Is Your Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings? Here’s What To Do

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I’ve had some women write in to me asking me why is their Gemini man hiding his feelings. Here is why Gemini men are not forthcoming with their emotions...

A Gemini man hiding his feelings is not uncommon, this is just what they do as they are so uncomfortable with emotions. The Gemini man is far too cerebral to pay much attention to his feelings and this is why you will often find a Gemini man confused in love.

A Gemini man scared of love is something you might have experienced in your life. They think that having a variety of women and dates is what will make them happy, so they refuse to commit and admit that they have feelings.

Have you ever experienced this? Where you KNOW a Gemini man has feelings for you, but he is refusing to admit it or that he is hiding them from you. It is quite frustrating!

Well, you know how painful it is when a Gemini man hides his feelings, luckily I know exactly how to help you to get him to open up to you. Continue reading to find out exactly what to do:

Why Is My Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings — 4 Possible Reasons

1. He Is A Man Of Logic, Not Emotion

The Gemini guy is one that thinks with logic and what makes sense. Emotions don’t make a whole lot of sense to him and this makes him rather reserved when it comes to sharing how he feels.

This is often why a Gemini man takes forever and a day to commit. He wants to make sure that everything lines up in an intellectual sense before he’ll dive into a commitment that forces him to feel things.

He will have all sorts of reasons for not moving things forward. If you find your Gemini guy keeps making up things for not getting more serious or he acts as though it’s no big deal; he’s in his head.

Gemini men often get in their own heads and it makes it hard for him to process what he’s feeling. His logical side says that love is illogical and he has to fight that natural urge to suppress what he’s feeling.

He has a hard time listening to his intuition but eventually, he has to. He will go with what his gut ultimately tells him about the woman he’s considering becoming more serious about.

Until that time comes; he’ll always try to go with what he feels is most logical and that oftentimes doesn’t line up with a woman’s heart and desires. Patience is key to waiting for a Gemini man out if there is a chance.

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2. He Is Confused About His Feelings

Some Gemini men understand their intuitive side but are confused with what they should do about it. He knows what the right thing is but fights the point of needing to do what he feels is right.

Fears can cause this to happen if he’s been hurt in the past. He’ll be a bit more cautious going forward. This is normal for just about anyone but Gemini will use it to keep a woman at arm’s length.

If he isn’t really sure what he feels; he’ll hold off until he figures out what is going on. One day he may feel as though he’s falling in love and the next day he may feel like he isn’t.

This going back and forth is typical of a Gemini man. He’s back and forth with his moods and therefore affects his important life decisions such as relationships and whether or not he should start one.

It’s a constant battle for him between his heart and his logical mind. Until he’s able to make sense of things; you may have to wait for him to come around. If you understand this about him; you’ll know he needs that time.

It may be super frustrating for you to wait for him to get it together but if you do; you’ll be very glad you did. It’s better for him to feel confident and sure of what he’s doing than to get involved when he isn’t.

3. He Doesn’t Want To Get Hurt

It’s not like the Gemini mistrusts everyone like the Scorpio man. It’s just that whether his heart was broken before or not; he’s intensely afraid of fessing up his feelings and being hurt.

He has a huge ego typically and is fragile as a result. If his ego or pride were to be wounded; for him it’s like a mortal wound. He doesn’t do well with feelings in general so this makes him guarded.

He’ll flirt like crazy with many people whether he’s in a relationship or not. He needs that extra boost of confidence that other people will give him via giving him attention back.

This can cause problems in a relationship with him as he has a hard time NOT flirting with other women while he’s with the woman he loves. This isn’t about her or lacking feelings for her.

It’s more about self-preservation and the need to gain attention from other women at any given time. It keeps his self-confidence higher and helps him continue his life in the way he wants.

The problem with flirting is that you can never fully be sure that he’s into you just because he’s flirting with you. Remember; he flirts with others and he doesn’t necessarily want to “get” with them.

This is sort of a defense mechanism for him really. He’s able to keep everyone at arm’s length while flirting like the charming guy he is. When he really does truly get into someone; he has to fight with himself about it.

Logic will tell him that he will get hurt. His heart tells him that it’s time to invest and let someone in. This will go back and forth until he finally comes to a conclusion.

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4. Commitment Isn’t For Him

I’m not saying it’s impossible but since it’s hard enough for a Gemini man to admit his feelings for you and deepen a relationship; it will be more difficult to get him to want to get married.

This will take many years of dating you. It’s very rare for a Gemini to hop into a marriage after only dating for a year or two. I know some couples where the Gemini guy took 10 years to propose to his Aquarius wife.

So trust me when I tell you; Gemini men take a whole lot of time, patience, and effort. They’re worth it though if you can learn to live the way he wants to have the relationship. The ball will be in your court in the event that he chooses you.

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Is Your Gemini Man Fighting His Feelings For You? — 3 Signs To Look Out For

He Is Being Indecisive

A Gemini man can often be quite confused about what he wants, especially when it comes to his romantic relationships. Does he want a bevy of beauties at his beck and call, or one solid connection? 

He struggles to make decisions and will keep going back and forth between the things he wants. It is not that he is hiding his feelings for you, it is just that he doesn’t even know himself how he feels. 

One minute he will be totally down to want a solid commitment, the next he might meet someone who has him feeling like he wants more than one woman. His feelings are up and down all the time. It isn’t a you thing, but a him thing!

He is second-guessing himself and this is why it is so confusing for you! He is conflicted about his feelings for you and this is why he can’t make up his mind.

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Your Gemini Man Is Hot And Cold

When a Gemini man likes you, but is hiding his feelings from you he can come across as very hot and cold, unfortunately. One minute you will feel like he is all over you, and the next you notice he can’t stand being near you. 

It is very confusing! When a Gemini man behaves like this he is usually trying to hide his feelings from you. He doesn’t even want to admit to himself that he is smitten with you as this makes him feel out of control.

If you notice him distancing himself from you this is usually his way of taking some space to figure out his feelings for you. I would suggest that you give him the space and not chase after him. If you chase him, you might push him away even further. Respect his decision and wait it out!

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He Is Being Moody

A Gemini man is very good at wearing masks to hide what he is truly feeling. This is without a doubt one of his superpowers, however, he will also reach a point in which he cannot hide how he is truly feeling either. 

This is when he becomes super moody and his personality will turn a lot darker than usual. You will notice him being a little snappy and even resentful towards you. Like how dare you make him have feelings for you!

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The truth is, it is quite rare for a Gemini man to fall hard for a woman because he is so used to having so many different flings and options that when he gets feelings for someone it can really confuse him. This is when he becomes moody!

Here’s how to tell if a Gemini man likes you, even if he hides it:

What To Do If Your Gemini Man Is Confused About His Feelings?

A Gemini man confused in love is something that happens because he simply can’t make his mind up about what he wants. Often the best thing you can do in this situation is just to take a step back!

Honestly, if it’s a new relationship; why worry so much about it? Let things progress at a very natural rate. There is no need to rush it. Rushing typically leads to mistakes and resentment.

Take your time, and get to know him fully. Let him get to know you fully. Let nature take its course. Do it like the old days and let him court you. Over time you’ll both know what your relationship is and won’t have to title.

In fact, when you KNOW for sure that what you have is something special, he will also let you know in some way that he feels the same. You won’t have any questions as it will all just fall in line.

How To Emotionally Connect With A Gemini Man

How to get a Gemini man to open up isn’t the easiest thing to do, and I mean, to get him to open up genuinely. The thing you need to understand about a Gemini man is that he shares a lot because he is so communicative, but as you get to know him better you will see he actually only shares things surface level. 

It can actually be very challenging getting to know a Gemini man on a deeper emotional level. He is very reluctant to show this side of himself as it makes him feel vulnerable and out of control. 

When a Gemini man sends mixed signals it just shows how confused he is by this whole situation. He doesn’t know what to think because he doesn’t understand how he feels. 

This is especially tough for a Gemini man as he believes that logic can explain everything in his life. He will try his hardest to think his feelings away for you. Unfortunately, for him, this is not the easiest thing to do!

When a Gemini man turns cold it is quite an obvious sign that you triggered something inside of him and this is why he is acting so strangely. He is simply trying to run away from what he is feeling towards you. 

This can also happen when a Gemini man is hurt, he will turn cold because he doesn’t usually allow people to get close enough to him to actually hurt him and this is why it is so difficult to get him to open up. 

Should I Express My Feelings To A Gemini Man?

To understand a Gemini man; you must be able to speak their language. Gemini typically will not offer up any information; especially when it’s emotionally related.

Gemini men are typically cool and collected so when you want to discuss things with him; you’ll need to also be this way. Throwing emotions at him will shut him down.

You want him to listen and to answer questions that require a cool approach. Be intellectual and use words he’s familiar with if you can. Tell him you’ve thought about things and were curious about something.

Then you can tell him how you feel about the relationship and where you see it going. Again, don’t throw emotions into it though. I know that sounds really confusing but trust me; it works to do it this way.

He’ll actually listen and be more receptive to what you’re saying when you’re really in a calm state. Say what you have to say as if it’s a matter of fact and not of emotional detriment.

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Are Gemini Men Emotional?

Out of all the signs, Gemini men are probably some of the least emotional out there. They relate to everything using their minds and don’t often turn to their feelings to figure things out. 

So, the short answer is no, Gemini men aren’t very emotional at all. 

How Do Gemini Show Their Feelings?

Because Gemini men aren’t very emotional, they tend to express their feelings for a woman in different ways. As an example, if a Gemini man has feelings for you, he won’t tell you, but he will want to spend a lot of time with you. 

He will want to be in constant contact with you as this is what makes him feel most connected to you. This is an easy way to tell that a Gemini man has feelings for you

How Do You Know If A Gemini Man Is Secretly In Love With You?

Gemini men typically are not very emotional people and don’t understand people who are more in touch with their own emotions. So it should not be too much of a shock he doesn’t talk to you about how he feels about you.

He sees talking about his feelings as some sort of weakness. Only after he’s been with you for a very long time will he feel safe to open up and let you know what he’s really feeling.

It’s a safety and security thing with him. He’s not good at getting serious about someone in the first place. Once he does; he has to adapt in order to feel safe enough to talk to you.

If you know he feels something for you as per his actions, but he’s not talking to you about what he feels; you’re going to have to ask him. There is no other approach to get him to open up.

Don’t expect him to open up easily. If you’re new to the Gemini man; it’s best if you just let time dictate whether or not he’ll learn to trust you enough to tell you what is in his heart.

No More Sleepless Nights About Your Gemini Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Gemini man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Gemini guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. 

It took a LOT of work. She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language <<

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Gemini man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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xoxo, Anna

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15 thoughts on “Is Your Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings? Here’s What To Do

  1. Whenever I meet an air sign man, I automatically keep an emotional distance – anything else is a waste of time to me. I do enjoy talking to them for hours though.

    1. Hi Sagittarius Woman!

      I’m not sure why you’d stay away from people of the air element? have you had bad experiences with them or do you just find it hard to be with someone who is a different element than your own? Something else you should consider is that sometimes moon sign and rising sign play a huge role in someone’s personality. If you’re snubbing them simply because they are an air sign then you could miss out on the fact that they have a very strong fiery sign in their moon or rising sign which could make a fantastic match. Just consider the possibilities!

  2. Just gave up with my Gemini!
    It seems all he want is sexual intimacy
    when for me emotional and sexual intimacy should go hand in hand.

    1. Hi Pisces Gal!

      Yes, Gemini men think differently than most people. Some people tie emotions with sex and some just make sex what it is, sex. When you want a deeper connection than that, you as a Pisces should probably stick with another water sign. Fire signs can be too but their passion is in a different direction. I wouldn’t write off all Gemini men though. They may have moon or rising signs that make them a bit different than most stereotypical Gemini. I hope you find the man of your dreams though sweetheart!

  3. if you were too forward in the beggining, and he seemed to like you, and then started to avoid, but at times still stares and does other strange things, but a lot of complicated things happened, and signs clearly show hes struggling, but its been quite a while, yet he still acts strange towards me, what does that mean?

    1. Hi yea,

      Sounds like he’s a complicated guy living a complicated life. I think if you really want to know what is going on with him, you have to ask him. You’re not going to know otherwise but my guess is that he’s dealing with some stuff and doesn’t want to talk about it but still likes you even if he doesn’t have the time to dedicate to a relationship. You won’t know though until ask him for answers.

  4. I get it where your coming from. Im a gemini but I’m hispanic and we do love to get romantic and are not typically scared of feelings

    1. Hi Santiago!

      Thank you for writing in and adding your personality to the mix. This is yet another thing that can change a Gemini man’s demeanor. Culture can very much play a role. Their upbringing can as well. Not all Gemini are players that are careless with sex and feelings. Women seem to have some bad experiences with some Gemini men and are ready to write them off. They don’t get that all of them aren’t the same. Good ones like you are out there! Again, thanks for writing in!

  5. I’ve been involved with a gemini for 5 years now. When we first met we both agreed that we didn’t want a relationship and to keep things fun!because I was just ending a marriage and he was moving to a new state at the end of the year. So needless to say it was perfect and we had so much fun! Concerts, festivals, movies, walks in the mountains going on private property. Long nights, long talks, we were always laughing and smiling. What I didn’t realize was all while I was doing my own thing and meeting up with him when I could you know “giving him his space” that he was falling for me.

    He would get upset with me not making enough time for him, he would seem jealous when we went out making sure guys knew I was with him. But me stuck in my own world isn’t recognizing the signs and keep doing my own thing. Until one day he ended it he wanted nothing to do with me nada zilch NOTHING!! I was so hurt and lost, and confused I felt like I lost my best friend only it hurt really really bad.

    I moved on from it and a year later I moved to a different city. I was having lunch with my friend and I received a text asking if it was me. Im confused and i look at it again and respond with my name. The person messaged back and said “you’ll never want to talk to me again if I tell you who i am” eventually he told me and i was sooo happy!! My heart fluttered and all I wanted to do was hug him hold him and kiss him. He tells me about his move and how he doesn’t like the state and we both update on life. Having realized that he fell in love with me we decided to try long distance.

    That ended in dusater, he came to my job by surprise, ended up staying here with a friend trying to live off the streets, beg on the street for money it was CRAZY but I was there listening to him and his crazy ideas and laugh at all his stories. Btw the way by this point I have met his mom, his best friend, his cousins?, uncles, aunts, yeah a whole family tree…. Not to mention he had to take a drink before all of this at this time I was thinking man you drink alot…..

    It still didn’t fully get it or understand. Needless to say he left and went back to that other state. We tried the long distance again after that and after 2 months we had stopped talking again.

    2 years later we had been keeping in touch through out. I was dating someone and he wouldn’t tell me who he was messing with I could never get it out of him. He would keep telling me how when he comes back he is going to come get me and we will be together. He would tell me his plans of of our lives with my son included . tell me to be careful and that he didn’t care who or what i was doing that he didn’t want to know but he also wanted me to stay true. Which completly confused the heck out of me lol

    I was thinking”huh? Wait? I can’t stay true if I’m dating other men and you’re dating other women. Like thats not how that works” like my brain couldn’t compute that. And he wouldn’t answer me. So these kinds of conversations went for the last two years until he called me

    He was letting me know that he was here in town and has some things planned already. He is going to help his parents and see some friends and maybe pretty busy. My heart stopped at the sound of this I didn’t know what to do or say or anything I was afraid because I hadn’t told him yet that I was pregnant ………….

    I waited until i had the baby to talk to him again. I couldn’t face him being pregnant honestly I feared that he might try something if I did. So I stayed away
    I came back after the baby and we hung out a few times. Then the day hit when he told me had to talk to me we met in private and he told me he had a std that he got from the other state he has been known about it and didn’t know how to tell me and that even though it hurt him he was glad I stayed away. I wanted to smack him in the face but instead I held him and told him it’s ok.

    He started dating some other chick we still talked on occasion when he started showing I was no longer number one shoot im a taurus it’s all about me that’s fine i showed myself the door. So I quit talking to him a few months later we reconnect turns out the girl didn’t work out. He only did it to get back at me in the first place he told me I hurt him sooo much and treated him like shit. Which I still sorta don’t get. Like how is that even possible you’re like the biggest heartless jerk… Were my thoughts at the time.

    So we started seeing each other again and this time it sucked…. Like really really really sucked the sex, the talking , the communicating, the rules he put on me ugh I can’t call or text during this hour and can’t contact him during that hour. All these stipulations I had to follow even our kissing was cold and heartles! he called me a bitch and I lost it! Hi was done I got up I left and went home and laid in my bedroom. Hoping never to speak to him again the problem with this is I still loved him.

    He contacted me again 6 months later one message to ask how i was see where I was at because I shut down all my social media accounts so no updates. One text saying happy Friday to which some how I thought he was trying to hurt me again?? I don’t know…. So I ignored then one night I was going to a dinner party and thought of him and it made me smile. So I sent him a smile message ? to quickly replied hey, what’s up ma? I smiled more because he use to always call me that and I loved to see it because I haven’t seen it or heard in a very long time. ❤ I told him nothing and i was just sending him a smile we talked for a bit he told me he was sorry and I told him i didnt go to that dinner party I just went straight home that night.. He seemed happy about that lol his reply was so we both didn’t have fun that night! Lol

    So here we are now and he wants to hang again in 3 days. Of course I want to but I don’t know where we are going and i don’t even know where to begin the conversation with him lol help please???

    1. All of that just sounds like a hot mess and until you get off of his rollercoaster, it will last for decades… Trust me I have dealt with one. Something that shouldn’t have lasted 6 months turned into almost 6 years… But if you like the joy ride and don’t mind catching an STD then continue on…

    2. Hi Taurus!

      Hmm…. I think that this guy is back and forth and causing you much confusion. As a Taurus woman, you should demand more stability and security than what this guy is giving you. If he wants to hang out then get together with him but tell him you need for things to be stable if it’s going to go anywhere with you otherwise you need off this ride. This kind of uncertainty will cause you too much heartache as it goes on. Give him boundaries and tell him what you want. If he can’t live up to it then you need to move on.

  6. I am a virgo, I am deeply in love with a gemini guy. When we became friends he was in a relationship with another girl but, then the girl ditched him for another guy. He was shattered and completely depressed at that time. Whenever he got a chance he tried to hurt himself physically many a times. I helped him to overcome the depression and supported him. We used to chat almost everyday. Then suddenly i started developing feelings for him. I did not express it at first as I was scared to get rejected but he forced me to express my feelings to the person for whom I had feelings for. On his request i expressed my feelings to him and he was quite shocked to know that I had feelings for him. He couldn’t reciprocate the feelings at that time. He used to go that extra mile for me and drop me home most of the days. He used to leave his friends at some party to company me, he used touch me while walking at an empty road. Within few days we became too close to each other. He always requested me not to leave him the way other girls left him. He confessed that he also had feelings for me. Everything was fine then. Suddenly everything changed due to one huge mistake. I blamed him without knowing the truth and I misunderstood him due to some stupid reason. He was hurt by that. I apologized to him but, he did not forgive me at that time. I was very upset after that incident. Then after 1 to I was going through an emotional breakdown due to some serious reason. I thought of not keeping contact with any of my friends as well as with him. I uninstalled all social media apps and deleted all my accounts from everywhere. He tried to collect information about me from my friends but was unable to get any, anyhow he contacted me and helped me to overcome that situation. He supported me a lot. Still, that bond between us did not return back. But, he used to blush when I was around him. To bring back that spark between us I tried to make him feel jealous by taking other boy’s name in his presence, giving more attention to other boys. He had the tendency of mirroring my attitude so, he did the same with me. He used to take other girl’s names in my presence. He made many crushes at that time. That made me feel insecured and jealous. Then, few months later i couldn’t control my feelings anymore so, again I approached him with the expectation of getting a proper answer but, unfortunately I received a vague and a cold answer. He told me he did not have any feelings for me anymore. He told me he would think about me after few months. Still it affected him when I became too friendly with other guys. Once, i tried to make him feel jealous by flirting with a guy in his presence whom he did not like at all. After that he used to tease me sarcastically by taking that boy’s name. Twice, i went out with few of his friends without informing him after he got to know that, he again started putting sarcastic comments to it. Now he talks rudely to me but, i have noticed he does not talk rudely with any other girl, i don’t know why is he doing this to me. Then again we had a fight regarding some other issue both of us blocked each other and then I unblocked him on new year eve and he unblocked me on Valentine’s day. He again started talking to other girls, I got frustrated and I asked him to tell me directly if he does not like me then I will leave him and go without disturbing him again and again. He did not reply to that, he only said…..he is with no one now. Now, my friends say that he is a playboy and he loves attention. I don’t know should I believe them or not but I personally don’t think he is a playboy because, i feel a guy who can love so deeply can never be a playboy. I really love him a lot. Please help me to understand him and what he actually wants from me. How am I going to sort out this problem?

    1. Hi Andrea! It sounds like he’s not really sure what he wants and is why he keeps going back and forth with you. It would seem that he cares for you but doesn’t know what to do with his feelings, if he wants a commitment or if he wants to keep having fun talking to other girls. Until he figures out what he wants, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to convince him of your love and get him to come to you. I do know that if you give him space, time, and blow him off a little, he’ll react because they don’t like it. It may make him chase you a little bit. Then again, there is a lot to learn about Gemini man. You might want to check out my book “Gemini Man Secrets”. It may help you. You can find it here.

  7. I’m a Gemini and we ae not scared of sharing are feelings but we don’t know how to and when we do we often don’t satisfy people i have been heart broken many times but i don’t care because i always have one loyal thing i can fall back on football if you are trying to pull a girl just play football just from foot ball i got like three different girlfriends

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