How To Save Your Marriage With A Gemini Man: 4 Ways To Work Through Your Problems

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to make sure your Gemini man doesn’t lose interest and pull away from you? Keep reading to learn just how to save your marriage with a Gemini man. 

It’s hard enough getting a Gemini man to commit… So, what happens after you marry him? What do you do to make sure he doesn’t lose interest and pull away from you?

Now that you’re married, things are a bit different with your Gemini man. What can you do to make sure that he stays and loves you forever? 

Keep reading to learn just how to save your marriage with a Gemini man. 

4 Ways To Save Your Marriage With A Gemini Man

1. Allow Him Some Personal Space To Be Himself

Ways To Save Your Marriage With A Gemini Man

When you were dating your Gemini guy, you probably had your own life outside of him. When you got married, things may have changed a bit. 

Maybe you felt like your single life needed to change and you wanted to be closer to your Gemini husband. In the beginning that may have been completely normal.

As time goes on, things begin to transition. You get stuck in patterns and routines which is something that Gemini man doesn’t tend to like. He gets bored.

If you have been doing the same old thing every single day, he’s starting to feel chained down and this makes him start to pull away from you. He will look for any opportunity to get away.

I don’t mean permanently, at first. What I do mean is that your Gemini man will try to find activities to do or meetings he has to attend in order to get space from you. He won’t tell you that what he actually needs is the space.

When a Gemini does start to make excuses or pull away, you have to take action as soon as possible. 

Start making plans with your own friends. Go meet up somewhere and have fun. Let him have his space at home. He’ll really appreciate it.

Suggest to him things he that can go do that he likes and you’ll do something else. It’s absolutely healthy for you two to be apart sometimes.

Work can give you both time alone – but then again, its work. You two need a little break here and there to be who you are and enjoy your individuality.

A Gemini man needs space, whether he’s dating or he’s married. He has to be allowed to do his thing and have no one around. It makes him feel alive and it actually recharges him. 

This is one of the most important ways how to save your marriage with a Gemini man!

2. Embrace New Fun And Adventure

In the beginning when you two became an item, you did things together that were fun and exciting. You had adventures where you made wonderful memories. You cannot lose that!

I did mention that your Gemini husband will need some space, so when you do spend time together, make sure to make the most of it – and make it fun! Take a weekend trip every now and then to a new place you haven’t been.

Try new hobbies together as a couple. Take an art class, learn to play instruments, or play games together. Gemini men are known to love console games. 

You can sometimes invite friends over that you haven’t seen in a while and have a “game night” with board games. Charades is always fun when you have enough people.

Keeping life fun keeps your Gemini man engaged in the marriage. You have to make sure that you two don’t get stuck in a routine and are just basically getting through each day.

Your guy will get bored and he will start to find other ways to entertain himself. 

He has a fantastically wicked sense of humor so try going to a comedy club together. You two can laugh and be silly. It’s a way of bonding and keeping your love alive.

This is a great way of how to save your marriage with a Gemini man! Have a sense of humor with him.

3. Be Spontaneous With Him

Gemini Man And Marriage

I mentioned having fun together but another piece of this puzzle is being spontaneous with him. 

Out of the blue, bring him his favorite treat or gift. Be creative and show Gemini how much you still love him and appreciate him. He wants to feel like he’s doing something right with you.

This helps keep things fresh and rather exhilarating for your Gemini man. He likes to keep himself busy and sometimes buries himself with work or projects.

When you come in with a fresh idea such as, “hey, I thought we could go down to the arcade at the mall and play some old school games together…” He will be surprised and thrilled! 

If you haven’t cooked for him in a while, then make him a home cooked dinner including something he really loves. Of course, if you’re not much of a cook, get a recipe for something you know he goes enjoys.

Try cooking it before he gets home from work. Have the meal waiting for him. You can wear something sexy (or nothing at all) to serve it up for him. Your Gemini man will be floored. 

Bring him home a new game he’s been talking about getting. When he asks what made you do that, just say: “I was thinking about how much I love you, so I decided this would make you smile.” 

That will absolutely melt his heart. I cannot tell you how simple things like that make a Gemini man feel loved and appreciated by you, his wife.

4. Be Open-Minded, Supportive, And Trusting

Here is another way of how to save your marriage with a Gemini man that really works well. He needs you to be supportive of his ideas and goals. He may seem a bit different but that’s alright, you love him.

Standing by his side when he needs it will show him that you really do love him and that nothing will get in the way of that. 

Also, trusting him is crucial. Gemini men like to flirt a lot and tend to do it all of their lives. It’s in their nature, but typically it’s harmless. They do it because they love the reaction.

It makes them feel good about themselves. He wants you to trust him and not get jealous about his flirting. Just try to blow it off. If you are not the type to let it go then you could lose him.

Another thing is, when he asks you something like, “what do you think about wearing a French maid outfit and take pictures for me?” At first it may make you uncomfortable. 

Try to stay open-minded. It may turn out to be a very sexy time for you as well! He wants the pictures to look at when he’s feeling naughty and is alone. It’s natural and normal. 

Just remember that a Gemini man needs flexibility in just about every area in his life which requires a flexible wife. 

You can either make your marriage very exciting and happy or you can make it routine. Do you want to lose him or keep him? That’s a choice you need to make. 

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More Ways To Keep Your Gemini Man Happy

Is your Gemini man doing things that make you feel he’s holding something back?

Has he started staying later at work? 

Is he spending more time alone in another room?

Does he have new hobbies that do not include your assistance or input?

There is something going on and you don’t quite know what it is…

You think he’s having an affair or maybe about to call it quits…

Don’t panic! There is more to this than you would think and it’s easy to fix! 

Gemini men can seem difficult to appease but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

If you ever hear him mention being bored, you had better take some action!

I want to help you with your Gemini man so you can bring the love back and make it stronger than ever.

You have to dive in and start making some efforts here and there. 

I promise you that when you do, you will be well rewarded by him…

You have to admit, he is very good to you when he’s happy. 

He treats you like the Queen of the Castle, doesn’t he?! 

Don’t lose your Gemini man simply because you are too mundane…

If you keep losing your cool over his flirty ways, he will also see you as insecure…

That’s not a good thing! He loves a confident woman he can rely on to trust him.

If you really want more you can use to keep your Gemini forever happy, I have exactly what you need! 

Don’t hesitate!

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You’ve got two choices…

Fix it or lose it. 

Which will you decide?

If you read my guide, it tells me that you’re ready to do what it takes to make your marriage with Gemini man the best it can be. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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