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7 Tips to Move On From a Breakup With a Gemini Man

Broken up with your Gemini fella? Ouch. Breakups are seldom easy, and even harder when we don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with. A Gemini has so many different personalities that you may miss a part of him, while some parts you’re happy to get away from! But how can you move on and open up to new love? 

There are some signs that do get a bit of a bad rap when it comes to astrology. Gemini, unfortunately, can be one of them

These are guys that are known for being a little, well, fickle. At their best, Gemini men are loyal and fun-loving, but at their worst, they are reckless with hearts and feelings

Whatever the problem was that separated you, it’s still never easy, is it? You may be mourning the parts of him you truly did love, even if he was cruel to you or irresponsible with your heart. 

So how do you pick yourself up and let your heart open to someone else? Sometimes, it may feel as if the pain is going to go on forever, but you will always heal and move on. 

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of extra help in that process! And in that endeavor, astrology is one of the best tools you can use.

In my years as a relationship astrologer, I’ve put together my greatest tips that can speed up the process a little more and assist you in eventually finding new love.

7 Tips to Move On From a Breakup With a Gemini Man

1. Never Give In to His Games

Here’s the thing—Gemini men do like to play games with your head. They can be master manipulators, sadly, and although not all are like this, many are capable. There’s a term called “gaslighting,” and it means that someone is always sowing seeds of doubt in your mind. Beware of this with your Gemini ex if things ended poorly.

If you’re sure of something, for example—something you weren’t happy with in your relationship—your ex may act like it never happened. If you feel insecure, a little crazy, doubtful of yourself and your reality, it’s possible your head is being played with. 

The best thing you can do is not play along, and try not to doubt your own perceptions. 

2. Stop Talking to Him

Because Gemini is an air sign, they just love, love, love to talk. Whether face to face, in some sort of instant messenger, or any other medium, these signs are very chatty! 

Even when you’ve broken up, a Gemini may not see that it’s inappropriate to talk all the time. They need to understand that there are boundaries that should be respected. Engaging in constant conversation is no way to move on! 

You need to shut things down. Stop talking, stop texting, and stop anything that encourages communication—at least for now, until you’re ready to truly be just friends if that’s what you want. Otherwise, you may just keep finding yourself in the same place you started. You’ll need to be very strong, as the Gemini man can be persuasive and sneaky with getting a word in! 

3. Rotate Dates With New People

Even if your heart is aching, it can be great practice to start dating again. This doesn’t mean you have to get serious with anyone—you can simply enjoy the feeling of being desired! 

In fact, if you’re open to it, why not try dating a few people at the same time, or at least chatting to a few. Sometimes, just chatting can be the thing that you need to move on and remember how many fish there are in the sea.

Plus, you can have a bit of much-needed fun in the meantime! 

4. Avoid Overanalyzing It

Moving On After A Breakup With A Gemini Man

Gemini is a sign that has to pick everything apart. And it’s very easy for you to get caught up in that analyzing as well. You might find yourself overthinking the relationship and the breakup—all that went wrong. 

Analysis has its place, but sometimes, it can be really destructive. There’s only so far your understanding can go before you hit a bit of a brick wall. 

Maybe it’s time to switch your mind off (as best you can), and instead, start getting active, doing things that bring you joy and pleasure, and just finding ways to stop thinking so much. 

5. Acknowledge His Flaws

Women tend to long for the person we thought someone was, or the parts of them that were great. Much of the time, we idealize and forget all the negative aspects of the relationship that weren’t good for us. 

This is totally normal, but it can hinder your healing. It’s very important that you also remember his flaws, his difficult traits, and the feelings that told you it was time to move on—and not gloss over the bad parts. For example, did you find him to be fickle? Moody? Argumentative? Manipulative? 

For now, fresh after a breakup, you can throw all your focus into the hard-to-handle aspects so that you can move on faster. Once you have healed, you can remember the good things—without longing for him. 

6. Avoid Drama and Gossip

Gemini may not always admit it, but they really love a little gossip and drama. And some love a lot of it. 

However, you don’t have to buy into it—remember that! You should stay far, far away from the drama. Let the Gemini man swim in his own theatrics, and manage your own life. You don’t need that, ladies! Life is so much easier without all that negative energy.

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7. Develop Your Own Interests

Your Gemini guy probably had a thousand interests. A million hobbies that he loved and spent a lot of time on. Did you ever make the time to sharpen your own skills, too? Or did you join in on his to try and connect? 

It’s normal to merge your life with your partner’s. However, you may have lost your individuality in the process. Now is the perfect opportunity to develop your own interests—new ones or old ones. Celebrate the things you love. A new man will see that passion and be attracted to a woman who knows what she enjoys. 

So—have you gone through a breakup with an Gemini man? How was it for you emotionally?  

Your stories are important to me, and I’d love to hear them in the comments section—anonymously, of course.

If you’re going through a tough time and want to know whether you’re truly compatible with your Gemini guy, try my compatibility quiz:

I hope you heal soon and find someone wonderful. You deserve it! 

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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