When A Gemini Man Misses You — Signs, Tips And More

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Trying to figure out the signs a Gemini man misses you? Here’s the truth about what Geminis think when they’re not with you.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or you’ve broken up, knowing the signs a Gemini man misses you badly can reassure you of his feelings.

Gemini men stubbornly put aside their feelings and attraction to the woman they love without at least giving it a shot. If you are wondering, “Does a Gemini miss me?” the signs are all there. You just have to read them.

It is always about Gemini men and whether or not they actually miss their lady when they are not with her. The women feel as though maybe he doesn’t, as if it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It is time to learn the truth about what Gemini men think when they’re not with you.

When a Gemini man says he misses you, you should believe him. While it’s true that Gemini men can become bored very easily, while he’s in the throes of passionate love, he will be very attentive to his lady love.

But making a Gemini man miss you may be a bit tricky. He’s so freedom-loving that he really doesn’t perceive things the way most other people do. It’s not impossible, though, and below are the ways you can work at trying to get on his mind.

When A Gemini Man Says He Misses You — Should You Trust Him?

If you’re spending a lot of time together already, he isn’t likely to miss you. There isn’t anything to miss, as you’re there all the time.

When it’s on the other end of the spectrum and he isn’t spending much time with you, either he’s still trying to figure out if he wants to be with you, or your Gemini man is just honestly not that into you.

These are things to think about when a Gemini man never initiates contact. Watch his actions, and his actions will tell you all you need to know. With what I’ve mentioned so far, add it to whether or not he’s really into you.

You should be able to determine whether or not a Gemini man is likely to miss you. I’m not saying he never misses anyone, but he doesn’t see the world the way the rest of us do.

If you’re his woman, he knows you’ll be there when he’s ready to be with you. So, when a Gemini man says he misses you, you should trust him because he will not use his words lightly.

How Long Does It Take For A Gemini Man To Miss You?

Gemini men will spend more and more time with the lady that they’re falling for. He’ll spend much less time with a woman he barely knows.

When a Gemini man is developing feelings for you but not spending time with you for a justified reason, he should start to miss you pretty fast—a week or two, give or take.

4 Clear Signs A Gemini Man Misses You

1. He Frequently Texts And Calls 

If you find that your Gemini man is sending you texts when he’s away from you, then he’s definitely thinking of you, which should be a very significant sign a Gemini man misses you.

It’s even possible for him to talk about his last time with you and how much it meant to him, or talk about it the next time you two are together. Perhaps he will send you a selfie or a photo of the two of you from a memorable date.

He’s sentimental and will often bring up the past, when you two had a great time together, so that you don’t forget. It’s his way of letting you know that he had a wonderful time with you and misses you.

When a Gemini man misses you, he’s likely to call you when you’re not around. He may call on his lunch break from work. He may also call when he’s out doing stuff just to let you know that you’re important to him.

His constant thinking of you and showering you with affection is not his way of just being nice or considerate. It is a clear sign that your Gemini man is missing you.

The Gemini guy normally misses his partner when he is not with her. It’s natural for him, and he has no qualms about showing it and letting you know how he feels. He’s pretty obvious.

2. He Tells You Directly

A Gemini man will always be the most forward person in the room, so he would rather do what makes him happy and comfortable. However, if a Gemini man says he misses you directly, then I can guarantee that he means it!

A Gemini man will never say he misses you if he doesn’t; he is smarter than that and isn’t going to give you hope if there isn’t any. This is actually a big deal to hear from a Gemini man.

Attentiveness to your needs goes without saying. He will express his feelings openly and will compliment you a lot.

This guy is truly forthcoming when it comes to liking someone. He’ll step up and let you know somehow. Spending time together and getting to know each other helps build a better foundation.

3. He Wants To Make You Happy

A Gemini man, when he misses you, makes an effort to put a smile on your face and make you happy. Gemini loves finding people who match their sense of humor.

He will make you laugh, give you compliments, show affection, and express that he cares about you. All this is to make you happy, which is an obvious sign of his interest in you.

He will also listen to you talk and show interest in your passions and hobbies. Gemini is not a stranger to buying gifts or showing kindness. He is also very romantic, so he will be the kind of guy who sends you sweet texts and says sweet things on the phone.

4. He Is Active On Your Social Media

A Gemini man is very active and makes a move on someone by instinct. He will not take his time and patiently wait for you to reach out but will react fast and scope things out before making a move.

However, if you notice a Gemini man on your social media quite often, liking your pictures or sending you DMs, then chances are quite good that he might miss you at the moment.

He might want you to reach out and talk to him. Send him a friendly hello and ask him how he is doing. You never know where this might lead.

No Contact Rule With A Gemini Man — Will No Contact Make Your Gemini Man Miss You?

Yes, the no contact rule works perfectly well on Gemini men. It challenges his natural curiosity and desire to communicate with you.

If the two of you had a very strong connection, then yes, your Gemini man will miss you. But if it was a very brief encounter with you, then he probably won’t miss you.

If your Gemini man reaches out to you again, then you have your answer, but if you never hear from him again, then you also have your answer.

Removing yourself from his life might encourage him to find out what he misses about you. So, will a Gemini man miss you if you apply the no contact rule? Most likely, he will.

Explore this helpful, step-by-step guide, as it will show you the ‘buttons’ to press to cause a change in how your Gemini man feels, sees, and acts around you. Check out my 30-day Gemini Man Love Challenge. It will set you on the right path with your Gemini.

How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You Like Crazy — 6 Sneaky Ways

Stay Busy

The last thing a Gemini wants is a clingy partner. So if you keep yourself busy, he will feel less pressure which also could lead to his desire for you. Independence turns him on.

Maybe while you’re out having an adventure, you could send him a quick picture of you out doing your thing. He’ll feel happy you’re doing something for yourself and will also be thrilled you’re enjoying yourself.

You could also send him a naughty verbal text. Don’t do it constantly though because then you don’t give him time to miss you. Constantly texting him will give him the impression you have nothing better to do than bother him.

If you text him once a day, that’s enough to show you’re still interested without seeming too eager. If you’re too eager, your Gemini man may be turned off. He likes mystery.

Send Him Gift

If you keep yourself really busy, you could perhaps send your Gemini guy a thoughtful gift once a week to show him you are interested but are keeping to your business and getting things done. He likes his partner to be very driven.

Again, it’s hard to get a Gemini man to miss you, as it’s just not part of their nature. However, you can send small reminders. By sending a small gift or leaving one for him at his place, he’ll think of you.

It’s not hard to get him to think of you, but missing you is something that requires deep emotions, and it’s not something that comes easily for the Gemini man, unfortunately.

Remain Mysterious

If you don’t text him much and keep to yourself, you may make him curious about what you’re up to and if you’re into him. This man likes to unravel mysteries, and when a woman is unknown to him, he’ll work to figure you out.

Maybe make a random call to him one weekend and tell him to meet you at a hotel room you’ve just rented for the day. Answer the door in a trench coat with nothing underneath. After you’re done having fun, tell him you’ve got stuff you need to take care of and leave.

He’ll wonder what that was about and if you plan to call him again. Then again, the Gemini mind may just think, “That was great! Back to work!”. They truly do not understand the need for most people to want to be missed and desired.

Give Him Time And Space

A Gemini man is a freedom seeker. So if you give your Gemini guy lots of space and time, he may just find that he misses you. In fact, rather than you being the one to text him, he may be the one to text you. This is one of the clues that he’s into you.

Maybe the next time he texts you, you don’t respond quickly. Make him wait an hour or two before you answer. That will leave an air of mystery about what you’re up to and why you haven’t texted back yet. Though not jealous, he will wonder.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder for most people, but I cannot claim the same for Gemini men. They really do like their freedom, and as such, they just don’t have the capacity for jealousy or “missing” someone. They keep going about their own business quite easily.

You can at least try to keep your distance, not respond as quickly, and allow space and time to see where it may lead.

Allow Him To Chase You

Being unavailable for his every whim will make your Gemini man want you more. It’s the typical notion of wanting something that isn’t readily available. That doesn’t mean you should ignore him because he’ll get bored and move on.

There is a balance you’ll have to find where you can sort of put distance between you and your Gemini just so that he feels he has to work harder to come after you. If he likes you, he will do whatever it takes to get your attention. You won’t have to push him or prod him to contact you.

It’s much better if you let your Gemini man do the pursuing than for you too. He likes to feel like a champion and like he’s won a wonderful prize. If you give all your free time to him, he may enjoy it at first, but he will become bored and pull back.

It’s a touchy thing to make a Gemini man feel your absence. He likes having that separation and alone time, so unless you sort of back off and play hard to get, it may be tricky to get him to miss your presence.

Leave A Little Of Your Perfume On His Pillow

If you’re still dating and you only get together once in a while at his place, you can leave a little of your scent on his pillow. This will definitely make him think of you when he goes to bed next.

It may not make a Gemini man miss you per se, but it will make him think of you, which is a good thing. Smelling you in his bedroom will also turn him on and could prompt him to call you up for some risqué phone talk if he doesn’t rush over to your place for a midnight delight.

You could also leave a pair of your pants under his pillow or somewhere he can find them easily. He’ll wonder why you did that and probably become aroused by the mystery in itself. Always keep him guessing!

Few More Ways To Make A Gemini Man Think About You (When You’re Not Around)

This is one of the things you’ll want to consider when it comes to whether or not the Gemini man will miss you. If you’re spending a lot of time together already, he isn’t likely to miss you. There isn’t anything to miss, as you’re there all the time.

It’s actually very easy to see the signs of whether or not a Gemini man misses you. It’s just a matter of truly getting to know the Gemini man’s personality. They will vary based on their moon signs, but the basics are what I’ve listed for you.

There are many different aspects of the Gemini man that you can find yourself confused about if you don’t really know who he is. If you’re about to date a Gemini or are dating one, the best thing to do is to learn as much as you can.

So, in order for him to miss you, do something nice for him. Leave your trace in his apartment and make him laugh. He needs to see how sweet and thoughtful you can be. You’ll notice how he remembers all the details about who you are and what you like to do.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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