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What Types of Things Do Gemini Men Love To Hear?

Are you starting to date a Gemini man and are wondering what types of things you should talk about with him to keep him really interested in you? Here are some various topics you can try to keep the flame ignited with your sexy Gemini guy.

Talk about Politics, History, or Today’s News

The Gemini is a bit of a brainiac. He wants to indulge in intelligent conversation. It would be a huge turn on for his woman to engage in this type of conversation or debate for that matter.

He wants to know that you’ve got your own thoughts and opinions on what is going on in the world. The more knowledge you can share on the topics you’re well versed in will be a big hit with him.

You don’t need to debate with him but he doesn’t mind if you want to. Just don’t be surprised if he throws in a joke or two in there to throw you off. He’s a prankster and will do anything to make you laugh.

Smart talk is always a winner with this guy. He’s well versed in many different topics as he educates himself in order to keep from getting too bored. That means he’ll love to talk to you at length about anything of importance or desire.

The more you dazzle him with your brain; the more excited he’ll be in other ways. He is mentally stimulated more than he is anything else. That means it’s a total turn on for you to talk knowledge.

Naughty Flirty Talk

Portrait of a happy couple in restaurant - What Types of Things Do Gemini Men Love To Hear

While he may not engage in this type of flirting with every woman; he definitely wants to with the woman he’s dating. So if you’re with him; keep this in mind when considering what to talk about.

What I mean by this is that you’ve got to mentally get him prepared for the “dinner” he has waiting for him in the bedroom. Getting him mentally revved up will get him excited.

You may not want to do this too often though as it may become too routine and he’ll get bored with it. However; if you do it here and there; make up some really sexy scenarios and call him or text him your ideas.

Remember that he’s more turned on mentally than he is physically. Not to say you can’t turn him with a sexy nighty; it’s just he’ll respond and be much more wound up by telling him what you’d like to do to him.

This type of play should be fun for you both. You can even send him suggestive photos. Try not to be completely uncovered though. Leave some to the imagination. It’ll make him think about it.

Anything that makes him THINK will turn him on. Get him talking about types of things you can do together and he’ll be “all in”.

Discussing Your Plans

What I mean by YOUR plans is just that; YOUR plans; not his. It’s a turn on to hear you talk about going and having fun with your friends without him. He wants to hear that you’re alright with it.

He is one that likes to have solitude or time to himself that he can choose to be with friends. He needs a breather from you every now and then. It’s not that you’re bothering him; it’s more that he needs to feel he still has some freedom.

As long as you’re giving him a bit of personal freedom; he’ll be very happy with you. So tell him what all you’re going to do on your day off. Whether that’s you going out with friends, spending alone time, or being with family.

Knowing that you’re going to have a life of your own outside of him will make him feel more at ease being with you. It’ll give him more security within your relationship and certainly will boost his confidence.

Talk about Creativity

Many if not all Gemini men; are creatively inclined. This may mean he’s a musician and passionate about his music endeavors. If not a musician; he may be a painter or something else equally as beautiful.

Whatever it is that he enjoys doing; you can talk about it. Talk about your own creative endeavors if you have some. If you have ideas or questions about what he’s into; ask him. He’ll love talking about it with you.

Talking about any form of creativity will bring excitement into this man’s life and he’ll be so relieved that you feel the same way. Perhaps talking about a new museum or band that is coming to town will make him giddy like a little kid.

You can even talk about making plans to attend a class together learning how to paint, draw, cook, or anything that is remotely artistic as well as fun. Excitement is the game and he’ll want to play it.

Talk About Him

portrait of young happy man and woman - What Types of Things Do Gemini Men Love To Hear

Honestly; the Gemini man loves it when a woman strokes his ego. Its part of the reason he flirts with women so much. It makes him feel desirable and important. Stroking his ego is always a hit with him.

Tell him how handsome he looks, how nice he’s dressed, how well he carries himself, etc. Ask him what his new or latest endeavors are and watch him unfold into a chatty Cathy.

Talking about himself is his favorite topic. The Libra and Leo men are very similar in this area. The more attention on them the better off you are. So go ahead and flatter him at every turn you can.

However; you must seem sincere in your compliments or he’ll know you’re being inauthentic and it will turn him off. He only really digs it when it feels real and absolutely genuine.

Say what you mean and he’ll be impressed. Click here to find out more about the mysterious Gemini guy and his needs. It always helps to know as much as you can so that you can be prepared.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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