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Why Relationships With Gemini Men Fail And How To Prevent It

You may have read many scary or mixed articles about the Gemini man and are wondering what you can do to avoid your relationship with one from failing.

How to deal with a Gemini man is a very important lesson that you need to learn before proceeding to something more long lasting. Keep reading to absorb everything you can about how to handle a Gemini man.

How To Treat A Gemini Man

One of the most effective ways to have a nice balance with a Gemini man is by proper communication. That being said, you need to learn how to communicate with a Gemini man.

Some women are afraid to open up to their Gemini guy because they’re afraid he’ll shut down or leave. The truth is, when a Gemini man really likes you or has invested in you,; he won’t leave that easily.

The ones that do are extreme and possibly immature. Gemini man tries to be reasonable and when you open up to communicate with him, he will likely listen to what you have to say.

The best way to do it though is by trying to take emotion out of it. He isn’t the best with dealing with topics that are emotional. If you want to talk about your feelings with him, you can but try to be a bit detached when you do.

He will relate to you much better by talking in a calm way and bringing logic where it can be implemented. His brain will latch onto it and be able to process a lot better.

Some women do not know this and they go at a Gemini man emotionally and create an epic fail in the relationship. He responds badly and then she isn’t sure what to do anymore.

Just watch how you talk to him but DO make sure you talk to him. If you two aren’t talking, what is the point? Be honest with each other at every turn. To keep him honest, you should be honest as well.

If your relationship is on the rocks then you definitely need to read the next section so you can learn how to handle a Gemini man. Knowing is half the battle but this ammunition should help you win!

How To Prevent The Relationship From Failing

why relationships with gemini men fail

This two-sided guy may seem rather complicated. I would really like to teach you how to treat a Gemini man. It may help you to salvage a relationship that might otherwise fail or not even get started.

It’s really important to know how to handle a Gemini man. With that said, there are some things to think about and keep in mind when you’re dealing with a relationship with him.

1. How To Treat a Gemini Man

Gemini men by nature, are very secretive and private guys. If he seems to be not sharing everything with you, don’t panic and assume the worst. It could just be that it’s something small and not worth mentioning to you.

It could also be something that isn’t good for you to hear and so he tries to keep it to himself. Perhaps he ran into an ex-girlfriend and they had lunch, not really a big deal as nothing happened.

However, he doesn’t tell you because you may fly off the handle and assume the worst. See how that works? He knows how you’ll react so he doesn’t open up and tell you.

This breeds mistrust and that’s what you don’t need. To keep him from trying to “pad your feelings”, tell him that you can take whatever he wants to tell you. The thing is, you had better mean it.

If you tell him that then he confides in you that his ex called him asking him to come back and you throw a huge fit over it, he’ll never open up to you again. It shows him that you really cannot handle it and thus back to being secretive.

Look, dealing with a Gemini man isn’t the easiest but when you really love him, you’re going to do what you can to communicate properly and make sure that all sides are clear.

It may take a bit of work but getting through to him and making sure you’re heard is something that is very important. You just have to use the proper techniques.

2. How To Handle A Gemini Man

Relationship With A Gemini Man Failed

You’ve got to absolutely get to know both sides of your guy. There are no ways around this. This will help you effectively to communicate with a Gemini man. You do this and you’ll be very successful.

This may take some time but if you really care about your Gemini man, you’re going to want to know both sides of this guy. You’ll essentially be falling in love with 2 men if you think about it.

You can pretend that you live with two men and you have to accept both of them as they are. That may not be very easy to do but if you feel he’s worth it, you’ll need to do exactly this.

His moods change due to this dual nature. You could have the charming loving guy one day and then have the egotistical jerk guy the next. The thing is, they will both be loyal to you if you can accept them.

This is where you must make a decision on whether or not the Gemini guy is worth your time and effort. Once in love, the Gemini man is rather doting and the darker side of him becomes quiet temporarily.

It’s only temporary though so at some point the nasty side of him will emerge and you’ll have to be ready to deal with it and live with it. Chances are, these will be the times when you volunteer some alone time.

In fact, I highly recommend that you give him lots of free time every week. I don’t mean when he’s at work. I mean when he’s off and has time to burn. You can go hand out with your own friends or family. Maybe you can do something alone.

Either way, give him alone time. He’ll appreciate it and you may see less of the nasty side of him as the happy side will want to emerge to thank you.

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3. How To Communicate With A Gemini Man

How To Communicate With A Gemini Man

I’ve mentioned a bit on how to communicate with a Gemini man in the proper way but here’s a little more on that. You need to talk to him in a diplomatic manner. Don’t get overly emotional or dramatic.

Talking to him requires a cool and calm head. If you are upset, try to chill yourself a bit first and then you can proceed to talk to him. Get everything you want to say to him together before approaching him.

Letting things flow on the fly probably won’t go over very well. Write it down if you have to and then read it to him. At least it will be diplomatic and well thought out which is something he’ll understand.

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Conclusion: Stay mysterious and exciting!

You should never fully reveal yourself or desires to the Gemini man. The more mysterious you are, the more stimulating you are because he’ll try to unravel the mystery that is you.

Try to come up with various types of activities or scenarios that you can try out in the bedroom or even just in general. The more excitement you can generate for him, the more into you he’ll be.

He’ll be grateful to have an open and adventurous partner. The last thing he wants is to have a partner who is never willing to do anything new and is happy being in a routine. That scares him!

Try to be spontaneous and open-minded to things he wants to try. You may surprise yourself and actually really enjoy it or yourself when you give it a shot. Open and up and see what your Gemini man can actually provide you.

I truly hope this helps you with how to deal with a Gemini man so that you can manifest a very successful long-lasting love with him. I hope this helps you in dealing with a Gemini man in the right way darling.

It’s always really important to get to know the Gemini man as much as you can before investing your time and energy. He needs a special type of woman. Click here and find out what the requirements are for him.

Speaking of special, did you know that saucy and talented sexy actor, Mark Wahlberg is a Gemini man? He definitely fits his sign. He knows what he’s doing but he’s probably set in his ways. 

Did you effectively save your relationship with your Gemini man? What did you do? Tell me all about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I broke up with a Gemini man a month go and he will not respond to my text messages. I have let him know that’s not what I want and that I love and miss him. Do I just give up and move on? We had been dating off and on for a year and a half. The break ups was he chose until this last and I broke up with him.

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