Gemini Man Predictions for November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Gemini man. Things to know about your Gemini man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello my Sweethearts, are you all ready for this month’s guide for Gemini Man?

It is November and the year is hurrying to a close, but it’s a big month as we have Thanksgiving and quite a lot of action in the planetary movements, in fact, get your seatbelts on, because the planets are in quite a feisty mood. There’s a lot of passion, intensity, and huge potential for taking your love life with Gemini Man by the scruff of the neck and improving it for the better.

However, a big focus is on being pragmatic and on tangible gestures of love, so the love language this month it’s very much about kindness, giving, and thoughtfulness.

Now I do hope that you’ve been enjoying these monthly guides, I want to just alert you to the fact that the yearly guides will be coming out quite soon, and they have even more detail about the entire buffet of planetary action for the year ahead and how it will affect you and Gemini Man, plus monthly sections which are different to what we do here every month, because they have additional intriguing sections broken down into helpful categories to inspire you to live your best life with Gemini Man.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

This represents a perfect time for you guys to get more clarity, to explain yourselves to each other, and to think and plan together.

He likes to brainstorm and he’s eager to get your feedback, so it’s important not to be vague, when he wants to have discussions give him your genuine opinions, be straightforward in your communications, and take this opportunity to find out what he’s thinking, because he’s quite expressive and the more you communicate, the more you’ll get both closure on problematic areas and more understanding of each other.

This is also a good time to discuss any recent difficulties that may have reared their heads in your intimate relationship because as Mercury goes into Sagittarius, he is more able to reach conclusions with an open mind.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

This New Moon is perfect for you guys setting a positive new intention. It’s great for thinking of your life holistically and maintaining a good work life balance. It’s important within your love life right now to be looking after each other in practical and spiritual ways, so it’s vital to devote time to relaxation, getting enough sleep and removing toxicity from your lives.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio brings an emphasis to communication in your relationship. a wonderful time for important discussions and it’s very important to put your egos on the shelf. Right now, what’s vital is approaching conversations using facts and sticking to an agenda, so you don’t want let your motions run away with you because there’s an awful lot to be understood and worked on, and some important plans can be made.

This is also a great time for you helping your Gemini Man get organized and be more systematic, he would welcome some support in terms of diet. This is a time when he’s definitely a little bit stressed at work and so you can help ease the pressure by making sure that your leisure time is truly relaxing and a total break.

Encourage work-life balance, but understand that sometimes he’s a little bit preoccupied. Gemini can be workaholics, sometimes they can be a little bit obsessive and they don’t always know how to let things go. So it’s up to you to entice him away from the devices, help him get into the fresh air and maintain some healthful routines despite his work load.

Showing practical care and thoughtfulness is so important this month.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

Mars entry into Sagittarius is the beginning of an exciting two month period for relationships for Gemini Man, it’s an excellent time for him to begin to fall in love, passions are growing and there will be an added amount of chemistry. However, for you as his partner it’s important to be assertive and decisive, sometimes he’s a little bit passive and he’s actually looking to you to provide leadership and ideas, and he appreciates a lot of positivity and support.

What he needs from you as a partner as well, is for you to be straightforward and totally honest with him, this is not the time to be vague or to leave him in any doubt as to your feelings, so showing him enthusiasm and giving him vibrant affectionate responses convinces him that you love him and your relationship is going somewhere.

If you’re dating Gemini Man, this is not a time to sit back, you have to up your game, there’s lots of competition out there and you almost have to prove yourself.

Themes of the Month

This month, the important themes are teamwork, communication and coming together to deal with important aspects of your relationship.

Sometimes it’s great to have clarity, so this is a time for a rather organized approach to relationships, it’s not just about romance, sweet words and having fun, it’s about getting your acts together as a couple and thinking about your health, about organization and therefore making time for important and productive activities together.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

You should focus, not only on removing toxic food, but also toxic people and this may be a good time to draw boundaries between yourselves and any colleagues or clients who are encroaching onto your free time.

Avoid: Financial matters and negotiation are not favored. Short and long distance travel, business travel and new long distance love is not favored. Not a good time for large scale purchases. Not a good time for a new learning course.

Publishing, academic matters, advertising and international trade aren’t favored.

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Week 1 – Looking for the Being of Gold in the Hard Rock

During this week, Gemini Man is sometimes a little bit distracted as work tends to be weighing heavy and he often feels obligated to people outside the relationship. It may be that his colleagues in particular, although it could be his clients who are very demanding and taking up a lot of his time.

So whether you are dating, or in a committed relationship, bear in mind that he won’t necessarily always be as available because there are lots of pressures on his time. However, when you do come together, it’s important to make those moments count but to keep them fairly free of emotion!

Gemini Man is actually slightly vulnerable this week, he’s likely to be self-critical and feel a little bit like he is wading through syrup, so it’s important to gently remind him why you think he is the absolute best and that you have absolute confidence in him.

Week 2 – Working 9-5, what a way to make a romance

This is a really awesome time for those of you who work with Gemini Man or who are having little fling within the office. Perhaps you are colleagues who are developing your relationship as you work together etc.

This is great time for romance to spark in the office environment, it’s also quite exciting if you guys are going away for work, to a conference or a seminar, so this is quite an interesting time for colleagues in love.

This is also a great time for you to improve your relationship with Gemini Man by getting more interested in his interests, and possibly getting to know his friends better.

So one way that you can improve the relationship is more contact with his work life, for instance, developing relationships with his colleagues and simply immersing yourself in his networks so that you are seen as someone who is a supportive influence and a comrade, rather than just a someone who dates him in a romantic while your lives are otherwise unconnected.

Week 3 – Work, work and big plans for getting away

This tends to be quite a busy and hectic week and Gemini Man is very concerned with work, but also his image. This is a time where you may attend some work events together, and remember, it’s important for you to bolster his confidence and to be strong by his side.

What he needs most right now, is a strong partner who gives good advice, so make sure that you are there to be his go-to person who’s in his corner and who has wise observations. Pay attention to what he says and be a good listener.

If, as suggested last week, you had taken note to get to know about his colleagues or about his work, you should have plenty to talk about and therefore you will be ideally placed to be that rock that he needs as he deals with quite a few issues in the wide world.

For you guys in committed relationship, this is a great time of year to be planning a big trip, so certainly start talking about aspirational holiday ideas, and even if you’ve booked a holiday already, this might be a time to think about what you might actually like to do or experience during this vacation.

It’s just kind of important to lighten the load a little bit and think about something in the future to give you something worthwhile to aim for.

Week 4 – Taking a chill pill

After a fairly busy month where communication was very important, as was supporting him in his work, this is a much more relaxed, chilled-out week where the world tends to stop, things slow down and there’s more time to process things.

This is a vital week for some quality time as a couple. It’s ideally a time where you avoid toxic influences and shun activities that are likely to be very hectic and demanding. This is definitely a time in all relationships, whether new or steady, to solidify commitment by having important conversations and not being fair-weather friends.

Sometimes in a relationship Gemini Man, he does not always show when he’s feeling needy and when he needs reassurance, so it’s up to you to perceive this within him and to give him that reassurance. Help him to find balance and be a grounding, earthy influence in his life, help him to see things realistically and therefore to feel confident in your relationship.

Summing Up

This is a busy and highly productive month but his work often steals the limelight. Communication and understanding each other better is key. It’s important to stay positive but in a very hands on way as patience and keeping promises is essential.

He thrives in a flexible relationship where there’s good conversation and where he can rely on you to understand him and his priorities and advise him.

The key is being sensible but definitely working on plans for fun not too far in the future.

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