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Gemini Men and Texting or Calling: Why is He So Bad At It?

There are so many women that are frustrated and wondering why their Gemini guy takes so long to call them back or why they take forever to answer a text message; if they answer at all. Here are some things you may want to know.

Are You In a Serious Relationship?

If you aren’t in a serious relationship with your Gemini guy; he doesn’t feel like he is obligated to respond to you as quickly or every time you reach out. This is one of the reasons Gemini men take awhile to commit.

He isn’t in any hurry to be in a relationship with anyone. He doesn’t want to answer to anyone and appreciates his personal space.

So if you’ve just met him or you’re dating him (not serious); he may not be as on top of communications as you are or would like him to be.  If you are new with him; having an expectation may be disappointing for you.

If you ARE in a serious relationship; you probably already know that your Gemini guy’s brain is often scattered as he has a million and one things on in his mind which makes him forget things.

He has his hand in many projects or ideas thus creating no space in his brain to worry about small things. I’m not saying he thinks you’re small but in the grand scheme of things, he knows he’ll get back to you when he can.

If you are understanding of him and love him; this is one of those things you’ll accept about him. Unconditional love is the only way you can fully enjoy being in a serious relationship with a Gemini man.

Multi-Faceted Gemini Man

Businessman in modern corporate office - Gemini Men and Texting or Calling

What you need to understand about this guy is that he’s always busy. He may not physically be but he is mentally busy. This means that he always has something or multiple things going on in his brain.

This will make him prioritize and try to handle things are they come. That’s not to say he isn’t thinking of you but again; unless you’re serious together; he’s thinking that his problems or projects are probably more important at the time.

He is the type of guy that has many irons in the fire and is always trying to study things he’s passionate about. Sometimes he starts projects that he’s passionate about and then doesn’t finish them.

Sadly; he can be this way with relationships also. He may start one up too quickly and realize that it’s not really good for him at that time or that the person he chose wasn’t right so he’ll back out.

Just keep in mind that there is never NOTHING going on in his head. He’s highly analytical and very intellectual. He is literally ALWAYS thinking. Many Gemini men suffer from anxiety as well as insomnia if they are not careful.

What Should You Do

Well, if you are the type of woman that needs to have constant validation; you’re not the right one for him anyway. He needs a woman who is self confident, independent, and doesn’t hang on his every call or text.

If you truly understand where a Gemini man is coming from; you’ll get that he’s often busy in his head and this can cause him to be forgetful or space things off entirely.

If he isn’t texting you back or returning your calls in a time that you’d really like him to; relax!! It’s not the end all be all if he doesn’t respond immediately. Most men are not built this way either unless they’re the kind that has nothing going on.

Gemini men are always busy. It may frustrate you when you want to hear from him but don’t. However; if you keep it light, fun and leave off the expectation; you’ll find that when you do get a text or call; it will be QUALITY.

So you need to decide if you want quantity or quality. He’s willing to give you quality but I’ve yet to meet a Gemini man that wants to be in constant contact with his lady. He’s a busy guy.

If you need to have answers right away; you may seek out a man that is more open to having more contact such as a Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces. Gemini is too all over the place.

Starts out Heavy but then Backs Off

Stylish man with laptop - Gemini Men and Texting or Calling

Gemini men are not commitment type of guys; not to say they won’t; rather more that they avoid it until they’re sure. That being said; he will flirt a whole heck of a lot. When he likes someone; he will be thick with it at times.

This sets the scene up for making you think he’ll always be that way. The truth is though; they don’t stay that way. Once the novelty or excitement fades; he starts to get bored with it and he stops doing it as much.

He’ll still keep in contact via call or text but he won’t be as excited as he once was. Unless you find topics of conversation that are exciting that haven’t been discussed before; he’s likely to keep it short and sweet with you.

This is typical Gemini behavior. The only way to keep the excitement alive in a relationship with him is going to be to come up with unexplored topics of conversation or plans for activities.

Don’t Show Yourself as Clingy

If you keep texting and calling despite his not responding; you’re going to look as though you’ve becoming co-dependent on him and this is something he will avoid like the plague.

The best way to keep a Gemini man interested is to send one or two simple texts to say hello and tell him to have a good day or to send him a flirt. If he doesn’t respond; leave it alone and go about your business.

It’s important you really understand this guy before you get yourself entangled with a Gemini man. Click here to learn more about the Gemini man’s behaviors.

I hope this helps you get a better idea of why he may not be quick on the draw with texts and calls. Calm down and let him come to you in his own time!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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16 thoughts on “Gemini Men and Texting or Calling: Why is He So Bad At It?

    1. I’m trying to decipher if he’s truly trying to wait until he graduates college to commit or further our relationship. I have known him for about four years now and we’ve never been in the same state which is the reason why we’ve never actually deep in our relationship because I don’t want to be in a long distant relationship as it would only make me insecure. I’m a bad Overthinker and need assurance at times so I made a decision that I couldn’t be in a relationship with him at the time. However to fast forward Two years he continues to keep a word in my ear and I call him every day. Recently he flew me out to the state he is currently in and we spent three days together. He told me he cares about me but that I am not a priority… that obviously hurt my feelings and we argued about it for a little while and then he told me that he just wanted me to know the truth and that he just didn’t want me to never talk to him again after I returned home. He then proceeded to pay for my meals and make passionate love to me the entire time as well as making out with me in the airport in front of everyone but still I feel odd that regardless of our situation he would still want to commit. Is he only in love with my body? After he graduates in a year will he still want me even though he’s been chasing me for so long? What should I do here ? I have very strong feelings and feel that with time I can see my self married to him but is this all one sided ?

      1. Hi Miranda!

        Ok so he’s telling you that he isn’t ready to be in a committed relationship right now because he has other priorities. It’s not because he doesn’t like you. He really enjoys spending time with you and talking to you. That’s real. There is no guarantee about what the future will bring so now you need to decide if you will wait him out and see what happens or if it’s too much for you and you want to move on. That’s the part that is in your hands and the only thing you can change. He has to decide what he’s going to want when he’s done with college. You need to try meditating on it and see what your inner self tells you about the situation as far as what you should do. I hope this helps you sweetheart. If you would like more Gemini help, check out my guides on Gemini Man Secrets. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  1. So true about Gemini men – LOL. I was almost wishing I was wrong but everything said here is dead on … I know we are not a match since I’m a Capricorn … LOL! Thank goodness I never met him =) We’ve only been “texting” for a few days but everything said here is true. Once I bring up a topic he likes, I do get a response … not right away though. HAHA. He also does compliment me which is nice … Good Luck!

  2. I’m beginning to think my husband is not a normal Gemini. As far as commitment he talked to me every day almost all day when we dated, and still does. He also asked me to marry him after just 3months of dating. We have been married 5yrs now and he’s still very communicative, sweet, engaged with me. Aquarius who loves her Gemini

  3. Oh No I’m a Capricorn and in love with a Gemini Guy who does Not text back and yes..I already screwd up by texting him too much ??‍♀️??

    1. Hi Clarissa! Not necessarily. If you’ve noticed you’ve texted him a bunch, you can now start to ease up a bit. Let him reach out to you a bit more instead of you being the one who initiates. Let him start chasing you a bit sweetheart. Unless he’s totally pushed you away then you should try to back off a little and see what happens. There may still be hope here. You might want to also check out my book as it may help you learn who he is a bit better. You can check out “Gemini Man Secrets”.

  4. I’m in the same situation with a gemini man. I’m an aquarius and never dated a gemini before but we fell head over heels for each other even before actually meeting. We´re from different countries. We met when I visited his and been texting but he’s very scattered and I have to do the approach. Got mad at him during the first days of texting because he was keeping it short and very different from when we were in person. I’d love to go back to his country early next year, but his texting ways are making me mad tbh. And everything was pretty accurate. hahahahahaha.

    1. Hi Stella! Yes, I can see why someone would be frustrated with the lack of texting. It can cause a woman to lose her mind for sure. However, if she learns how he is, cares for him, and accepts him “as is” then she’ll start finding him less frustrating. Knowing he is this way early on can help problems from emerging. In fact, this is exactly one of the reasons I wrote my book “Gemini Man Secrets”.

  5. i’m a libra with a very attractive gemini man. i can understand him and i not worried about he’s doing. but I’m afraid my intimacy and comfort with him will keep him away from me. I am very comfortable and he comes back whenever he wants and then again and every time he comes back he is attractive to me and I treat him well. I’m afraid he thinks I’m always available. And that makes him leave me forever

    1. Hi Sahar!

      Then you should make time for yourself and not be so available to him at all times. Make plans with friends or family. Try to not answer him right away and don’t initiate conversation so much. Let him do so me of the work. Missing you will make him want you more instead of less. You can do this!

  6. Me and my Gemini have been friends for nearly three years but started flirting more and more after a year of being friends, going on dates etc but nothing ever happened, not even a kiss. Then a year and a half ago we spent a night together which wasn’t planned it just happened as if we were drawn to one another. I still didn’t have any that deep feelings even though I liked him, we didn’t speak much after but a month later he was coming back to where I was (we live in different cities) and we went on like a proper date, he told me he likes me I told him I do too, had so much fun together as every time we would meet. After this we spoke briefly but then after not speaking for way too long (nearly a year) I realised I loved him, although I just got on with my life, met friends, worked, traveled..
    Then suddenly he appeared in my messages, I was really confused at the time because I wanted him but I didn’t want to give him another chance without seeing him work for it. We started speaking, obviously in his slower way of communication which I didn’t mind, then a few months later he randomly rang me saying he’s in my town asking and begging to see me the next day, i told him I have an hour before work and that’s it, we met and he explained why he didn’t want talk etc, which made sense but I wanted to see more. We kissed that day, our connection felt even stronger than ever. He had been bad with replying as usual since then but every time we speak he would send big paragraphs asking about me and telling me about how he was and what’s happening with his life as well as planning future dates, which due to the pandemic have to be delayed, we even spoke on the phone for a bit, but he doesn’t bother contacting me that often. I also know he talks to other girls, who I am aware are friends but knowing how Geminis are I am afraid it might be more than that (because of previous experiences with Gemini.)

    What would you advise me to do, I’m very patient and I can feel connected to him even when we’re apart. I’m not rushing for anything, I just would like a peace of mind.

    1. Hi Olivia!

      All men have a chance at being a cheater. Gemini love variety which can get them in trouble sometimes for sure. Not all of them cheat though so it’s hard to determine for you if they cheat a lot. It will have to do with their upbringing, their beliefs, and what else is in their chart to know if they are more apt to cheat or if they are on the faithful side. Learn more about Gemini men by checking out Gemini Men Secrets.

  7. I’ve been dating Gemini guy for over 7 months. They are hard to read or know how they will react. We have great conversations at time then other times he’s dead silent which makes me worry like I’ve done something but I know I haven’t. I feel he really cares about me in his own special way. After 3 months he moved in items of his to my house. I don’t mean a few things like half my closet and lots in my garage. He has key to my house so comes and goes as he please. No, we don’t live together. We text back and forth. We both are busy but seems like I make sure I reach out more then he does. Oh btw I work 2 jobs and make sure he knows he’s on my mind and to have a good day or morning which he replies back but not as fast as I do. He definitely text hi a lot. I never text just hi until I met this guy. Now I try to stay busy and not lose focus of myself since I’m not too sure where were at in this relationship. He says we’re in this relationship with each other. Sometime I feel he’s with someone but he says nope only you and I. he express his self sometime and says he loves me and appreciate me for who I am. I read up on Gemini from day one and try my best to keep things interesting and I still feel I’m the one doing work and he sits back. IM libra so giving attention and caring with my whole is part of who I am.
    Do you have any advice?

    Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi christina!

      My suggestion to you sweetheart is to let him know how you feel about it. Tell him that you would like for him to put in more effort and at least meet you halfway with the relationship. I’m not surprised he would do this. Gemini men have their heads full of stuff. They’re busy people whether literally or mentally which causes them to sort of blow off other people sometimes. I don’t think he’s doing that intentionally nor is he being lazy with you. I think he’s just not really realizing it bothers you that much. Tell him! If you need any other help, you should check out my guides on “Gemini Man Secrets”. Blessings to you!

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