How To Lose a Gemini Guy In 10 Days

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
They can be hard on commitment and in some cases exhausting for most women If you want to lose a Gemini guy in ten days here's how!

When it comes to the Gemini men, in general, they are easy to be with and more than that, they are so easy to flow with. On the other side, they can be hard on commitment and in some cases exhausting for most women because their energy is an all-time high.

If you want to lose your Gemini guy in the next ten days here is the proper strategy to apply:

Go Silent

There is nothing more annoying for any Gemini man than the mute or the tongue-tied partner. I understand that this can be a bit hard on you as a woman, because we love to discuss everything that happens throughout our days, but you have to put some efforts if you want to get desired results.

To lose a Gemini man, just act like you don’t care or like you are too tired for any conversation. If he asks you how’s your day been, answer with one simple “fine” and leave it there. Sustain from pointing that the traffic was like that, that your work for the day was like this and your co-worker just told you to… No, no and no. Act like a man and fight like a man. And this will be your first and long-lasting tactic for the next ten days.

Take Care of Your Health

Lose a Gemini Guy

It’s not the fact that Gemini man loves to be with the unhealthy or a sloppy woman, and this is why you need to process the following information with the utmost care. Gemini man gets annoyed with the strict discipline and this is what you are going to implement in the next ten days.

You are going to start exercising rigorously but in the comfort of your own home. Remember, you are not allowed to move around, because he loves the constant motion. Everything you do, you will do it at home. Watch some online videos and start doing those exercises every day, all day long, in the living room, or better yet in the bedroom.

Besides, you will take strict care about your nutrition, nitpicky to be exact. Start counting the calories, go vegan – if he hates that, listen to the health podcasts, read the food labels for hours and he won’t have another alternative than to start hating you for your sudden discipline.

Become a Gothic Queen

Among many other significations, the area of burdens, obligations or even illness for a Gemini in astrology is placed in the sign of Scorpio. They simply can’t bear the very thought of something dark, deep or transformative. Knowing that now when you are finally done with your exercises and hour-long of checking the nutritional facts of your groceries, you need to dress in black.

To lose a Gemini man, not only you should dress in black and look like a Morticia Addams, but you need to paint your face and nails strictly in black, too. Add to this ensemble some dark or deep books you are suddenly going to read during the whole evening and he’ll start to pack his bags very soon.

Cut the Communication

This is really the big one. If you are not living together then you should immediately cut all of your text-messaging and the best strategy is to pretend like you have mislaid your phone somewhere and you don’t feel like it’s so necessary… for the next ten days.

If this can’t be done, then you should sustain from writing novels to him, never initiate a texting first and when he sends a message to you, you will wait at least 4 hours before you answer it and your answers will be: “sure”, “don’t have time” or “not now”. This will make him lose his mind and his patience for sure.

Organize and Set the Rules

Lose a Gemini Guy

Somewhere around the day five of your silence, poor communication only when you have to, a home filled with the classical music and tarot books, and your strict nutrition regime, you will now apply the new vision for your life.

To lose a Gemini man, you will start to find the newly discovered joy for the financial issues. Suddenly you will become aware of the fact that you have always dreamt of becoming the CEO of some big corporation or to run your own startup.

Your focus will be on your business relationships, you will inquire about the best lawyers in the town and yes, you will start to create the business plan for your new company. This will be extremely scary for him because the business means dedication in general, and if you dedicate yourself to building your dream, he will fall out of that equation.

The Finishing Touch

Since you suddenly started to dive deep into the business matters, now is the perfect time to make the saving plans, cut all of your expenses and rethink about your home, mortgage, and naturally, insurance. Of course, you should calculate, calculate and calculate during the ninth and the tenth day for sure, because this will be the last straw which broke the donkey’s back.

There is nothing so far and complicated in the head of the Gemini man than property, business or financial matters. He won’t be so afraid if you have proposed to him to learn something about the astrophysics, but financial issues will freeze him to his core.

In those glorious moments, while you are sitting at the table and calculating the next ten years of incomes, expenses, investments, and taxes, he will take his things and noiselessly sneak out of your home.

And if you are not living together, he will simply delete your number from his phone and avoid the places you like… or you liked before this horrible transformation hit you all at once.

What do you think about these ‘how to lose a Gemini man in 10 days tips? Tell me your story!

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