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Do You Make These Mistakes with a Gemini Man?

Gemini men are known as communicative types of guys, people who are easy to be with, easy to flow and dance with them through life. But, even besides all these wonderful traits one Gemini man can possess, mistakes are possible.

Let’s focus on those details and how to keep your relationship with the Gemini guy joyous and everlasting.

The mistakes with a Gemini man:

Be Less Critical and Analytical

Of course, Gemini man loves to communicate. But, this is all about the quality of your communication that matters to him. He desires to hear some nice things, his mind is curious and therefore sticking too long to one subject can be mentally exhausting for him.

Try to sustain from deep themes and learn how to say stop or cancel the thoughts in your own mind when the chitchat goes longer than fifteen minutes. The basic female needs to analyze everything around and inside her is natural, but totally repulsive to men, especially Gemini men.

If you feel the urge to talk about every detail in your usual day, chew for hours about your feelings and impressions, use your best girlfriends for that, not your man.

You Are Too Strict 

Mistakes with a Gemini Man

The joy of life can be seen in a healthy body and a beautiful soul, this is true. But this is also very unstable ground because you can easily slip and fall over on that “dark” side of discipline. Yes, paleo is fine, intermittent fasting too, your dancing classes or pilates, everything is perfect in the eyes of the Gemini man and he will love and respect you more if you keep your body in great shape.

However, don’t overdo it. There is a difference when you say you don’t eat late at night because you want to keep your ideal weight. But, it’s an entirely different situation when you refuse one summer afternoon ice-cream by the beach.

Once in a while, you can do something opposite of what you do each day and show your Gemini man that you can flow with the feelings and adapt to some new circumstances. Just remember every once in a while, not every, or every other day.

You Are a Dark and Mysterious Lady

No, no and no. Every man loves a little bit of mystery sprinkled with hidden sexuality in a woman, but this dark and deep type of mystery will only keep your Gemini man away from you. If you love your nails painted in black, wiccan accessories, the pale foundation on your face or you burn in pain and depression, then you should consider someone else, anyone else, to be precise, then a Gemini man.

You have to understand that this guy is the essence of a childish spirit and anything too deep, dark and frightening doesn’t excite him at all. And the same goes for those little intimate games. Gemini man is a highly sexual being, and if you want to handcuff him or even try something “edgy”, he will let you do whatever you want as long as this game stays just the game without the physical pain, and with a lot of laughter and humor.

You Are Too Ambitious and Career-Oriented

Don’t get me wrong, because Gemini man loves to have a strong woman by his side. But you shouldn’t focus your life mainly to the corporate battles. This astrological sign is well known for its ability to create the best marketing or advertising campaigns, and Gemini guys can surely sell you anything. However, when the business game steps on the next level they seem to lose their interest.

Anything too strict will pull the Gemini man away from you; no matter will this be your strict fashion style, your passion for business and your negotiating skills. This game is something he can’t follow or even understand quite well and he will quickly turn toward someone who doesn’t act so hard in life.

You Have a Different Set of Values

Mistakes with a Gemini Man

Gemini man has nothing against money as long as it flows around. And in the same manner, he won’t have anything against the old families, investment funds or secret handshakes, except the fact he won’t have the romantic relationship with the woman who lives such an affluent lifestyle.

You can wear expensive clothes beside him, as long as those clothes are not showing how heavily rich you are and how old is your family. Anything too traditional, strict and based on some old family rules will be repulsive to him. A princess and a street guy can end up together in a modern fairy tale. Not in real life, sorry.

You Are Too Artistic

No, this is not a joke at all. Your knowledge and genuine interest in arts or abstract science can seem wonderful to the majority of men, but at the same time, those matters will be highly repulsive to a Gemini man, because he commonly doesn’t know so much about the art and doesn’t even want to know more.

You might be thrilled with three-day opera, practicing piano for four hours each day or painting from dawn to dusk, but those interests of yours will only make him run as far as he can.

Gemini man has a short attention span, please don’t forget this. Or this could turn into a ‘mistakes with a Gemini man’ thing. And although he can be, and in the majority of cases, he is extremely intelligent, long, exhausting and “what’s the point” artistic experiences are the essence of torture for him.

Sustain from even trying to make him join you through this colorful and illusional path because he will love you more if he can spend some joyous times with you doing “easier” types of fun.

Or at least, think how your mutual future will look like if yours and his passion differ so much. Please let me know about your experiences?

Did you make mistakes with a Gemini man?

To learn more about Gemini man and his needs, click here. It may help you better grasp who he is and what he’ll be like going forward.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

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