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How to Get A Gemini Man To Initiate Contact With You

Are you hot for a gorgeous Gemini man but you have no idea how to get him to notice you? You want him to come over and talk to you, but how?? There are ways to get Gemini man to pay attention to you. 

There are some steps you’ll need to take in order to get him to actually understand you like him. Lucky for you, I’ve got details for you here, so please keep reading to learn how to get a Gemini man to initiate contact with you. 

Turn Heads

Gemini men are typically pretty friendly guys. You can get his attention by first telling him hello if you aren’t doing that already. Talk to him about the weather or anything else you can think of in the moment.

That at least establishes you two as being acquaintances. Every time you see him you will need to engage him, so he knows that you’re someone pleasant he can talk to. 

And talking is good, but now you’ve also got to get him to “see” you. Gemini men love women who are beautiful. He isn’t too picky as far as what type of woman he likes. He just knows he loves women.

Always show interest in him when he’s around. It makes him feel good and it shows that you really actually like being around him. This will make him feel comfortable around you as well.

Dress nicely, fix your hair and makeup, and just be overall presentable as though you’re going on a date. This is just the beginning but a very good start for you if you’re trying to get Gemini man to notice you and want to talk to you. 

Intelligence Is A Turn On

Gemini Man Initiating Contact With You

Keep in mind that small talk is good in the beginning, but you’ll need to capture his true interest and to do that you will have to be crafty. Talk about something you’re knowledgeable about that he might find interesting.

This could be about today’s state of affairs, climate issues, hiking gas prices, or anything else that is going on that he would actually talk to you about. Once you get into the depth, you can change topics.

He may also change topics and that is fine. Get him to talk about what he likes. Gemini men love to talk so this will be pretty easy. Ask him questions and he’ll start discussing things that are important to him.

Once you’ve got this part going, the rest should be rather easy. He will love that you are sharp and intelligent. He loves that in a woman more than anything else.

If you are like him and have multiple projects going on, you should tell him. He’ll understand and appreciate your passion for what you love. Talking is one of the best ways to get Gemini man to ask you out. 

Be Funny, Witty, and Social

While some Gemini men turn into home bodies, many are actually quite social. This is a very good way to get to know him. If you two work together, you can talk to him at a company party or BBQ. 

If you don’t work at the same place, you can figure out where he likes to hang out. When you talk to him, ask him where his favorite places are and when he goes. 

You can ask him if he’d mind you meeting up with him at one of these places as you’d like to check it out. He’ll love that and he’ll probably tell you that would be great.

Once you get there, you can talk to him more and get to know him. This will push things forward and he may very well ask you out. Remember to look your best when you show up there. 

Be confident and show him that you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need a man but rather wants one to spend time with. When he “gets” that, he will not be able to resist you. 

Laugh at his jokes, make some jokes yourself, and show him that you are capable of witty banter or debate. He will love it! 

Just Fess Up!

How to Get A Gemini Man To Initiate Contact

Gemini men don’t always take hints very well. That means that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to simply tell him what you’re thinking. You don’t have to go into detail but you need to tell him you like him. 

Tell him that you’d love to get to know him better and perhaps spend some time talking. He will understand where you are going with it and at that point will let you know if he’s into it or not.

There is nothing wrong with letting a guy know that you’re attracted to him and want to get to know him better. He’ll be happy that you were transparent instead of him having to guess what’s going on.

Gemini men have no problem with you flirting like crazy with him but to truly know that you like him, you have to be forthright. Women flirt with him all the time, and he definitely flirts back.

It doesn’t always end up in a date though. You’ve got to be different. You need to let him know that you’re not just one of those flirty women.

Show him you’re the one he’s been looking for and that he needs to give you a chance. I know it sounds hard, but it really isn’t. What is the worst that happens? He says no or that he’s in a relationship?

You haven’t invested too much so it’s alright and you can move on. However, there is a very good chance that if he’s single, he will take you up on getting to know one another.

Telling him that he’s interesting and you enjoy being around him will make him feel pretty good for sure. That’s what he wants a woman to feel. He’s romantic and will show you how he feels. 

Be Mysteriously Sexy

Even though it’s a good idea to tell him flat out that you’re into him, it doesn’t mean you should reveal everything about yourself to him in one sitting. In fact, I advise against that.

You want to keep an air of mystery, because that’s what he wants. He wants to know only a little about you and discover things about you little by little over time. 

This keeps the freshness and desire alive. Gemini gets bored easily, so keeping him pining to know more about you will make him happy. This will keep him chasing you.

You can even play games a little bit… but not in the way you think. When you’re out for dinner with him and flirting, you can tell him to guess what color your panties are or something like that.

He’ll be surprised and will find this fun. He may ask you the same thing at that point. It’s a nice intimate game to play and gets the two of you thinking about what the future could bring. 

Remember, only tell him a little at a time. You can ask him a little at a time also about himself. That will show him that you aren’t into knowing everything all at once about him either.

That will surprise him, as he’s used to women prying and digging into his life. He’d rather have someone who takes it slowly and asks things over time. It makes him feel more comfortable with you.

If you haven’t been able to go out with him, just your discussion when you’re around each other will have a huge impact on whether he will ask you out or not. Make yourself interesting and mysterious. He’ll eat it up.

He will want to take you out to find out what it is about you that draws him. Trust me, all I’ve mentioned will draw him in. 

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Final Thoughts

You can easily get a Gemini man to ask you out if he finds you interesting enough. I’ve given you plenty of things to do and say that should get his attention so now you can get going and win that Gemini man over.

Use your wit and brain to get this guy and getting him to talk to you about what he likes, he will love this. You can also get him a cup of coffee or tea and bring it to him. He will be rather impressed.

Speaking of impressed, did you know that the delicious New Zealand actor, Karl Urban is a Gemini? Sure, makes sense because you get a sense of comfort even looking at the man. Charming personality fits him. 

Did you get a Gemini man to ask you out? What did you do? I would absolutely love to hear about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

And check out my book, Gemini Man Secrets, here to learn more about the mysterious Gemini guy!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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