What Does It Mean When A Gemini Man Says He Needs Space?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you trying to figure out what a Gemini man needs most in a relationship? Here are some things you should know about your Gemini alpha male and why he might need some space.

A Gemini alpha male is quite the thing to experience in your life. He will know how to charm you and add a lot of excitement to your life. But what happens when a Gemini man needs space? Is it something you did? Or is this normal

What a Gemini man needs is anyone’s guess because consistency isn’t his strongest trait. This is a guy who is always changing, experimenting, and exploring the world around him. So this means his needs change from moment to moment. 

However, Gemini men are very popular and women seem to be really drawn to them. I am not surprised as these guys are quite interesting and have a lot to add to a woman’s life. Although I might be biased seeing as I am a Gemini myself. 

Keep on reading to find out more about your Gemini man and why he might need some space. Don’t worry, it might not be as bad as you think, but there is only one way for you to find out!

Getting To Know A Gemini Alpha Male — What He Needs In A Relationship

A Gemini man has pretty high standards for himself, but especially when it comes to the woman he is in a relationship with. He wants to make sure that she ticks all the boxes, but because he is so changeable it can be difficult for him to know for sure what he needs. However, some things never change. 

He is definitely the type of guy who is looking for a quality woman and what I mean by that is that a Gemini man is attracted to a woman who knows who she is and isn’t looking for him to define her. He wants someone who is intelligent and can hold her own. 

One of the most essential things in a Gemini man’s life is that he feels stimulated in his life, so he needs a partner who is interesting and knows how to keep things exciting because boredom is awful for a Gemini man. 

Independence is really sexy for a Gemini man. He likes it when his lady can be self-reliant and self-motivated. He doesn’t want to be the person in the relationship who is always calling the shots. He wants her life to excite him!

This is probably one of the reasons why a Gemini man likes spontaneity and adventure so much. It gives him a feeling of excitement, and having that feeling in his relationship is better than anything money could buy. 

Basically, busyness seems to be the key thing for a Gemini man in his relationships. He likes it when a woman is on the go and keeps him on his toes. Variety and newness will always excite him and make him a satisfied man. 

Here’s more on what does a Gemini man like in a woman.

Giving A Gemini Man Space To Figure Out What He Wants Does This Actually Work?

Space is honestly never a bad thing in a relationship, especially if you are in a relationship with a Gemini man. Giving him space will confuse him because he is so used to women chasing after him. 

Although a Gemini man likes to be stimulated by activities, he is also someone who likes quite a bit of mystery in his life. Meaning that when a woman can keep him questioning and puzzled about her whereabouts it seems to create more attraction in his life. 

This is why whenever your Gemini man says he needs space, give it to him. Remember this is nothing personal against you, it is him looking for the space. This is not a bad thing and might teach you how to have more self-esteem in your relationship. 

I know it might feel easy to get quite insecure if your man wants space, but take that time to focus on yourself and remind yourself to take him off the pedestal. You need to be living for yourself and doing what makes you happy. 

When you fill your life up with exciting things that don’t involve him, it will really cause a gap in his life and make him realize how much he misses you. Pulling away is never a bad thing as it tends to give all men some clarity. 

What To Do When A Gemini Man Needs Space

It is pretty simple, when a Gemini man needs space – listen to him. You’re only going to lose the fight if you go against his wishes and overwhelm him with your neediness. You need to be strong and self-assured. Here is how to do it:

Stop Reaching Out

When a Gemini man needs space, it might feel quite hard on you and like you have done something. I know how it feels, and it can really hurt, but it might also make you feel really insecure.

It is easy to want to reach out to him because talking to him will make your nervous system go down. However, you really need to learn to self-regulate and recognize that all you are looking for is validation from him.

You need to validate yourself and stop looking to him to make you feel better. It is very possible that your neediness is the thing that has pushed him away, and this is why you have ended up in this situation.

So stop texting him or looking for attention on social media. If you keep reaching out to him, you are only going to push him away. You need to give him the time and space to start missing you and realizing what he has in you. This is the only way.

Focus On Yourself

It can be quite tough to focus on yourself and your own life when you fall head over heels in love with a Gemini man. This is normal; however, it isn’t always healthy, and this is why you need to start focusing on yourself.

If he wants space, then this is a great opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself once again. What does that mean? You should do what makes you happy, like doing your hobbies and interests once again.

This will help you to refocus on yourself, but it will also give you the boost of confidence you need for your own self-esteem. Your self-worth will only improve, and you will end up feeling a lot better about yourself.

Stop focusing so much on what he wants and what will make him happy, and instead start doing you. Join a creative class like pottery or start going to the gym again. All these little steps will help you feel a lot better about yourself.

Let Him Take The Initiative

I know that it can be really difficult to patiently wait around for a Gemini man when he tells you that he needs space, but it is better to go with what he wants than to fight him on this. If a man needs space and you don’t give it to him, the chances of never seeing him again are quite high.

Let him come to you and stop chasing! Women are expected to do everything in this modern world, from building a successful career to raising children. Let men be men, and let him win you over.

You need to remember that you are the prize, and if he is willing to lose you, then that is on him. Remember, you cannot lose the things that are meant for you, so stop trying to win the battle with your willpower.

Instead, embrace your feminine energy and flow. I know that it hurts and feels like rejection, but you will feel much better not chasing him and letting him come to you than being the one who does all the work. This dynamic is just natural. Stop fighting your femininity.

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What You Shouldn’t Do When A Gemini Man Needs Alone Time

When a Gemini man needs alone time, it is important that you listen. This is why the worst thing you could do is go against this and not listen to a word he says. And by that I mean blowing up his phone and constantly reaching out to him. 

If you do this there is no chance that this relationship will survive, in fact, he will probably ghost you or even worse, block you. So stop doing what you think you should do, and calm yourself down before you reach out to him. 

It is so important that you learn ways to regulate your nervous system when you feel triggered and out of control. Journal, meditate, and do some yoga. It might also be a good idea for you to talk to a therapist to help you figure out why him needing space has got you triggered. 

Let him be and let go. I know this is easier said than done, but this is better for your soul than chasing after him. 

End Anxiety About Your Gemini Man…

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