Dual Personality Of Gemini Men: How It Affects Their Love Life

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Gemini men are difficult to understand because they tend to act like two different persons. Here's how to understand the dual personality of Gemini men.

What is it about Gemini men that makes it so difficult to date them or get them into a committed relationship? The answer is in a dual personality of Gemini men which makes them different at any given time.

Apprehension of commitment

Gemini men are different from one day to the next. When you date one; you’ll need to realize that he could change moods at any moment. As that happens; he’ll seem very diverse.

One day you wake up with one man but the next day; you may wake up with another. Their moods dictate what they will do for the day as well as their behavior with those close to him.

If you are already dating a Gemini man; you’ve likely seen how his personality bounces back and forth. He may change his mind about something you agreed on or he may be spontaneous.

For someone else that loves adventure and being random; this makes a really good fit. For a woman who wants more stability and routine; this will make for a rough mixture.

Gemini man will gravitate toward a woman who knows how to go with the flow and doesn’t take his moods too seriously. Being able to take it as it comes is very important for the daily life of this twin sign.

He is aware that his moods are interchangeable and that finding someone who will understand him well enough will cause him to sort of try to steer clear to commitment.

Dating is one thing but becoming more serious will be a challenge for him. He already likes to take things very slowly to ensure he’s choosing the right person and that the person truly “gets” who he is.

Indecision is problematic

dual personality of gemini men

Gemini often has a hard time making choices as he has two voices within him to contend with. One voice says to do one thing and the other voice is opposite. This makes it difficult for him to reconcile and choose one way or the other.

When you’re with him; you may have to make some decisions in order to get flow and movement. Otherwise; you could be waiting awhile to hear what it is that he wants or what he thinks about something.

On his own; he takes his time to think everything over properly. When you’re on a time schedule; this may not work very well. A time crunch stresses the Gemini man out as he’s not good at giving a quick answer to any question.

This is also why he will take time to decide if you’re the one. He knows that if he goes any faster; he may actually get choked up and not make the correct decision for himself.

This behavior isn’t convenient for most women that want to know that what they are building with the guy they like; will last or grow. He’s unable to do this until he’s given it much thought and time.

Lack of jealousy

The Gemini man is open to what life has in store for him. He tends to live one day at a time and will take any opportunity he’s given. With relationships; he tends to not be jealous at all.

For some women, this sounds fantastic as they won’t be accused of things that they aren’t doing. Then for some women, this makes them feel as though he doesn’t care. It’s all about perspective.

Gemini; once committed; will give his woman what she wants. If she wants monogamy; he’ll do it. However; he is open to having an open relationship if that is what his lady love wants.

He may be committed but he will still be a huge flirt. This is something ingrained in his DNA basically. Gemini will always flirt no matter who they are with or if they are with no one.

This could make the woman he’s with feel inadequate or insecure. The thing is; just because he flirts; doesn’t mean he’s going to go dive into bed with someone else.

Some women will be downright angry that their Gemini man shows no sign of jealousy. It makes her feel as though he doesn’t care enough or isn’t worried about it. She wants to feel desired and coveted.

For some women; they may get frustrated with the Gemini guy and decide to move on to someone who’ll seem to care more. The thing is; he does care. He just doesn’t show it like other men do.

Certainly, it’s up to the woman to decide whether or not she can deal with the fact that he isn’t jealous and isn’t concerned with what this woman is doing at any point in time.

Dual personality of Gemini men – Going back and forth

dual personality of gemini men

Many women that write to me complain about their guy being different all the time. That one day he’s all hot and steamy but then the next day or the next week; they’re cold and seem to not care.

This is the dual nature that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Gemini men have a struggle within with themselves. When they enter another person into the equation; it only confuses things more for him.

He will struggle with making choices and he’ll also struggle with trying to do what may be best for the relationship as he’ll always have that other voice that tells him to do what he probably shouldn’t.

Hopefully, this explains to you a bit more what the Gemini man is like and why. Click here to learn more about the Gemini guy and what he’s looking for in a perfect match.

Understanding who he is, how he acts, what he wants, and how he thinks may help you to fully get who he is at the core of things. It may help you to form a better bond or help you walk away; it depends on what you want.


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