7 Secret Ways a Gemini Man Expresses Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
In relationships, they love to express their love through thoughtful surprises, lots of quality time, and of course, always telling you every little detail that’s on his mind. But to give you more clarity on just how thoughtful and affectionate the Gemini man can be, here are seven secret ways that the Gemini man expresses love. 

When it comes to the intelligent, charming, and friendly Gemini man, he’s an open book (in and out of love!).

Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of commerce, communication, and local environment and community, the Gemini man is always ready to chat and explore something new. 

Very much like his sister sign Sagittarius, the Gemini man is very free-spirited and spontaneous to how he expresses love. 

Depending on his primary placements like his Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign, Gemini men are very humorous and playful. 

In relationships, they love to express their love through thoughtful surprises, lots of quality time, and of course, always telling you every little detail that’s on his mind. 

But to give you more clarity on just how thoughtful and affectionate the Gemini man can be, here are seven secret ways that the Gemini man expresses love. 

7 Secret Ways a Gemini Man Expresses Love

1. Giving Advice

When you think about the playful, youthful, and curious Gemini man, you may not think about someone you would call for advice, but maybe you should. 

Because for the self-taught and highly experienced Gemini man, giving advice is one of his secret love languages. Sharing his experiences with someone he cares about or loves is his way of being vulnerable and letting you in, it’s how he inadvertently shares his emotions. 

Whether it be romance advice, creative advice, life advice, or just him giving you advice on how he likes to be loved and cared for is important to him. 

Giving advice is his way of saying, “I’m listening and I’m here for you.” 

2. Helping Around The House

Helping A Gemini Man Around The House

The Gemini man is fun, outgoing, and insanely charming, but don’t get it twisted, this jet setter and smooth talker can be a family man (when he wants to be) too. 

It usually takes most Gemini’s a while to settle, and they never do it in a traditional way. Gemini’s make their own rules, but they can and will settle down if they choose. 

So, if you start seeing this dynamic man picking up a broom, folding towels, mowing the grass, or helping with the dishes, don’t be too shocked. 

Yes, the Gemini man may keep his domesticated side a secret from the public eye, but it’s one of his favorite ways of expressing his love for someone he cares about. 

Feel lucky if you’ve seen it! 

3. Making You Something With His Hands

Gemini Man Making You Something With His Hands

In Astrology, Gemini rules the hands, which is why Gemini men are referred to as the craft maker or the handyman of the Zodiac. They are good with their hands and are typically a jack of all trades. 

Therefore, if the Gemini man surprises you with a hand carved emblem, piece of art, or life size sculpture of your face, don’t be shocked. 

The Gemini man is also an excellent cook or foodie, so he may surprise you with an exquisite home cooked meal inspired by one of his many travels or foreign associates he met in a random bar or networking event. 

Whatever the case, show appreciation for the Gemini man’s talented hands. They may win an award for something one day. 

4. Introducing You To Something New

One of the Gemini man’s most favorite things to do is learn something new. 

As a mutable air sign ruled by the planet of information, Mercury, the Gemini man is like a sponge, always soaking in whatever he is around. 

Therefore, one of the ways that the Gemini man secretly expresses love is by introducing you to something new. 

Whether it’s taking you to a new restaurant, exploring a national park you’ve never been, going skydiving, or taking a random flight overseas, the Gemini man’s spontaneous adventures mean a lot to him. So, be kind and open-minded when he surprises you with another wild activity to do. 

5. Doing A Project Together

Just like exploring new cultures and beliefs are intriguing for the Gemini man, so is actually getting his hands dirty or mind engaged in a bonding project with you.

Most Gemini men are avid readers and listeners, they can sit for hours engrossed in a lecture, podcast, or book they find interesting.

So, if he ever invites to a book club or says he wants to read this book together, hear him out. You may hurt his feelings if you make light of his idea or uncaringly push it away. 

But more than he loves learning new information, the Gemini man loves making things. He takes his art very seriously. 

If he invites you into his creative lair and asks you to assist him, consider yourself a lively soul. 

Anyone he collaborates with is a friend for life in his eyes. 

6. Inviting You Out With His Friends

7 Secret Ways A Gemini Man Expresses Love

To the Gemini man, his friends are his world. He’s always introducing himself to new people and connecting with new circles, it’s his thing.

Naturally, the Gemini man is very friendly, so don’t feel special if you meet his friends. You should feel special however, if he starts inviting you out with his friends.

For the Gemini man, his personal time is precious, but when he really likes you, he will always want you around. 

So, instead of going out with his friends by himself, his way of expressing love and loyalty is by encouraging you to come alone, symbolizing that you are a part of his life too. 

7. Talking, Talking, & More Talking

If you’ve ever read anything that I’ve written about dating the Gemini man, you know these chatty air signs can talk, especially if they like you!

Although it may not be your favorite way for the Gemini man to express his love, talking you to death (and telling you every personal story since childhood) is one of his favorite ways of expressing love.

The Gemini man finds comfort in talking. It helps him loosen up and feel connected. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know seven ways how the Gemini man secretly expresses his love, how do you feel your Gemini man shares his feelings? 

Have you experienced any of the ways that I mentioned above? 

If you don’t mind, share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. I love to hear from you! 

And if you’re curious to know a little more about your Gemini guy, then check out my blog here, Gemini Man Secrets.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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