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7 Things To Talk To A Gemini Man About When You’re On A Date

Got anxiety about what to talk about with your Gemini guy on a date? Don’t worry, we have you covered! No-one needs that kind of worry getting in the way of making this the best date of your life! Armed with a list of topics, you can march into your date with perfect confidence and blow him away! 

You’ve gotten lucky to go on a date with a Gemini guy! When it comes to conversation, that is! Being an air sign, this is one guy who know how to use his words to seduce, make you laugh and keep you wanting more. 

Most of the time, he’s going to be the one chatting happily away. All you have to do, is listen and be entertained! And be prepared to be poked fun at – so remember to put your ego away! The Gemini man has more than enough stories and anecdotes to set you perfectly at ease. 

However, in those moments of silence, you can be the one to offer a few topics that will get his engine revving again. He will be both impressed and tantalized to see your intelligence, conversational ability and willingness to meet him on his level. 

The truth is, his level can be intimating, intellectually. He’s super-smart, and he can quickly cut you down with his wit and sarcasm. Don’t back down – show him you are a match for him! He is seeking a woman with a sharp mind, and that turns him on far more than a sexy body, by far! 

7 Things To Talk To A Gemini Man About When You’re On A Date

1. His Interests & Hobbies

Things To Talk To A Gemini Man About On A Date

The typical Gemini guys has seen and done it all! He has had a million hobbies since he could walk and talk, and he usually has a large collection of boy-toys that he loves to play with. 

So, whether it’s surfing he loves or making crafts, writing, stand-up comedy or some other passion, once he gets talking about what he’s learned, it’s hard to get a word in edgeways! You’ll find his stories very informative, and it’s likely he’s stirred up a passion in you, too, for something exciting! 

Also, getting him to talk about his interests will make him warm up to you that much faster, making him feel special, adored and cherished. It could even fill an entire night, so don’t be surprised if you find the time slipping away faster than you could have imagined! 

2. What You’ve Read About

Gemini men love to read! Usually, they are juggling at least five books at any one time, whilst having an audio book collection to rival anyone, along with apps like Blinkest, which helps them to get the gist of a story instantly. 

He’s also usually an avid fan of reading websites such as Reddit, and loves to engage in online discussions. So, talking about something you read online, a book you’re recently loved, or a story you learned about will have him firing on all cylinders. 

Plus, this has the added bonus of him falling that much harder for you – he just can’t resist a girl that is well-read!  

3. The News

Gemini men devour the news! From small events to the big ones, he’s all about learning about what the world is up to. He also likes drama (in all honesty), and there’s plenty of that in the news! 

He’s the type of person who likes to have his facts straight, so be careful of speculating too much with him. He probably won’t buy into “conspiracy theories” so much, and only a few really appreciate Astrology. These are quite scientific types! 

Discussing the news might sound boring, but with his wit, humor and knowledge, it becomes light-hearted fun, and an interesting exploration into his beliefs and ideas about the world and about life! A perfect way to get to know him. 

4. Other People – Yes, Gossip! 

Gemini men love, love, love gossip! It’s literally their very favorite thing in the world, even though they’ll never admit it. They just love a juicy gossip session – it makes them very happy indeed. 

So, talking about other people, people in the news, people you might mutually know, or just a little titbit from your own friends’ group, will be more than enough to get him going! 

Don’t be surprised if he gives you a whole lot of information about people you don’t know, as well – his friends, work people and neighbors. He’s privy to it all, and usually makes it his business to know just what’s going on! 

5. Let Him Do The Talking

If you’re really at a loss, don’t feel like making conversation, or are overwhelmed – no need to worry! You can just let him to all the talking, and add a few nods here and there if you want to! Gemini men seldom need an excuse to get going, and the truth is, they can be absolute chatterboxes. 

However, some Gemini men need to be comfortable before they do this, and some don’t – you just need to see which version of the Gemini you’re getting. Either way, over time, he will one hundred percent get more and more chatty! 

6. Anything Intelligent, Witty & Funny

Making A Gemini Man Laugh On A Date

Are you good at making people laugh? Do people describe you as witty, funny and clever? Then, you are really in luck! You’ll have your Gemini date practically eating out of your hands. 

However, if not, then don’t hesitate to a tiny bit of plagiarism. Think of the most intelligent thing you heard someone say recently, the funniest thing you heard recently, and just repeat it. The cleverer it is, the better!  

You don’t have to do it all night – just get a few examples to use, and you will be sorted! 

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7. Anything And Everything!

To be honest, you can talk to a Gemini man about literally anything and everything. You can talk about your family, his family, the news, the weather, hobbies, some gossip, the food you’re eating, a joke you heard, a story you have or simply chit-chat about your day. 

The fact is, he loves talking. There’s nothing better to a Gemini guy than chatting all night, not always about important things. The key is just keeping is fresh and light-hearted. Too much heaviness, or a delivery that feels fraught with emotion, will have him running for the hills. 

Try and avoid talk of commitment, and have as much variety in what you talk about as possible. Feel free to change the subject as much as you like, he will love it! 

So, now to hear from you, my readers – do you have any great subjects that you like to talk about with a Gemini man on a date? Share your story here and lend a hand to other women who may benefit from your story. I just love your stories – and you will stay totally anonymous! 

If you’d like to learn more about this clever, sharp and fun sign, check out my blog right here: Gemini Man Secrets.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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