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5 Turn-Offs That Make a Good Gemini Man Leave a Great Woman

Nothing is more frustrating than being dumped by a great guy when you thought things were going well. So how you can prevent this from happening? Astrology can give us valuable insight into what his turn-offs are — and how to avoid them! Here are a few of those all-important deal breakers for the Gemini man…

Do you want to know how you can avoid pushing your Gemini guy away? Or are you looking for reasons why he may have already left you, a fantastic woman, when you thought everything was fine? 

Whether you need closure or want to make sure that you give your relationship every chance for success, there are a few things to understand about the Gemini man and what pushes him away from you. 

Every sign has likes and dislikes — especially when it comes to love! Gemini men are often very complex people, and they have plenty of layers to them. That means they have plenty of quirks, too.

You’ve also got to take into account their commitment issues and the fact that they can be quite indecisive about relationships.

However, when he’s ready to commit, the Gemini man can make a wonderful, loyal, and loving partner. Still, these triggers can push him away. Beware!   

5 Turn-Offs That Make a Good Gemini Man Leave a Great Woman

1. No Mental Connection

You can be the very best woman there is on the planet — kind, loving, romantic, powerful, and independent — but if there is no intellectual connection, a Gemini man will find it a huge turn-off, often to the point where he won’t be able to be in a relationship with you.  

This simply means that you’re on the same wavelength and can talk about anything together. It means you’re someone who can analyze things with him, keeps up with his many thoughts, and won’t mind his endless chatter! 

If there’s no mental connection, it doesn’t mean he finds you unintelligent. It just means that your minds don’t fit well together. And that’s totally okay! 

It may just take a little bit of time before you finally find a way to truly communicate together properly. 

2. Boredom

Gemini men are very turned off by boredom. There little worse for this sign than to feel under-stimulated. 

The problem is, you might take it personally and feel like you are not “exciting enough” if he’s bored with you or the relationship. 

However, it’s important to understand that his boredom threshold is usually high and cannot be fulfilled by a relationship alone — so it doesn’t all fall on your shoulders.

Of course, making an effort to keep things exciting will help a great deal in keeping his interest alive. Making sure that you also are always growing and changing is helpful, and be sure keep the lines of communication open at all times.

The chances are high that if he’s with you, you’re exciting enough as you are! 

3. Feeling Trapped

No woman likes to feel as if she’s trapping her man. But Gemini men can feel suffocated at the slightest whiff of having to commit to anything! 

Maybe he feels trapped by the responsibility of a relationship, by the pressure of raising kids that aren’t his own, or by just generally beginning to share his life with another person. 

In most cases, he gets over it, but you can make it easier.

You can let him know he is free to live his life as he chooses and that you aren’t interested in controlling him. He will start coming around. It takes patience, though. 

No one ever said that this man was simple, after all! 

4. Forcing Commitment Too Soon

On a similar note, if he has commitment issues, he can all too easily run away if you rush him.

Your Gemini fella may be the very best of the best. He could be funny, kind, charming, and clever, and you are surely just as lovely. However, it’s a huge turn-off for him if you force him too quickly into any kind of commitment. 

This makes you come across as needy or pushy, which is a giant red flag for this sign

Give him time and space, and with a bit of patience you’ll see him come around and be the partner you need him to be! 

5. Staleness

Gemini men thrive on change and variety. They love being in a relationship where they can continually grow, learn, and change. 

You may be the type of woman who needs a great deal more stability and security — and there’s nothing wrong with that. You need to honor your own needs and try not to change too much to accommodate him. 

However, you’ve got to bear in mind that if he doesn’t get that constant growth that he craves, it could lead to him leaving a great relationship with you.

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Final Thoughts

Above all, a Gemini man is turned off by a lack of communication. He loves to talk and share his ideas, so when he’s unable to do that, he feels unfulfilled. 

He generally enjoys being with women who are a little complex and different — women who challenge him, spark his curiosity, and make him want to know more. This is a man who likes a mystery, a puzzle to be solved. In other words, he doesn’t like it to be too easy! 

When a relationship is too easy, once again, he gets bored. And there’s nothing more dangerous to your relationship than the boredom of a Gemini man!

Have you fallen in love with a wonderful Gemini man? Have you noticed what rubs him the wrong way? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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