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How Does A Gemini Guy Express Love After an Argument?

How does a Gemini guy express love? Good question! You know how the Gemini guy is, smiling, twisting, appealing and above all, interesting person to communicate with in any manner, this man won’t have to put so much effort in his words to make the hours fly away while he is with you.

But, let us see what could go wrong with him and how a Gemini man shows his love after you experience some misunderstandings with him.

Go with the Flow

There are no strict rules when it comes to love for Gemini men at all. They want it easy and far away from any type of drama. On the other side, the majority of men born in this sign won’t ever lie to you no matter how good or bad things may be, and you will know the truth simply because he doesn’t want to waste his time constructing the backup story.

When in love, Gemini guy will always play little loving and funny games with you and let you win almost every time. However, he will instill just one tiny doubt or suspicion in the back of your mind and leave you wondering if there something more, something hidden you should know about him after all.

He won’t give you all of his time and you won’t get the feeling as he belongs totally just to you. He will have his own habits, me-time, and his needs.

But, on the other side, you won’t be neglected. He will do many things for you, make some sweet surprises and you will be thrilled and delighted, and content in the end. Contradictory moves and actions will be his signature mark.

Can You Trust a Gemini Man?

How Does A Gemini Man Express Love

Don’t try to start the circle of a doubt because this could only ruin your future with him. Gemini man can be very devoted and faithful just to one woman, but he can easily switch his love toward any other in a second. However, while he has his sense of freedom, he will stand by you.

If, in certain moments, you can’t really tell what he does is a flirt, seduction, friendship, business partnership or anything else, discussion about it won’t help at all. The only thing you can do is to mirror him and then you will truly know does he care for you or not.

If he flirts, you should flirt. If he leaves you at the party to talk around, then you should do the same with the nonchalance of the great Hollywood actress. If he has his own private time, then you will have your own meditation, stillness or yoga practice.

If he wants to spend the time with the boys, a perhaps even some girls he calls “just friends”, then it’s obvious that you should organize some special moments with your girls and finds some male friends too. The golden rule is to flow with him or to dance through the same rhythm.

Discussions and Negotiations Don’t Work with the Gemini Man

Discussing the feelings and the course of your relationship is a really futile business when it comes to a Gemini guy. You won’t know by his words or behavior did he realize anything, did you manage to convince him into something, nor will you be able to completely understand the essence of his words.

In any case, you simply can’t know his attitude toward you, your bond or any future option, because this is a declinable category in his mind. Gemini man is the best when it comes to verbal acrobatics and the ability to invent some new arguments in the last second, showing his mental power in that manner.

If you are to blame for some little mishap, he won’t take it to his heart and remember it at all. The main thing here is to admit your fault and it will be forgotten in the next moment. On the other side, a Gemini guy is the essence of the perspicacity. He will surely be able to see through you and read your secrets even with his eyes closed. And if he finds out some secret you are trying to hide, his trust in you will be destroyed for all times.

What Happens After a Quarrel with the Gemini guy?

How Does A Gemini Man Express Love

Have someone mentioned “quarrel”? This concept doesn’t really exist in the mind of the Gemini man. For him, you just had the small talk about some of your feelings and doubts, and in his eyes, everything went perfectly well when he managed to calm you with his superior power of common sense.

After this, he will simply continue in the same manner, but to prove to you that he is absolutely innocent or absolutely right regarding anything, he will take you in his arms, give you one passionate but short kiss and keep on talking about everything else under the heavens.

What’s Next?

As said in the beginning, if you incline toward drama or hard feelings, then you might not be the perfect partner for a Gemini guy. However, if you are ready to change, you will have to learn the Gemini dance and to breathe, flow and fly with him as a teammate. Learn from him how to be careless and this will make your own life easier.

If you accept your Gemini man with all his flaws and good things, if you understand his versatile and often, erratic character, he will love you more and his devotion will be felt for a lifetime. Don’t try to change him. He will change himself and you will feel like his little queen, while you are dancing through this magical life together.

Please, ladies, have you ever been with the Gemini man? What are your experiences? I would really love to read your thoughts and comments about this subject.

Feel free to express yourself. 

To learn more about how does a Gemini man express love, click here. It may help you better grasp who he is and what he’ll be like going forward.


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How does a Gemini man express his love? What do you think?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “How Does A Gemini Guy Express Love After an Argument?

  1. Hi…. yeah so I’m definitely confused and floored by this… my Gemini is all of the above. I am a Sagittarius woman, very laid back, my kryptonite is loss of freedom or chained to a schedule and my idea of perfection is travel, explore and more travel! BUT!… I am a HUGE believer in taking responsibility for your own shit! We’re all human, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and every now and then when you make a mistake or screw up you should own it. I think if you do something that hurts or disrespects another person, you don’t get to say that you didn’t do it or that it didn’t happen or the other person’s feelings aren’t valid simply because you’re a Gemini or a Scorpio or whatever other sign. That’s not only an excuse, that just make a person an immature asshole, no? Or am I way off base here?
    I’m not trying to be rude or anything I’m just truthfully trying to understand

    1. I totally get you, we can be free and still take responsibility over our actions. I’m a Capricorn Gem Moon, my Gemini man is free and keeps coming back for more. He’s very perceptive and a master of words, but I no longer allow him to excuse his shit! He has more respect for me as a result

  2. ANNA K. you are amazing. everything you have written here is the true personality of my Gemini man. I now understand him better. I am a sag woman and we have had some rocky moments because of my failure to look inside myself for happiness and not ask him for more validation and commitment. thank you.

  3. Hi,

    I need a help with my Gemini man!I am a libra woman..we rarely have arguments but this one just knocked me off and don’t know what to do….we had a little arguments on the phone and after arguments we both stayed too proud to talk…I took it as an advantage and spent 2 weeks doing my own stuff….after 2 weeks I texted him and he was horrible upset at me how could I be without him for 2 weeks….I am apologising almost a week and sent him apologise gift but nothing is working…can this really hurt a Gemini man that much??he started thinking about break up…..he doesn’t wanna meet up and talk….and I don’t know what to do…don’t wanna loose him but all this situation is just frustrating me soo much….I gave him space for few days it didn’t work…..what should I do??please help me xxx Shania xxx

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