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How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You

Making a Gemini man miss you may be a bit tricky. He’s so freedom loving that he really doesn’t perceive things the way most other signs do. It’s not impossible though and below are the ways you can work at trying to get you on his mind.

Stay Busy

The last thing a Gemini wants is a clingy partner. So if you keep yourself busy, he will feel less pressure which also could lead to his desire for you. Independence turns him on.

Maybe while you’re out having an adventure, you could send him a quick picture of you out doing your thing. He’ll feel happy you’re doing something for yourself and will also thrilled you’re enjoying yourself.

You could also send him a naughty verbal text. Don’t do it constantly though because then you don’t give him time to miss you. Constantly texting him will give him the impression you have nothing better to do than bother him.

If you text him once a day, that’s enough to show you’re still interested without seeming too eager. If you’re too eager, he may be turned off. He likes mystery.


How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You

If you keep yourself really busy; you could perhaps send him a thoughtful gift once a week to show him you are interested but are keeping to your business and getting things done. He likes his partner to be very driven.

Again, it’s hard to get a Gemini man to miss you as it’s just not part of their nature. However, you can send small reminders. By sending a small gift or leaving one for him at his place, he’ll think of you.

It’s not hard to get him to think of you but missing you is something that requires deep emotions and it’s not something that comes easily for the Gemini man unfortunately.

Remain Mysterious

If you don’t text him much and keep to yourself, you may make him curious what you’re up to and if you’re into him. This man likes to unravel mystery and when a woman is unknown to him, he’ll work to figure you out.

Maybe make a random call to him one weekend and tell him to meet you at a hotel room you’ve just rented for the day. Answer the door in a trench coat with nothing underneath. After you’re done having fun, tell him you’ve got stuff you need to take care of and leave.

He’ll wonder what that was about and if you plan to call him again. Then again, the Gemini mind may just think “that was great! Back to work!”. They truly do not understand the need for most people to want to be missed and desired.

Time and Space

This is the universal way of making most people miss you. It may work sometimes on a Gemini but then again, it may not. It depends on your Gemini. They are all different based on other aspects of their charts.

However; they are all freedom seekers. So if you give them lots of space and time, they may just find that they miss you. In fact, rather than you being the one to text him; he may be the one to text you. This is one of the clues he’s into you.

Maybe next time he texts you, you don’t respond quickly. Make him wait an hour or two before you answer. That will leave an air of mystery of what you’re up to and why you haven’t text back yet. Though not jealous, he will wonder.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder for most people but I cannot claim the same for Gemini men. They really do like their freedom and as such, they just don’t have the capacity for jealous or “missing” someone. They keep going about their own business quite easily.

You can at least try though to keep your distance, don’t respond as quickly, and allow space and time to see where it may lead.

Allow him to chase you

How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You

Being unavailable to his every whim will make him want you more. It’s the typical notion of wanting something that isn’t readily available. That doesn’t mean you should always ignore him because he’ll get bored and move on.

There is a balance you’ll have to find where you can sort of put distance between you and your Gemini just so that he feels he has to work harder to come after you. If he likes you, he will do whatever it takes to get your attention. You won’t have to push him or prod him to contact you.

It’s much better if you let him do the pursuing than for you to. He likes to feel like a champion and that he’s won a wonderful prize. If you give all your free time to him, he may enjoy it a first but he will become bored and pull back.

It’s a touchy thing to make a Gemini man feel your absence. He likes having that separation and alone time so unless you sort of back off and play hard to get, it may be tricky to get him to miss your presence.

Leave a little of your perfume on his pillow

If you’re still dating and you only get together once in a while at his place; you can leave a little of your scent on his pillow. This will definitely make him think of you when he goes to bed next.

It may not make him miss you per say but it will make him think of you which is a good thing. Smelling you in his bedroom will also turn him on and could prompt him to call you up for some risqué phone talk if he doesn’t rush over to your place for a midnight delight.

You could also leave a pair of your panties under his pillow or somewhere he can find them easily. He’ll wonder why you did that and probably become aroused at the mystery in itself. Always keep him guessing!

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41 thoughts on “How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You

  1. Hi there, I’m a gemini dating a gemini…sparks fly all the time and there is nothing that is dull about our courtship

    1. Hi Llynette!

      Wonderful! Gemini on Gemini love has a real chance at making it last. I’m glad to hear that things are really good between the two of you. AS long as you two are open with each other and don’t keep important things secret then you should be just fine. Always be truthful and upfront. These things are important for Gemini success.

    1. Hi Lala!

      Unless you’ve met every single Gemini man out there then there is no way that you can possibly know that. You’ve had some bad experiences, I can tell. However, not all Gemini men are the same and let me tell you why. Each person on this planet has all 12 signs in their birth chart. That means we all have Gemini somewhere in our chart too. It also means that each Gemini man has your sign somewhere in his chart. He also has a moon sign and rising sign that affect his personality deeply either for the better or for the worse but if all you know is his sun sign then you’re making assumptions and are writing him off. You might want to take a deeper look at them before you write them off for good.

  2. I’m a Libra and my Gemini man is such an a**hole. He only wants me when he feels like it. He’s Inconsiderate of my feelings but is in love with me when we’re together. Pushes me away then begs back. He cheats and lies about everything

    1. Hi Haley! Ouch! Sounds like your Gemini man is perhaps either not ready to commit or he’s not matured enough to know how to treat a lady. They have to really learn how to treat a woman with respect and how to love them properly otherwise they end up all about themselves and can come off as narcissistic even if they actually aren’t. As I mentioned, he may not be ready to commit either which will make him sketchy and hard to trust. I get it. There is so much more to learn and know about Gemini. Not all of them are jerks honey. My book may help you learn more about Gemini men so you don’t write them all off.

      Hi Haley! Ouch! Sounds like your Gemini man is perhaps either not ready to commit or he’s not matured enough to know how to treat a lady. They have to really learn how to treat a woman with respect and how to love them properly otherwise they end up all about themselves and can come off as narcissistic even if they actually aren’t. As I mentioned, he may not be ready to commit either which will make him sketchy and hard to trust. I get it. There is so much more to learn and know about Gemini. Not all of them are jerks honey. My book may help you learn more about Gemini men so you don’t write them all off.

  3. I hooked up with a Gemini for a summer fling a few years ago. The man was hot! Total player, I just knew he was trouble, but I was out for fun. It must have been fate, because 8 days later he literally saved my life. I ended up being supper in to him and fought all of my emotions and kept him at an emotional distance. I didn’t see him often. I kept him waiting. A funny thing happened, he became an emotional wreck and fell for me hard. He was never an asshole to me. BTW i’m a Pisces Sun Gem moon & rising. The name of the game is they need the chase. Don’t give them rules. If they misbehave or do something you don’t like back away or walk away like a lady. Reward good behavior. Remember ladies, people will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated.

    1. So true. I am a Leo lady, dating a Gemini man. He is totally into me and we spend a lot of time together. He sends me poetry, plays music for me and goes out of his way to make life very comfortable and wonderful BUT (there is a big BUT), when he is busy, he is totally immersed in his work and does not call, does not text and literally forgets that I exist, or so it seems. This can be very hurtful but I am a lady and Gwyn is right when she chooses to back off and walk away. It is a very hard thing to do but if you are what the Gemini man wants then he will come running after you and may think twice about his actions. A great trick is to take plenty of photos of you out with friends and maybe some new male faces, post them up on facebook where he is certain to see them and don’t pursue him by phone or text. See what happens next…..

    2. Hi Gwyn! Yes, Gemini men love the chase if they can find one. They will flirt like crazy even when they’re committed as they like knowing they “still have it”. It doesn’t mean they’ll dive into bed with everyone. When the are actually read to commit, they do slow down and stop playing the fields. They do that for fun while they’re looking for the right person or until they’re really actually ready for something serious. They can be very hot lovers, for sure! All men have the potential to “play” but you’re correct.. take a stand if you feel they’re taking advantage. There are many other outstanding qualities the Gemini man has.

  4. I’m a Aquarius woman in love with a Gemini man, there’s a connection between he and I that words can’t explain, we drift apart but alway reconnect.

  5. Yah, Geminis love playing games. Dating one now and he’s inconsiderate, selfish, it really is all about him and his needs. I find him to be very insecure and he wants to be liked by everybody. He’s indecisive, one day totally into me and the next day I’m gum on the bottom of his shoe. Tells me he wants to chase me and to make him fight for my time, meanwhile he’s flirting and possibly cheating with many other women behind my back. His social media is full of women he’s slept with or trying to sleep with and it’s sick when he posts something. All of the women come out and you start putting pieces together and realize you aren’t the only one he’s been giving attention to. You have to deal with women posting flirty things even on pictures of your dates with him. And Geminis really don’t care how you feel, they say they do, by don’t change behavior. They end up blaming you for everything too and taking no responsibility for things they did. They are cruel with their words and actions even if you have been nothing but kind to them and then they expect you to continue being kind to them after they have called you names and made you feel worthless. It’s just not worth it to date them, you will have a nervous break down. Even if you follow the tricks here, they will still cheat and have a wandering eye.

    1. Hi Anne! I’m not sure that all Gemini men can be pegged as this type. Not all of them are narcissistic which sounds like what the guy you’ve dealt with actually is rather than just being an average Gemini guy. I know plenty of Gemini men who are married and happily so. They may flirt but not to the point of actually cheating with anyone. Again, not all Gemini men are cheaters nor are they all narcissistic. I’m sorry you had a bad run with this guy.There is so much more to know about the Gemini man and if you’d be willing,

      1. Gemini man…I have bad blood with them. Dishonest, player, two-faces, sweet talk, lazy, double personality, throw tantrums, moody and everything negative, you name it.
        My Gemini ex cheated on me 4x with different women, and he even had a 3months affair long with one girl.. We broke up exactly on out 3rd year together. They may be sweet and nice to you when THEY NEED SOMETHING. They only want things their way and they cannot tolerate disagreement.If you are a sweet-patient-kind girl, you are his favorite-easy prey. So no matter how many times you try to breakup with him, he will NOT let you go.Because they harvest their ego and fuel their manipulation/ticks from you. They will make you as their lab-rat to test on every manipulation they have in their mind to do it to other people. I suffered 3 years with such abuse, who I thought loved me so much.But I was wrong.Once I took out my rosy glasses , I can see the real him without any prejudice. He wasn’t honest and sincere towards me from the beginning.But I was fed with his sweet lies, broken promises, empty hopes until one day I stood up and firmed on my decision.This is it. I have to save me. I did, and life is much better and more successful and fun without him. So girls, avoid them ig you can.

        1. Hi Jenna!

          I’m sorry you went through hard times like you did. Not all Gemini men are exactly alike due to different aspects and planetary movements in each of their birth charts. Their rising sign and moon signs change the game up a bit as well. It’s absolutely more important to trust your intuition and staying grounded than it is anything else. With ANY man of ANY sign, you need to do the same so you don’t get yourself hurt. If you see red flags or feel uncomfortable, it’s important to heed that and not get involved further. It will save you on heartache. I wish you all the best Jenna!

    1. I am dating a gemini, I give him rules he doesn’t cheat yet the rules are to much for him, he is definitely inconsiderate but im a Sagittarius im supposed to like freedom too and I do yet I just made my whole life revolve around him since he actually got me to settle down I doubt he’d miss me even though he says he does alot but I also like games, and for the first time its to hard to play the best game I feel to play with a gemini is to behave in the exact same way that they treat you, in that way they realise the difference in your behaviour. They will be getting a taste of their own medicine and most of all to play fire with fire and make sure gemini gets burnt just so they can come to you for comfort and to heal their wounds if you know what I mean

      1. Hi Jozi!

        Yep, you definitely cannot make him your whole world because when he doesn’t do the same thing, you end up very disappointed. As a Sagittarius, you should try to work on not holding out expectation. Remember that everyone is different and not going to respond the way you would think they should. Reclaim your freedom and make sure that your life has many facets like a Sagittarius should. Find yourself again and then when you’re not paying as much attention to him, he’ll then want to chase you again. It makes for more excitement and desire.

  6. Ive been dating a gemini man for the last 8 months and i must say that he has his days. We sleep in the same bed every night and we have a really good friendship. He isnt an emotion person, so when he said he loved me some days ago i began crying. He show his love in different ways tho. He is very protective, he goes out his way to do things i love and the way he stare me in my eyes give me chills. On the bad side, i believe when we met he had a girl. I was never told but when i asked he said “worry about yourself and everything you’re doing great”. I hope it really wasnt the case! I read everyone’s story and some other things ive googled. Scorpio woman!

    1. Hi Trebel!

      Well if things are going well then it may not make too big of a difference if he was seeing someone when you met. He must have made a choice if he’s giving you all this time. Then again, this may be something you have to look out for if he decides to do the same thing to you to end up with someone else. Watch for red flags. Otherwise enjoy him and try your best to keep communication open. You may be able to succeed.

  7. I see a Gemini hes so hard to understand yet he said I love you I care about him I cant make it go further because hes wishy washy his Job moved him to Kansas city I think I needed that I stop calling him for week he would call I’d answer the phone with one word responses I said I want us to just be friends talk every now an again he going ask me why I said I need a man who needs me he say I do need you just not every day which I’m glad he doesn’t need me every day I have freedom to do whatever I want to just run he always say we gonna meet up when hes in town it never works liar I know he f*cking some one else he just won’t tell me why wint he just leave me

    1. Hi Trish!

      Thank you for writing in about your Gemini man situation. You should call him on it and see what he is really doing and feeling. If you never question him then he’ll never tell you upfront what he’s doing, where he is, and what is going on. You have to basically ask him flat out “are you seeing someone else because you’re not giving me the time of day anymore” or something like that. You’re right though if he can’t get it together then you need to find someone else who is more forthright and can give you what you deserve.

  8. Hello I’ve been talking to this Gemini Man for about 6 months now and we have a real close connection I’m a Leo woman I’m curious to know what he meant when he told me he will “open up his soul to me “…I’m shock that he said that because I thought Gemini men don’t like to let anyone in emotionally he also said that our special encounter was “tattooed on his soul” can u help me figure out if he loves me

    1. Hi Taylor! It certainly sounds like you’ve made quite an impression on him. It sounds like he’s very into you. I cannot say if it’s love or just romance. Either way, it’s nice to know that he cares for you that much. If you feel close to him and he treats you well then go with it and don’t question it. What he said is basically telling you that he wants you to know who he is on a much deeper level. They do open up with time but it often takes a while until they’re totally in love. I hope this helps answer your question but you might want to learn more about Gemini man by checking out my book “Gemini Man Secrets”.

  9. You can’t be jealous when dating a Gemini. I’m dating one now and he will tell me about women he’s met while traveling, at work, and so on. I just smile. Then I tell him about the guy who asked me out when I was with friends, treat it as a lark. And that’s all it is. If you genuinely trust him and he loves you, he won’t technically cheat on you, but he will look at other women, flirt with them, be friends with them. I’m OK with this, I have a lot of male friends of my own. I’ve just made it clear to him – if he cheats on me, I’m out the door. Have fun, flirt, even a kiss is OK. Go further and you lose me.

    I also give him plenty of rope but when he goes too far, I put my foot down. One time I was over at his place, he did something that pi**ed me off, I didn’t get angry, I just walked up and left. He came running after me, wanting to hug and kiss me – sorry, no. Maybe I’ll call you later.

    He has an ego. You might not think he does, because he’s not “macho” or overtly masculine like a Leo or Aries or even a Taurus. But he totally does have an ego and you have to be careful – you have to thread the needle of standing up for yourself without hurting his ego.

    Is he worth the aggravation? For me he is. He can always make me laugh. I can be in the worst mood, and he will cheer me up. He is an amazing kisser. He is really entertaining and interesting. He’s willing to talk to me for hours. If I’m feeling upset about something he will let me vent. He remembers things I tell him and he finds all sorts of considerate ways to take care of me. He is very respectful. He is nice to my friends, my mom, my pets. No matter what weird thing I want to do, he’s open to it.

    But you can’t NEED him. If you don’t pressure him, he will usually come through.

    I am a Capricorn with a moon in Aquarius, he’s a Gemini with a moon in Virgo. So I think we have a good synergy going there.

    1. Hi S O’Hara! Thanks for your amazing input. It seems you have a really great outlook on Gemini man. You’re doing what is right for you and you’ve learned lots. I’m happy to hear that you see his good qualities as well as what his needs are. There are plenty of women who really don’t understand this and have a hard time compromising. Perhaps they’d benefit from my book “Gemini Man Secrets. Of course, if you would like more info that you haven’t already learned my dear, please do check it out!

  10. My experience with a Gemini has been bitter sweet. We clicked right away we arent dating but we clicked as friends. We talked everyday and we laughed and joked all the time. we really liked each other and i would have pursued more but he told me that he wasnt looking for a relationshio just playing the field for now. So after developing feelings for each other and getting closer as the months went by we didnt know how to tell each other i guess. long story short i told him i was going to give my ex a try again since i knew we werent going any further but he played cool like he was happy for me. The next few weeks he told me that he was getting back with his ex which is his kids mom and that he was ready to start a family and have more children. i laughed because i knew it was because i decided to get back with mines. him and his ex were seperated for 5 years and she moved on. just a few months ago she broke up with fiance and he didnt even give her time to heal he just started putting pressure on getting back together. im certain its because he is struggling and he has to pay child support since he and her split, he wanted to still stay close and keep in contact. i was ok with it until he started acting cold and phoney right after so i ended all contact and blocked him on social media what a looser . i never want to see or hear from him again. especially after i looked out for him

    1. Hi Lisa!

      It sounds like when communication went horribly wrong, things got out of hand and ended up in a dark place. I’m sorry to hear that. It would have worked better had you two been open with each other about what you were feeling and that you wanted more. That would have saved you both from getting back together with ex’s and things basically going awry. I’m sorry things didn’t work out but if you ever get the chance again, try to be more open with the Gemini. You’ll find a very different path ahead if you do.

  11. Hi, I am an aquarius. My Germini boyfriend told me that we are in a relationship but he would want us to have space to discover further. He doesnt text for days and when he dates me out he would tell me he misses me and is very attracted to me. But he only sees me like once in two weeks…What he said just doesnt make sense to me at all. I am very confused. He is so passive and when he doesnt text me for days, I would initiate contact but after a while, I am very tired. Now , I am going to practise the no contact rule, meaning I will not contact him until he reaches out and I would only reply hours later because I had been so accomodating and this is not good at all. I feel being taken for granted. Is this a right thing to do?

    1. Hi Belle!

      I understand him wanting freedom within the relationship but I think he needs to compromise with you. Tell him it doesn’t make you comfortable or feel secure with him if he doesn’t reach out a bit more. Tell him you understand his need for freedom but there should be middle ground for you two to reach together so that you can bond and build things over time. Don’t be afraid to tell him this!

  12. I am a Taurus dating a Gemini we have two long weekends date. Everything was fine, then I was deciding how to move closer to him since he lives in a different state from me. He said I scare him how fast I wanted to move with things. He told me he is seeing another woman. I didn’t give up on him because I still love him continue texting him every day. Sometimes he is hot other times disappear for days without talking to me. Last week he told me he is seeing a new woman. What should I do I am in love with him.

    1. Hi Melisa!

      Ugh… he didn’t want to move faster because he wasn’t ready. Gemini can tend to do these things when they want to play. If he is seeing another woman then that tells you his lack of dedication or love for you. If he truly cared for you and wanted to keep you then he wouldn’t be seeing anyone else nor would he tell you that he is. He’s trying to get you to let go so he can move on. I am so sorry honey. You can ask him about it if you want but this is classic Gemini man behavior. I wish you all the healing and love you deserve!

      1. I met this gemini guy sometime 2019 on Facebook and we started dating. I didn’t take him serious but I think he took me serious because he told me how much he loved and misses me and he wants something real with me. We had a misunderstanding then I blocked him and shut down my account (personal reasons). Recently 2022, I opened my Facebook and remembered him and chatted him up. He was so excited..we started dating again. We don’t talk all the time but he tells me how much he wants me and said he loves me. On must occasions I do the calling but not frequently…on one of our conversations he said the only way we both can be official is when we ave sex. We both haven’t meet each other in real life buh we FaceTime once in a while. He asked me to come see him but I told him I wasn’t ready…after some weeks I agree to meet him. The day I was suppose to meet him I didn’t hear from him. Three days later I called and he said he was sorry that he was busy. I tired letting him know that atleast he would have called but he bruntly said he just apologized so I shouldn’t make a fuss. He has been the one pestering to see me, all of a sudden he ghosted me if I hadn’t called I wondered wen he would have called.

        1. Hi Rita!

          Girlfriend without actually dating him, you shouldn’t be pressured into sex. It sounds like that’s what he wants and after he gets it who knows what will happen. Dating should be first then sex not the other way around. You two should go OUT on dates in public places. If it’s just to his house then that’s not really dating. A man who wants to be with you wants to take you out and show you off. He has red flags here. Please be careful with yourself and trust your intuition. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

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