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How to Get a Gemini Man to Open Up and Share His Feelings

Getting the Gemini man to open and share his feelings with you is not a hard task. I mean, after all, he is known as the talkative air sign. 

As one of the Zodiac’s most sociable men, the Gemini man is very expressive about what he thinks and how he feels. 

It’s his life mission to share his story with the world. 

In astrology, the Gemini man is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thoughts, communication, information, and documents. 

Gemini’s association with Mercury is the reason why most Gemini men have profound interests in writing, theatre, poetry, and public speaking. 

Their strength (and their weakness) is their gift of gab; a love for and magnetic way with words. 

Therefore, the best way to get a Gemini man to open up and share his feelings with you is to explore inside his mind. 

You need to connect with him on an intellectual and creative level, and then, the emotions will flow. 

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4 Ways to Get a Gemini Man to Open Up and Share His Feelings

1. Bond Over a Shared Activity 

If Gemini men are notorious for anything, it’s their dynamic ability to be a jack of all trades. 

Ruled by Mercury and the third house of self-study, Gemini men are natural born builders, craftsmen, writers, chefs, artists, –really embracing anything that involves using their mind or their hands. 

Being a mutable air sign, the dynamic Gemini man is always on the go. 

Therefore, if you want to connect with him enough to get past his emotional walls (and keep his attention), you will have to take the party to him. Find an activity that you both enjoy.

By bonding over a shared activity, you allow the Gemini man to feel comfortable and in control of his environment. This helps the Gemini man relax and get out of his head. 

He feels comfortable sharing his feelings with you. He’s not afraid to express his affection and love. 

2. Keep His Attention  

It’s no secret that the Gemini man is a hopeless flirt. His cool and curious personality is alluring to the opposite sex. 

Although it may not be hard to capture the Gemini man’s attention, it is impossible at times to maintain it. 

Whether it’s other women he’s after or his next big project or inspiration, the Gemini man is always fluttering from one idea to the next. 

However, one thing a Gemini man cannot resist is a woman who knows how to keep his attention. 

Whether it’s surprising him with a sexy date night in the city, binge watching the latest Netflix movie or documentary series, or talking for hours on the phone, the Gemini man wants someone who makes him feel like a priority in their life. 

When the Gemini man feels like you are doing everything to give him attention and make him feel special, he goes above and beyond to open up and share his feelings so you can feel appreciated in return. 

3. Be His Inspiration 

How to Get A Gemini Man To Open Up and Share his Feelings - Be His Inspiration 

As air signs, Gemini men are social creatures who live to share their experiences with others. Gemini men want to share their words and many talents as an inspiration to the world. 

However, when it comes to a relationship one-on-one, the Gemini man is most attracted to (and vulnerable with) the woman who he is inspired by. 

Whether it’s being his creative muse for a photoshoot, listening to his new poetry, brainstorming a new product idea, helping with a speech, pitching in on an errand, being the third-wheel with his friends, entertaining his siblings, or staying up late with him so he can finish his work, show the Gemini man that you will show up for him. There are endless possibilities to show your support.

Remind him that you and your relationship are a reflection of all the love, positive influence, and inspiration you receive from him. 

Although your support and encouragement may seem trivial at times, it means the world to the Gemini man.

Every time you show up for him, his hesitation to commitment weakens and he becomes more open to sharing his feelings and expressing his love for you. 

4. Respect His Space 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Gemini’s are two-faced” or “Gemini’s can’t be trusted?”

If yes, this is because in astrology, Gemini is represented by the twins, which signify duality and the higher and lower mind (self).

With Gemini’s increased dual nature, some Gemini men can be quite moody, always bickering and going back and forth. 

In a relationship setting, this extreme polarization can become overwhelming, and sometimes the Gemini man will ask for alone time to recenter. 

So, instead of crowding him, respect his request for more space.

Although this can be difficult at times, listen to him.

The Gemini man appreciates a woman who allows him to think for himself and have alone time. 

By giving him the space he needs when he asks for it, you show the Gemini man that you not only respect him as a human (and as your current or potential partner), but that you, yourself are independent and not clingy. 

He will admire that you are your own person. It will melt his heart that you can take care of yourself.  

Now that he knows he can trust you and that you respect him as a person, he will feel comfortable opening up and sharing his heart with you.

He’ll be more opening to letting you in. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have four ways to get the Gemini man to open up and share his feelings, what will you do to get the Gemini man to open up to you? 

How will you win his words and affection? 

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Share your results in the comments below. 

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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