Do You Know How To Properly Stimulate A Gemini Man?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you drawn in by a Gemini man but aren’t sure what you can do to get his attention? Here are some helpful tips on how to properly stimulate a Gemini man.

Are you hopelessly drawn in by a Gemini man but aren’t sure what you can do to get his attention? Here are some helpful tips on how to properly stimulate a Gemini man.

Athletic Energy

Many Gemini men will get into sports. I don’t mean watching though; I mean actually being involved in it. If you haven’t yet tried; perhaps you can join some type of sport he likes.

Perhaps playing sand volleyball or doing something that involves being athletic will be a big turn on for him. This could be something you do together once or twice a week.

Some companies have their own softball league that their employees and spouses can join up for. That may be worth a try. If you aren’t into playing sports yourself; you could show support by going to his practices and his games.

Just doing something like this with him will make him feel more confident in your support for him. That doesn’t mean you have to go every single time but going often will give him the boost he likes.

Remember that Gemini men LOVE attention. If you’re not there giving it to him; some other woman may provide it. Watch out as Gemini will take the affection wherever he can get it.

I’m not saying he’ll cheat on you but I am saying, there will be other women trying to move in on that sexy Gemini man that has such confidence that it’s oozing from him.

Try something athletic and fun that you two can share together. He’d love it and find it very exciting to see you doing something new. If it’s only new to him; it’ll still be stimulating.

Help Find Projects

how to properly stimulate a gemini man

The Gemini man often has lots of different projects going on at any given moment. He also doesn’t typically finish them as after a while; he becomes bored. Getting him to finish something he started isn’t easy.

To keep him juiced up though; you can help find him new projects to start. You can take him to the “do it yourself” area of the bookstore and go through various books together.

Perhaps the two of you can do a project together. That may inspire him to do something that he can actually finish because you’re also doing it. Trying things like pottery, glassware or leatherwork are a few ideas.

There are always a ton of different crafting that can be done. You two could get into building furniture and selling it. That’s killing two birds with one stone. Projects that lead to profit are always nice.

You’ll need to keep your own mind sharp and busy to keep up with this guy. He needs to be constantly fed things that will keep him up and on the move. It may not feel easy to keep going yourself but if he’s worth it; go for it!

Find some projects you’ve been interested in for awhile that you can dive into. Try to get him involved. It may be something you end up doing alone while he is working on something he likes.

Together time is nice but then again; sometimes alone time is nice as well. He will appreciate it and it will give you some breathing room also. So it’s a win/win situation if you think about it.

Lots of Sex

Well, this probably holds true for most signs. Having lots of sex will obviously be exciting and fulfilling. The thing with Gemini men, however; is that they will get bored quickly.

This means you’ll need to do things in bed that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Try new toys, new techniques, new places, new clothing, new partners, or anything you can do to keep things spicy.

The Gemini man will appreciate lots of various stimulants and remain devoted to you as he’s perfectly happy. It’s when things become boring or routine that he may give up on sex or look for it somewhere else.

The dedicated Gemini man will not look elsewhere for it though. He’ll just simply become busy with other things and find less interest in sex. He will seek out flirting though. That’s something ingrained in him.

If you can maintain a healthy sex life with your Gemini man; he’ll be thrilled you’re being so sweet and thoughtful. He’ll give you the world if you keep him sexually stocked up.

As long as you remain open-minded to his possible freaky ideas; you should be able to accomplish this quite easily. If you are a bit more modest then he may seem a little too wild for you.

Set Up Time to Be Apart

This can either seem like a relief or it may feel like a struggle. Gemini men love having solidarity at times. That means he appreciates having some alone time or time he can go do things without you.

It’s not that he’s tired of you but he wants to feel as though he still has a certain amount of freedom within the loving relationship you have. It’s normal and it’s very healthy for you both to feel this way.

Instead of waiting for him to find something he wants to do without you; you should come up with plans of your own and let him know you’re interested in going. He will be elated to hear you’re making some plans without him.

He knows he’ll be able to do what he wants or to spend time alone. Doing this once or twice a week keeps things from becoming too routine or stale. Though if you do the same thing every week; it could become dull for him.

Try to mix up your plans on different days at different times. It keeps him on his toes and makes him feel secure in knowing that your independence is safe. Click here to learn more about what Gemini man wants in a relationship.


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