t like it, and you’re in for an argument. He’s allowed to be insecure, but not you.

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  1. I don’t really always agree with this astrology all Gemini men are different just go by ur relationship everyday always love each other no matter what all this trash is.

    1. Hi Crystal! There isn’t much to disagree with Astrology. The truth is, we all have all 12 signs in our charts. All aspects need to be considered as far as planetary placement, moon sign, rising sign, etc. That all affects someone’s personality makeup which does indeed make us all different with similarities. Learning about someone’s sun sign is only part of the equation. They indeed need to dig in further but my book “Gemini Man Secrets” is a great place to start in helping learn the truth behind this mysterious guy.

  2. Anna, I have never read anything so spot on about Gemini men. You have completely nailed them. As a woman who has been with four of them in life, they all had the same traits. Its amazing the accuracy the zodiac portrays the 12 signs and you have pinpointed Gemini’s traits to a T. Thanks for helping me to better understand this last one for me. He is my forever after.

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