How To Get A Gemini Man Back After Things Have Ended

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you recently had a break up with a Gemini man and now feel lost without him? How to get a Gemini man back after things have ended between you?

Have you recently had a break up with a Gemini man and now feel lost without him? How to get a Gemini man back after things have ended between you? I can definitely help you out ladies! 

I’ve got some really important things to keep in mind when it comes to how to win a Gemini man back. Keep reading so that you’ll really absorb what it takes to get your guy to return to you.

Emotional Stability

The first thing to keep in mind is that Gemini man isn’t good at dealing with emotions. If you try to talk to him while you’re emotional; he won’t respond kindly.

To really discuss things with him; you’re going to have to somewhat detach your emotions from the situation at hand. Talk to him with logic and reason. That’s the language he gets.

He isn’t into drama or into women that cannot control how they feel. You start crying while trying to explain yourself; he’ll shut down. He just cannot cope with things like this.

You’re going to have to learn how to handle your emotions in a more productive way in order to be around or get a Gemini man back. In reality; if he broke it off because you were too emotional; this is all the more reason to stabilize.

You don’t need to be a hard ass or closed off. Just learn to communicate without having to be emotionally charged. Learn some techniques that will help you to open up without seeming needy.

You can try techniques such as yoga or meditation. They could help you ground and center yourself so that you can calmly discuss things on a mature level that he will respond well to.

Approaching him with a chilled-out demeanor will help you break through to him so much easier than talking to him while you’re upset. It’s like he shuts down otherwise. 

Learn to Break out of Routine

how to make a gemini man miss you after breakup

One of the things that make a Gemini man re-think his relationships is whether or not there is a routine there. He isn’t into routine whatsoever, he wants a woman that can go with the flow.

He himself gets bored with any sort of routine thus his need for constant stimulation and excitement. That’s why he surrounds himself with projects and/or work. It keeps his mind busy.

When it comes to relationships; he tries to be the same way. He wants you to do things differently sometimes. Giving him lots of free time will help ease the burden of you keeping him stimulated as well.

Let him be free to do the things he loves to do. You going out with your friends and doing your own thing will make him feel he’s still in charge of himself which provides stimulation he loves.

If you’re used to spending every single night with him; change it up. Go spend the night at a friend’s house or at your own home should you live separately. If you live together; go stay at your family’s place or take a weekend getaway alone.

It’ll change things up and he’ll be thrilled with not knowing what to expect from you from one night to the next. That’s what he’s looking for. There is no way to tell you “how long does it take for a Gemini man to come back”. 

This step will definitely help you with how to make a Gemini man miss you after breakup. If you are spontaneous you’ll be able to get him to think of you when you’re not together. 

Look for things that will help make your intimate time more sexy and creative. Be experimental and open-minded when it comes to sex. He’ll love the more stuff you can come up with to try with him. 

Keep Your Spirits Up

Part of not being emotional means you will need to keep yourself upbeat and peppy. If he sees you drowning yourself in sorrow while you’re apart; he’ll see this as a red flag and not something he wants.

Take care of yourself and do things that you really love. Do things that lift you up and make you feel like a million bucks. Watching you shine will turn him on and make him want to be part of your world.

Typically after a breakup; a Gemini man will still remain in contact as long as it wasn’t a really nasty ending. This gives you the opportunity to show him that you’ve been working on yourself and are much more capable now.

Seeing you glow with happiness will make him happy. It will draw his attention to you and make him want to see what it is that you’re doing that made you change so dramatically.

Naturally, this leads to talking to you, asking you out, and trying to start anew. He won’t want to go backward and “try again” as he’d rather start fresh and see where things can go.

By taking care of yourself; you ultimately win either way. Whether he comes back or not; you’ll be on top of the world and on top of your life. Give it a shot! He may just surprise you.

You’ve got to be on top of your game as it will help you with how to make a Gemini man want you back.  You can totally do this! Go get him girl! Stay optimistic and cheerful.

The happier you are the more happy energy you emit which will make him feel happy and good to be around you. That’s what you want to do for sure. Gemini man will feel magnetized by your charms. 

Confident and Independent – How To Get A Gemini Man Attention Back

how to get a gemini man to come back

Gemini men love women who can hold their own and make lives of their own whether he’s around or not. To make it work with him or to get him back; you’re going to have to show him you don’t NEED him.

You’ll much easier lure him in when he sees that you’re taking care of your own life, spending time with your own friends, and making the most of out what the world has to offer.

This is much more of a turn on for him than a woman who wants to cling to him. He’s terrified of routine and of a woman who needs him so much he cannot breathe.

He wants to feel free within the relationship he’s in. The only way to do that is by making sure that you keep yourself busy and you aren’t in need of being attached at the hip with him.

Give him space to breathe and he’ll be happy to help you in any way that he can. Make sure he understands that you’re going to make it with or without him but you’d like him to stick around.

This may be what saves what you have left with him. Gemini only walks away completely if he’s sure that you’re not ever going to change. He’ll walk away from any form of abuse as well.

This is definitely one of the ways how to make a Gemini man want you back. Also this is another way how to make a Gemini man miss you after breakup.

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One more thing I forgot to mention that you may be wondering about. How long does it take for a gemini man to come back? There is no real answer here as each Gemini man is very different.

Being very patient is how to get a Gemini man attention back. You cannot rush the process or have expectation that he will come running to you quickly. Take your time and let him come back when he feels comfortable enough to. 

Gemini man is hard to understand sometimes with his dual nature but if you truly get to know everything about him then you’ll be able to break through his odd shell he’s built up. 

You’ll also be able to talk to him so much better than you probably could before. Don’t be afraid to reach out and give him your all sweetheart. Win this guy’s heart and keep it carefully in your hands. 

Learn how to win a gemini man back by clicking right here right now. It may help you further learn how to get a gemini man back. It will also help you learn more of who the Gemini man is in relationships. 

Something else that you may find very interesting is that classically beautiful actor Liam Neeson is actually a Gemini man! How cool is that?! He’s so talented and good looking. He ages very well too! 

Do you have what a Gemini man wanted? Tell me what you did to get your Gemini guy. I’d love to hear! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

17 thoughts on “How To Get A Gemini Man Back After Things Have Ended

  1. I shall try my best. Reading your article has healed my heart for some part. Hope he comes back. Will not nag n cry in front of him anymore. Your advice is perfect. Thankyou so much. M in such a mental breakdown i cannot describe.

    1. coincidentally i’m doing the same things. living and thriving my life taking good care of myself posting good times on social media (not in a obvious way) travelling.. lets c if he come back.

      1. Hi Avatar! Glad you’re doing what you need to do in order to make your life better. That’s always a plus! Whether or not he comes back, you’ll be a champion of your own life which is fantastic. You may want to check out my book to help you get to know Gemini man better. It could help guide you what steps you should take next and other things you maybe didn’t know about him. Take a look at “Gemini Man Secrets”.

  2. Does this apply for Gemini Women as well? Trying to decide if it ended faster than it started or the other way around… no closure & left high and dry said it was my fault for no communication ?

  3. What would you suggest if he blocks you? Do I give him some space see if he will unblock me so we can maybe meet up and properly talk about things? Basically –
    I called him out on his hot & cold behavior since lock down happened & I asked him is there someone else that’s making you this way or if he is alright as I understand people are affected mentally by lock down. He got completely angry said to move on & that he was done with us. He then blocked me apart from on Snapchat. He kept me on Snapchat for a few days & said he was sorry I’m a lovely amazing girl but he didn’t like the way I accused him. I said i didn’t accuse him I just asked just I’m confused don’t understand your behavior it’s very up and down and I said look it’s fine if you don’t want to continue this I wish you the best. He then would send me snaps saying he couldn’t sleep saying I looked stunning all I put was thank you very much then out the blue the next day he blocked me on there too.

  4. My gemini broke up with me few months ago and while I wanted him back and probably struck him as needy and clingy, he was cold, cruel and adamant that things are definitely over between us. Then something in me simply cracked and I realized that I don’t need such a man in my life. That’s when I blocked him and decided he’s no longer an option for me. From that moment on he keeps poping up in my life despite the fact that I don’ t want him in my life anymore although I still love him. And I told him all this. But he simply won’t leave me alone. So, maybe this is the key to bringing him back for all of you who want that. You have to genuinely STOP pining after him and wanting him in your life again. That apparently does the trick with him. But be careful not to fall into same trap as I did, because now that he’ s always somehere nearby lurking behind every corner, I feel spooked and really want him to leave me alone. I simply want to move on and live my life anew, hopefully with someone who would make me happy and be more stable. By the way I’ m capricorn.

    1. Hi Dina ,

      I am Capricorn as well . We Capricorn have tendency to test every men in our life because we are very much stubborn , independent and so strong for anything and never afraid to be alone or without a man because we can do pretty much anything because we are very logic people and we can pretty detached our emotions. I’ve dated all zodiac signs and I tested them a lot especially in a first month of a relationship , when I think a man is not capable of standing by my side and selfish or arrogant that’s the time I would test him to start acting needy and clingy and see how he responded, because capricorn is very perfectionist by nature and they value time and and they need to make sure before they invest their hearts, energy and time to someone that they are fully assured and secured into the relationship before the Capricorn drop her guard down. I tend to test all my suitors not because I am playing games but you’ll know who will stand by your side when things gets rough in life.

      So fast forward, I’ve dated a Gemini man and we both feel the connections at first meeting. He would call me like 4-5 times a day and texts me all day , as a Capricorn I find it annoying and overwhelming because sometimes I can come off cold and detached when I am busy and focused on something at the moment but I want a man just to acknowledge me that he is thinking of me and be romantic as always. So I got overwhelmed with all his attentions so I started testing him how he would react if I cry for stupid things and sometimes when he said things I don’t like I don’t argue I just don’t message or not even call him, so he didn’t like it because he told me that I’m always busy for him but as a hard headed and perfectionist Capricorn we tend to push people away to see if they are strongly fit for us.Anyways, a week ago he was very busy at work and we live 6hrs away but he travels every week back and forth from his place to his job and I live in the middle so it’s convenient for us to see when possible. A week ago his job became so stressful and it got to the point that he became depressed and started to quit, but I wanted to be there for him in bad times but he shut me off and actually he ended things between us because he said he is dealing too much but I was messaging him every day not a clingy way just letting him know that I am his side if ever he needs someone to talk to, but he shut me off and I was so hurt and told him it’s okay that he needs to be alone but for pushing me away is not good because I feel as if I am not important. So , for a week I was very calm and was be there for him until I said to myself well ‘f’ this, I am a Capricorn and I won’t take this bs because we all going through a very difficult situation in life but it would be nice that someone acknowledged us that they’re willing to stand by our side. He became distant but still reply but I noticed when I didn’t text him for two days, when I texted him he reply right away and in most of my messages than a week ago.

      A week ago, I wanted to be there for him but when he shut me off that’s when I realized I don’t need a man doing that to me, so I started being back to Capricorn detached and cold and busy. I am very logic and I have to admit that I always think I was born alone and by myself so why I need someone like that ? I always think if ever I want to be with someone he should be more stronger than I am, emotionally. I have so many suitors lined up but I chose to give my attention to him but now he’s testing then it’s time for me to walk away. Once a Capricorn ends things it would be so hard to other people to wishy washy them because they’re unemotional human beings, lol . I am not emotional person but I test every man I have dated with.

      So to all ladies, fight for the love you have by moving on with your life. See , when a man truly loves you he will come back stronger and willing to work things out with you with apology. I always do a lot of things alone so I always get distracted to texts people. I think we all have to work our own insecurities to be more open up and don’t be shame to admit you love them though but he they shut you off because of that ‘leave’ or walk away without explaining anything. As a matured woman, you take risk by admitting how you feel and letting go of it at the same time.

      Whatever you do though, always approach your life with toughness in your heart and guard your mind and heart. Don’t expect too much from other people because that creates a lot of drama and problems. I always believe that God has purpose and I always believe in HIM before anyone else.Believe what’s in your mind and heart and sometimes you have to separate your mind from your heart when making decisions.

  5. Hi ladies,

    did anyone successful gotten back with gemini-cancer cusp man after some time?

    I wasn’t actually in a relationship with him, but we chatted for 5 months (it almost felt like a relationship), but we haven’t met because of the distance and Covid. And towards the end our relationship, it gotten very complicated because we wouldn’t want to compromise to each other needs because we weren’t in a committed relationship.

    Eventually we decided to just be friends but on our last conversation things didn’t really end nice. Should I initiate back a conversation in hope to be friends again and more or should I let him come back on his own, which I heard usually Gemini man wouldn’t come back at all. But he is a gemini-cancer cusp, so I’m hoping that his heart would soften and get back to me again after some time.

    1. Hi L.!

      Gemini can and will come back if they think it’s worth it. If they really truly care for someone, they will give it another chance but only if they know that it will actually be different this time. Cancer cusp can bring his emotional side out more for sure. I tell you what though, you really should check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets. I actually do have a book that helps get a Gemini man back. I’ll leave it up to you but thank you for reading!

  6. So i did repetitive breakups with my Gemini man and i am an aries
    It was mostly because i wanted to focus on my career i m 18 so is he,
    He finds me suffocating, he needs freedom, no restrictions, which i didnt pose intentionally we were in since 2015 and ended it in 2021 May
    I really love him, really want him back, i assured him that ill understand, respect his space, freedom but he is just stubborn about his decision he just said he is done and he is never ever coming back to me
    He said he never wants to come back to that space ever
    I asked him if he still loves me he said yes just that he doesn’t want to come back in a relationship with me

    Any help which i can receive?
    I love my gem❤️ and i can do anything for him

    1. Hi Sara!

      It would seem that he’s been hurt again and again by the on and off relationship. He’s untrusting now and isn’t sure whether or not this would happen again and so he’s reluctant to take that chance. He probably does love you but he doesn’t want to go backwards now that you’ve both proven more than once that it doesn’t work well between you. If you want him back, you’re going to have to work for it. You can find out all about it in my books on Gemini Man Secrets!

    2. Unfortunately Sarah, when you say to anyone not just Gemini you want to break up, focus on your career, explore, And you did it not just once but repeated this over and over again. You’ve hurt him, traumatised him and he doesn’t ever want to be in relationship with you again even when he has feelings for you. He doesn’t want to go through that again with you and he doesn’t trust you. Once is enough but breaking up with Gemini again pushes them far away from you to ever get back together.

      1. Hi carlos!

        Thank you for chiming in. I’m assuming you are a Gemini man yourself. Repeating cycles is definitely a hard thing for a Gemini and most other signs actually. When there is repeatability with hurt or problems, it does make a person close off to the other person. That’s not even just for Gemini alone. That kind of hurt is hard to recover from. Again, thank you for your input carlos! I wish you the best.

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