What To Text A Gemini Man After A Breakup

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I want to help you understand what the best route with Gemini man may be. Keep reading to learn what to text a Gemini man after a breakup.

What Is The Right Thing To Say To A Gemini Man Via Text?

If you’ve just had a breakup with your Gemini man, what could you possibly say to him via text? Should you even text him at all? Will he want to hear from you?

There are many questions so I want to try to answer you as best as I can so that you will understand what the best route with Gemini man may be. Keep reading to learn what to text a Gemini man after a breakup.

Do You Want Your Gemini Man Back?

If your answer is a resounding “yes!” then it’s a smart idea to know how to text him so that you can get access to him again. Gemini men don’t always give up if they really love someone.

If he’s the one that broke it off, there are ways to get him to regret that decision. I am going to share some with you right now!

Apologize To Him For Your Role

This will make him think about things and will possibly think about how things could be if it hadn’t happened. It may also help him to realize he misses you and it was silly for him to have broken it off. There is still hope and he still loves you.

Also, if you did something that played a big role in why he decided to call it quits, be sure you ask him to forgive you for any wrongdoings you may have had. That will help him to see your sincerity and accountability.

Stay Focused And Chill

How To Text A Gemini Man

You definitely want to avoid ever seeming desperate for him to come back to you, and you certainly don’t want to make it seem as though you are a victim either. You’ve got to do things to keep yourself busy in a healthy way.

If he’s accepted your apology and is talking to you again, then make sure he knows you have a lot going on and you’re doing your best to live an amazing life. He’ll feel inspired by your initiation and dedication.

If he says things that kind of tick you off, don’t let him see that! Respond with something calm and level-headed. It will surprise him and make him wonder what is really going on with you.

The peace you are displaying this way will also make him feel that maybe he does want a second chance with you, as you will be less dramatic or combative.

The focus is going to keep you from losing yourself with him. No back-peddling allowed! Get going with something good for you and make a lucrative goal.

Get Clarity And Closure

No one wants to be left hanging. After things have calmed a bit, it’s absolutely alright for you to ask him why it ended and what could have been done differently.

It’s the true examination of the situation that will show him that you really do want to know what happened and are willing to possibly change. If it wasn’t your fault, then at least you’ll learn that as well.

Don’t wait too long to ask him though, because Gemini men move quickly. The last thing you want him to do is to move on to someone else because you didn’t bring up the feelings that motivated the break.

Texting a Gemini man is important for a proper conversation. I know that may seem odd, but if you can get his attention via text then you can certainly get him to meet up and talk or have a phone call.

Jog His Memories Of Times Spent Together

How To Text Gemini Man After Breakup

Most Gemini men have photographic memories. If you can describe a time when you two did something together that was really fun, adventurous, and exciting, he’ll picture it in his mind.

This will make him fondly remember how he felt about you. It’s a step in the right direction bringing up memories such as these. He needs to remember why he fell for you in the first place.

Once he does get that back, he will know he doesn’t want to be without you for one moment longer! You can even send him a photo via text that will make him think about that day or night.

Pull Back When Texting A Gemini Man

You can do all the things I have listed here, but do not bombard him or blow up his phone with text messages. That makes you seem needy and desperate.

He doesn’t like those qualities one bit. Take a balanced approach. Text him something important, flirt a little, and then go do your own thing. Leave him hanging if you can.

This will make him miss you and thus, lead to regret that you two broke up. It doesn’t matter who broke it off in this case.

You’re showing him that you don’t have all the time in the world to wait around on him. You also shouldn’t answer his texts so quickly either. That makes you seem too eager if you do.

Wait for an hour, or two, or three. It puts seeds of worry about losing you again in his mind. He needs that because then he becomes aware of his love for you and will chase you again.

Ask For Advice

What To Text A Gemini After Breakup

Gemini men love giving advice (even to an ex!). Find something that you can ask him for help with or make something up. Do whatever you need to do to make him feel good about helping you.

Don’t make this a habit though. This ideally gets the Gemini man talking and gives him confidence in you. Remember that he loves to talk, so it’s pretty easy to get him to advise you.

Be sure to show him appreciation with sweet words in return. He’ll feel appreciated by you which can lead to the regret of having broken up. This works whether you ended it or he did.

Spark Playful Conversations Back Up With Him

You always want to try to remind him of what the two of you had before things came to a halt. To do this, go back to how you used to flirt with him.

What was it you did at the beginning that made him fall head over heels for you? That’s what you’ve got to do again! You are re-igniting the original passion you two shared.

Be cute, flirty, and suggestive. Be witty, sarcastic, and funny. These are things he loves and for sure he will see you for who you are again. He may even forget why the breakup even happened at all.

Take A Pause

This is hard for some women. If you’ve got a dialogue going with your Gemini man again, go missing for two or three days. Get off of his radar.

You don’t literally have to disappear, but no texts or calls with him. Let him wonder what is going on and where you are. This worry triggers him to reach out to you.

This is one of the more ridiculous but effective tactics with Gemini men texting. When they aren’t hearing from you or getting texts back from you, it makes them worry that you’re done with them.

They cannot stand to lose and will not accept defeat. This is especially true if he really loves you. He will do what it takes to get your attention back to him. He’ll be sending flowers, calling, writing, or stopping by your place.

When you “come back,” tell him you were so busy that you weren’t on the phone much or that you forgot your phone when you went to hang out with your friends.

Once he gets comfortable texting with you again now that you’re “back,” he may not want that scare again, so it could be a while before he starts getting lazy with texting again.

Every time you pull back, he will step forward if he truly cares. If he doesn’t then he’s not worth your while.

Keep the spontaneity alive by not allowing a pattern to establish between you two. This will keep him on his toes. He won’t ever know what to truly expect.

That’s perfect for winning your Gemini guy back.

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Don’t Want Your Gemini Man Back?

If your Gemini man is blowing your phone up with texts, trying to win you back because he messed up, then you’re going to have to be quite firm with him.

You’re going to have to tell him why you don’t want him back or cannot forgive him. Tell him you don’t want any more contact with him. Gemini men can sometimes turn to stalkerish behavior.

Be really clear that you have no more feelings for him and that you want to move on. If he still cannot accept that, then you’ll probably need to ignore him at all costs.

Be blunt with him and tell him to move on and find someone else that suits him better because you aren’t the one for him.

Unless he’s lost it, then he should accept this hint after several times. I know several times sounds annoying but trust me, Gemini men don’t give up easily because they don’t like to lose.

He will give up in time though.

I hope these tips help you get your Gemini man back or push him away after a breakup.

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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