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My Gemini Man Is So Confusing. How Can I Figure Him Out?

So you’re totally confused about your relationship with your Gemini guy. You’re not alone! Many women write to me and say: My Gemini man is so confusing Anna, how can I figure him out? Here are some things that may help you.

Be Blunt but Non-Emotional

To understand a Gemini man; you must be able to speak their language. Gemini typically will not offer up any information; especially when it’s emotionally related.

Gemini men are typically cool and collected so when you want to discuss things with him; you’ll need to also be this way. Throwing emotions at him will shut him down.

You want him to listen and to answer questions which require a cool approach. Be intellectual and use words he’s familiar with if you can. Tell him you’ve thought about things and was curious about something.

Then you can tell him how you feel about the relationship and where you see it going. Again, don’t throw emotions into it though. I know that sounds really confusing but trust me; it works to do it this way.

He’ll actually listen and be more receptive to what you’re saying when you’re really in a calm state. Say what you have to say as if it’s matter of fact and not of emotional detriment.

Go Ahead and Ask Him

my gemini man is so confusing

Many women that write to me confused about their Gemini; haven’t actually asked their Gemini man what he thinks of their relationship or what the actual status is.

If you’re going to get to the bottom of it; you need to just go ahead and ask him what his thoughts are and what he’d like to happen. Sitting around wondering isn’t going to help your plight one bit.

You have to stop being fearful of him leaving or being cold if you ask him his thoughts. If that is the worst thing that happens then he may not be the right one for you anyway.

If a Gemini man is in love with you and wants to be with you; he will absolutely still be at your side after you ask him his thoughts and you discuss where the relationship is as well as where it’s headed.

As long as you stay cool; everything should work well. Of course, if he’s not into being more; he may let you know that also. It’s still better to know that information so you can move on though, isn’t it?

Pay Attention to Body Language

When you talk to your Gemini about what the relationship is and upon asking him where he sees things heading; watch his behavior. His body language will absolutely give you clues.

If he pulls back from you, cannot keep eye contact, or fidgets in some way instead of looking directly at you; he may either not be into you or isn’t comfortable with talking about his feelings.

If he can clearly look at you, maybe hold your hand, or pay full attention to you while he’s talking; then he’s telling you the absolute truth and there is no reason you should think otherwise.

Gemini will absolutely commit to a woman he doesn’t want to lose. It’s a matter of making sure you’re the woman that he doesn’t want to lose. You can also observe his behavior in other moments.

Red Flag Attention

my gemini man is so confusing

You absolutely have to pay attention to the red flags. If he tells you up front that he has no desire to get into a relationship; he means it. He’s not telling you that because he’s hiding his feelings.

Take what he says at face value if he gives you an indication of not wanting to become more than what you already are or wants to remain friends. Gemini men aren’t going to tell you they don’t want to and not mean it.

They also will not typically tell you they love you either unless they mean it. If he says this to you; he absolutely is positive of it. He would not say it otherwise so that is something important to remember.

If his attention is divided and he cannot keep personal contact with you when he’s around you; something else is going on. Also if he is constantly on his phone and hiding it while he types or looks at something; there may be someone else.

He IS a flirt but he knows where to draw the line. When he’s not drawing a line; it means he’s not as into you as you are into him. It also means that he’s not done “playing the field”.

Watch for these red flags ladies. I have many women that write to me that say their guy told them he wasn’t interested in being in a relationship but then go on to tell me how close they are and how loving he is and she doesn’t get why he’s now cold when she brings up a relationship.

Why? Because he already told you he didn’t want a relationship. Many Gemini men will get what they can while they can but once they realize you’re investing too much; he backs out.

Let More Time Elapse

Honestly, if it’s a new relationship; why worry so much about it? Let things progress at a very natural rate. There is no need to rush it. Rushing typically leads to mistakes and resentment.

Take your time, get to know him fully. Let him get to know you fully. Let nature take its course. Do it like the old days and let him court you. Over time you’ll both know what your relationship is and won’t have to title.

In fact, when you KNOW for sure that what you have is something special, he will also let you know in some way that he feels the same. You won’t have any questions as it will all just fall in line.

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3 thoughts on “My Gemini Man Is So Confusing. How Can I Figure Him Out?

    1. Hi KMart!

      Well that would make him different than the typical Gemini which means you have to really get to know him the way he is. That may take a vast amount of time. You might try having his chart looked at to learn more about him. It’s quite enlightening. Medical information is even found in one’s chart. There are things that make him unique and he may not fit the stereotypical description. He will probably be very moody and hard to deal with. He will need a unique perspective and you’d have to find the right formula that works with him which will definitely take some time and effort on your part. I wish you the best!

  1. I’m confused I’m gemini and m y bf is pisces that is totally no match . True we often fight a lot. Our every discussion on important or trivial discussion ends up into argument unless i choose to stay silent and let it be . But he is so sensitive and serious about me , I’m too . But how we work how our nature works doesn’t really give me a good picture of future . Please suggest something .

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