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How To Get A Gemini Man To Open Up And Show His Feelings

Are you currently seeing a Gemini man and realizing that sometimes you cannot seem to get him talk about what he feels? You’re not alone. I have many women write to me about this problem. Here are some things that you should know when it comes to getting a Gemini man to talk to you.

He hides his true feelings

Gemini men aren’t good at processing their own feelings. So when it comes to other people, they’re that much worse. It takes time and diligence to get the Gemini man to finally talk about what he’s feeling.

He has indecision often when it comes to what he’s feeling, why, and for whom. It’s likely you’ll look at him and catch him staring off pensively. He’s contemplating what it is he needs to decide.

If he’s dealing with some inner problems from the past, he’ll definitely try to keep this from you. He wants you to believe that everything with him is alright and there is nothing to worry about.

Gemini man feels a weaker man if he allows his emotions to show. He has mastered how to hide his feelings so that no one else can tell what is going on with him. This is actually part of what makes him deliciously mysterious. It’s a catch 22.

Ultimately the Gemini man wants to think about his own problems in private so that he can figure out what he wants and what he perhaps wants to do about it rather than talking to someone.

This means he’s not likely to ask you for your advice about personal situations. How do you cope with this? This will be for you to figure out. Understand that your Gemini guy needs a bit of space.

Emotional safety comes over time

how to get a gemini man to open up

The Gemini guy will want to feel safe when he talks to his partner. This, unfortunately, takes time for him to feel that he CAN feel safe. He has to see the proof instead of taking you at your word.

If you’re dating a Gemini guy, you may notice that over time, he’ll open up about certain things but not with others. There are some topics he’ll avoid like the plague. Try not to push him.

It may be hard to see him thinking about things and not intervene in what is going on with him. When you ask him what he’s feeling, he’ll clam up. It’s actually better to not ask him.

The better thing to do is allow him to feel safe with you over time. Let him know somehow that when or if he wants to talk about anything, you are always in his corner. He has to be sure you’re not going to judge him or his feelings.

Great when he does open up

When you’ve finally gotten the trust you need from your Gemini guy, he’ll start to emerge. He’ll begin to tell you what is on his mind, what he wants, or what he thinks about emotional issues.

He’s actually really great with communication. It’s just the initial hurdle of getting him to fully trust you that’s the hard part. Again, give him some time and he’ll begin to see that you’re someone he can rely on.

After that door is opened, he’ll start spilling the beans until eventually, he’ll tell you just about everything. He is a huge talker anyway. He’ll be more than willing to give you plenty of information.

In fact, once you get him going, you’ll wonder how you can get him to stop. He may overshare sometimes which can get annoying. However, if you love him, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Getting the Gemini man to open up is a task. However, it’s well worth the effort and the wait. Once he trusts you, you are in and you will probably win his absolute adoration for the long haul.

Time to cultivate

how to get a gemini man to open up

It’s really all about giving the Gemini the time to sort himself out. He will never be in any big hurry to do anything or to discuss anything. You will have to be understanding and patient with him.

There is no way it will ever work if you push him or nag him. He isn’t open to that sort of behavior and will likely leave you behind if you attempt to do that. Gemini man sees it as a method of possible control. He definitely doesn’t like that.

Gemini is a free spirit and he needs a woman who is also this way or will at the very least, be sensitive to his needs. If you give him what he needs, he’ll give you the same in return.

Nothing will come easily and will take a great deal of time. It will push your patience and it will push your own limits. If you know your Gemini guy is worth the time and effort it takes, go for it!

Honestly, he’ll be appreciative if you stick around and show him that you are a woman who is also worth his time and efforts. Time is really an illusion so try not to think about it too much.

To conclude…

Go about your daily life, take situations as they come, and enjoy the wonderful times you have together. Keep that flow going and you may just see the Gemini man blossom to become a fully committed love.

Cultivating love will work much more efficiently and be longer lasting if you give a chance. If you are in a big hurry to fall in love with someone who will just as quickly fall for you, you may need to look elsewhere. Gemini isn’t that guy.

It’s always a wise idea to get to know as much information as you can about this man so that you’re well armed going forward. In fact, please feel free to read some of my other blogs if they are useful for you.

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