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Gemini Men Can’t Resist Chasing a Woman With These 8 Traits

A Gemini man has no qualms about chasing the woman of his dreams—but he’s very particular! Want to make sure you tick every box on his list? Discover the type of woman a Gemini man can’t resist chasing!

If you’ve already caught the eye of a Gemini man, the hard part is over! Now your task is to hook him and make him crave you. 

Luckily, with the help of astrology, you can know which personality traits grab—and keep—the attention of this adventurous lover. 

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, making him a quick-witted communicator. Charming a Gemini man who would be willing to set aside his whims to pursue you could lead to a lifetime of adventures, playful love, and some of the most stimulating conversations. 

Geminis are notorious for being wary of commitment, but using my experience as a relationship astrologer, I’ve pinpointed the characteristics of a woman who can keep him on his toes. Do you check these boxes?

Gemini Men Can’t Resist Chasing a Woman With These 8 Traits

1. A Great Listener

Your Gemini man has a lot to say. He’s also very intuitive, so he’ll know if you’re faking interest or not

To keep him running back to you to with the latest gossip or to share the new random facts he’s picked up, be poised and ready.

A Gemini man falls in love with a woman who will leave all distractions just to listen to him rant and rave.

2. Chatty

Silent Sally may allure a mysterious Scorpio, but it’s the girl who doesn’t keep quiet that is a magnet for a Gemini man.

 Having a lot to say stimulates a Gemini man’s mind. Don’t worry about bouncing from topic to topic. He’ll love it and be able to keep up easily.

If you can’t start the conversation, feel free to jump in whenever you can. Before you know it, he’ll be seeking out your advice and input on his thoughts and ideas.

3. Intelligent

With all the conversing required with a Gemini man, it’s best to know what you’re talking about. 

You may notice every other week he’s interested in something new. It can be hard to keep up, but it’s nothing a quick Google search can’t fix.

A Gemini man loves a lady with her head in a book, impressive general knowledge, and an inclination to share and receive wisdom and trending information. 

Bonus points if you become the ace on his trivia team!

4. Willing to Honor His Personal Space and Freedom

Gemini is an air sign and as such doesn’t like to be caged in. Encourage and even join in on his social endeavors. But don’t hold him back or attempt to make him feel guilty for wanting to attend as many social or professional events as he can squeeze in.

Gemini men are attracted to women who have committed to building an equally impressive social circle and agenda. 

If you’re looking for a man who offers a shoulder to cry on after every bad day, you may find the Gemini a bit cold. He tends to lean toward the cerebral side of life—thinking his way through things as opposed to feeling. It may even overwhelm him if you’re very emotional.

Being able to pull yourself through a bad day or laugh off life’s challenges will cause a Gemini man to see you as the strong, stable, independent goddess that you are.

5. Individual and Authentic

Getting a Gemini man to fall for and chase you will require a little more than your own friends and social life. 

Maintaining a personal style, hobbies, and individuality is wildly attractive to a Gemini man.

Do you have qualities, interests, or beliefs that distinguish you from the rest? Never act shy about your uniqueness in front of a Gemini man. It’s likely one of the main reasons he’s drawn to you!

6. Be His Biggest Fan

Similarly to Leos, Gemini men love an audience, and he’ll look to you to be his biggest fan.

Whether he wants to show off his latest piece of technology, talk about the newest skill he picked up, or insist you watch his favorite docuseries, he wants you to be excited for him—and with him.

Even if your tech-savvy, overly talkative hyper-nerd is oversharing things you couldn’t care less about, you love him, and your support and enthusiasm will make him swoon.

Celebrity Gemini Kanye West never minds sharing the limelight with his socialite wife, Kim Kardashian. She supports him relentlessly to the point that fame doesn’t matter as much as her approval does.

7. Adventurous

Gemini Men Can’t Resist Chasing a Woman With These 8 Traits

Adventurous is the best way to describe a relationship with a Gemini, so be prepared to pack your bag at a moment’s notice. 

Plans may also change suddenly, and your Gemini will love your ability to go with the flow.

Remain flexible and you’ll be his adventure buddy for life.

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8. A Grounding Influence

Gemini is represented by the image of twins. This depicts the dual nature of this multi-dimensional sign. 

All his energy has to go somewhere, and it’s not always spent on stimulating convos or random road trips.

The Gemini man can become erratic and sometimes spins himself into a knot. The woman he loves will have to know how to ground him and bring him down to earth should he become exhausted by the speed at which he thinks.

If you’ve snagged yourself a Gemini man, get ready for the time of your life! If you’re able to keep up with his pace and big personality, he’ll never hesitate to chase you and hold onto you for life!

Have you dated a Gemini man? Do you exhibit any of these traits? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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