What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores Your Text (5 Things That Always Work)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I have some information that may help you understand the most common reasons a Gemini man ignores your text and what you can do about it...

A Gemini man not texting back can be so frustrating. You feel like the two of you have a good thing going on, but his inconsistency and impulsivity drive you mad. We’ve all been there when a Gemini man ignores your text, it can be so painful…

Gemini men are totally unpredictable. It is no wonder that I often get emails from women stating “my Gemini man stopped texting me.” I meet a lot of women feeling lost and uncertain about how to respond when a Gemini man goes cold via text.

A Gemini man is usually quite special and has a way of making you see the world from a very different perspective. I would feel quite down and despondent if this happened to me as well.

But why is a Gemini man not responding to texts? Is this something you should take personally? Or is this what Gemini men are like? All these mixed signals are really confusing, so I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated.

So, when your Gemini man goes quiet, how can you turn it around? How can you reverse the situation without seeming needy? Being chased by a Gemini man is heavenly, being ignored is not.

Let’s look at signs of why a Gemini man stopped texting you and what you can do when a Gemini man ignores your texts.

Why Is A Gemini Man Not Texting Back? 3 Main Reasons Why A Gemini Man Ignores Your Text

According to a Mobile Romance study, it’s fascinating to discover that relationships that start and grow through texts might actually stand a good chance at longevity.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the perplexing scenario when a Gemini man ignores you texts. One day he’s all responsive, and the next, it’s radio silence. Navigating the emotional waters of texting in the realm of romance can be quite the enigma.

There could be so many reasons why a Gemini man is ignoring you and not all of them are personal at all. But of course, there is the chance that you might have said or done something to turn him off.

Let’s look at all the reasons why a Gemini man has suddenly changed towards you:

When A Gemini Man Is Busy

Gemini men often have several irons in the fire. That means they are very busy men. They like to have lots of different things to do in order to avoid facing boredom, which to them is like facing doom.

He will work a whole lot to make his career successful, to earn as much money as he can, and of course, to make sure that he has no time to be lazy or bored. That being said, this would be one big reason why he may not get back to you very quickly.

He goes through phases with things like texting or even messaging via social media. He will be hot and heavy sometimes. This will give you the impression that he is incredibly romantic and adoring.

Then he becomes busy with other things and doesn’t find the time to message you like he used to. That doesn’t mean he’s gone cold or that he isn’t interested anymore. It can sometimes, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Try not to take it too personally when he does this. As long as he DOES actually get back to you at some point, then it shouldn’t be too big of an issue. If you freak out on him over it though, then you may regret it, so be careful!

If you’re finding yourself saying “my Gemini man stopped texting me” a bit too often, then you may want to reconsider whether or not he’s the one for you.

He Is Uncertain How He Feels About You

It is possible he’s spent some good time with you but is now assessing how he really feels on a deeper level. This would make him go from hot to cold on you. This is the time that he’ll try to find out what he wants.

He will take time to himself, he will make excuses as to why he can’t meet up with you, will blow off your texts, and may blow you off on social networks as well. Again, don’t assume anything yet!

He pulls back when he isn’t sure of what he wants, how he truly feels about you, or is afraid that it’s moving too quickly. These reasons will cause him to not reply to you right away, if at all.

If he does actually like you or has deeper feelings though, then he will come back around when he feels ready to do so. This is when he’ll text you back, asking you to hang out or to do something fun.

It’s only if he isn’t ready for a relationship or isn’t that into you that he will blow you off entirely. So going a day or maybe several without him responding doesn’t mean he’s done.

However, you’ll need to decide how long is too long. If he contacts you in less than a week, then you’re probably okay. It’s when he goes longer than that where you have to reconsider pining over him.

Your Gemini Man Is Not Ready To Commit

This is definitely one possibility with a Gemini guy. He already takes his sweet time when he’s dating to figure out if he wants to take it further or if he wants to have fun for as long as he can.

If he feels that you’re pushing for a committed relationship that he isn’t ready for, then he’ll start backing off or pulling away from you. This will mean he starts to cool down where texts are concerned as well as phone calls.

Typically, if he isn’t really ready for a relationship, then he won’t try to push things forward and he may actually open up and tell you that he isn’t ready for it. If he does, believe it! He’s not telling you that for any other reason than the truth.

I have many women that write in that seem to think that even though the guy tells them they aren’t ready, maybe they still are. No, they aren’t.

They may still have sex with you and spend time with you but if they say they don’t want a relationship, then they absolutely mean it. You will get yourself hurt if you believe otherwise.

More Possible Reasons Why A Gemini Man Doesn’t Text Back

There are always things that can emerge to cause anyone to not answer text messages as quickly as they normally would. He could be sick, his phone could be dead, he may have left his phone somewhere, or he perhaps didn’t get your text.

There are many other reasons outside of him not being interested that it’s not in your own peace of mind to assume that it’s because he doesn’t want to talk to you. Gemini men have busy minds.

If you’re asking “why is my Gemini man ignoring my text?” then you’ve got to realize that he’s not like all other guys. When a Gemini man ignores your text, stop and think about things before you freak out.

He has 101 things going on in his head at almost all times. Due to this, he’ll often have his head elsewhere and could just simply forget his phone or forget to text you back after he has read your message.

It isn’t helpful for you to assume that he’s ignoring you when he more than likely isn’t. It CAN happen but much of the time, it’s simply not the case. Until you have the answers from him directly, try not to worry so much.

Gemini men like to go out with friends a lot just as they like to spend a lot of time at home by themselves. Whatever the case may be, it won’t do you any good to panic and worry about what he’s thinking or feeling.

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My Gemini Man Stopped Texting Me — The S.O.S. Formula

If you feel panic-stricken because your Gemini man hasn’t replied to you and you feel like he might be ignoring you, then I urge you to take a deep breath and stop overthinking. You are going to drive yourself crazy.

In situations like this, you need to remain calm and not take things so personally. I have noticed that men have a very different sense of time than women do. When a woman texts, she wants an immediate response, and when a guy texts, he doesn’t think about it too much and just goes on with his life.

So, I want you to step away from your phone and be rational about this. Has it been less than an hour since you last heard from him or has it been more than a couple of days? Every person has a different timing scale when it comes to texting.

What is just a natural break in communication for one person might feel they are being ignored if it has someone else. It is all relative. You need to consider these natural breaks in communication and realize that people are busy and can’t be chatting away all day.

I know that there is a bit of a misconception when it comes to Gemini and their communication style. Yes, they love talking and being in conversation with people, but from what I have seen, most Gemini’s aren’t actually that fond of texting.

They just have way too much on their plate to have time to constantly banter back and forth. They’ll touch base now and then, but it isn’t something you should get used to. Remember, a Gemini is very fickle; he will change his mind in an instant.

Just give it some time and see if he gets back to you. And do not double text him at all! Wait for him to come to you, and if he doesn’t, at least you will know he wasn’t that interested in you.

If you don’t know how to trigger his chasing instinct, make sure you check out the Mind Hack That Makes a Gemini Man Text You First.

What To Do When A Gemini Man Ignores You (And Is Not Responding To Texts)

Now that you have some ideas about when a Gemini man ignores you, you need to know what to do when it happens. I can help you with that too. My advice to you is not to give up right away.

When you’re thinking about Gemini man not responding to texts, first stop and try not to react. It’s going to take something you may not be familiar with in order for things to go smoothly.

Wait him out, and you’ll get the answer as to why he didn’t respond. Of course, if he goes longer than a handful of days, then something could be amiss, and you could start to speculate that he might be done.

Be patient and don’t hold out too much expectation; that way, you won’t be disappointed. Let him come to you. When you leave him alone, he’ll often want to chase you.

Now you know what to do when the Gemini man ignores you. You can either ignore him or do what I just shared with you.

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1. Make Him Laugh

If your gut is telling you to reach out to him, then you should definitely go for it. You can always trust your intuition to guide you. When you reach out to him, make it your mission to get him to laugh!

Gemini men go weak for women who have a sense of humor and put a smile on their faces. Sending him a funny meme, for example, is one way to perk him up again!

Of course, you can also send him a joke, remind him of a funny time, or reference a video you know he will find amusing. There are so many ways to make him laugh!

2. Plan An Activity

One of the ways you can respond when a Gemini man ignores you is by planning a new, spontaneous activity and surprising him with it!

For example, you might want to tell him that you got concert tickets to a cool band, and would love him to be your plus one! Or, you could reach out to him and ask him if he wants to try roller-skating with you, or a surfing lesson.

Gemini men cannot resist learning something new, and it’s a great way to not put pressure on them, make sure you see him again and have fun doing it! This is a win-win!

3. Find Out What He’s Up To

Okay, so this is important. If you have a true, gut feeling that something is off, that doesn’t feel like fear and is more a sense of “knowing,” then go with it. Find out what he’s up to.

Obviously, no one likes to be stalked, so don’t go overboard! You can check his socials, like Facebook or Instagram, or make subtle inquiries to a mutual friend, for example.

If your alarm bells are really going off, then it may be best if you did some more investigation – but know where to draw the line! No one likes being mistrusted! Sure, you can check his phone, but that has consequences.

Check-in with yourself – are you normally that type of girl who checks his phone? Then you may be the one with the issues, not him. Only report to these privacy invasions if it’s not normal for you to do that.

It is helpful to know, because Gemini men, in the beginning, can be a touch indecisive, date multiple people, or hide certain truths – rather you know now than later! Plus, he’s not usually the type to ghost unless there’s something more going on.

4. Check His Facts

If you do get in touch with him, be wide awake to what he says back to you. Or, if he’s ignoring you, try and recall details of what he’s said in terms of his commitments and activities.

If something doesn’t add up, you have every right to mention it (lightly). Keep in mind that there could be any kind of plausible reason for his absence, any good reason why he wasn’t where he said he was or doing what he said he was doing.

You’re not the police, so don’t make him feel like a criminal. Give him the benefit of the doubt, but do stick to facts, because it’s the only way you’ll know if he is to be trusted!

5. Remember, He’s Always Busy

A good reason why he might be ignoring you is just that he’s really, really busy. And that’s perfectly okay! He has many friends and activities, so it’s alright for him to disappear for a bit.

Pop him a message if you remember any of them, and ask him how it went. For example, ask him how his soccer tournament was, or his band practice. Gemini men have all kinds of things they do, and they’ll love that you remember and take notice.

In conclusion – don’t be scared to reach out and talk. Yes, it’s weird if he goes quiet, because this is a chatty man! But it doesn’t always mean something’s wrong. Keep an open mind, and stay light, breezy, and playful!

Knowing him helps you to know how to better respond to him. When a Gemini man ignores your text, make him wonder what you’re up to by not saying anything to him again for a while. Let him sweat it out.

Gemini men can be complicated but they can also fill your heart with joy. Texting shouldn’t ever be the main source of your communication. It’s easily misinterpreted as whether or not someone gets back to you.

Sometimes he doesn’t text back right away from being busy and sometimes if you aren’t replying or asking him a question, he doesn’t feel motivated to text back.

He’s a man and they are different from women. Women are more emotional and tend to rely on keeping up with their guys. When their guy doesn’t get back to them quickly, they worry.

That being said, you’ve got to try to think from his perspective. If you can think like a guy, you might understand what is going on better and know how to react properly.

Did you get a Gemini man to stop ignoring your texts? How did you do it? Share with me your experience.

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23 thoughts on “What To Do When Gemini Man Ignores Your Text (5 Things That Always Work)

  1. I started seeing a Gemini in June 2017.. blown away at how perfect he was. I’m a Libra. He got me had my banter we talked about everything. Gradually we said friends.(with benefits) I wanted more but I don’t like to cause drama so i played along. Anyway time went by he went cold then hot then finally I chose to stop talking to him in December. January this year he got back in touch. Didn’t sleep together just friends laughed and joked like friends do. For two months we spoke everyday. He asked me if i wanted to go travelling with him which he knows I love. As best friends he said. We’re Booked to go away in May. Then he started mentioning the whole meaning of life what my view of the purpose of life was. I played it cool. He told me he believes life is about meeting your soul mate, being happy, fining love and having a family. Again, i played it cool and agreed.
    Then randomly he turned and said that We’re just friend when we’re away that he is going finding true love. Then he mentions how good looking girls are.
    I’m a confused mess, I understand they can be hot and cold. Is he playing a game or is he just being honest. We get along so well but I’m just wondering wondering it will only ever be friends?.. any stories of people in similar situations with a Gemini would be helpful. Thank you.

    1. Oh yes, i have the same issue. Am a virgo and my boyfriend is a Gemini who was amazing at the beginning of our relationship. He was absolutely great until I paniced over him saying that he doesn’t want a commitment what so ever and i started to become a pain in the ass. And once i had a fight with him that i need answers and I cannot stand this situation and out on no where he mentioned that he wanted the commitment but i was irrational and out of patience. I remember how at first, he was falling in love with me while I didn’t quite share the same feelings and i was picking fights when he is mentioning that our relationship is not clear and maybe we will have forever relationship but it is not certain although am not deeply in love yet. I remember him saying that we will grow old together as friends or something else which bothered me a lot cuz what he is doing is keeping open answers. He kept it vague like he doesn’t want me at the moment to imagine or believe that we will end up a happily ever after couple because he needs to make sure that he is choosing the right person or the right woman to be his partner in life. His words has shades on them almost every time we speack. After 4 months of our relationship and falling deeply for him and his feelings were strong towards me also, i knew it. We had several big fights over so many things and one of them was the future of our relationship, i broke down and told him that I can’t move on anymore and i think splitting up is perfect for both of us, at that same day, he mentioned that he was considering marrying me as i mentioned earlier but i desappointed him. He asked me a question : what do u think will happen if we were married and our issue escalated? He thinks that because i am imature enough i will ask for a divorce. Then he turned into a cold person and i think one of the reasons is because I challenged him somehow by saying: i knew u wanted me as ur wife. This sentence irretated him because Gemini likes to keep it mysterious all the time and in some cases they think they are unpredictable, and the truth is that some of us (women) are smart enough to know there way of thinking but we don’t want to come near their ego or errogance to avoid more games coming from their side. After the cold phase, we got into a friend phase which i asked for and then things evolved and we got into love phase again but with little romance and then with time things elevated to a next level when we had another fight beacauae he mentioned his ex coming into his life and mentioning that i am his special space to lagugh, speack and express his feelings (didn’t like the word space, i am more than a space which made me angry) then I couldn’t stand it again and broke up for a month then got back to him when i knew that he was sick and after a while we spoke about our relationship and asked directly: what do i mean to you? And he said u are my love and then i asked him not to mention our future and told him that we can live the moment. He wanted to make it clear that we are meant to fall in love but not meant to be life partners and I shouldn’t ask him for anything or blame him at all and i agreed for a simple reason: i loved him from the bottom of my heart. And he changed, he is sweet to me now, gentle, a great lover and understanding. We used to have fight almost every two weeks but not anymore. I am confused as much as u are, do i stay with him and get my heart broken one day or do i leave him and survive with what is remained in my soul or do i stay with him hopping that he will realize one day that we are meant to be together. The hope exists for a simple reason, he keeps the rope tied some times and untied in other times like when he say that no woman on this planet earth make him feels the way i make him feel and i belong to him and when we hug he says i want you here forever or when he makes joke about me having a fight with him and going back to my parents house as if we are a real husband and wife or when he speaks about how he want to show me different parts of the world and want to spend a life time with me.

      At the end i must say if you got away with it don’t come back hoping, because he may not be ur destiny but if you want to stay on this road make it clear to ur self that no matter what happened, this person was a good experience on many level because they are smart and believe me u will learn a lot from them. Also, don’t be afraid of love, it won’t bite u, it will just break ur heart and cause u a long time heartache but keep thinking of the future will be permanent sickness if u kept wearing it and will affect ur soul , mind in addition to ur heart. Go with the flow with him or create a new flow without demanding and without asking for commitments, ur destiny will find u one day.
      I am still with him and i believe in this.
      Try to read paulo coelho novels, it enlightened my soul eg: The Alchemist, Manuscript of Accra and Veronica decides to die. These books can make u see the life differently.

  2. I’m “with” a Gemini man. We haven’t talked in 12 days. We just celebrated our 6 month anniversary last month, where he asked me to move in with him/live with him. I was not expecting that – as he’s always the first one to make the effort in moving our relationship forward. It’s like he wants all of me, yet when he gets into his mood, i have to walk on eggshells. He does not like it when i have a problem with him. As long as things are great, we’re great. But whenever I bring up an issue, he can’t take it and i get the silent treatment. This time, (12 days and counting) he’s decided to ignore me after I brought up that he talks more to his friends than with me and i feel like he doesn’t make me a priority. Denial of course — I’m wrong. We didn’t have a big argument, it was supposed to be a discussion that inevitably got heated…but still. He decided he was “done” talking to me about the situation and took a nap. I then left his house and texted him 4 hours later, no response. My text was simply i was done with my errands and wanted to see him (some flirty lines included). He didnt say anything. The next day, after no response, i text him again and said im not dealing with his silent treatment this time around if I didnt hear from him soon i would be blocking him. Well…its 12 days in and i haven’t heard from him. And i didnt block him. What is wrong with me? What is he doing? Are we broken up? I honestly can’t stand him and his moods most of the time…why do i even care. Maybe I’m just scared of being alone. He’s never said he’s loved me although we’ve met each other’s friends and family and traveled all over the globe together. Before this, we spent every day together (other than the 2 other times he’s given me the silent treatment — first for 4 days, then 5, now 12?!— Ughhh. I hate not knowing. If I don’t hear from him by Friday, I will block him for sure. I’ve already deleted him on FB.

  3. I’ve been seeing a Gemini for almost 7 months. Three weeks ago he tells me that he finally had to admit that he missed me…
    Then he got cold and distant. We had a bit of a disagreement not a fight, and bam he blocked me completely number social media. I haven’t heard from him since, it’s been a week.
    I’m in limbo because it was I miss you, now I’m just done with you??????

  4. Hey I’m an Aries OMG IT has been a roller coaster for me
    were up for like a month in a half
    I accused him of cheating,we broke up
    its been 7 days since I saw him but we still been talking everyday
    Just not on the phone,just texting
    I still flirt with him
    he will talk to me,if i call him
    now he’s reading my messages looking at them and not replying as fast as he use to

    hes kind of confusing

    I’m an Aries,we need our freedom and independence to,I can deal with this
    but at least give me clarity

    i don’t know what to do
    wait or move on

    1. ARIES
      I’ve been seeing an Gemini man for about 4 years…. I was going through a divorce and now that I’m divorce he blocke me on the phone social media but he hasn;t blocked my goggle number… I’m tired of waiting on him its been almost a month…. What should I do???

      1. Hi Tamika!

        Yikes, he was comfortable with you being married because then there were no “strings” attached with you two. Now that you’re divorced, you’re free to be with him and he’s showing his true colors of not wanting a commitment no matter what he said to you before. Yes, sounds typical. Sorry this has happened to you. You were led on. If you want to know for sure though, you’d have to be able to get through to him and ask him what his problem is and how it was not nice for him to ghost you. I doubt he will answer. In fact if he hasn’t blocked you on Google number he probably will after that. I think you deserve better than this guy honey. Try to get on track with your life and make yourself happy now. You deserve it!

  5. I’m a Pisces who met a Gemini man on a dating site. He was very flirty – super hot with me via text and I was not prepared for that! He really listened and liked talking with me. He works nights so our chat schedules are so far off. He’s asleep while I’m awake. He works 85 hours a week to help out his kid through college. Anyways, I had to initiate us meeting but he drove an hour to see me, twice! He was a perfect gentlemen and we really connected. He’s super sexual but never pushed me at all. The last date we had he was so happy being with me and said he couldn’t wait to see me again. Well a few days later he sent me a text saying he didn’t know if he could handle a relationship now with me or anyone because of his hours he works. He said he doesn’t even have time for himself and he’s okay with that. He said he does still want to come back and have dinner with me and chat still. This guy was worried I hated him – not so much! Ever since this text he has slowed down with flirting immensely and I can’t figure out what the deal is. I should have told him that I wanted to take it slow and was okay without labeling us but didn’t. I hope I didn’t ruin this. Slight chance I will see him in person next week and I want to talk to him. Any advice or should I let the Gemini go?:(

    1. Hi MandaLee!

      Super hot and flirty is all Gemini men for the most part. That’s a typical trait. Over thinking things is another trait they have. It sounds like he was all into it then thought more and more thus coming to the conclusion that it’s too difficult for him to have something meaningful while he’s working an abundance of hours. Just take it slow honey. If he wants to come visit then let him when he can. If you go slow and let things develop over time, you might have something special and he’ll appreciate you. You have to decide if you can do this or if you want something faster. He’s not a fast mover by any stretch. The choice is up to you!

    2. Hi, sorry to say that, but your Gemini man seems like a jerk. He is attracted by an amazing « getaway » from his busy tiring schedule: great dinner, charming company and free sex. Maybe you two are connected. But believe me, a Gemini can connect to anyone he wants, at least pretends to be connected.
      He was honest (and clever) to make it clear that there will be no commitment from his end.
      You are a wonderful sexy woman. You know what you want.

  6. Hi I am a Libra and discovered a Gemini man that I like and want to be friends with benefits with. In the beginning, we did a lot of flirting and had secret looks. Then he and I engaged in some heavy make-out sessions. We spoke briefly on a Friday and we had great conversations but then all of sudden he became cold and distant. I sent many texts and calls, still no response. I am not sure what to make of this. He says I am what he wants but not what I need. I am worried that I pushed to quickly to get to know him even though, I shared deep stuff with him. I wonder if I should just stop reaching out all together and let things be on a friends only terms, minus the benefits.

  7. I’m a Virgo and I met a Gemini man on a dating website. We exchanged numbers and started texting each other. At first he was pretty flirty and that was nice. So I flirted back. We started chatting about anything and everything. He works long hours but always returned a text now and then. These last few weeks we have been texting more and actually talked on the phone for the first time last weekend. We only spoke for a few minutes but it was great. We texted a little bit on Monday but after that nothing. I haven’t heard back from him. Did I say something? Or was I becoming to needy? Will he come around? Any advice that you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    1. He saw a shiny new toy. Thank your lucky stars….Geminis will make you insecure with all the self-doubt and non-commitment

  8. Seriously, why do we waste our time with Virgos or Gemini men?? They are both wishy washy, indecisive, string us along until they are ready and even then we still have to play all sorts of games just to keep their attention. It’s exhausting and I for one, am out! I have sworn off Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius (cheaters), and Cancer (too emotional).

  9. It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with a Gemini – and he has tons of people to communicate with each minute of every day. The best way of getting him back is to simply give him space and not contact him. Let him miss you, and the fire within his heart will start burning for you again…live your life happily as if you are not dependent on him and you’ll see the wind blowing you..

    1. Hi Vaibhav!

      That’s some good advice but not always accurate since not all Gemini are exactly the same. Some of them are actually homebodies and prefer a woman to take charge. I actually know a Gemini that married an Aquarius woman because he loves her strength, independence, and the no nonsense attitude. They’ve been married for many years and are totally happy. It goes to show that some Gemini men are very different than others. Let’s not forget they have two sides to them as well. Check out more on my books about Gemini Man Secrets.

  10. I am an Aries and I met a Gemini man through a dating app. I have not dated anyone in years, and I mean yearssss!!!. I was nervous but we really hit it off. We have gone on 3 dates and all the dates were getting better every time. More and more flirting, we kissed and held hands on the first date and on the 3rd date, there was a lot more making out that happened. What I noticed about him tho, he would be hot any heavy with the flirting and with the conversation in person and in text after the date and even the day after but then the passion fades as the days go and then gets heated again when we see each other. Finally, when we planned on our 4th date to my place we got into a little argument because of I was getting frustrated on how he takes hours to text back. To make the story short, I was very dismissive and cancelled our date. He didn’t speak to me for the whole day and he had never done that before. I sent him a apology text and he responded saying that he was frustrated and he apologized for not telling that he was frustrated for a whole day. Everything was good again I would think. The following day, texting seemed to be normal again until I asked if we could see each other in a couple of days, after asking him that question, he had gotten silent and ever since he hasn’t been the same. He hasn’t shut me down completely, I would still get my “good morning” texts from him but that is pretty much it. It was driving me crazy as I felt like I was losing him or that he has lost interest. Yesterday I had asked him if he was not interested anymore coz he has been distant and I said that I am very confused. Didn’t hear from him at all yesterday – I really thought he was done, I was so sure he was done. And then I started googling “Gemini men stopped texting” and I came across so many articles about it. Gemini men does this and its very common and I learned is that its not usually because of what I did, but more often its just them needing to take their time and they will eventually reach out when they are ready. We need to give them their space and also may from time to time give them their own medicine by not being too available and make them wonder for change, they love to chase. This morning I got a text explaining why he has been distant this past few days. Im ok with this for now. As much as I want to keep talking to him and get to know him, I need to be patient and just do my own thing. Im an Aries and patience in not by all means my virtue. I want everything fast and I need to know what’s going on at all times. But im looking at this way, I am learning from him and that people are very different on how they process things compared to what I know. Thank you for all your stories, I read through them and it is helping me with this relationship. Be strong everyone.

  11. I’ve been seeing a Gemini man since December last year, he was super sweet then he just changed. Started ignoring me, it upset me because I had no clue what was going on we have not fought or anything. He does it still where he will disappear and ignore me but usually comes back. He doesn’t try and I always feel I’m the Only one putting in effort. My birthday recently passed and he told me he’d see me that day and he ended up not saying anything, I had tried reaching out to him a couple times that day (different times of the day) and nothing. I felt sad and asked him “you really couldn’t even say happy birthday to me, I don’t understand why you’re ignoring me today of all days” and he finally replied “happy birthday from the hospital have a blessed day” I tried to ask him what was wrong and if he was okay and he just said again “have a blessed day…..” I haven’t heard from him since and have tried reaching out a few times and nothing. How was I supposed to know he was in the hospital when he will never communicate. How can I understand without communication, I have no issues giving space but why disappear?
    We have never even fought either it’s all just him not trying or communicating and all he says he doesn’t try cause he’s busy but why ignore me and not others when I did nothing wrong to him

    1. Hi Jessica!

      Ouch… alright so when he isn’t communicating it’s because something else in his life is going on. He should be able to somehow let you know so you don’t think he’s ignoring you. I don’t think he intentionally did that. In the hospital means something happened with him or a family member so his mind is wrapped up in that. By you texting what you did he probably felt you were selfish or not sensitive to what he’s going through. I think that now you know this about him then next time you two really talk, you need to tell him that you’re left feeling helpless when he doesn’t communicate with you which causes you to say things that you probably wouldn’t say otherwise. It has to be a two way street. Hang in there!

  12. I’m a July Cancer and dating a June Gemini. We’ve been seeing each other for four months now. I can say that it’s going well. We are constantly going out and meeting every weekend, chatting every day. He is very adventurous and is willing to try new things with me. He would come up with a plan if I didn’t have anything in mind. He cooks and takes care of me whenever we are together. But I do have this feeling that he could disappear from me whenever he wishes to. Maybe it’s me overthinking, but I trust my intuition, and he also gave me this kind of impression. I do not know what to do, but after reading about different encounters with Gemini, I now realize that I should be myself and stop depending on him. We should have different rooms to grow as individuals and together. Wish me luck!

    1. Dear Jow Mojica,

      While the Cancer woman is more than happy to take care of her Gemini man, she will at some point, expect him to be an adult. Gemini men often display youthful types of behavior, so displaying hot and cold behavior is expected.
      Depending on how the wind blows, he drifts with the current.
      You need to be everything but predictable.
      You need to be adventurous, exciting, willing to try new things and most importantly, to give him space and value 
      your personal freedom.
      He would even like to have separate friends and most importantly would not like you to frequently text or call.
      If you respect those requests, he might be willing to commit, if not, he will slowly lose interest.
      I hope all goes well for you both.

  13. I am an Filipina Aquarius dating a Gemini American man for a month. At first he was really flirty and excited about our relationship. Telling me things why “he immediately fell in love with me the first time he met me.” This Gemini man is sooooo good playing with his words. Well, as for me, whose love language is words of affirmation, I have deeply fallen in love with him. But for now, 5 days since he last texted me. I am going insane! I don’t want to initiate texting since he might find me needy and clingy (Gemini dislikes being controlled or having no space at all). Any thoughts about this?

    1. Dear Kyla,
      It is possible he’s spent some good time with you but is now assessing how he really feels on a deeper level. This would make him go from hot to cold on you. This is the time that he’ll try to find out what he wants.
      He will take time to himself, he will make excuses as to why he can’t meet up with you, will blow off your texts, and may blow you off on social networks as well. Don’t assume anything yet! If this is a long-distance relationship that this is even harder to handle.It’s only if he isn’t ready for a relationship or isn’t that into you that he will blow you off entirely. So going a day or maybe several without him responding doesn’t mean he’s done.
      However, you’ll need to decide how long is too long. If he contacts you in less than a week, then you’re probably okay. It’s when he goes longer than that where you have to decide to move on. Best of luck to you!

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