The Gemini Man’s Pet Peeves When it Comes to Women

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is it that really makes a Gemini man want nothing to do with you? What are the Gemini man’s pet peeves and what turns him off.

What is it that really makes a Gemini man want nothing to do with you? Here are some of the things that really turn him off. Hopefully it will help you avoid future mistakes with your Gemini guy.

Sensitive to Criticism

The Gemini tends to believe that he’s good at what he does. He also is knowledgeable on many topics. He may not be too aware of his own character flaws but it doesn’t mean he wants to be beaten by them.

When a woman criticizes him it makes him feel bad about himself but once he realizes that it’s you and not him; he’ll give you the boot or he’ll get back at you with some sarcastic sleight.

This is one of the signs that will not and cannot tolerate criticism in any form. Libra men are also very sensitive about this. They seek to find balance for themselves but they don’t their short comings pointed out.

Even when you think that you’re helping them; they will see this as you being mean and unloving. They will turn a cold shoulder to you so it’s a good idea to be very careful how you speak to your Gemini guy.

Hates Being Ignored

the Gemini man’s pet peeves

Gemini men live on attention from others. He is especially dependent on flattery and flirting. This is why he’s such a huge flirt. It’s for him to feel good about himself really rather than about the other person.

If you’re with a Gemini man and you stop paying attention to him; he’ll be hurt, he’ll analyze you, and he’ll wonder if you really even want to be with him anymore; even if it’s only for a day.

Truly being with a Gemini man takes a bit of maintenance. You’ll need to keep excitement in the relationship, stroke his ego, flirt, and don’t ignore him. Once you are accepting of this though; it should be easy for you.

While he’s notorious for not returning texts or calls in time; if at all; he’ll be very upset if you do not return his texts or calls. I know it’s a double standard but this is who he is. What is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander in his case.

Offensive Behavior

He isn’t into people who were not raised with manners. Burping at the dinner table, eating like a barbarian, or just in general; not practicing manners will definitely turn him off.

If you do anything that he perceives as offensive or inconsiderate may have him second thinking about his relationship with you. He likes a woman who was raised to let a man open a door for her.

He wants a LADY, not a guy in a dress basically. As long as you’re acting like a lady and being polite; this should never be an issue. He doesn’t want to hear about what your poop looks like or how bad your PMS makes you feel.

Truly he likes for you to keep personal things like that to yourself. Even if he grows up around mostly women and learns how the feminine side works; he’s still a bit squirmy with it and it’s best to not discuss it with him.

Farting around him will not be a big hit either. While it may seem inconvenient; the best thing you can do is excuse yourself and go to another room to release your gas. He’ll be grateful for your manners.

Long Winded Stories Without a Point

It’s true that Gemini men love to talk. However; if you’re the one doing the talking and tell some really long story without getting to a point; he’ll be very annoyed. He doesn’t want to listen to a 30 minute story that had no actual point to it.

He doesn’t mind you telling a story or sharing stuff with him but please; make sure you get to the heart of what the story is about rather than talking around it. If you can make it a shorter version then all the better.

Remember that your Gemini wants to do much of the talking. He’ll let you talk too but it has to be something interesting and worth his while. Telling him about how Fred got from point A to point B in a roundabout way rather than, he just drove in his car; he’ll become bored.

It’s actually sort of an intolerance of the Gemini and can be one of his character flaws but if you’re into your Gemini guy and willing to compromise; then you’ll want to learn to shorten your stories.

When He’s Not Taken Seriously

the Gemini man’s pet peeves

Gemini men tend to be jokesters much of the time. However; when he’s ready to talk about something serious; he’ll be highly offended if someone doesn’t take him seriously.

When he gets serious; you want to notice the difference between this and when he’s in joke mode. This can be hard to determine at times and can be frustrating for you both.

Sometimes when he jokes; he seems very serious until he gets to the punch line. This can be aggravating sometimes because then when he’s trying to talk about something that isn’t a joke; you cannot tell if he’s serious or not.

Communication skills have to be learned with the Gemini guy and yourself so that there is perhaps a signal for when he’s truly being serious or if he’s at it with his antics again.

Tell him that for you to take him seriously; you need to know when he’s being serious. Maybe you can come up with a code word or he can put on a hat. I know it sounds silly but this is a problem for many women and their Gemini men.

Being able to communicate properly isn’t the easiest of tasks with this guy but if you can compromise on a way of doing it; you’ll have better success at it. Click here to learn more about the Gemini man’s thoughts.

I hope this helps you understand the things that may upset him or set him off in order to better work at your relationship.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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2 thoughts on “The Gemini Man’s Pet Peeves When it Comes to Women

  1. I think it is quite disturbing and disgusting how some people defend Gemini men’s behavior, like u do. Im married to a Gemini man for almost 18 years and I am not the problem. Stop blaming the other person in the relationship with a Gemini when Gemini men don’t care about other people’s feelings as long as they get their narcissism fed. Gemini’s need to be rounded up and dropped off onto another planet so they ruin each others lives instead of other people’s and truly not care that they do. They are a shallow, superficial, narcisstic bunch with no hearts!

    1. As a fellow gemini, I was shocked to find what assh*les the male version is! Luckily only 2 months were wasted on him but alarm bells started ringing early! We had GREAT chemistry BUT he was like a child. So full of his own sh*t, self righteous, I swear if he was edible he’d have eaten himself. Technically he finished with me, but when I agreed with him he turned real nasty on me. I refused to argue with him or name call in return as that’s not my style and I told him so.. he still continued though, desperately trying to get me to bite. In the end I told him to just tell his mates I was and assh*le if that made him feel better and be done with it. Apologies to the Gem men who are not like this, I know us Gems have a bad rep. but if i’m not like that then there must be others who are good level-headed people. I’m desperately trying to keep the faith!!

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