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Is your Gemini Man Lying To You or Telling You the Truth?

Find yourself dating a Gemini man who is entertaining as well as exciting? Perhaps he’s funny and lots of fun to be with. However; you notice that sometimes he seems to cross a line with the truth. How can you tell the difference? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Under most Circumstances

Typically unless he has a real purpose for lying; he will not do it. He’s amazing at telling stories and making up lots of things exaggerating the truth. However; that isn’t exactly the same as lying.

Gemini men are smart enough to know that there are dire consequences to lying and so they will not want to take that road. Again, this is only when they feel there is no real reason to do it.

There are certain circumstances that can prompt them to keep things to themselves. Sadly; cheating can be one of those things. You may want to refer to my article on Gemini cheating.

He’s a quick thinker and will process what he’s asked very quickly. It helps him respond with something that seems more appropriate. What he can seemingly do though at times is hold things back.

Where he should speak up and say what is on his mind; he may hold off and not say anything as he knows what may happen if he is forthcoming. This can make it seem like a lie.

When He Does Lie

Man with fingers crossed - Is your Gemini Man Lying To You or Telling You the Truth

There are various reasons why a Gemini man may lie. One is when someone badgers him with loads of questions about himself. He is kind of a private person and doesn’t like getting personal with acquaintances.

He will also not respond well to suspicious people. If he isn’t actually doing anything wrong yet you keep harassing him with loads of insinuation or questions; he’ll likely make up some things on purpose.

Be sure before you ask him who that woman was that called him yesterday; that you’re certain there are other causes to be asking him that. Accusing him of cheating when you really aren’t sure will not help matters.

If he’s ever lied before and is questioned about it again later; he may then make up another lie to cover that one. He has the ability to layer up fables or tales. So covering his tracks is yet another reason he may not be truthful.

No Real Reason

Gemini men are strange critters sometimes. There are times where they make things up out of boredom or “just because”. So there are many variables as to why a Gemini man may lie; if he does.

Each Gemini man will be different, of course. His moon sign may play a huge role in just how fictitious he may be. He may do this if he becomes bored in the relationship.

Gemini really hates to be bored and will do whatever he can to stir things up and make life exciting again. Sadly this could mean lying to you to piss you off and get into an argument.

A little zest and zeal is what he plans on but then when the fire gets turned up by successfully pissing you off; he’ll realize he didn’t really want that drama and will seek solace away from you.

He can sometimes actually lie himself in a big circle. Gemini men are one of the signs that are most known for not being truthful.

The Notorious

No lies; there ARE many liars that turn out to be Gemini. He thinks he’s swift enough to smooth things over by saying something witty. You’ll often notice that right after he says something not true; he’ll follow it up with a joke.

After many women writing in to me; there are lots of confused souls out there. I’ve had several women write to me about their Gemini guy and how they cannot seem to figure out where his head is at.

They tell them one thing and act a different way. That is the giveaway ladies! Always watch his actions because that will tell you the absolute truth. If he tells you he isn’t cheating yet acts as if he is; you know the answer.

Pay attention to all the red flags that you’re given. Most of all trust your intuition. Keep in mind that not ALL Gemini men share the common bond of being liars. Until you fully know him; you’ll need to observe him.

There are some Gemini men that lie about almost anything and everything. There is no real reason for this behavior yet he does it. If you catch your Gemini in more than one lie; you may be in for a rough road.

Everyone has the capacity to lie. If you catch him in one or two lies but then from there on out; his actions show you that he’s basically a good guy; you still have a chance at a decent relationship.

Best Way to Test Him

Couple talking seriously outdoors in a park - Is your Gemini Man Lying To You or Telling You the Truth

The best and most forthcoming way to test your Gemini or any other man for that matter; is to look into his eyes when he’s talking to you. If he cannot maintain eye contact upon answering you; he may very well be lying.

If he looks down at the floor and off to the left; he’s being untruthful. If he looks away and up to the right; he’s thinking about the past and trying to recall what it is you’re asking him about.

So if that is the case; he may not actually lie to you. He may very well be trying to remember. However; if he does then look down or away; he’s remembered the past and is probably not telling you the truth.

Someone who cannot make eye contact when you’re asking them a question is typically not being truthful or cannot face up to the question being asked. You’ll have to determine which is which.

Click here to find out more about the Gemini Man. The more you know about this mysterious guy; the easier it will be to figure out if you want to be with him or not.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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  1. I have been with this gemini man for 33 yrs married. I’m 59 and he is 66. He lies alot and I’m really sick of it. Especially with past history and I cant stand liers!! Not sure what I wanna do!!!!!

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