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What To Do When A Gemini Man Pulls Away

Has your Gemini man started to pull away or isn’t responding the way he used to? He isn’t texting or calling you first anymore, and he doesn’t text you back as quickly as he did in the beginning.

What on Earth is happening, and why has your Gemini become distant? Don’t fret; I’m here to help you today with the seven most common reasons why a Gemini man pulls away. I will also tell you exactly what to do when a Gemini man pulls away. Keep reading to find out everything.

What Pushes A Gemini Away? 7 Reasons Why A Gemini Man Pulls Away

1. He’s Losing Interest

One of the biggest needs for Gemini men is excitement and having fun. When he becomes bored with a situation or a relationship, he starts to seek excitement elsewhere. It can be with friends, projects, or another potential partner… 

When the Gemini man loses interest, he will definitely start to ghost you. When things become settled into a routine, he starts to feel that daily life is too mundane, and it makes him want to do something different. 

Routine is very boring for a Gemini man unless there is something fun incorporated into it. His job has to be something exciting and creative, so he can use his born talents.

He is the same way with relationships. If the relationship becomes routine and isn’t bringing him happiness anymore, he’ll start trying to find other ways to stimulate his brain. 

One of the biggest signs of your Gemini man feeling unsatisfied or bored can very much result in his absence or pulling away so that he can find other ways to entertain himself. 

2. The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Relationship With A Gemini Man Moving Too Fast

Gemini men do not like to feel pressured or pushed into getting more serious than they are ready for. Then again, some Gemini jump right in if they are excited. 

The thing about Gemini man is that he has a dual personality and of course, his Moon and Rising signs play a role as well as his upbringing. Gemini is an air sign capable of blowing anywhere, at any time.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, which is why he’s so cerebral. His brain has to be stimulated often. When it’s not, he feels empty and doesn’t know what to do with himself – which is worse than death in his mind!

Getting to know you is one of his favorite activities. It’s like opening a really awesome book that he wants to read. This helps him to place you in his story and could bring him closer to you. 

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3. You’ve Become Too Needy

It’s not really a secret that Gemini men do not appreciate needy women. He loves independence and a woman who doesn’t actually need him at all. He wants to be wanted though. 

Sending him too many texts will result in him not answering. This is especially true if you haven’t asked him a question. He thinks if you didn’t ask anything, then why does he need to reply?

Some of the clients I’ve had over the years have told me that they made the mistake of texting or calling the Gemini man too much. It proceeded to drive him off, as he felt smothered.

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4. He’s Moody Swings

Keep in mind that the Gemini man has two personalities. This can cause him to have any sort of mood at any given moment. He could be in a mood that is making him want to be alone or undisturbed.

He could be feeling overwhelmed by something as well. Whatever it is, he needs patience from you. If it has nothing to do with you, then it won’t be a big deal. He’ll tell you what’s going on. 

If it does have to do with you, then that’s a different story – and you will have to wait until he actually is ready to discuss it with you. Either way, you have to basically sit on the back burner until he comes out of this mood. 

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5. You Don’t Have Enough Time Apart

The Gemini man wants time to himself so he can breathe, focus on his creativity, work at his goals or projects, and just be himself without distraction. 

He wants to see his partner doing her own thing too. She should be able to spend time with friends or work on her own projects that may lead her to success in her path. 

If you haven’t been giving him any time to himself, he will start to lose himself – which definitely will bring him down. It will cause a Gemini man to pull back and not want to talk to you much.

6. He Knows Too Much About You

Gemini Man Pulling Away

This sounds silly, but if he knows everything there is to know about you, he gets bored. I already told you what happens when he gets bored. You need to always give him something new to discover about you. 

Start talking to him about something out of the blue. It will thrill him and will keep him from slipping into boredom. Lift him up by doing something he would never expect!

And keep the excitement alive! Don’t tell him all your personal details or he will find you to be dull and that’s not a good thing. This can make him go quiet, spend less time with you, and stop talking as much.

Don’t let this happen for something you can easily fix. Do what you can to keep things alive and fresh.

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7. A Lack Of Social Life

When couples get used to each other they can tend to slowly stop being as social as they once were. If you want him to stay with you more and more, he starts to wonder if he can do that.

The Gemini man wants to be social unless he has a Moon or Rising sign that makes him more of a homebody (like a Taurus, perhaps). Otherwise, he wants to get out and do stuff!

A Gemini man who’s pulling back can very much be remedied if you’re willing to do the work. He likes bouncing ideas off of people and he loves being the life of any gathering. 

What To Do When A Gemini Man Pulls Away

The bulk of the pulling back with Gemini is due to boredom. That is the main ingredient in most of these reasons. He needs time to himself and his partner also needs to be independent.

When he’s not getting what he needs or wants, a Gemini man pulls away and has to be lured back in. How do you do that? Be patient, let the relationship go with the flow.

Give your Gemini man enough space and freedom, and pull back a little bit when it’s necessary. When you aren’t reaching out to him constantly, it gives him time to miss you and think of you.

If the Gemini man really cares for you or even loves you, he will not want to let you go. Giving him space and time helps him to feel free and somehow makes him want you more.

When you notice a Gemini man pulling away, then the best thing you can do is to focus on yourself until he comes back around to you.

Be independent, and make life with you more exciting and adventurous. Try new things, talk to new people, go to new places, give him new information about you, plan surprises for him, gift him and show devotion without smothering him.

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One thought on “What To Do When A Gemini Man Pulls Away

  1. I have had a Gemini pull a way all of a sudden…well, ghosted me, really. Back story: I met him around 4 years ago and it was more of a casual relationship. I was fresh out of a divorce and he was a part of my funnel. We had amazing chemistry, even back then. It was more of a FWB type relationship. He’d cook me dinner or we’d eat in a lot. He took me out for breakfast once. I let him lead most of the time; however, I eventually wanted more and chased. We both were involved in toxic relationship over the last few years. He had reached out to me 3-4 times checking in. This last Jan, I saw him on a dating app and reached out to him. We chatted for 3 weeks over text before meeting up. Since then, we had seen each other every other weekend (when I didn’t have my kids). Sometimes we were able to squeeze in a few extra days in between. We both have very busy lives; however, I’d always respond when he’d reach out, no matter what I was doing. He eventually started texting to check in even when he was with fiends for a brief time. He was progressive, offered help. I had explained to him that it was difficult for me to allow help; however, I was working on that. We had a lot of adventurous dates, deep conversations…I gave plenty of space. One weekend he did not text me goodnight, and my energy shifted slightly. I didn’t reciprocate the lovey convo; however, I still responded warmly. I was going to address my feelings when I saw him the following weekend. Last week Monday, he messaged me in the afternoon, after having normal conversation, that he’d text me later. I knew that meant it would not be any time soon. I messaged Tuesday to ask if he was ok. He messaged me Wednesday morning “hey gm. I am ok ty for asking”. I told him that I was glad he was ok and happy to hear from him. No response. I messaged him again on Friday of that same week: “ Hey, good morning-ish babe. How are you feeling? I am honoring your space; however, want you to know I am here if you need to talk. You are not alone. I believe in you and know that what ever you are going thru, you will come out stronger on the other side. You are just amazing like that. You are the MVP in my life and you are so worthy of happiness, what ever that looks like in this moment. You have my complete and utter affection. Happy Friday”. No response. It has now been 8 days since he last messaged and 5 since I last messaged. In the beginning of our second situationship, I had told him I was not letting him go as easily this time, as neither one of us knew what happened the last time. We definitely have a lot in common, have had a lot of fun, and had invested a lot of time together this time around. He told me he liked me a lot back then as well as now. And now I sit in silence wondering what my next move should be.

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