How To Know When A Gemini Man Is Lying

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Gemini men are so good at deception and making up stories that you might think it is impossible to know when a Gemini man is lying.

I often get the question from my clients, “Do Gemini men lie?” These guys have quite a nasty reputation for being very deceptive and tricksy in their behaviors. They can really leave the minds of women spinning because their personalities are so changeable. 

Knowing this, you might want to know how to know when a Gemini man is lying. They are so good at deception and making up stories that you might think it is impossible to know if and when a Gemini man is lying. 

But, I need to preface this and say that not all Gemini men are liars. As always, you get the evolved and unevolved Gemini men and it all depends on how much work they have done on themselves. 

Are you curious to find out how to know when a Gemini man is lying? Then keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about Gemini men and their lies. 

Are Gemini Men Liars?

There are various reasons why a Gemini man may lie. One is when someone badges him with loads of questions about himself. He is kind of a private person and doesn’t like getting personal with acquaintances.

He will also not respond well to suspicious people. If he isn’t actually doing anything wrong yet you keep harassing him with loads of insinuation or questions; he’ll likely make up some things on purpose.

Gemini men are really good at lying, but that doesn’t mean that they are all liars. You have to remember that their sign is very mutable and flexible. They are always changing their mind and going back on their decisions. 

This leads them to be quite inconsistent and confusing as it may seem like you never know where you stand with your Gemini man. It is not that he is lying intentionally, it is often just as simple as him changing his mind. 

Be sure before you ask him who that woman was that called him yesterday; that you’re certain there are other causes to be asking him that. Accusing him of cheating when you really aren’t sure will not help matters.

If he’s ever lied before and is questioned about it again later; he may then make up another lie to cover that one. He has the ability to layer up fables or tales. So covering his tracks is yet another reason he may not be truthful.

Why Do Geminis Lie? The 3 Most Common Reasons

1. For His Own Entertainment

Gemini men are strange critters sometimes. There are times when they make things up out of boredom or “just because”. So there are many variables as to why a Gemini man may lie; if he does.

Each Gemini man will be different, of course. His moon sign may play a huge role in just how fictitious he may be. He may do this if he becomes bored in the relationship.

Gemini really hates to be bored and will do whatever he can to stir things up and make life exciting again. Sadly this could mean lying to you to piss you off and get into an argument.

A little zest and zeal is what he plans on but then when the fire gets turned up by successfully pissing you off; he’ll realize he didn’t really want that drama and will seek solace away from you.

He can sometimes actually lie in a big circle. Gemini men are one of the signs that are most known for not being truthful.

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2. He Is Playing Games With You

A Gemini man will often be busy lying when he is with a woman he is playing or using. He is a very gifted manipulator and will say whatever he thinks she wants to hear just to get in her pants or for his own enjoyment. 

He will make up all kinds of stories and totally blow her off her feet. He will also do this and not really care about the consequences of his actions. As long as he gets what he needs from doing this. Some Gemini men are big time players!

Often Gemini men aren’t really interested in long-term relationships because they want to experience all of what life has to offer, and that means being with as many women as they possibly can. 

Of course, Gemini men are smart enough to understand that most women probably want to be in a serious relationship, and this is why the Gemini man will say whatever you might want to hear so that he can manipulate you into sleeping with him. 

These types of lies are the worst kind of lies Gemini men tend to make. I would suggest you tread very carefully with these types of Gemini men as they will just leave you hanging, especially once they realize you have fallen for them. 

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3. He Isn’t Serious About You

You may notice that your Gemini man keeps you hidden or secret from the rest of his life. Especially if you haven’t met his friends or family, this is probably a sign that he is lying to you or about you. 

This means he isn’t serious about you and that he probably never will be. The lie comes in because he isn’t being honest about his intentions with you. He is keeping you on a string because it is convenient for him as there are probably many benefits to being with you, but he actually doesn’t want to take it a step further.

This is his way of keeping you out of his life and making sure that you don’t get close to him. He is lying because he is being avoidant. The other option is that he is probably dating multiple women. 

He doesn’t want any interference so he might not want the people in his life to meet the multiple women he is dating and perhaps have them get confused about who is who. He is just saving his own neck from getting into trouble.

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Is A Gemini Man Lying To Me? How To Know For Sure

He Is Flaky And Inconsistent

One of the clearest signs a Gemini man is lying to you can be seen when you notice his behavior being particularly flaky or inconsistent. Do you notice that he backs out of plans last minute, or he never ends up doing what he promises?

This is usually a sign that he doesn’t know how to keep his word and is likely definitely lying to you about something. You can forgive this happening once or twice because sometimes life happens. 

However, if you notice him repeatedly behaving this way, then it is important that you put your foot down because he is clearly up to no good. He doesn’t respect your time or your energy so it is important that you put up some boundaries to prevent this from happening again.

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You Don’t Really Know Him

Getting to truly know a Gemini man is actually quite a difficult task because this man wears many masks and is a different person to many different people. He is like a chameleon and will change his personality according to the people he is around. 

He doesn’t show very many people who he truly is and is often just playing a role. If you ever get the feeling that you only know him surface level then you are probably right. He is likely just trying to fill some role to get you to like him.

I know this seems innocent, but it is a sign that he is lying to you, and why would you ever want to date a man who can’t be his true self around you? If you feel like you can’t get closer to him then it may be time for you to step away and say good riddance.

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His Stories Don’t Add Up

When a Gemini man has a tendency to lie, it is something he does quite often. Although he is the master of deception, sometimes it can be a little difficult even for him to keep his story straight. 

You’ll notice this happening when you often catch him in a lie. You might ask him about something and he either doesn’t know what you are talking about or he claims that he never said anything like that. 

He’ll probably spin some other story that leaves you totally confused. My advice is, if you feel gaslighted by your Gemini man then there is a very good chance that he is probably lying to you, about something, or even everything!

You don’t want to be with someone who makes you feel like this. Stay very far away!

He Acts Sketchy With His Phone

One thing you need to know about a Gemini man is that he loves to communicate and be in contact. He is one of those signs that is constantly glued to his phone because he likes to know what is going on all of the time. 

He likes to keep connected, but he also likes to keep his options open. Yes, there is a good chance that if you suspect your Gemini man of lies, then he is probably also talking to numerous women. 

Have you seen him acting really sketchy with his phone? Does he hide it away when you are near? This is definitely a sign that he is lying to you. If he wasn’t lying there would be nothing he needed to hide. 

How To Get A Gemini Man To Tell The Truth

A Gemini man is a quick thinker and will process what he’s asked very quickly. It helps him respond with something that seems more appropriate. What he can seemingly do though at times is hold things back.

Where he should speak up and say what is on his mind; he may hold off and not say anything as he knows what may happen if he is forthcoming. This can make it seem like a lie. It would be good for you to encourage him to understand that he is safe with you and there is no real reason he needs to lie to you. 

However, lying seems to be in the DNA of a Gemini man. It is something that they can easily do and sometimes they don’t often even realize that they are doing it. I would say that there is no real way to get a Gemini man to tell the truth. 

It all depends on himself and how mature he is. If he is immature and doesn’t care then this is probably something he is going to continue doing. Hopefully, with age and wisdom, this is something that he is able to control within himself if he notices that it is ruining all of his relationships. 

Your Gemini man might need therapy to fix this problem to figure out why he lies. It is important that he gets to the root of the problem so that he stops destroying all of his relationships because this is what lies tend to do. 

There is really nothing you can do to make him stop as this is a behaviour that needs to come from himself. Don’t try and make him do anything as this will only make him rebel even harder. 

Do Geminis Lie About Their Feelings?

It is very possible that Gemini men lie about their feelings. These guys try to keep as busy as possible most of the time and one of the reasons for this is that they are actually trying to avoid their feelings. 

A Gemini man might not know how he feels about you at all because he is always doing something and keeping busy. So yes, Gemini men do lie about their feelings, but this is because they don’t really know what their feelings are. 

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Warning: Don’t Use Normal Dating Advice With A Gemini Man!

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Gemini man.

And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with a Gemini. You see, Gemini men are VERY different than men of other signs.

And if you use standard dating advice with a Gemini, it can backfire. He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

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Because your fabulous Gemini is NOT like other men… at ALL.

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  1. I have been with this gemini man for 33 yrs married. I’m 59 and he is 66. He lies alot and I’m really sick of it. Especially with past history and I cant stand liers!! Not sure what I wanna do!!!!!

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