5 Things Women Absolutely Hate About Gemini Men

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Ever wondered what other women think about these confusing, but sexy men? Here are five things women absolutely hate about Gemini men.

Ever wondered what other women think about the Gemini man? Through personal experiences, some women have a lot to tell about these confusing men. Here are some things women absolutely hate about Gemini men.

The ability to lie and cheat

Naturally, this is going to be the big one out of all the things to despise. Not all Gemini men are cheaters and liars but many of them are. They will tell a woman what she wants to hear to get into bed with her.

If he can get what he wants from her; he will do what he has to do and this includes making her promises he never intends to keep. Naturallyextremelysome of the lying is tied to cheating.

Gemini has a wandering eye and even worse; he’s a huge flirt. Sometimes he just cannot resist a woman who is giving him full attention. He’s an attention whore and this makes him want to have a variety to choose from.

This often means he will juggle women because why settle for one when he can date multiple women? He will try it until he gets caught. Again, I’m not telling you that all of them are this way.

Not all of them feel the need to cross the line. However; from my experience with women writing in; many of them DO cross that line or make promises they do not keep thus leaving the woman confused and hurt.

So this is the core of what women really hate about Gemini men and some women have sworn them off entirely due to past experiences.

Talks too much

what women absolutely hate about gemini man

If you’re one that doesn’t mind it when a man talks your ear off then a Gemini is no problem for you. However,; many women cannot seem to get in a word edgewise and get frustrated.

It’s ok for a man to talk but when he talks so much that you cannot also talk; this is selfish of him. It has to be a two-way street if it’s to work. Many women complain that Gemini men tend to drone on.

He tends to talk about everything in the sun you can think of except how he actually really feels deep inside. That’s right! He doesn’t like to share his own feelings but he has plenty of theories and opinions.

You may bring up a topic and then he runs with it. It’s easy to see why women get frustrated by this chatty fella. He’s a handful when it comes to chatting it up. This is yet another reason why he may find multiple women to talk to.

Flaky like a pie crust

I mentioned Gemini man making promises he cannot or doesn’t intend to keep. This is exactly that type of example. He may tell you that he will meet up with you on Friday for coffee but when Friday comes he calls with an excuse.

I am wondering now if many of the “Catfish” types out there are Gemini. They seem to resemble one another at times. Though Gemini has plenty of ego so they aren’t doing it to boost their morale.

Gemini men just like to tell a woman what she wants to hear because he wants to shut her up at the time or to make her feel good about him. The problem is; when he starts getting flaky; some women wake up and walk away.

Naturally, if he didn’t care that much to begin with; it may not matter that much to him. He’s also the type to change the plans on you. That can also be frustrating if you had your heart set on Italian but he changed it to Japanese.

Indecisive or two-faced

A Gemini is a dual personality so he typically has a side that thinks one way and then the other side things almost opposite. This causes conflict within himself and reflects outward.

This makes him seem indecisive over simple things. He will analyze it over and over before he finally makes a choice. This is often why he’s slow to commit to someone in a relationship as well.

This is also why he can be a very two-faced type of person. He may say one thing to you that is very nice and sweet but then go tell someone else what a bitch you are and how unhappy he is.

Gemini men use this as a means to cheat. He will tell the new woman how absolutely horrible you are and why he’s so miserable and ready to leave. This is the way he hooks her to believe she’s more special.

See a pattern here? Gemini men use their dual personality as an excuse at times as well. He’ll blame his other personality for something he chose to do and tell you that he wasn’t in the right mind.

The truth is; he probably was doing exactly what he wanted and rather than just tell you the truth; he’ll lie about it and hope that you buy into his garbage. It’s seemingly easier for him that way.

Crazy tendencies

Sometimes the Gemini men can be so filled with various types of thoughts that he can actually appear a little nutty. Some women have the pleasure of dealing with the bi-polar psycho variety.

I’ve had a few women write in and talk about his tendency to swing extremely in one direction and then extreme in the other direction. As in “I love you” and then “I’ll make sure you never love again”.

If not taken great care some Gemini men can actually lose their footing and give into their darker side. They will require counseling and perhaps medication. Some are aware of it and decide they don’t mind being that way.

Watch out for yourselves ladies. Watch actions; always! Click here to learn more about the Gemini man and his personality here.


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