Gemini Man May Predictions 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Welcome dear, we are about to delve into May predictions for the Gemini man, and oh boy, does this May hold a lot of changes…

Hello, my dear readers! How are you? Great I hope, for we are about to delve into May predictions for the Gemini man, and oh boy, does this May hold a lot of changes…

The beginning of the month puts the Gemini man in a romantic mood. Something good will come out of his career and public image, so he’s bound to be cruising high on life. There’s going to be extra speed involved in his thinking processes, so it’s a good moment to spend time together and talk about romantic subjects.

The 9th of May activates the Nodes that are occupying his twelfth and sixth houses respectively, so he’ll be asked to take a closer look at his diet and health routines. The Moon is coupled nicely with Mercury in Gemini, so he’ll be extra open to talking about his passions and hobbies.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio raises the Gemini man’s awareness of health and dietary habits. But it also brings blessings to his workplace and a strong need to volunteer and donate to charities. It’s a perfect time for some noble work the two of you can do together and acquire some positive karma…

At the end of the month, we have a New Moon in Gemini, as well as Venus in Taurus and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries – this is a triple whammy of celestial goodness and it’s here to bring positive changes into the Gemini man’s life. He’ll need to feel noble and useful during this transit, so it’s an excellent idea to go out and about and do some actual, solid good in the world.

Looking Through Heart-Shaped Glasses

At the beginning of May, there’s a mighty stellium in Taurus, the Gemini man’s twelfth house of secrets, dreams, and illusions. And Mercury (his ruler) is in Gemini – where he feels the best, and that’s great news as the Gemini man will be extra talkative and prone to listening.

There’s also a powerful stellium in Pisces, in his tenth house of public image and career. Considering how Venus is conjunct Jupiter and Mars is drawing closer to Neptune, there are going to be a lot of positive changes and blessings coming his way where his career and public life are concerned.

This, coupled with the Moon conjunct the North Node and the Sun conjunct both Vertex and Uranus in Taurus put him in a very dreamy yet communicative mood. Now is a great time to spend time together in public places, preferably near water and somewhere where there’s a lot of greenery (forest, parks, botanic gardens…)

The Gemini man will be in the mood to talk your ears off about the topics he feels passionate about, and since Jupiter, the ruler of his seventh house of partnership, is conjunct Venus in Pisces, you can bet that romance will be high on the list of preferred topics for him.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away…

Around the 9th of May, Mercury continues his walk through Gemini park and this makes the Gemini man feel good and positive about himself. The Sun conjuncts the North Node in Taurus, his twelfth house, and opposes the South Node in his sixth house of health and daily routines.

This can make him a bit irritable because he might be asked to review his health and diet. Plus, some fears and phobias are bound to rear their ugly head, so the Gemini man might be prone to slight hypochondria during this period.

Venus moved to Aries, highlighting his eleventh house of friendships and teamwork. This is a great transit for all things related to work for him because he is bound to have effective results and a nice working atmosphere.

The Moon is traversing through the Gemini man’s third house of short travel and communication, so it’s quite possible that there’s an exciting getaway for him and his love interest or partner during this time. He will be extra talkative and he’ll want to express his opinions on topics he feels passionate about. It’s a good moment to ask about his hobbies and pastimes.

Full Moon Eclipse And Health Habits

On the 16th, we have a Full Moon Scorpio Eclipse that takes place in the Gemini man’s twelfth and sixth houses, plus his ruler, Mercury, begins his retrograde walk back to Taurus. There’s going to be a lot of cleansing coming his way where his health and phobias are concerned.

Both Jupiter and Venus are now in Aries, and Venus is almost exactly conjunct Chiron; this highlights his eleventh house of colleagues and philanthropy. He will be prone to volunteering and donating to various charities and noble causes during this time. And this is indeed excellent, as it will gain him positive karma points, which in turn might help with his health issues if he has any.

Mars is almost exactly conjunct Neptune in Pisces, in his tenth house, and this is a perfect moment for an organic promotion (accumulated good karma paying off), and him aiming for a higher position – and getting it!

All in all, this is a good time to talk about health and a healthy diet, to spend time together going to the gym or yoga, going supplement and vitamin shopping, and volunteering or donating to charities.

Positive Changes On The Horizon

The end of the month brings a New Moon in Gemini that takes a neat place in the Gemini man’s first house of self and conjuncts Fortune. This will make him extra lucky and positive!

Mercury (his ruler) is still doing its retrograde walk, only now it has digressed back to Taurus and is conjunct the North Node in his twelfth house. This transit will help him to voice his fears and concerns to someone he trusts a lot.

Venus has moved from fiery Aries to the sign of her domicile, Taurus, where she feels very prosperous and attracts good luck. This means that that special someone who has gained the Gemini man’s trust will be the one person that he opens up to about his phobias and fears.

And, on top of that, Mars has moved from insecure Pisces into his own home turf, Aries, and is conjunct Jupiter almost exactly. This means a lot of social events and attention highlighting his eleventh house of friends and noble causes.

This is a perfect time for the Gemini man (and his lover) to expand his circle of friends and acquaintances and to do some actual good – go out into the world, volunteer, donate, do the ‘heavy lifting’ that will bring about a better tomorrow.

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Final Thoughts

The Gemini man will feel a bit shaky at the start of the month thanks to all the light and attention his twelfth house will receive. The general topic for the month of May for him will be his health, routines, and charity.

Halfway through the month, he’ll feel quite good and open to talking about his hobbies and passions to anyone who’ll want to listen. He’ll also feel very strongly and passionately about doing charity work and volunteering during this time.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus will bring about his general health cleanse and the release of hypochondria that has accumulated in his twelfth house thanks to the Nodal transit. It’s a good moment to cleanse daily routines and to start feeling better from the inside out.

The end of the month brings nice closure and fresh beginnings and the Gemini man will feel powered up and ready to make a change in the world. Use this opportunity to shine your own charitable light onto the world and show him what you’re made of!

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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