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What Kinds of Problems Can I Expect Being with a Gemini Man?

Are you dating a Gemini man or becoming a bit more serious but want to know what you can possibly expect from his negative side? Since Gemini is dual in nature; he is a funny and romantic guy but then sometimes he’s something else. Here are some things for you to be aware of.

Cranky Mess

While his moods do tend to pass quickly; Gemini men can be very cranky at times. Yes, many people can be that way. However; he’s particular and if he ever finds himself feel bored; he’ll be like a kid throwing a tantrum.

When he gets irritable; he can become rather cold or insensitive toward the people around him. This would include the woman he loves or professes to care about. Be careful!

You should be able to tell when he’s in this type of mood that it’s best to leave him alone. He’s likely dealing with some emotion he isn’t comfortable with and will not want to talk about it.

Gemini men try to handle this type of thing on their own. Unfortunately, you become somewhat of a casualty if you try to offer him your help or advice. So if you notice he’s on the cranky side; leave him alone.

When or if he wants to tell you why; he will. Otherwise; it’s one of those situations that you just want to avoid as much as you possibly can. Leaving or trying to give him alone time will be most ideal. He’ll get over it quickly.

Lack of Consistency

Relationship problems at home - What Kinds Of Problems Can You Expect Being With A Gemini Man

Gemini men do not like structure, rules, or routines. This means that they’ll go out of their way to make sure that their days are not similar. If you live with your Gemini guy or are planning to move in with him; you need to know this.

To him; routine means mundane and boring. He cannot cope well with this as it can cause him depression as I mentioned in another article about his dual personalities.

He may be happy taking the trash out one day but another day he’ll protest it and decide maybe you should do it. This could cause a ruffle between you two if not careful.

This also means that if you aren’t living together; you may not see him on a consistent basis either. The same goes with texting, calling, or going out together. One week he’ll seem normal and all is well.

Next week he may decide to change things up a bit, not text as much, not call, and perhaps not even see you at all. Just be aware that this is part of his personality. If you love him “as is” you’ll have to understand this is just who he is.

Can’t Stay Still

Gemini man gets antsy and impatient. He tends to want to flit from one thing to another as quickly as possible. This is part of the need for stimulation, variety, and excitement.

Staying in one place for too long will drive him nuts. This is often why he starts many different projects or has more than one job. It keeps him on the move and keeps him from becoming stagnant.

At home, he has to have a variety of things to do as well or he will easily become bored which translates into misery and doom to him. If you are planning to move in with him; you will have to help him find things to stay stimulated.

It won’t be uncommon for this guy to play lots of video games, musical instruments, many movies, perhaps comics, or a wealth of books. He is a big kid that needs lots of toys to be happy.

Of course, you can help him with the excitement factor by giving him chores or by being very sexual. Even in the bedroom though; you’ll need to give him variety. Gemini man isn’t the kind that will be happy with plain ole sex in the bed or even the bedroom for that matter.

He will want to try new things in different rooms, different positions, toys, and different people even if you’re up for it. He truly has to have a constant flow of energy moving or he will become very dissatisfied.

If you’re looking for a partner to sit on the couch and watch movies in marathon style; this isn’t the guy. In fact; while he’s watching a movie with you; he’ll probably also be playing with his guitar or reading a book.

He keeps himself stocked up with much to do all at once. Sadly he also ends up trying to take on more projects than he can actually handle which can get him into trouble at times.

He’ll need to be very careful not to accept too much before he finishes the things he’s already started or he could ruin his reputation and be known for being a flaky guy.

Can Talk Far Too Much

Portrait of young couple in living room looking each other - What Kinds Of Problems Can you Expect Being With A Gemini Man

The Gemini man has a tendency to want to talk. It’s that keeping himself pacified thing that causes him to do this. It’s easier for him to do if he has someone he can actually talk to about exciting things he has on his mind.

This is where a woman who is equally as intelligent and witty comes in to play for him. He needs someone who will keep up with him. If you cannot; he will talk your ear off and perhaps get on your nerves.

Also, he may do it at inappropriate times such as while you’re watching your favorite show or while you’re trying to enjoy the passionate sex you’ve started with him. He doesn’t know when he should zip his lips.

In this case; give him something to do so that he’ll divert his attention and his mouth to more appropriate activity thus making you both happy and fulfilling his needs.

If you would like to learn more of what his needs are; click here.  He does have upsides too so don’t get discouraged. This is meant to give you a heads up on what you may be getting into with the Gemini guy.

I hope this helps you figure your guy out so that you know what to do with him or for him.


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